Bad Wiring


"Oh, baby girl, I love fucking you, but your mom still looks good when she cums," he bent over and whispered to his daughter.

"Mmm...she does Daddy. Does it turn you on to see her like that?"

"Yes!" he hissed.

"Lose control then Daddy. Fuck your little girl as hard as you want. Pull my hair. Please, Daddy use me while Mommy cums in front of us."

Eric could not resist the offer and spun Paige's hair as tight as he would around his fist and pulled backward, pistoning his hips forward. Obediently, she pushed herself backward against him, taking him as deep as possible. Her father began to feel the familiar rise of inevitable orgasm brewing within himself. Below him his daughter allowed herself to be battered into another two orgasms, laughing, moaning, and mocking her mother, calling Laurie used up, old, and a fucking joke. With a roar, Eric pulled himself free and haphazardly sent jet after jet of thick white liquid all over his beautiful daughter's back.

"Mmm," she moaned. "Thank you Daddy."

He fell backward to the floor, head fuzzy. Guilt and desire warring inside his mind.

"Now Mommy," Paige called out to Laurie, "Come over here and clean us up."

"What?" was all Laurie could manage, eyes cloudy, tongue thick in her mouth.

"Come over here and lick us clean with your tongue. Now."

Laurie was too shaky to get off her knees so slowly, almost robotically, she began to crawl towards them. Her husband, red faced, sweaty, his dick shiny with his daughter's lust lay on the floor. Her daughter, smirking and confident, back covered in a coat of slowly cooling incestuous cum stayed on her knees and elbows, ass lewdly in the air. Although she'd never admit it, Laurie could feel her mouth water as the prospect of doing as her little girl demanded.

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by Anonymous

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by leetamez03/12/18


Was good til you cuckhold the mom! And totally not realistic!

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by Anonymous01/11/18

utterly unrealistic but

Incredibly hot! Don't care for the mother being berated(I like a bit more kind and loving story) but everything else was fantastic! Bookmarked, hope to read more!

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