tagIncest/TabooBreaking the Slut - Bad Behavior

Breaking the Slut - Bad Behavior


"This is no way for a girl to behave."

The words from his wife, watching him as he fucked her daughter, echoed the exact thoughts in his head. It was his main thought as Crissy pressed her face flat against the floor and arched her ass into the air. His cock looked huge as he watched it stretching her tight pussy wide open. There's no way that such a young girl, barely 18 years old, should be taking a cock like that, but she was not even trying to escape from him as he rammed himself in and out of her.

In reality, he realized there was very little she could do. Her ability to resist was very limited, not the least because each of her arms was tied securely to each of her ankles which tends to force a girl's ass into the compromising position that she found herself in. He also realized that the collar around her neck, being attached by a very short chain to a hook on the floor, gave her very few options except to keep her face down in this submissive position. In short, struggling would have got her nowhere.

Still, he knew that she was getting exactly what she deserved, and just as likely what she wanted. It would have been hard for her to deny since she still wore all of the clothes that he had caught her trying to wear out that night. They consisted only of a short little schoolgirl skirt - now hiked up around her waist to expose her bare ass, a white tube top - also now hanging around her waist so that her large tits were completely bare, and a pair of red heels. No panties, not even a thong, and no bra... only tight, revealing clothes that advertised to the boys she met, and to her "Daddy", that she was ready and willing to do whatever a man wanted.

For at least the tenth time, he raised his hand then slapped it down hard on her ass. And for at least the tenth time, he was reminded even further that it didn't matter that she was completely helpless to stop him from fucking her. Her squeal of delight told him that she was enjoying this treatment. Even more revealing, was the breathless phrase that escaped from her with a groan. "Oooh yeah. Fuck me Daddy."

Now, it was true that he wasn't really her Daddy. At least not in reality. He had married Crissy's mom only a year before. None of them knew who her daddy really was. From what Diana had told him, a wild night of sex 18 years ago had resulted in a daughter from a stranger who had long since passed out of their lives.

But Diana had forced upon all of them the idea that this new man in their lives, her husband, was also to be Crissy's daddy. Further, from Diana's way of thinking, Daddy was the one in charge of discipline. Bad behavior carried consequences, and Diana had always urged him to make sure that this lesson was learned well. Crissy's choice of clothes had been a problem that he had dealt with in the past. Apparently, she hadn't learned her lesson which is why she found herself in the very compromising position she was in.

Looking over at his wife, he thought about how Crissy's behavior was a reflection of her mom's. Diana should have been setting an example for her daughter, how to behave properly. Instead, he looked at his wife dressed in the same outfit as Crissy - the same short skirt, skimpy top, red heels, and nothing underneath. They had planned to go out that night together, telling him that they were going to Crissy's high school football game and wanted to dress alike as a gag.

Instead, Diana was now in the identical position as Crissy with her arms also bound to her ankles, her bare ass in the air, and her collar attached by a similarly short chain to the same hook that held Crissy's chain. His wife also had a behavior problem. He remembered watching her take his friend's cock into her mouth one day not long ago, and he was determined to punish her for that. As he looked over at her, she looked back and, with a look of lust in her eyes, repeated her earlier words. "This is no way for a girl to behave."

She was exactly right.... and this time she was talking about herself. "After all, what kind of a wife behaves like that?" he asked himself as he watched his wife getting her pussy pounded from behind by the boy who had shown up as Crissy's date that night. The well built young stud held her firmly around her hips, with each thrust forcing her back onto his stiff cock as he bucked himself into her over and over. Worse yet, Diana was mewing and moaning in pleasure, completely shameless as she was getting fucked right there in front of her daughter and her husband.

The young stud clearly had been with plenty of girls in his life. He rammed himself into Crissy's mom with a steady, drumbeat-like rhythm. He reached down under Diana and squeezed her tits firmly, then ran his fingers over her nipples until they stood out straight. As soon as they swelled to their full hardness, he pinched each of them hard. Diana let out a scream as he did and her eyes flew open.

"Oh fuck. Fuck yeah. Pinch those tits," she groaned. Then a moment later, with her eyes now closed as she enjoyed the fucking she was receiving, she surprised both the boy and her husband. "That's it baby. Do it. Fuck Mommy harder."

"Holy shit!" he thought to himself. "That little slut!" He could guess what effect her words would have on the kid. At 18 years old, most boys fantasized about their mom. Now Diana was serving that fantasy up on a platter for him and it didn't take him long to respond.

"Smack!" A bright red hand print marked the location on Diana's ass where the boy had just spanked her very hard. Diana screamed out, but again urged him on. "Ooooh yes, I'm a bad Mommy, aren't I. A naughty Mommy that needs spanked." Then, looking over again at her husband, she added for his benefit, "A dirty little bitch that needs to get fucked!"

