Bad Little Bat


Gotham is a big scary dark city. Barbra grew up here. She is a bright girl, quite small and agile, with a mind and body that match. School come easy for her, as most things did. Still, she was poor. On her Father’s salary, she could not complain. Not even the Police Commissioner makes that much in Gotham, partly to keep the cops looking for bribes and hand outs. Everything in that city seemed geared toward corruption, but her Father was not corrupt.

But she was. Her Father worked within the system, within the law. Barbra's friends did not. She trained ands studied for years and at 17, she set out to shadow the Batman. A year later, she was 'full partners" in on the whole secret. The next year, she went off on her own again, with support, to best use her own ways.

The lights went out, and the backup batteries must have failed. He stopped rolling his joint, stood up and grabbed his piece. With a languid step he stumbled into the kitchen. Lazily he hit the switch to the back up fuel cells. It would take 7 minutes to reach capacity, so he grabbed his flashlight and his gun and walked breathless into the livening room.

Someone was in his apartment. It was a small two bedroom that reeked of marijuana. That was likely because he grew for some local hot shit dealer. Being that it was quite a crime he was committing, he didn't call the cops, or set of any alarm. He cocked his gun silently, then turned around quickly and pointed it.

He pointed at a sight that took him by surprise. It was a girl; she could not be in her late teens! She was tiny, standing not to his shoulders, and that was in her high, yellow platform boots!!

And she was dressed up as a bat! A blackish blue leather hood covered most of her face, showing her fiercely green eyes and long red hair. The leather grew darker as it covered her neck and shoulders and drew back into an odd, vaguely wing shaped cape.

She had a nice set of tits, small but lifted with a custom fit that Fredrick’s of Hollywood could not match. She had a bright yellow bat on her chest, and wore yellow, leather platform boot, calf high. She also had some sort of utility belt, snuggling up to her exposed belly button. Her midriff was bare, but darkened with make up.

As he pointed his gun and stared, she smiled waved at him. It was so cute! He stared puzzled at this little girl standing there wearing some Halloween costume, or bizarre stripper wear. Henry wasn't sure. But he was smart and not prone to taking chances. He kept his gun pointed at her chest as he walked confidently across the room.

As he got closer he noticed quite a bit more flesh was exposed than he thought. Her breasts were held, but her nipples, painted black, rose proudly in the chill air of the Gotham evening. And under her belt, nothing! The tight leather legging split mid thigh and left several slightly inches of flesh exposed, but darkened with make up once again. Only the patch right around her shaved pussy was left completely bare.

Henry might have dropped his gun then and there, had he not been a professional. He stood his ground, asking now "Who the fuck are you? You a stripper? Who sent ya?"

But the young lady (closer now he could tell she was no little girl) simply stared at him with those green eyes and waved, beckoning him with her gloved fingers. Both hands were covered to the elbow in tight, smooth yellow leather gloves. Clearly neither held a gun, or a knife (or heck a batarang, he chuckled to himself) so he got close and put the gun up to her little head.

The moment the gun came to her head she became a blur of motion. Her hands were on his wrist, clamping with grip that stunned him and pulling the gun in away and out, pointing at the wall now. Then a sharp pain erupted in his side as her knee drove into his thigh, then his ribs. His body bucked and as he fell his wrist popped jarringly, spraining it.

He howled in pain as the Batgirl walked over turned on her bat-stereo, non chalet picking up his gun and disabling it. The bass thumped and coved his curses as she walked over his body and sat down next to him. "Awwww did I break it?" she mocked. "I'll break you little bitch!" He lunged!

She dodged him easily, playfully and hit him hard in the back to show him why that wasn't going to work.

"Histrionics hurt here Henry." she smiled, her lips inches from his eyes. What he could see of her face excited him. Her skin was smooth and radiant, around her dark red lips it was pure white, and just where her mask dipped over her cheek he could see some light freckling. The mask was leather and showed her eyes. She pierced him with those stunning green jungle eyes. They were the eyes of a hunter who had caught her prize.

""So, what do you want? You gonna arrest me?"

She stood up to laugh, turning down the stereo a bit now. It drove out a lot of sound, deep bass and background voices now. "Arrest you? Bats don't arrest silly man."

"So, you want something?"

"I want to know who buys all this from you. I've watched you for a while now and your not a street seller yourself, who buys in this amount? Is it Mr. Hot Shit?"

"If you know who Mr. Hot Shit is you know he would kill me for even saying his name in the wrong company."

"Well, since he’s going to kill you anyway, why not spare me the trouble and tell me where he is?"

"Fuck No you Bitc..........."

He didn't finish that word she had slipped behind him and skillfully took him to his knees with a sharp kick. She then grabbed his hair and pulled it up whispering deeply, in a husky voice "Now that’s no way to talk to a lady."

Then it all went black.

Two and a half hours later he was hanging upside down from his own ceiling as the batgirl sat in front of him and finished rolling a joint he had started. She closed it carefully, her quick red tongue darting out deftly to wet the paper just enough to stick.

When she lit it and took a drag it burned smooth and clean and she took a long drag. She looked him in the eye and winked as she stood up, and undid his pants, cutting them off entirely and tossing them with his boxers in a corner.

