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Bad Moon Rising


People often say that, as you grow older, you start noticing with greater clarity what’s going on around you. Now I always wrote that off with every other saying like, school years are your best, you have to be pretty to count, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and so on. Now unfortunately I must admit that lately I have been noticing things around me, things I don’t think I’m all to keen on noticing.

My solution to this was to buy a diary. Not to original I must admit but hey, it’s worked for others so why not me. Anyway, instead of starting with “Dear Diary” I think I’ll just cut straight to the chase.

My name is Sally, I’m relatively good looking, I’ve relatively good grades which I get at a relatively good University, I’m relatively poor so I live with my relatively normal family in a relatively safe neighborhood. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m normal.

Now up to about my last birthday, I just turned 19, I thought our family was normal but nice. Sometimes I must confess, I fantasized about some excitement. Now I’m starting to think I was dreadfully wrong.

I first noticed “funny things” when our new neighbors arrived. They seemed fine at first but there was just something not quite right. Then Ma started going over a lot. She’s been unhappy since my father’s death, 18 years ago he got run over by a lawn mower. Recently however, that changed and I have been left to get reacquainted with a mother who whistles (rather badly) to the Beatles in the morning.

At this point, after reading what I just wrote I must admit I kindda want to call myself an idiot. Your mother who’s been a sour old bitch suddenly blooms into this nice, pretty thing who’s happy all the time. Heck I should run over and kiss my neighbors feet and his sons just for good measure. However I hesitate to do so for several reasons which I shall state below.

Firstly they do not have a dog. Wait for it. Secondly there’s howling every night coming from their place. Do not even think for a second it’s the TV.

“Dear, can I come in?”

“Sure Ma, it’s open.”

“Here’s your ironing darling, all neatly folded. Do make sure you put it away now won’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Oh and dear?”


“I’m going out with Jeremy, you remember Jeremy? Well, I really don’t think it would be safe for you to stay here on your own so I invited his sons over.”

“What? I’m 19 I’m perfectly safe. I know how to handle a gun and I don’t need a stranger in my house.”

“Dear, look, sit down.”

“I’m sitting.”

“Oh, well look hunny I know this is a bit sudden, but, Jeremy and I are getting married.”


“So as we plan to live together after the wedding it would be good for you to get to know your brothers a bit better.”

“I see. Well, congratulations, I hope he makes you happy, heck as long as you keep doing my laundry I really don’t care. Just kidding. So am I invited?”

“To what dear.”

“The wedding.”

“Why of course darling. Now look I’ve got to get ready, I’ll give you all the details later. Now remember to be nice to Richard and Gilbert.”

“Yes Ma.”

Wow, wow, what? Married? Oh dear, what if I don’t like him? What if I don’t like him so much I have to leave? I can’t afford that! Ok, it can’t be that bad, all those things I saw can’t be true. It’s just my imagination, now where’s that diary. I better burn it. Oh, gosh all those stories about dreadful brothers and what they do to your private stuff. Well as long as I make it clear that they can’t steal my dirty laundry or walk in without knocking then we’ll be fine. I can handle this, I can, I’m a strong mature adult there is no need to panic. After all, my mother is getting married, I should be happy for her she obviously is.

I need to take a shower. Of all the annoying habits, needing to take a shower when I’m nervous why can’t I just pace?

“Oh, sorry Ma, didn’t know you where in there.”

What was that? It looked like a molting werewolf having a shave. I didn’t know my mother was so hairy, especially in those parts. I didn’t know anybody was that hairy there. Please God this does not mean I’ll developed a full grown beard down to my knees as I get older. I should have paid more attention in biology class; I’d be able to know everything, even the percentage of hair I’m likely to grow because of our mutual hairy gene or whatever they’re called.

“Hun, it’s the doorbell, can you get that?”



“Hi, I’m Richard.”

“Oh, do come in, nice dog. Where’s Gilbert? I was under the impression that you where both coming over.”

“Yeah, he couldn’t make it. Last minute adjustments on an important deal at work, you know how it is. He said it would take him all evening to finish.”

“Oh. Ok.”


Well that wasn’t too bad. He likes movies and art. Big plus, sure he likes football but at least he doesn’t play. He has a good job, though for the life of me I can’t remember what it is. I wonder why two grown boys live with their father, especially since they both have good, well paid jobs. The overall impression was nice, I especially liked that gorgeous dog of his, couldn’t stop petting him all night. I wonder where they keep him; I’ve never seen a kennel or anything. At least it explains that dreadful howling, I can even forgive Rover for it. He was so lovely and that silky fur, oh! Well I better stop thinking about tonight, it’s so time for bed and I’m dreadfully sleepy.

