tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBad Neighbor Ch. 04

Bad Neighbor Ch. 04


"Hi," I said.

I was still in shock, and trying to cope with the worst case of I-need-to-die-now ever. But even through the shock, the half-finished orgasm, and the impossible embarrassment, what registered the strongest was the size of the package Tony had in those shorts. When he'd been in my apartment it had all been hidden from sight, but now the head had forced itself out of the waistband. The head was nearly the size of my fist.

My eyes swiveled helplessly to Julie. She was curvy, but small. "Too big," she'd moaned. I shuddered, my eyes moving back to him. There's sexy big and then there's just scary. I had to get out of here.

He saw where I was staring, and jerked his shorts down, kicking them away. The bastard had Eric Bana's face, a muscular physique, legs like brass pillars and a cock that didn't look human. I closed my eyes but the image was burned into my imagination. That had to be photoshop -- shit, what was I thinking?

Closing my eyes had been a mistake. Suddenly his hands were on me and my clothing was falling away. I opened my eyes and shrieked, but one massive hand went over my mouth.

"No, Kate," he hissed. "You went to a lot of trouble to pretend you were in here, what with the microphones and the biggest toy you could find. So now your wish has come true. I'm going to fulfill every fantasy you were having... and I know what they were. But you will not scream, or the darkness of your fantasies will be the least of your concerns. Are we clear? In this room, you will be obedient."

He reached down and grabbed that enormous cock, and pushed it between my legs -- and then yanked it up, sharply, so that it slapped against my slit.

My knees went weak. You need to understand the state I was in. I'd been halfway through a monster orgasm when I'd been dragged in here, and ragingly horny all day. Now I was trapped in a corner of his room with his hand over my mouth, my ankles tangled in my sluttiest outfit and my naked, perfumed body shivering in shock. The terror I should have been feeling was blurred by that shock, but it did nothing to quell my body's desire for relief, not with his pure animal sexuality just three inches away. His cologne was around me and my belly was fireworks. He was huge, insistent, hard. I was naked, wet, helpless. My body knew how that combination ended.

It slapped up against me again, and my knees gave way, making me sink back against the wall. His hand moved from over my mouth, to gripping my throat, with his thumb over my windpipe, and my hips tilted up and forward in response. He had my throat; I was helpless. I had to give him whatever he wanted or... I didn't know what. I had to give him what he wanted.

Then I was being dragged to my knees, and... it was right there. I couldn't look away. I was licking my lips and making a soft whimpering noise and staring. It was huge.

"Oh, Tony," Julie purred. "Her jaws will ache for a week. It's cruel."

I'd like to say that I didn't understand why Julie was so turned on by what was happening to me, but I'd been panting over her near-rape, over Jane's abject humiliation, over Vela's utterly enslaved state, over the plight of every female who was made to do it in every wicked, bad, wrong story I'd read, since I was fifteen. I understood all too well.

Tony's arm shot out, and Julie's hair was suddenly a cord in his fist. Effortlessly he moved that fist to his hip, leaving her in a clumsy half-crouch, whimpering.

"My slave forgets herself. Lick her feet, Julie, and masturbate to the noises she's making." His hand went to the top of her head and then she was sprawled on the floor, her tongue moving between my toes. "And you, Kate... lick my cock, up and down."

"Please," I half-sobbed. "I didn't mean-"

"Kate," Julie whispered softly to my foot, and the fear was back in her voice. "Don't disobey. Don't. We'll both suffer. Just... lick. You have to."

Shaking violently, I licked. But this wasn't really happening. I wasn't naked and kneeling in a corner in a locked room. I wasn't licking the biggest, scariest erection I'd ever seen. I wasn't moaning in fear with thighs slippery and wet from my need. I was a good girl. I liked dinner dates and little black dresses and men who held doors open for me and only kissed my nipples when I said they could. I wasn't suddenly being forced to lick balls the size of large lemons, or running shaking hands along the back of this man's calves, feeling the cords of muscle there. I wasn't moaning. And then I wasn't pressing my open mouth against the underside of the head of his cock, that special place that makes men need to fuck. I wasn't... wasn't... silently begging for rape. Oh gods, his precum trickling over my face. The smell of him, his hand on the back of my neck, my utter, abject weakness and helplessness-

Julie sobbed, pathetically. She's been a second from orgasm when I'd fucked up and intruded. Now she was back to masturbating. She was trembling.

