tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBad Neighbor Ch. 03

Bad Neighbor Ch. 03


I took a slow, deep breath. Tony's girlfriend would be over soon.

I ached. Touching myself and then stopping had been a mistake. I could barely think, and every time I looked over myself, dressed as I was, fireworks went off in my brain. A blur of images went through my head -- Tony touching me, Tony banging Julie, Tony running his hands over Crissy's breasts. Tony holding my legs apart, smiling darkly, with a monster erection in his shorts. Fuck, he'd just been handling Crissy, and he'd be so hard. I'm not one for obsessing over the shape of a cock, but I wanted to know what his looked like. That tentpole of a cock, making the thin exercise shorts stretch, the details showing through the thin cloth. Demanding to be touched, licked, sucked on. And if I was curious... as horny as he probably was, all I'd have to do is knock on his door dressed like this. One look and he'd pull me through the door, slam it closed, push me up against it and rip down my panties. That would sting... oh fuck yes. What is it about a little bit of pain, to convince you that the man means business and you'd better just... give him whatever he wanted?... oh gods, my clit. And that monster vibrator just sitting there. Fuck, it would all be over in about two seconds if I turned that on.

Moaning softly, I pulled the panties down just below my knees. Now I couldn't run. If he caught me this way... fuck, this was insane. I was turned on enough. I'd just masturbate and come, soon. Very soon.

I drew one leg up, so now the panties were around one knee and one ankle, and looked over at the mirror. Oh, he'd like this. His fist would be in my hair and my head would be yanked back, and the kiss I got would be no gentle, teasing thing, but the rough abuse of a predator, feeding on the helpless. His eyes would wander over me, his eyes dark and mocking. My nipples, begging. Wetness tricking very slowly across my thigh. My lips, wet from licking. His hand, ripping his shorts down, then grabbing me around the small of the waist, and ruthlessly impaling me on that cock, my body half-off the stool, my arms wrapping around him for support, and his sounds as he ruthlessly thrust into me. And oh gods, if he told me not to come then... I'd cry, beg, offer anything. Anything.

And Crissy, right now... Tony wore cologne. The scent of it would be on her breasts; she wouldn't be able to ignore it. A constant reminder of the way she'd gone to him and been touched by him. Would she masturbate? She could - he'd never know, really. But I knew, she wouldn't. She'd be unable to stop herself from doing the best thing in the world, anticipating what would happen next time. Playing scenarios in her head. Deliberately putting off the orgasm. Picturing his hands, his lips, that sculpted torso, that huge, hungry cock-

I heard a knock, and moaned involuntarily. That would be Julie. I heard the door opening, and I think I whimpered.

"You're early," his voice rumbled. "Getting impatient?"

"Gods," Julie whispered. "Making me masturbate all morning... you're a monster. I almost went off the road, coming over. Please, Tony-"

A sudden thump, so loud I almost fell off the stool. He'd slammed her body against the wall. His voice was a low, evil hiss.

"This evening, it's Master. Clear?"

"Oh g-gods... I'll be good. I'll be so good...."

"Naked. Now."

She compiled, her body shifting against the wall. He chuckled, soft and low.

"How many times can my slave come for me?"

"As... as many times as m-my master requires," she whispered. It sounded like a rehearsed line. From the erotic terror in her voice, I guessed that this Master stuff only came out when she was really in for it. Fuck, orgasms could become a punishment if you weren't allowed to stop. I'd read about it. Lots of times.

"Kneel and lick my feet."

Humiliating, wrong and hot. Her body kneeling down, bending over, to... worship. That was the only word for it. She'd feel the weight of her breasts dangling, the movement of her hair, and then taste the salt from his skin... every inch of her in obedience. I touched my clit helplessly, and then stopped again, nearly sobbing. Soon. Very soon.

"Good. Now, palms and nipples to the wall. Ass out. Tiptoes, legs tight. And complete silence."

"Tony, please-!"

A slapping noise. And then she was against the wall, and from the sound of it, right across from the microphone. I could hear every tear in her voice, every whimper, I heard the very soft thump as she pressed her breasts against the wall, and then her animal, slutty moan. There was fear in that moan, and it set off fireworks in my belly.

It was so intimate and close it was shocking. I'm not especially bi, but having her practically in my lap like this was bizarrely erotic. Because he'd forced it on her. Oh fuck, imagine if he'd really forced her across my lap while he fucked her, making me watch, and then kissing my mouth as he plowed her...

I didn't dare whimper. She was right though the wall, after all, and might hear me. Oh fuck I had not planned this out very well, I would going to have to be completely silent when I came, oh shit I'd never be able to-

"Cock time, my slave. You won't come. Yet. When the time for that comes you'll get plenty."

And a part of me turned catty and vicious. Now you get punish-fucked, I thought, and that's what you get for dating Tony. You don't know where his hands were last, feeling up Crissy's sweet young body, he's fucking you with the erection he got from her, you slut-

Another slapping noise, and I shuddered. That should not be a hot noise. It should be bad. Oh fuck. I shouldn't like this so very, very much.

"Higher," he growled. I could picture it... her ass pushed out, tilted up; she'd be in high heels and straining to offer herself, giving him his choice of ass or slit, and when he took her, her nipples would be ground against the wall.