Suddenly, Crissy demanded his attention again. It seems that, while he was distracted by his naughty little wife, his cock probing deep into Crissy's tight little pussy had brought her closer and closer to an orgasm. "Ooooh, Daddy what are you doing to me? I think I'm going to come! You're fucking me so hard! You want me to come for you, don't you. You want to see your little girl come on your hard cock? Do it, Daddy! Do it hard! Fuck me hard! Make me cum! Ahhhhhhhh....!!!!" As she started to come, he reached down under her and found her hard, slick clit. Rubbing it in tight little circles, he made her orgasm kick into overdrive. She screamed out loudly, and he could see that it was starting to overwhelm her.

The intense orgasm was too much for Crissy, and she tried to move away from him even though her movements were nearly completely prevented. She squirmed her legs to one side, trying to rotate herself away, but he was having none of that. The feeling of her pussy as it clamped down hard on his cock was too good. Slapping her ass hard to remind her who was in charge, he grabbed her hips with both hands and took back full control of her, pulling her pussy back onto his thick cock. He pushed himself deep inside her and probed her most sensitive areas as she continued to shake and quiver for a short time longer.

His wife watched this show as intently as she could, although the cock ramming into her pussy was clearly having an effect on her concentration. Diana's face would occasionally contort as a groan escaped her own lips. She also kept up a steady stream of breathless, half-whispered dirty talk.

"Oh yeah, do it. Fuck it hard. Fuck that pussy hard. Such a dirty little bitch. You want me to come for you? All tied up. Can't do anything. Can't make you stop. Big hard cock fucking Mommy. Do it. Fuck it. Fuck that dirty little bitch. Harder. Harder! Harder!!!" Her dirty talk gave way to screams of pleasure as she started to have a very strong orgasm, "Oh god, Yes! FUCK MEEEE!!!"

The boy was right along with her. He also started grunting and groaning and, as Diana reached her peak, the boy did the same. He plowed into her harder and harder then, with a few last thrusts, started to shoot his load deep inside her.

Daddy's own cock was swollen to it's full size as he watched his wife behave like a wanton little slut. A primal urge overcame him as he watched her being fucked by this other boy. Somehow, the need to prove his ownership of her translated instead into showing Crissy who was her master. Looking down at her exposed asshole, he knew that it was time to take her there.

Sliding his cock out of her, he slid the bulging head up along her wet slit until it was planted right between her sexy round ass cheeks. Her tight little ass looked impossibly small next to his thick cock, but she'd taken it before and she would take it again tonight. As he started to press into her, the begging began.

"No, Daddy. Not there. I'll be good from now on. Don't make me take it there. Only dirty girls get ass fucked." She tried to look back as best she could, restrained as she was by the collar and chain. "Please, don't. It's too big for me there."

The last part of her pleas didn't even register with him. By then, he was consumed with the idea of ass fucking his naughty girl. He'd already started pressing into her and spread her ass wide open to make it easier. He vaguely heard her pleas for mercy, but with one more push he entered her.

His wife, with her face inches from her daughter's, talked soothingly to her as her daughter's face contorted from the initial pain. Diana was still breathless from her own orgasm, but she spoke reassuringly to Crissy. "That's it baby. It's OK. Give your ass to Daddy. Show him you're a big girl now. Show him how a big girl likes getting fucked there." She then moved even closer and, much to the two guys' surprise, stuck out her tongue and licked her daughter's lips sensuously. She kissed her until Crissy responded, giving in to the sexual energy that was overtaking her and kissing her mom back with a hungry passion that was easy for all to see.

The feeling of her tight ass was incredible as he slowly pushed more and more of himself inside her. Seeing her and her mom engaged in such a passionate kiss also had a strong effect on him. Reaching down to slip his fingers into her pussy, he wet his fingers with her juices then slid them further down under her until he once again found her hard clit. He felt how stiff and swollen it was and pinched it lightly between his thumb and finger.

By now every part of Crissy was hyper-sensitive. The cock that was rammed inside her ass brought out a deep animal lust in her, and her Daddy's pressure on her clit immediately made her buck herself back into him. She moaned loudly with pleasure as she gave into the need to be taken this way or whatever other way he wanted to have her. All she knew was that she wanted - actually... needed - to be used by him.

At the same time, now that he had emptied his balls into Diana, Crissy's boyfriend had slid his cock out of Diana's pussy and moved around in front of the two girls. He sat down then slid himself forward until his still hard cock stood straight up in front of them like a pillar for them to worship.

The response from Crissy was immediate. She dove onto his cock as if she'd just been given a piece of food after not eating for a week. She took him as far down her throat as she could, then began bobbing her head up and down on him. She sucked him almost frantically as if sucking his cock could somehow relieve the wild excitement overtaking her, and, as she did, the sloppy sounds of her nearly gagging on his thick member filled the room. It was definitely no way for a girl to behave and her Daddy let her know again.

"Smack!" Another sharp blow landed on her cock-filled ass. This time, instead of trying to resist, Crissy actually spread her legs open even wider to give her Daddy full access to her asshole. She kept sucking hungrily on the boy's cock, completely consumed by her lust.