"Mmm," Tony said. "Hear that, Kate? My slave is in pain. Should I make it stop?"

I shuddered, licking faster. And then I was looking into his eyes, his implacable, beautiful, heartlessly cold eyes.

"Questions are to be answered," he said in an icy voice, tightening his grip on my skull.

"Y-yes," I whispered. There was a small part of me that would have liked to have been catty and say no, and watched Julie suffer a little more, but I was in over my head here and didn't dare tick off either of them.

"Hm, she likes you, Julie... now listen carefully, Kate. You're going to take Julie over the couch, and position her kneeling on the cushions, leaning over torso the back. Ass up and out. Pose her so she's pretty and inviting for me. You're going to hold her wrists down as I push into her, and you're going to watch it happening. Then you're going to masturbate, as I fuck her senseless. When she starts to come, you'll stop and cradle her head on your breasts, and stroke her hair, because sometimes she gets a little... lost... at those times. Go."

And I walked over to the couch with Julie, and watched myself position her as I thought Tony would like her. She was so pretty and she was going to have that immense cock up inside her... oh gods. That long-ago little tingle I'd felt when I'd posed a Barbie doll for Ken's use, but magnified a thousandfold...

I got behind the couch and took her wrists. She looked up at me with wide, staring eyes... "Thank you," she whispered.

And then Tony was behind her, his hands on her hips. He lifted them, and pressed against her...

That noise. Julie's head tiled up and back and she gave that soft gasp, with terror and longing and submission in her eyes. And then her shuddering began. Tony pushed, sinking in, inch by cruel inch. Her shudders turned to thrashing, and her eyes became wide and staring. "Hurts," she whispered. "Hurts. Too big. Too big! Make him stop! I'm little... I can't... I can't... stop... fuck... fuck... fuck! Oh FUCK!"

His hand was in her hair now, and laughing, he simply impaled her. She screamed, overloaded, trying to crawl away from him, but his grip kept her in place. Shaking, I masturbated to the shifting emotions on her face. Fear, then pain, then submission and lust, then desperation... and then the pleading began. "Please... have to come... have to... Master. Master! I have to! HAVE TO! Please, anything! Anything!"

He took his time, and I watched him, reveling in her. I have never seen anything that looked as evil, and as right, as what he did to her. She was made for this and he knew what to do with that.

"Anything?" He growled, panting in need.


"Then come."

Her face just... I can't describe it. It was suddenly lost, confused, almost childish, as if she couldn't understand and couldn't absorb the wracking sensation. I cradled her head against my breast, and she sucked a nipple, totally infantilized by the intensity...and then she came, violently, her face buried against me, her eyes sightless Tony pounded her brutally, the thrusts making her whole body toss. When her frantic shuddering stopped, she began sobbing again.

I was shaking. He hadn't come. Oh fuck.

"Again," Tony growled, panting. I have never seen more evil eyes. Julie immediately tensed again. She came when told to. It was that simple. She thrashed on the end of his cock, moaning pathetically, and then slumped, spent.

He looked at me, shoved Julie aside, and pointed to where she had been.

"It's better if you kneel here willingly. But you will kneel here regardless."

"Gods, no," I whispered. "Please n-"

Next thing I knew I was spilled onto the couch with my hair in his hand. Long hair is nothing but a handle, I realized. We grow it out so we can be caught. Oh gods. In how many ways had I been secretly pleading for this?

To my surprise there was a pause, and I looked back. He was pulling on a condom. It didn't completely cover him and was stretched so tight... I moaned and closed my eyes, choking back words that would only have made it worse.

And then my body arched, and I made the noise... he started pushing in and it was overwhelming. I thrashed uncontrollably, arching my back for him, begging for mercy, but he just kept going deeper, inch after inch, stretching me. "Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Please no!"

