tagIncest/TabooBad Halloween Habits Ch. 5

Bad Halloween Habits Ch. 5


Amy's father, William, lay naked, face down, spread-eagled on the big hotel bed, his limbs stretched wide and tied with straps provided by the thoughtful blackmailers. Amy fastened one blindfold over his eyes, then sat down, covering her own eyes with the other. Just as she finished, there was a loud knock at the door.

"Room service," a voice called.

Amy panicked, not knowing what to do. She heard the door open, and a gasp from whoever stood there, seeing her blindfolded, naked, and her naked father tied to the bed. The blackmail video ran on the room's TV.

"Well, well, Juanita," a masculine voice said, "we got some tasty chicken here." The accent sounded Hispanic.

"Si, Juan," came the female voice, shockingly close to Amy's left ear, "this chicken looks tender and juicy." Amy felt a finger on her bare nipple, and it hardened under its gentle touch. She felt goose bumps dance across her skin, and she never felt more vulnerable. Suddenly, she felt hot, moist lips on her nipple, and a swirling tongue. Her head tilted back, and a soft gasp crossed her lips.

"Amy, are you ok," her father asked, sounding very concerned.

"I'm ok, daddy," she answered. Immediately, she regretting calling him 'daddy.' Now, the whole mood in the room changed.

"Daddy, eh?" the male voice said. "You like your daughter, as a man, no?"

She could hear the male move around her father. At the same time, she felt the woman slip something soft around her ankles and, suddenly, she was bound to the chair. As quick as can be, her wrists were tied too. Then some material, maybe her own panties, were stuffed into her mouth. She moaned, and tried to spit the panties out, but she couldn't. Suddenly, the blindfold was ripped off, and before her stood.... Cindy?

Cindy stood before her, smiling, with her forefinger pressed to her lips. She winked at her, then moved to Amy's daddy.

"I think you should rub some butter on his buns, Juan," Cindy said in her bad hispanic accent.

Amy turned her head and there was Greg, spreading her father's ass cheeks and rubbing butter onto his asshole. Her father, not comfortable with the attention, began to thrash around and protest. Greg, dropping his hispanic persona, leaned close to his ear and whispered, "If you want to stay out of prison, then shut the fuck up!" To punctuate his point, Greg jammed his finger up William's ass.

"You gunna fuck him, Juan," Cindy asked excitedly.

"Well, he's all greased up now, so I guess I'll have to," answered Greg, dropping his pants to the floor. Greg, completely naked, climbed over William's bound body, and moved his hard cock into position.

"You like to fuck your daughter's ass, big man," Greg whispered. "Now you're going to know what she feels when you fuck her asshole."

Amy and Cindy watched as Greg forced his cock into William's tight ass. William, overcome with the invasion, cried out.

"Shut the fuck up, you daughter fucker, or you're going to be ass-raped nightly in the Big House," Greg warned through clenched teeth. His hips began to move now, rocking back and forth, William's ass beginning to open up a bit under Greg's continuous pressure. Greg continued a litany of curses.

"Oh you are such a big man, you asshole, fucking your own flesh and blood. You sick fuck, you like this don't you? You like my big cock stretching your ass, fucking your shit hole, you bitch!"

As Amy watched, wide-eyed, Cindy came to her and began to undress. Naked, she rubbed her small titties over Amy's body, and moved down to spread her legs. Cindy knew that Amy was wild, and wanted to take things to a place she'd never gone before. She looked at Amy's flushed body, slightly damp with excitement, and then to her own. Suddenly, a wee light went on inside her head. Cindy moved behind Amy's bound form and tilted the chair back, so Amy was on her back now, with her feet pointing toward the wall. Cindy moved over Amy, removing the panty gag, and squatted, pressing her ass to Amy's face.

"Oh shit, Juan," Cindy cried, "her hot tongue is in my ass!" Cindy ground her ass against Amy's upturned face, savoring the feelings flowing through her. Greg, in the meantime, had obviously widened the ass he was fucking, and now his hips flew back and forth, jack hammering his thick cock into Mr. First's guts.

Cindy stood suddenly, looking down at Amy who was wide-eyed with passion. "I'm gunna fuck you, Amy," Cindy threatened. She braced herself on the chair Amy was tied to, and moved one slender foot over Amy's spread pussy lips. Cindy touched her big toe to Amy's clit, and watched as waves of pleasure pounded over the bound girl's body. Her toe could feel the slick, wet, hot juices flowing from Amy's cunt, and she began to rub them around, spreading them over her whole mound.

Amy's mouth hung open, and a low, continuous moan escaped her lips. Almost simultaneously, Mr. First began to moan also, overcome with the wild invasion of his heretofore virgin ass. As Greg's cock plunged into his ass, and Cindy forced more and more of her foot into Amy's wet snatch, both of them began to cum. And cum. And cum.

"Oh fuck, angel," Mr. First cried! "Oh yes, daddy," screamed Amy. "Hot ass," yelled Greg! All three trembled and shook and their orgasms overwhelmed their senses.

Desperate to cum, Cindy moved her wet cunt onto Amy's face and pressed it down. Amy's tongue and lips began to lick, nibble, and suck on Cindy's clit, sending shivers of pleasure through her young body. Greg, having recovered somewhat from his first same-sex ass invasion, pulled out of William's sore hole and moved behind Cindy, his still-hard cock pressing against her tight ass.

"Oh god, Amy," gasped Cindy, "Juan is fucking my ass as you suck me. Suck me good, Amy!"

With each powerful stroke into his sister's tight ass, her pussy pressed down hard against Amy's mouth. The rhythm quickened and, soon, multiple orgasms rocked Cindy's body. Just when she felt that Greg was about to cum, his second orgasm in less than 10 minutes, she slipped away from him, leaving his cock free to spray cum all over Amy's face, tits, and belly.

Greg and Cindy dressed quickly, and headed for the door. Cindy, struggling with her bonds, managed to free one hand and turned to see that Greg was disconnecting a video camera from a tripod. They had filmed the whole thing!

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