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Bad Girl


For Rob, Matt and John but not always in that order!


It's early morning; the sun is just starting to brighten the bedroom as I crawl, nude, into bed with you. You feel my body heat and my breath, smelling of alcohol and sex on your neck as my hand slides over your belly to your always hard cock.

I was out last night with my friends, you noticed that I was dressed to impress and you had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that I would have an adventure to share with you when I returned home. And I do!

You moan as I straddle your body and guild your hard cock into my pussy. Your cock meets no resistance at all as I take all of you inside of me. My bare tits press against your chest. I whisper in your ear "I was a bad girl last night"

I feel your hips move as you my words fill your mind. I wait for your request to continue, my nipples hard against you, my hands holding your head as I kiss you deeply. Your body tells me to continue.

We were at the bar and you know how it is, guys buying us drinks and flirting with us. After awhile someone suggested that we move the party to his house. The other girls were all for it and I thought sure why not, I can keep control of myself and it would give me a little story to tease you with. There were four of us and six guys.

When we got to the cars one of the guys had this really cool old Cadillac, like Elvis's and when he asked, I was more than happy to get a ride in this big old car. Pete opened the door for me as Jim got behind the wheel. There we were; three of us side by side. Those big old cars had a great thing going for them! The leather seat was cool on my bare legs; I tugged on my short skirt to keep it down.

The plan was to go to Jim's and party on; not five minutes from the bar I got a text that one of the girls was sick in the van following us and they would catch up later. Pete had his arm around me and I saw that he was eying my legs. Damn skirt had ridden up on me and was exposing most of my thighs. Should have worn panty hose! I was a little surprised when he leaned in and kissed me but it was kind of thrilling and there really was no harm done with a little kiss. Just being on that big leather front seat felt so sexy!

Jim saw it and then he wanted a kiss - as he was driving. It was a quick one, but Pete's next one was much longer. The first time we stopped at a light Jim's kiss was still even longer and his tongue met mine. I have to say, my belly had butterflies.

We got to the house and Jim went to get us drinks while Pete put on the music. There is something to be said to being the center of attraction. Knowing that the rest of the group was due soon gave me a sense of freedom and security.

Pete was an excellent dancer and held by body so close. We were moving as one. I could feel the heat of his body and that nice bulge of excitement you men get, his kisses probed deep into my mouth, his hands at times caressed my ass. I allowed all of this thinking that it felt so good and the rest of the party would be here soon - maybe too soon as my body heated up and inhibitions slid away.

Jim returned with our drinks and then took his turn dancing with me. Well it wasn't so much dancing as grinding against each other as his hands explored my body. His hot mouth on my neck and those big hands on my tits had me in another world. Even with our clothes on I could feel the heat of his bulge against my belly.

The music stopped and the three of us sat on the sofa. You're very turned on wife in the middle of two equally turned on men! I didn't see the text telling me the group wasn't going to make it after all. The way I felt at that time it would have been the best news ever!

I lean forward pressing my tits harder into your chest as you feel my body tremble, my soaking wet used pussy engulfing your hardness. It takes me a minute before I continue my confession, to you, my wonderful husband.

My blouse is now open as Jim caresses my tits; he unclasps my bra with ease and lowers his mouth to take my rock hard nipple. Pete's hand have slid between my legs forcing them to open for him but really meeting little or no resistance on my part. His other hand caresses my ass. The only restriction is my thin white lace panties.

Your wife was being passed back and forth by two very turned on men and loved every second of it. Jim took my hand as Pete kissed me deeply and guided it to his lap. When he took my hand I knew just where he wanted it - the only surprise was when I felt his cock it was not in his pants but free and bare in my hand.

Baby - it was, or is, so thick! The shaft was so thick my fingers barely reached around it and it was already slick with his precum. I just had to open my eyes to see it and when I did I thought I would cum on the spot! You know your cock takes such good care of me -but - baby; this cock was porn star big.

Without even giving it a thought I lifted my hips as Pete tugged my white lace panties down my legs. There I was your wife. Her blouse wide open, her bra loose with my tits exposed to both men, my skirt pushed up to my waist with my pussy on display and my hand stroking a long, thick cock.


I can feel your words as much as hear them. I can tell by the way you're kissing me you had an adventure, and you want to make damn well sure I know about it.