Wha- what? What? Not again! Instead of Rover they should have called that dog Siren. I’ve never heard anything like that howl of his, its dreadful! I have to get ear-muffs. Hey wait a minute, I’m going to be related to that dog, I can go and complain. Well if you have the right, for God’s sake exercise it before your eardrums burst!

“Open up!!!! Richard, open this door right now! You can’t be asleep with that howling going on, so open the damn door before I break it in!”

“Shhhh, you’ll wake the neighbors. Now go home, it’s late.”

“Richard I’ll be damned if I’m going home, now let me in, I want to know what’s going on. What are you doing to that poor dog?”

“Dad can I let her in?”


“Come on in.”

“Well it’s about, what the fuck????”

I did not see that, I did not see that, I did not see that. Please, pretty please I did not see that.

“Dad, I think she’s freaked out.”

“Give her here Richard, don’t you know not to keep a lady standing? Especially, a lady in shock.”

“Shut up Gil.”

“Don’t YOU touch me.”

“Sally its ok; I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Not going to hurt me???? You just turned from a nice dog into a human and you expect me to believe a word you say??? Don’t touch me!!! Let me go, LET ME GO, LET ME GO!!!! HELP!!! SOMEBODY, HELP!!! M-mmm-mm-MM!!!”

“Richard, Dad, look I think I should handle this. You both have important things to do tomorrow. I’ll explain everything to her.”

“You sure man, I mean, she’s really struggling.”

“Yeah son, are you sure you can handle her?”

“It’s fine. Just a minor inconvenience, by tomorrow morning it’ll all have been worked out. We were going to have to do this anyway so better it’s over and done with. Now off you go, goodnight.”

“Night man.”

“Night son.”

“Now Sally, listen, I’m just going to wait till you stop struggling and then I’ll explain everything to you. I won’t hurt you I promise.”

HELP! HELP! Help? Wimper... This has got to be a dream; a mad, dog-human thing is holding me captive. Sounds like a newspaper headline. Ok, let’s think this through rationally. I’m getting really tired of struggling, number one, I’m kindda thirsty, number two, and if he was going to kill me he would have done it earlier. It would have been a lot quicker and a lot more painless, for him. Anyway, I liked him as a dog so what’s to say I won’t like him now. Sure he’s weird but aren’t we all, a bit? Maybe I should give him a chance. Bottom line he’s stronger than me so I might as well succumb to the inevitable, whatever that may or may not be. I think I’ll stop struggling now, I’m really thirsty. Maybe he’ll get me a glass of water.

“Sally? Ok, if you’re ready to listen, nod your head.”

That’s kind of hard when it’s being crushed to your chest you idiot! Nod. God I’m exhausted, I couldn’t move if I wanted to, most inconvenient really.

“Now listen closely, I’m not letting go of your mouth cause what I’m about to say will probably come as a shock. I’m a werewolf.”

No kidding, I would never have guessed. I do watch movies you nit, get on with it, I’m really thirsty now.

“There’s more. This too could come as a shock but, here goes. You’re a werewolf too.”


“What? Oh, sorry, I’ll take my hand off your mouth now but I’m not releasing you completely.”

“I’m no werewolf. I think I would have noticed the excessive hair, the howling, the shape changing and most of all the love of human harts and the allergy to silver. So I’m sorry but your way off the mark wolfy, oh dear, that doesn’t mean your going to eat me does it?”

“No, um look. I’m afraid all those stories are a little off. Werewolves don’t eat meat, but fruit. We love silver, we’re very romantic, mate for life and only a small proportion of us change monthly. Mostly we can control our bodies completely.”

“Fruit? You’ve got to be kidding, are you really telling me that werewolves are just nice, cuddly freaks?”

“You could put it that way, yeah.”

“Fine but that still doesn’t explain why you think I’m one of you.”

“It’s very simple really, your mother is.”

“Oh, I see. Well that does explain a lot. Um, could you shift a little? I’m getting a crick in my neck and if possible I’d like some water.”

“I’ll carry you to the kitchen.”


“Yes thank you. I have a few questions now if you could oblige me.”

“Sure, you comfy?”

“Yes thank you, your chest is very nice. Now, why didn’t my mother tell me?”

“After her mate died she fell into a depression. Till she met my father, you could say she didn’t give a damn about anything.”

“Ok. Next. How can you howl all night without the neighbors complaining?”

“Only werewolves can hear each other howl.”

“Oh. I guess my next question is why are you howling?”

“I’m lonely and it’s a way of calling my soul mate to me.”

