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Bad Daughter


Chryssa knew she was in trouble as she sped home, knowing that she'd stayed at the party way too late... and not only that but there was alcohol on her breath and cum in her panties. She didn't care anymore, her dad was way too strict. Her cavalier attitude was mostly in part because she was drunk, but it didn't matter to her father when she got home.

The yelling didn't bother her much, she was too drunk and just thought he was being dumb. The poor man was a single father, trying to cope with his rebellious nineteen year old daughter who obviously thought that she knew everything, and not only that but his wife had left him three years ago after cheating on him with his best friend. He hadn't had a real girlfriend since, mostly because his lovely daughter kept chasing them away with her obnoxious attitude towards all of them.

What really threw the mix off was that Chryssa wasn't the only one who had been drinking... her father had too. Drinking because he no longer knew what to do about his daughter or his life, he didn't know how to handle any of it, and he definitely didn't know what to do about his love life. He'd stopped bringing women home, because Chryssa always ruined it.

Staring at his daughter, who obviously didn't care what he was saying, he realized that he needed to teach her a lesson. A REAL lesson. Lectures weren't working at all... In his drunken state, he decided that a good old fashioned spanking would be the best punishment for her transgressions.

Walking quickly over to the couch, he sat down and pulled her over his lap. Chryssa didn't even have time to realize what was happening until she was over his lap and he was pulling her pants and panties down. Immediately she started struggling, and his hand came crashing down on her bare ass, screaming, Chryssa struggled as her father continued to spank her.


Harder and harder he hit her, getting more and more into it as she sobbed and struggled, pleading with him to stop, crying out that she would be good. But he was far too into his task to allow her to stop, turning her ass bright red seemed to be the best punishment. When his hand started to tingle he finally stopped, noticing that he had most certainly turned her ass a bright red.

To his surprise, he also found that he was hard, his daughter's soft body over his lap, limp as she sobbed now that the spanking had stopped. Her bare, red ass seemed to call to him. Drunkenly, he leaned over for a better look at her pussy... and realized that there was wet male cum coating the inside of her panties.

Chryssa's father roared with fury as he realized that his daughter was getting laid while keeping him from even dating. Dumping her on the floor, he had his pants undone and was between her thighs before he even realized what was happening. Chryssa screamed and tried to scramble away, but her father was too heavy on top of her.


Her pleas fell on deaf ears the second the tip of his swollen dick touched her wet, young pussy. Shoving forward, her father penetrated her easily, she was still wet from earlier in the night - and maybe even a little from her spanking. It was so good, so tight... he didn't even notice that the woman beneath him, taking his dick was his daughter. With a drunken groan he started fucking her, enjoying the feel of the first pussy he'd had in years, and what a fantastic pussy it was!

Moaning in disgust as her father pumped away on top of her, Chryssa couldn't do more than lay there and take it, her ass burning from the spanking, and her pussy being stretched over and over. To her horror, she realized it was starting to feel good, but struggling just caused her father to hold her tighter and thrust harder... which just felt even more good.

Writhing beneath him, in disgust and arousal, Chryssa closed her eyes and tried to imagine that it was someone else on top of her. Her father made it hard though, moaning loudly and panting as he fucked her deeply, completely lost in lust and pleasure. Harder and harder he fucked her, banging her hips against the floor, her pussy getting wetter and wetter with every stroke.

Just as she was starting to feel the build of her orgasm, her father bucked and heaved, thrusting deeply into her. Chryssa cried out in disappointment as her father came, his dick pulsing inside her heated pussy, feeling the unfinished pleasure that had almost climaxed.

It wasn't over yet though. Drunkenly, her father pulled out of her swollen pussy, still half-hard. Through bleary eyes he saw her tits, which had flopped out of her very low-cut shirt because she wasn't wearing a bra.

Growling he tore the shirt off of her, leaving his daughter completely naked before him.


He started smacking her tits, left and right, beating them as he yelled, "This is how you get boys isn't it? You slut! You just don't wear a bra, let everyone feel you up!"

Chryssa howled with pain, even though it sent shocks of sensation to her hungry pussy, trying to cover her breasts with her hands to stop the beating. But her father took her wrists and held them over her head, the beating stopped, but he started pinching her nipples, twisting them back and forth and pulling them away from her body. It hurt even more, but it also aroused her more.

"Stop, Daddy, please!" Tears poured down her cheeks, as she writhed underneath him. She knew she wanted him to stop punishing her breasts, but she wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop touching her completely... her pussy still hungered for fulfillment, and she was still drunk enough that it didn't disgust her as much as it should.

Finally, when her nipples were practically purple and aching from the abuse, her father stopped. Turning her over, he let her sob on the ground as he fisted his dick which had swollen to fullness again. Staring at her crinkled asshole, he decided that she wasn't done being punished.

Abused and molested, raped by her own father, Chryssa screamed her loudest when his dick began pushing against her virgin ass. Crying out wildly she bucked, trying to throw him off, and screamed as her bucking motion ended up burying half of his length into her unprepared ass. Because she was flat on the floor, she couldn't move without shoving more of him into her deflowered ass, but by not moving he could just push in as much as he liked.

Caught between the floor and a very hard painful place, Chryssa sobbed as her dad slid the rest of his dick into her aching asshole. It cramped and twinged, rippling pleasurably around him but feeling anything but for her.

"Take it out Daddy, it hurts," she begged, not expecting him to hear her after he'd ignored everything else she'd said. To her surprise, the pain started to recede as he pulled out, but then she screamed and jumped as he thrust all the way back in.

He started fucking her ass with as much abandon as he'd raped her, holding her down with the weight of his body and just pumping in and out unthinkingly. Very slowly, her ass adjusted and she got used to it, even started to enjoy some of the feeling of something sliding slickly in and out of her tightest hole. That was when her orgasm started to build again. Held off for so long, it was building even stronger than before, the pain and pleasure mingling to create a stew of ecstacy that she'd never felt.

Chryssa screamed and thrashed beneath her father as she came hard, her ass tightening down and clamping around him. With a bellow, he buried himself in her clenching ass, sending his second load of cum deep into her rectum before collapsing on top of her.


The next morning, Chryssa's father awoke out of a very erotic dream... only to find his dream come to life. He was lying on his back in the living room, while his daughter was very determinedly trying to stuff his dick up her ass all on her own. With a groan, he reached up and grabbed hold of her tits, using them to pull her all the way down on his dick as she shrieked with painful pleasure.

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