"He tasted so good!" The words roll smoothly off your lips after you finish kissing me, deep, long, hard. My eyes are wide as I feel you straddle me, kissing me again before I can protest. Your passion is contagious, your lust divine.

I can feel your hips moving as you straddle me, grinding against me. My shaft betrays my lust as your dark eyes sparkle with mischief. Moving, grinding, whispering into my ear what happened. How you gripped his shaft with your hand just like this (pulling my raging cock out and gripping it tight). Stroking him, moving your thumb over the head of his cock for pre-cum.

As you place me inside you, groaning, you look at me evilly, "Obviously, he was thicker than you", as I slide in and out of you easily. Your fingers dig into my shoulders as you control the tempo, making sure you get fucked how you want. Telling me, making me hear you, how you fucked him. And then both of them. You just need to be that center of attention, don't you?

Yes, yes, I can feel how wet you are! How warm, how easily I fit inside you! I can feel your grinding those hips, causing a bit of pain, making sure I don't cum too fast. I can feel you dripping down my balls as you move, over and over....


It takes me a minute to regain my thoughts as your hard cock caresses the inside of my used pussy but your urgent questions brings me back to my confession.

Jim puts his hand on the back of my head and I know instantly what he wants - and so do I - my mouth moves to his swollen cock. He grips the base and offers it up to my open mouth. My lips kiss the wet tip of his cock and then I open wide to take in that big cock head. My whole body reacts as his cock and taste fills my mouth. I more than willingly suck this man's cock, someone I just met hours ago; wanting with all of my being to please him. To suck his very body into my mouth.

I'm in that crazed sex dream world as Pete's hands now have complete ownership of my nude ass and soaking wet pussy. My body complies with whatever those strong hands want - and they want me! Pete easily shifts my body so that I am on all fours, my mouth full of that big wonderful cock, my tits pressed down on Jim's legs and my ass and pussy in perfect position for Pete's pleasure.

He takes his time, exploring my ass cheeks and now his fingers begin to probe my willing pussy. I moan with lust on to Jim's cock as Pete's fingers tease my pussy. My mind swirls; wanting my pussy filled and wanting, and yes, needing that cock in my mouth to flood me with hot sticky cum.

Without warning two long fingers shove their way into my pussy! The feeling is so intense that Jim's cock pops out of my mouth as I am forced forward, my kneels leaving the carpet. I think I let out a yell/moan of lust, my pussy filled with Pete's fingers. Jim yelled at Pete to go easy on me and at the same time filled my mouth again with his cock.

Those fingers now begin to fuck me and after only a coupe of strokes my body begins to push back on them to get more into me. It's only then that I feel Jim getting ready to cum. his hips now lifting in that so familiar fucking motion, his hands holding my head in place. I really didn't need any encouragement - I wanted that cock to explode in my mouth.

Jim's body stiffened as that first hot blast of cum pounded into my mouth. Baby; I came right then and there. I felt nothing except that thick hot cock filling my sucking mouth with it's cum. I couldn't breathe, I was gagging but I also could not stop myself from sucking harder trying to get even more cum from his cock.

I think Pete stopped finger fucking me and just watched me gagging, moaning and still sucking Jim's fat cock. I was in a fog as Jim's semi hard cock pulled out of my cum filled mouth. My body was being shifted as Jim slipped out from under me and Pete's hands steadied me on my knees. My upper body pressed on the sofa and my pussy now open and ready for Pete's cock.

His hands left my hips and I then felt what I thought was Pete's fist stroking the lips of my soaking wet slit.

What I was too soon find out that it was his cock teasing my pussy, my body now in full lust wiggled and pushed trying desperately to get it inside of my aching pussy.

His hands were back holding my hips and it was then I knew that it was his cock that was pressing into my body. Pete looked down and watched as his cock began to sink into that very hot willing married pussy. Even as lust driven as I was my body tried to pull away from this thing invading my pussy. He held my hips in place forcing his cock head past my tight ring of muscles, "damn, she's tight" he hissed as he pressed more cock into me. I moaned with both pleasure and pain feeling my pussy forced open by this new cock.