“Your soul mate?”


“Any luck?”

“Not yet.”

I’m really sleepy now, I can feel my eyelids drifting shut. Oh, no, not good, not good. However nice and comfy his chest is it’s not advisable to fall asleep on a werewolf one’s just met. It’s not polite either, especially when he’s telling you how lonely and sexually deprived he is. M-mmm, sleep, it sounds so nice, maybe if I just close my eyes and listen to him for a little while longer...

Oh, I feel so refreshed. M-mmm, he smells good, must be a special were cologne. Uhh, go away light. I hate the way it edges round your tightly sealed lids and pops in, makes my head ache. Maybe if I shift and bury my head in his armpit, ah better. My God, he smells yummy. You know, that dreadfully alluring masculine sent that just whispers of good, oh so good violent sex. Then if your lucky he caries you off to bed and makes soft love to you till your so sated you can’t move. That sent, mmm, my toes are tingling. Obviously I need a boyfriend, desperately.

“Morning bro!”

“Shhh, she’s sleeping. Get the door before they ring, quick!!!”

“Sure bro, cool it. It’s only Val.”

“Hey Val.”

“Morning Richard! Why are you whispering?”

“Your daughter’s still asleep, my dad’s in the kitchen and there’s fresh coffee and melon.”

“Im n asleeeep.”

“Yeah right, come join us when you’re capable of speech, come on Richard.”


“You ready to wake up sleepy head?”

“N if yo keep doin tha.”

“Like having your hair stroked eh?”


Like it? I love it. Ooooh, yeah. My hair has always been very sensitive, my scalp tingles all over with tiny pricks of pleasure. That after all is why I keep it waist length. The sensations turn me on something shocking and my bones melt into slush. Once a man’s hands are in my hair, I’m lost. Like that, oh yes, more, more, mmmmm. Yeah, yes, like that, ohhh!!!


“Come on goldilocks it’s really time to get up if you want breakfast. Now open your eyes, come on, that’s right.”

“Morning. That, was, divine. Thanks.”

“Your welcome, it was a pleasure.”

Uh, I hate the first movement of the day. Ok, do it slowly, collect your muscles and push up and voila I’m sitting. Oh, sitting on something big and incredibly hard. Ok, if there were any doubts in my mind there gone, he just blushed. Looks dreadfully appealing on him. Actually now that I can see him better he is gorgeous. M-m-m. Long chestnut hair, green eyes, a very strong handsome face and what a body! Well good morning to you too you handsome werewolf, what would I like for breakfast? Well we could start by what’s in your pants, mmmm, by the feel of it, it would be a mouthful. One juicy, mouthwatering, mouthful. Dear me he looks embarrassed.


“I’m sorry Sally, I always get one in the morning.”

Always? That’s supposed to stop me drooling all over you? Bad strategy gorgeous.

“Um Sally? Could you get up?”

“What? Oh, yeah, sure.”

Shit, cool move. Let him know your drooling, idiot. Now at least rise with dignity and grace, even though your legs are made of jelly. Almost standing, ok, now step and walk. Ohhh, shit. The floor should definitely not be advancing towards me at that angle.

“Wow, Sally. Gotcha, you ok?”

“Yeah, do you usually keep a ball as a living room ornament?”

“Sorry about that, you know how it is, bachelor pad.”

“Oh, ohhh, you can uh, let me go now.”

“Right, sorry. Kitchen is that way.”

My that was steamy, one more minute and I’d be tearing his clothes off. Who would have thought that in the space of a few hours I would come from a screaming, quivering wreck to wanting to be a screaming, quivering wreck. But next time, somewhere more comfortable, like his bed. My that ass, ok I give up if he’s willing I’ve got to have a taste. He is just too perfect, he smells too good, he looks too good and he’s far too nice to just let him pass me by.


“Morning Ma. Morning, Jeremy, Richard. Ohh, melon, good I’m starving.”

“Want something to drink?”

“Yes please Gilbert, do you have milk?”


“You still drink milk? Val?”

“Come on Jeremy, it’s good for her bones. Anyway, just because you don’t like it...”

“Fine! I was just commenting.”

“Yeah Ma, if Jeremy wants to be a baby and make silly comments let him.”

“Hey. Serves me right, now I know what it’s like to be ganged up on by women. I feel dreadfully used.”

“Gil, did you hear that? He’s saying they gang up better than we do!”

“Yeah, I heard, why don’t we make him regret it?”

“Oh no, please have mercy on your poor father.”

“He’s mocking us isn’t he Val?”

“Yes I do believe so Gil. Sally come sit by me, this should be fun.”

