tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBad Neighbor Ch. 00

Bad Neighbor Ch. 00


"Please! Please, I want to so bad! PLEASE!"

I have.... Bad neighbors.

"Please, I'm sorry! Turn it off! I can't hold back anymore!"


Really bad neighbors. I don't mean the kind that takes your favorite parking space, or even kicks your cat out of the way on their way to work.

"Why aren't you allowed to come, bitch?"

"I forgot! I forgot to kiss your foot!"


I mean the kind that have totally thrown conventional ethics aside, and practice what I guess is sexual slavery.

"I don't remember! Last -- fuck, please, NO! Last Thursday!"

This was Wednesday. She'd been there each night since then.

"Please, no! No more!"

Slap. Moaning.

"Do you like what I'm doing to your nipples, slut? That gentle squeezing... maybe if you kiss me nicely, I'll think about letting you come. Do you want to try?"

"Yes, no... please... please, no, kissing you will make me c-come -- please -- hurts -- so intense-"

Then again, how much better was I? I was the one with a paper cup to my ear, up against the wall, listening in.

Sobbing. "Please, please, just let me... let me have your cock. You like it when I come with you in-"

"Oh, you'll get cock, slutling. I've got a video for you to watch, and you'll have my cock sliding in and out of you as you watch it. It's just your kind of video... she looks about eighteen and she's in way over her head, with an older guy... she gets... persuaded."


He'd moved in a month ago. He was totally hot, and the first time I'd seen him, he was carrying in an exercise machine and a huge bundle of iron bars, like it was nothing. My imagination had gone sailing, the whole rest of the day. His three neighbors -- me, Crissy across the hall and Sandra on his other side -- had gotten together to drool a little over what we'd seen. I mean, you don't date your next door neighbor, even if he's so hot you end up standing in a puddle when he walks by, but... damn.

Then I'd seen his girlfriend -- gorgeous, and young -- and that had cooled Sandra and me down a little. Crissy, though, was only twenty and didn't compare too badly.

But then I'd started hearing noises through the walls, and started, well, listening. And since Crissy didn't share a wall with him, I let her in on some of the details of what I was hearing. We were both pretty freaked. This guy was hardcore.


"On your belly... good... now the handcuffs. You have a nice ass, Julie. Now the video. Watch it carefully. Isn't she pretty? Now the vibrator... look at how flirty she's being. She figures nothing is going to happen... you remember the rules, right? Once my cock is touching you, you can't make any noise, except to come. And since you aren't allowed to come...."

Sobs, then screaming, then almost inaudible moaning. Then a slow thumping... slow, but picking up speed.

I moaned, softly. I'd never been in there but I could picture it. Her bound body, his fist tight in her hair, holding her head up so she had to look at a screen, her hips bucking helplessly as his cock pushed in, over and over and over...

I'd started masturbating while listening. Just this week, when the really wicked denial had started. It was completely sick, coming while listening to this... I mean, Tony's -- his name was Tony -- girlfriend showed up with the occasional bruise on her ankle, but she showed up alone and she was obviously into this, so I had no right to pass judgment. But it was so fucked up. If there was any affection in their relationship, it was expressed too quietly to eavesdrop on.

And for some reason, the very sickest part was the way he had her dressing when she came over. Slutty. microskirt and halter, or body suit... he had her so well in hand that she'd appear that way in public, for him. No guy had ever told me how to dress.

"Do you like the way he's ripping her blouse off? The way he has her hair in his fist... the shocked look in her eyes, but look at how hard her nipples are... do you think he'll make her lick up his come, like you have to?"

Incoherent sobbing.

This guy was evil incarnate, when it came to women.

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