I was going to come. I desperately didn't want to because... because it meant he had me, because it meant he was in control of me. No, I mustn't!

And then Julie slithered over and put her lips to my ear, and whispered "Don't come until he lets you. He'll... punish... if you give in. Fight it. He likes that..."

And then, very lightly and slowly, she licked the inside of my ear.

Sobbing, I slid towards orgasm. I'd kill her later, right now her boyfriend's huge cock was brutally forcing me-

Then I was sprawled on the floor, with a handprint on my ass. Then another.

"Fucking slut," he snarled. "Orgasm is by permission."

Terror. Raw terror. I'd never been stopped from coming like that before and sudden pain, so close to the edge, turned me inside out. I found myself clutching his foot, and his other foot landed on the small of my back and pressed down, rocking my belly and hips against the floor. The contractions in my belly made me cry out.

"Maybe you need to be taught to please a man before you please yourself," he continued. "Maybe you need to take it up the ass first-"

I shrieked. At his size that was unthinkable. "No! Fuck, please! I'll be good! Please!"

"Please what? Do you even know what you're begging for?"

"Pussy," I sobbed. "Please... use my pussy."

"Ass up. Way up if you want it in your slit. Face stays against the floor. You do NOT come when I do, but if you do a good job pleasing me, you'll get to come afterwards."

His foot shifted, hooked under me and dragged me into the approximate position he wanted me in. Shuddering silently, I positioned myself, prettily, for his cock. This wasn't happening. He'd taken charge of me like I was a child, and I was offering myself up for him. This couldn't be happening.

He plunged in, rough and impatient. I screamed.

"Oh," Julie said, softly. "She's so willing. So helpless. Is that how I look? I can see the outline of your cock, pushing inside her belly... can I... let me.. touch myself...?"

"Shut the fuck up," he grunted, but she'd said it for my benefit and it had the effect she wanted. I sobbed, terrified to come but wanting it more than I wanted to breathe. I clenched down on his cock, needing him to come, needing it, fighting to keep myself from coming, belly burning, aching-

He snarled, and then came, pounding me faster. The sound of it... I convulsed. Hearing it over and over in my head. And then he was out... and there was a dripping noise next to me.

He was pouring out the cum, next to me. Julie was already kneeling down next to me.

We didn't have to be told. We licked it up, shaking.

"Thank you, Master," she whispered when the floor was clean. She looked at me, giving a tiny nod.

"Thank you, Tony," I choked out. I at least had this shred of dignity left -- I didn't have to call him Master.

He walked to the sofa and settled in it. "Both of you, cuddle in. You're good girls. Except you, Julie, have a mouth problem, you slightly too clever bitch."

We got on either side of him, and he pulled us both in, turning my head so my mouth was against his shoulder. I kissed it. He wanted me to. Oh gods, the scent of him. How had this happened?

His hand slid along my thigh, and he tilted my face up to his. "Don't look away," he said. And he slowly, firmly, forced me to orgasm with his finger, forcing me to stare into his eyes the whole time.

I don't think anything has ever been so devastating. The orgasm was violent, shamefully wanton, and nothing like anything I'd even been there before. And he studied it. When he was done with me, I closed my eyes, sobbed, and leaned against him again. I felt like I'd never have a secret again.

"Bastard," I whispered. His finger came back, and he made me come again, this time with my face held firmly against his sprawling cock. Afterwards I was dizzy, and wanted to sleep.

"You'll be back here, Kate," he whispered softly.

"No... mustn't" I said, drowsily. Everything was warm and starting to ache. I couldn't think.

"Many times. There's no escape. But now you need to go back to your apartment. Julie has some behaviours she's going to be taught to regret, and you shouldn't be here for that."

Julie whimpered, but Tony got up and drew me to my feet. I was pleased that he wobbled a little, but I was so weak in the knees it was hard to stand. He walked me to his door, looked out, and then escorted me back to mine. We were both naked and he didn't seem to care, but even as weak as I was, I managed pretty good time though my front door.

I staggered towards bed; even the shower would have to wait.

Fuckdamnit... my outfit was still in his apartment. I'd... I'd get him to mail to it me, yeah...


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