That certainly was fun. All that banter, I’ve never experienced anything like it before. Ma was amazing, she was so happy I couldn’t believe it, she practically sparkled with joy. Jeremy was the same, the looks they kept sending each other. They are so in love it’s wonderful; it’s so wonderful I find I really don’t mind that we’re all werewolves. It’s kindda fun actually.

But now I have more important things to attend to, I’m going to seduce a werewolf, it’s going to be a big one... Ha, ha, and it’s all going to be official and above board. It has been suggested that Gilbert and I spend the day together, to bond. He has absolutely no idea what he’s in for. Ma has though; she was so supportive when I told her. She told me straight that I need a good werewolf to take care of my needs like her Jeremy now takes care of her. When she said it she actually giggled, giggled!

“Sally, I’m ready. So, what do you want to do today?”

“Well, I was planning on going shopping, but I’m sure you’re not in for it so...”

“Nonsense if that’s what you want to do, fine. I’ll even come in handy, carrying the parcels.”

“Really? Oh, your wonderful thank you so much. You know I could really use a male opinion too. It’s so hard to figure out what men like.”

“Oh, ok. Where to?”

“The mall of course, drive James and don’t spare the horses.”

“Yes my lady.”

What a lovely day, spring has always been my favorite season. Perfect, everything alive and growing, reaching towards the sun. It always has a way of putting me in a ridiculously good mood. Mind you, so does anticipation and a good car ride. The wind blowing in my hair, teasing my neck. I wonder if he feels the same way, I guess he must do to have this kind of car. Hmmm, bliss.

“We’re here, lead the way.”

“Follow me, my trusty pack horse.”

“Don’t over do it, I draw a line at eating oats.”

“I’ll make sure to keep that in mind. Here we are, our first stop.”

“Sally, that’s a lingerie store.”

“I know silly. Come on, they have some really gorgeous stuff in here. Sure it’s a little expensive but the quality’s fab and anyway I’ve been saving up since last year so don’t worry, I can afford it. Ohhh, look at all this stuff!”

“Can I help you?”

“No thanks, we’re fine.”

“Why did you send her away?”

“Well let’s see, I know my size and I know what I want. That a good enough reason? Oh, that’s nice; I’ll have this and this and that... Ok, I think that’s enough stuff for a while, now where are the changing rooms, aha! Come on!”

“Wait a minute. I’m coming with you?”

“Definitely, I really need a male perspective on all of this. What I might like might not be the sort of thing a bloke would like and naughty underwear is definitely for the man’s benefit.”

“Sally I’m not doing this, I’m sure you’re judgment is just fine.”

“Oh come on Gilbert, please? Pretty please? It would be such a help. Don’t make me grovel on my knees in public, please?”


“It’s not like you’re not going to see me in underwear, I mean we’re going to be living together soon. Please, I really need a second opinion. Please, please, please???”

“You’re not going to stop are you?”


“Fine then, fine. Have it you’re way, but at least promise to take my criticism well. I don’t want a crazy woman trying to tare my hair out.”

“Scout’s honor. Great, so now all we need is a private changing room and aha! In here, come on I won’t bite.”

Which one should I try on first? Something not so risqué for starters and then, on, on, to the hotter stuff. Baby I’m going to light your fire, you’re going to want me so bad you’re eyes will cross. I think the black and blue one first and then the red. These corset things are quite easy to put on, check that I haven’t missed a hook, panties, stocking attached to garter belt, ok, I’m ready. It looks good, cups my full breasts and gives them a perfect lift, clings to my tiny waist and certainly makes the best of my legs. Now all I need to do is let my hair loose and...

“I’m coming out.”

Fling the curtain aside, lean sexily against wall, let him have a good look. Float over, turn, turn and stop.

“Sooo, what do you think?”

“It’s uh, nice.”

“Yes isn’t it. Look, its silk, feel it isn’t it just the sexiest material ever?”


God I’m wet, just his hand on my hip and I’m ready. Restraining myself from just jumping him is going to be harder than I thought. Lean over.

“And look, it cups my tits perfectly, don’t you think?”


Strut to mirror and pout.

“You know I’m not sure, do you think the thong is a bit much? Maybe it reveals too much, I heard that can be a turn off.”

“No, it’s just fine.”

“You think it’s sexy?”


“Really? Oh good that settles it. I’ll be back in a sec.”

Where’s the red one? My hands are trembling, cool it Sally, cool it. I wonder how he’s going to cope with this one, it really pushes my tits up but barely covers them, part of my nipples are already showing and if I take a deep breath I’m sure they’ll pop out completely.

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