His cock hung limp and small (hey, it was chilly in there.) but it stirred as he felt a warm blowing over his shaft and balls. For a full minute it seemed to him the batgirl breathed out the smoke as he felt himself stir without his control.

He opened his eyes and realized her cunt was mere inches from his head, and he could see it was wet and shiny. He could smell her sex strongly, even as the room clouded from her hit. It was musky and exotic and his cock grew more as she sat back down. Face to upside down face.

"Not bad, you grow some good shit, always have Henry." He opened his mouth to speak but she held his jaw closed. "Only speak if I ask you to, Drug Pusher!"

"Hey I'm no pusher, people buy what they want."

She took another long slow drag off the joint and blew it in his face, the sticky sweet smoke clouding his vision of her moist lips and red hair.

"That may have been true when you were a street dealer Henry, but you had to move up the ladder. Oh and I'll tell you once more, and then were done. Do Not speak unless ask you a question."

As she said this she stood up, spun him around and slapped him hard on his bare bottom. He winced as a red welt rose on his white skin. She turned him around again, and put his semi hard dick in her mouth.

The batgirl knew how to suck cock. She put his cock in her warm, wet mouth and sucked it gently as her tongue swirled around it. Her hand ran down his stomach and chest as blood pumped itself into his throbbing member.

He moaned several times as she licked and kissed his cock till it was rock hard, huge purple veins holding it erect as she swung his body away from her expert lips.

"There now, do you like it when I suck on your cock?"

"Ohhhh god yes......"

"Do you want me to continue?"

"Please, don't stop..."

She impaled herself down on his member like she had not eaten in weeks. His large, hard shaft disappeared into her throat as she clenched his buttocks, pulling his hips into her face as his cock slid effortlessly down her tight throat.

She sucked a moment, then pumped her head smoothly so that the head of his cock brushed the back of her mouth each time, before it plunged deep again, as if she was bragging about her control of the gag reflex.

When she pulled away again, a long thick trail of spit stayed hanging between her lips and the hot, purple head of his penis. He blurted out something and she looked down, winked and said. "So do you sell to Mr. Hot Shit?"

She smiled at him, her mouth dripping her saliva down seductively. Her warm leather bound hand massaging his painfully swollen member.

"I...I can’t tell you."

She squeezed his cock hard and spun him around twice and he almost threw up. She spanked him again, twice this time and harder. "I see you will need more work."

Batgirl had become a bit angry with the thug. Most men flipped out just seeing her breasts, and nearly all succumbed to her once she had cut of their pants and made certain there cocks were hard. But a few needed to be put in their place first. She stepped away and looked crossly at his upside down face. "Well if you won't talk, I'll just find something else to do with that mouth."

With that, she put the end of her double-bat-dildo in the tight, wet folds of her pussy. Easily sliding it between her rose colored lips, her mouth giving away a hint of pleasure as the black cock shaped tool filled her. He clenched his ass instinctively, but she came right up to him and shoved it into his gapping mouth!

He gagged as she held his head and choked him forcibly with the rubber dong. Tears welled in his eyes as she ground her pelvis up and forward, driving the huge dildo down his throat as she impaled her cunt on it.

He groaned in pain, but then in pleasure as she took his swollen cock deep into her skilled neck, licking and sucking the base of his shaft as he began to taste her own sweet juices running down the dildo pumping into his mouth.

It must have looked bizarre as the petite redhead in full leather cape and yellow boots face fucked him with a black double ended dildo, the other end buried deep in her dripping pussy. All the while giving him the most expert blowjob any man had ever been given. She would pull out from time to time to lick his belly or balls, then plunge herself fully and pump franticly, her hips and neck working in unison as he cried, muffed as it was.

Suddenly her body wracked with a monumental orgasm. Batgirl fell back onto her leather cape and convulsed as the fake phallus was pulled with a pop out of Henry’s sore mouth. She grasped it with her yellow gloves and thrust it in and out, wave after wave washing over her body as her juice poured out. She screamed and moaned as Henry hung there, his cock throbbing with anticipation, but tied as he was, he had no choice then to watch in agony as she came, and came, and came.

For what seemed an hour she lay in that dark cape, she had pulled out the slick dildo and was rubbing it over her swollen clit, little shocks running up and down her body each time, and pinching her own nipples when she heard him finally speak.

"The old Pimp Room, the club on Grove Street! Mr. Hot Shit stays there nights, tonight he's there with all the weeks buy money! Password is Bizzaro!"

She sprang to his cock and kissed his head, her soft tongue darting around as she slowly sunk it in all the way, within seconds of this, his cum flooded out in torrents down Barbra's throat, into her waiting belly. She pumped his shaft and sucked the head dry, licking the hole on the end to clean out every morsel, none was wasted.

Batgirl stood up and composed herself, She slicked back her hair and licked the cum off her fingers. Then she turned, and walked away. Leaving him swinging in the cold, dark room with his weed.

"The Pimp Room" Barbra, the batgirl thought to herself. "Good thing I brought all my bat lube."

To be continued......

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