About that moment, Diana decided to get into this action. She started licking the base of the boy's shaft while her daughter worked the bulging head. Looking up as best she could from her restrained position, Diana once again urged the boy on. "You want to come all over our faces?" she asked him. "Shoot another load onto the slut girls?"

Diana then moved her head a little more, pushing Crissy aside so that she could have a turn working the hard cock that was in between them. The thick red lipstick that she wore made her lips look so sensuous as she took the hard cock into her mouth. The boy smiled as he watched the mother fight with her daughter over his hard cock, then grabbed hold of her hair as she took him into her mouth.

Her style was a little different than Crissy's. Diana would slowly lower her mouth onto his shaft further and further until it filled her mouth. She then pushed down even more until she had the entire length down her throat. The boy held her there for as long as she could take it -- her eyes starting to water from the effort -- then pulled her by the hair back up until his cock slid all the way out.

He twisted her head upwards, making her look up into his eyes while his cock pulsed against her wet, red lips. With a smile of happy pride, she looked up into his face as she licked the bulging shaft. The way her eye makeup ran from the tears that formed as she choked down that big cock only added to the slutty appearance that she presented. He then tightened his grip on her hair again, and pushed his cock back down her throat.

He fucked her mouth making her bob her head up and down faster and faster. Obscene choking sounds filled the room as she gulped him down. Finally, he pulled her head back and grabbed his cock with his free hand. He began pumping it as he kept her head held back, facing up towards him. Diana glanced sideways with her eyes for a moment at her husband. "Are you watching?" she asked him breathlessly. "Do you want to see how a slut gets treated?" Then, looking back up at the boy she urged him on. "That's it, baby. Do it for Mommy. Let me taste your cum."

All the while, Daddy had kept fucking Crissy's upturned ass. She grunted and groaned with animal-like sounds as he rammed into her. The feeling of her tight ass and the power he felt as he took her in this restrained position soon reached a peak. He could feel his climax approaching and as he heard his wife's words, it started to send him over the edge.

At that same moment, the boy started groaning loudly. His cock swelled to its full size as he pumped it harder and faster. Diana kept her eyes locked on his and urged him on. Finally, with a very loud cry of released ecstasy, he shot thick streams into Diana's face. She stuck out her tongue as he did, catching as much as she could as she happily lapped it up. The rest landed on her hair, her forehead, and her chin where it dripped slowly down.

Just as the boy finished shooting his second load of the night, Daddy grabbed Crissy by the hair and yanked her head back hard. "Now it's your turn slut," he said in a savage voice. His cock swelled even larger as rode her hard, pounding into her with a force that rocked her body.

Crissy' responded in a gravelly voice of desperate abandon. "Oh god, yessss... Do it. Do it Daddy! Fuck that ass. Oh yes... FUCK MEEEE!!!!!"

As Crissy started to come again, with one last thrust he rammed himself into her as deep as he could go and began spurting a huge load of his pent up passion into her hot little ass. He held her hair tight, making sure that the little slut knew that he owned her at that moment. He could feel her ass clench his cock as she came, making his orgasm rise to an even higher level.

Crissy loved the feeling that she was being used by him for his own pleasure. She also loved how dirty she felt as she was fucked right there in front of her mom and her boyfriend. Screaming loudly, she came one more time. The feeling of her Daddy's cock twitching violently as he shot spurt after spurt inside her was too much for her and she squirmed her ass back into him like the dirty fuckslut that she was, trying to get him in even deeper and making sure that he emptied his complete load inside her.

Finally, he let go of her hair. Crissy's head fell forward with her cheek once again lying against the floor. She was wet with sweat and completely spent. Her Daddy's cock still filled her ass, but he was now running his hands all along her back, her ass, over her tits, and then onto her back again to soothe her tingling flesh. His hard cock still filled her ass, but slowly he started to withdraw himself from her.

He now moved around and took a turn in front of the two girls after the other boy had moved out of the way. He waved his cock in front of Diana's face, and she eagerly licked and sucked him clean. "Does Daddy's cock feel good now?" Diana asked him as she looked up into his face with his cock brushing her lips. "Did you teach our little slut girl a lesson?" She sucked him into her mouth again, keeping his cock rock hard.

Reaching forward, he rubbed his hand over Diana's sexy ass. As she sucked him hungrily, he slid a finger onto her tight asshole. She groaned as he did and he knew that there was one more thing to do tonight.... Two naughty girls had behaved badly. This one also needed to be taught the consequences of her bad behavior. It was probably no use. Just like her daughter, this one was apparently incapable of acting appropriately, but it's what she deserved and he was going to give it to her.

Sensing his thoughts, Diana looked up at him and stopped sucking long enough to ask in an innocent little girl's voice, "Are you going to punish me, too.... Daddy?"

Moving behind her, he entered her quickly. With a slap to her ass, the punishment began. "She'll pay," he thought to himself as he began fucking her. "She needs to learn...."

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