Pete urged me on telling me to take it and the slut in me began to comply. My fingers gripped the cushions as his cock pressed still deeper into my body. I don't remember ever having any cock or thing this deep inside of me. He withdrew a little and I gulped air still trying to handle all that was being put inside of my body, and then he began that wonderful fucking motion. The muscles of my pussy now use to this thicker and longer cock both grip it tightly and welcome it into my body.

Each stroke of his cock began to find my ever more willing pussy. I began to match his strokes as his cock opened me wider and wider. Then he began these circular motions with his cock buried balls deep inside of me. The pressure on my pussy was so beyond anything I had ever imagined, he was using his cock open even wider.

I feel your body shudder and wonder if I have teased you beyond the point of no return. Your cock is so soothing inside of my stretched, used, cum filled pussy.

We stay locked together, the pounding of your heart causing your cock to pulse in my pussy. You kiss me gently, loving me, and both out heart beats begin to slow down. My whole being wants to cum, wants to feel you explode inside of me but my mind wants to continue to tease you. My mind wins out.

I move my lips to your ear and begin again. Pete has now filled my pussy as never before, it feels as if his cock will pop out of my mouth it is so long. He fucks me slowly, sometimes holding my hips and other times feeling and tugging on my tits. I keep my body lifted off the sofa to give him all of me.

Jim is there - watching - he's watching; me, your wife, fucking. I turn to look at him but he is watching Pete's cock use my open willing pussy; just the way I think that you would. My climax sneaks up on me but is so welcome. My body screams with that earth shaking wonderful release.

Pete is pounding into me prolonging my climax, wanting his own sexual release. My face now pushed into the cushions making it so hard to breathe but not wanting him to ever stop. My soaking wet, fucked pussy meets that cock's every invasion and is rewarded with a huge burst of hot thick cum deep inside of me.

I can feel every spurt of Pete's cum as he empties his balls into me. His cum feels so hot and so deep, pushing me over the edge yet again. My body is soaked in both his and my sweat as Pete's now softening cock slips out of me.

I'm in a fog as both men dress me, I hear them mention the sun coming up and remember leaning on Jim's shoulder as they drive me back to you.


I can feel your hips grinding onto me. You're sliding yourself over me using tight, controlled movements. Gleefully you kiss me, lips refusing to leave mine unless to whisper some other memory of your adventure. Slipping, sliding your tongue against mine, as if challenging me to refuse you or your lusts. And each time I kiss you back harder affirm you.

The salty scars of your adventure fill my mouth, flooding my mind and senses. My face is hot, glowing, as you kiss. Passionately insisting I acknowledge your mouth was wrapped around other men's cocks. That you tasted their seed. There is no refusing this, for to do that would be to refuse you, and you will have none of it.

Your pussy is loose; warm, wet, and slippery. My arms encapsulate you against my body as you smoothly ride my shaft. Lifting your hips slowly, you raise them just to the tip of my cock, and then slowly, agonizingly slowly, you push down. My hard, hard shaft betrays my lust. Any indignation, any protest I may claim, is destroyed by my primal, visceral reaction to you.

Reaching behind you, you hear me moan as I feel your warm fingers on my smooth balls. "Do you like that?" you purr to me. I moan in assent. "You like feeling me massage his cum onto your sack like that don't you?" My fingers tighten on your flesh.

You grind down harder as you grab my balls with a bit of strength. "Can't resist me, can you?" I shake my head as I thrust up powerfully in response. Each word you say, each comment you make is like a dagger of lust penetrating me.

My teeth are bared now, biting at your neck. My arms are like vise grips, holding you to me as my hips thrust into you. You can't move now, you are frozen on top of me as I penetrate you now, over and over. You're taking it, just like you did from your lovers. Your body begins to quake with the lustful thrusting. I move ever faster, grunting with the effort as I feel your orgasm raking your body, freezing you as you cry out from my manful, powerful thrusts.

And as I hold you to me, nearly crushing you, you feel those jets of cum flooding you. Geysers of seed for you, lust for you, baptizing your trysts with my most intimate fluid. Your hand on my balls loosens a bit and you massage my seed from me. You smile, purring at your husband, your lover, and the one man enough to love you like this, as you are. And we know that my shaft, my balls, my parts, will smell of you and your adventures all day as my sensitive skin bathes in your honey.

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