Then she gave that sound... the soft, wet gasp of indrawn breath, the faint half-buried cry; every woman knows it, the involuntary sound you make when your head tilts back and your body gives that delicious, frightening, erotic spasm, as the man's cock presses in just the right spot and starts to force itself in-

Shuddering, I picked up the vibrator and forced it against my slit. Not my clit, because I'd have screamed, and I didn't dare turn it on. It was too big to fit without effort, but I pressed it hard, and it was like electric shocks. Tony's cock, forcing into me. I bit my lip to stop the moaning.

"Now masturbate," he growled, and for a horrified second I thought he'd spoken to me. She cried out.

"Big! So big! Please. Please no! It aches! If I touch myself now I'll-"

"DO IT!"

His voice crackled with fury, and my knees went weak. My finger went to my clit and I forced the brutal toy in, but I didn't come, I didn't come, I was a good girl and I'd obey him and I wouldn't dare come, but oh gods-

"Please," she sobbed. "You know I'll do anything for you."

He was thrusting into her, and she was spasming helplessly against the wall, crying out.

"Let's fuck around with your nipples, shall we?"

My legs shuddered in the air, fuck, his hands were like six inches from my body right now. Oh fuck, oh fuck, his hands... I turned my body and pressed my nipples against the wall, and squeezed down, and my belly was so tight, and my clit wanted it on, no more teasing, on now, on now-

"Do you want to come, slave?"

"I'm- I'm afraid -- that I won't be -- able to --so afraid - you'll say no at the last -- please -- please -- going craz -- let me, please please let me, PLEASE! Anything! I'm yours! Master I must! Too much! Too much!"

"Five," he whispered, slowly and mockingly. "Four."

She was sobbing frantically. "Yes -- yes -- please yes-"

The vibrator was on and grinding against my clit. Every inch of me went insane-

"Three. Good fuck slave. Two-"


I arched, mindlessly. One was a year away and the orgasm was now. I forced the huge toy in and out and worked my clit with my fingers and bit my lip and exploded in blinding slutty perfect pleasure-

And crashed to the floor, the stool smashing against the wall. I convulsed for a few seconds before I really even registered what had happened. I'd lost my balance, and was on my ass on the floor, still fucking myself with the toy, sobbing.

And... oh... my... gods. He might have heard that. I mean... half the building had probably heard that and he was six inches away, so he probably really had heard that. I'd never be able to step out of this apartment again. I'd have to learn his schedule so I never, never, never ran into him. Because I'd die.

Faintly, I heard a doorknob rattle. Suddenly my blood was like icewater. He... wouldn't! And oh... oh no... I'd thought about checking my door to see if I'd locked it, but had I done it? I had to get to that door-

But I was too late. The rattling hadn't been his doorknob... it had been mine. The door swung open, and there he was. Smiling.

He'd figured it out, moved with the speed of a panther, and he'd even had time to pull his shorts back on. Before I'd been able to, say, get off the floor, hide the vibrator I was still clutching in my stunned hand, remove the microphone, hide the stool, put a robe on, and pretend I'd had the TV on too loud or something.

Then he was standing over me.

"Uh... Hello, neighbor," I said, but it was only a whisper. If there was a color beyond red, my skin had found it. I nonchalantly moved the vibrator behind my back, managing to drop it in the process.

"You'd crashed my little party, I see," he said. His voice was that deep, gravelly sound that had always done wonders for my mood. It was doing wonders for my mood now, but the wrong kind of wonders. I couldn't speak. I just nodded. There was one good thing about this; I'd never in my life ever have a day worse than this one.

"But I'm a forgiving and gracious host, and I don't mind," he continued. "In fact... I insist you fully join in."

"The stool broke," I said. "Cheap IKEA stuff. Um... I'm Crate. Uh, Kate. We raven't heally met."

Thankfully, he didn't appear to hear a word of this. He was examining the microphones, one of which was still stuck to the wall. One earbud was still in my ear; the other, I realized, had fallen into my delightfully Chanel-scented cleavage. I'd been perched on a stool. What the hell had I been thinking, exactly?

Wait. What had he said about joining in? Had I heard that right, and what... precisely... did that... mean?

"Excuse me," I said. "But when you sai-"

Suddenly I was on my feet, feeling a brief and unfamiliar stinging pain. I was very suddenly up against the wall, with his hand on my throat; I think he'd pulled me up by it but I wasn't completely sure, because I was still stuck on the part where he was walking in and catching me, while he had moved on.

His mouth closed over mine. Apparently he was kissing me. Roughly.

Oh. That was... unexpected. Oh. Oh my.

Oh my gods, I was in lingerie and he was kissing me.

But then we were walking, and his huge, warm hand was wrapped around my thin, tiny, shivering wrist. I was having trouble keeping my balance, because I was still stuck on the part where his lips had been moving hotly against my completely frozen ones, and he'd moved on to the part where I was being dragged out of my apartment and into his.

Wait. No. I couldn't leave my apartment dressed like this. And I certainly couldn't possibly be entering his apartment because I knew exactly what went on in here and there was no chance I could cope with any of it. None at all.

"She's pretty," said Julie. "Crissy's prettier, but... I think like this one."

The door slammed behind me, and I heard it lock.

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