Bailey's Humiliation Games Ch. 03


"Tell me," he instructed. "Tell me exactly how this is going to work. I want to hear you say it."

"I pick a number," I answered in lustful defeat. "You tell me who you assigned that number, then, tomorrow I go into work, find that guy and make sure he gets the cards in his hands before the work day is over."

"Then what?" He asked.

"Um," I said, searching for the answer. "Then, I guess I suck him off?"

"Yes, that you will," he chuckled. "But I was thinking more about the locations and the instructions," he said.

"What did you have in mind, sir?" I asked shyly. I was so fucking horny yet so filled with anxiety about what it all might mean.

"Well, the first one, being such an initial there any way you could lure the person to, say, a bar for maybe an after work drink? That way, when you present the cards you can be wearing the outfit I wanted you to wear and you can kind of be on neutral territory, so to speak."

"Well yes," I stammered. "I guess I wouldn't have trouble getting any one of those guys to a bar if I asked them to go. Well, maybe not Scott, he's the married one, but who knows, he may even say yes."

"Then it's settled," said John. "You ask the "winner" to the bar after work tomorrow, present them with the cards and the rest should follow naturally."

"But John," I pleaded. "There are five cards...I'm sure...I mean...he's probably only good for one, maybe two in a night," I stuttered haltingly.

He laughed. "That's the point of it being five. I'm imagining that he'll use those five carefully. It will mean that you will basically be at his beck and call for days. I think that's the humiliating beauty of it. You'll never know when, or where, save the first one, perhaps."

That thought frightened and excited me at the same time. "But sir, what if he wants one....somewhere inappropriate, like at work?"

John's reaction was stern and direct. "You will suck him off whenever and wherever he wants. It's up to you not to get caught if you wish it. In fact, you are to tell the guy that whenever he presents you with a card you are to drop to your knees right there and suck him as it says on the card. I have instructions for each card, I'll text them to you later.

"Yes, sir." I groaned.

"Good," he said confidently. "Shall we find out who the lucky guy is?"

I swear I was sweating now, heat was hitting me in all parts of my body, my face, my chest, and yes, especially my pussy. "Yes sir."

"Give me a number, then," he said. "But only if you want to, only do this if you are sure you can follow it through."

"I can, sir. Three! I pick three!" I said without thinking.

"Well, this is interesting...." he chuckled softly.

"What? Who is it, who is it?" I begged like a crazy woman. Here I was, begging to know who it was I was going to have to suck off five times.

"...are you sure you can handle it?" He teased. "you can still back out until you know..." he said, tormenting me.

"I'm sure, I'm sure!" I begged. "I'll suck off whoever it is, five times sir, I promise!" I yelled into the phone.

"Gary," he said firmly as my heart dropped.

I almost tossed the phone. There was silence on the other end as well. Thoughts crashed over me like a tsunami. Gary, fucking preening Gary. He'd tell everyone, there was no doubt of that. He'd tell them all about the cock suckings he'd be getting from Bailey. He'd also have the remaining cards as proof. Though I still had some plausible deniability. I could always just say he made them up, as a sick joke. I couldn't do it, I had to do it, I won't do it, but I have to," I whined to myself. Suddenly I saw how it all would play out, in my head. My pussy ruled the day.

"Sir?" I asked, breaking the long silence. "Is there anything else?" I said in a soft, pitiful peep.

He was waiting for that response. "Card five, when you get to that one, text me. I have one final thing I'd like, besides what's already written."

"Yes sir," I said as I hung up. I wished that it was John's cock I was servicing at that moment, almost like the security of thumb sucking, to relieve me of all that tension. I got the text he referred to earlier, it read: Card one - fully clothed- spit. Card two- Topless, face. Card three- Topless and in panties, face and tits. Card four- nude, face, tits, lick off. Card five was printed in red. It said, "Nude, swallow and call for further instructions." "Fuck," I hissed. It just made me even wetter. He had planned out each of the blowjobs.

I was a zombie most of the day Friday. Gary's company was my last stop, I made sure of it. When I got there I was shocked that he'd already left for the day. After the initial relief washed over me the anxiety began to creep in again. No fucking way I wanted to wait another weekend without something fucking big happening to me. Plus, now I'd promised John. We are both stubborn and competitive, there was no way I'd back out on a promise to him. If I did, then the rest of our games wouldn't mean as much. I ran into Cal, sweet, silver haired Cal. On another day as horny as I'd become I'd have seduced him right there on the spot. That day, however, would have to wait. He informed me that Gary had gone to a local bar with a couple of the salesmen. Cal was suspicious when I asked which one. He knew that I hated Gary. I made up some excuse about some papers he needed to sign. I guess he bought it. He supplied me with the directions.

I snuck off to a bathroom to prepare. I had the outfit John wanted me to wear, in a bag. I changed quickly. I shook my head again when I saw myself in the mirror. " Gary doesn't deserve this," I pouted. I made sure no one was around when I hurried out to my car as fast as my high heels would allow. Running in stilettos isn't really wise, after all.

I thought about what I was doing the whole way over. I actually drove past the bar several times with the intention of driving past, going home and forgetting it all. Again, my pussy ruled. It was humming, I swear I'd never reached such an excited buzz.

Finally, I parked. I looked at myself one last time in the rear view mirror. "God, I really am a humiliation slut if I do this," I said to myself.

I walked in. Gary spotted me immediately. He swooped in like a vulture.

"Whoa, Bailey, nice outfit, what are you doing here?" He said and he added a low whistle.

I lied and said I was just here to blow off some steam, that it had been a long week and Cal had told me about this place.

He didn't let the word "blow" pass by. "Heh, yeah, I for one want you to blow off some steam too," he chuckled lewdly. He was already buzzed.

I ignored the comment. Again, for some reason I insist on at least putting up a front of dignity, even when it would all come crashing down shortly.

I let him buy me a drink while he hit on me non-stop. He touched my arm when he talked, he leaned in and made suggestive comments. I pretended to ignore it, it only encouraged him, since I wasn't totally shutting him down. I needed the drinks, I figured at least two would get me buzzed enough to allow my lust to boil over. By the time I downed the second one, he had become bold enough to let his hand caress my knee, which he then inched up, little by little as I drank. He was nearly at my panties, I could feel the heat from his fingers nearly grazing the material when I abruptly stopped him. I had to use the ladies room and in truth, I also had to steel my nerve to do what I'd come to do. When I returned, the bartender stopped me and motioned me over. His name was Ray. He was a rugged looking guy. He had a stubbly beard that I instantly could envision between my legs. I had to shoo that thought away for now.

"That guy who is all over you," he began. "I don't know if you know him all that well, but he's been talking about you, and not in a nice way either, if you catch my drift."

I shrugged. "It's ok, I can handle him, we work together."

He continued. "Plus, I can't say for sure, but I think he slipped something in your drink. I just saw a flash of it, so I can't prove it, but I switched that drink with another when he wasn't looking, just to be sure."

"Wow, thanks," I said.

"You be careful," he said with compassion.

"I will, thanks!" I said appreciatively and as I walked away I again had to try and push out the thought of that gorgeous prickly face working some magic between my legs.

I thought about Gary slipping me a roofie or something. "What a fucker," I cursed under my breath, little did he know he didn't need that kind of persuasion. I was under orders from my pussy, or so it seemed.

I returned and Gary swooped back in. He blocked me from other guys like I was his property. In fact, in a way, I was, or would soon be, temporarily.

I was good and lit now. Buzzed enough to enjoy it, not too buzzed to not be in control. As I've said before, alcohol just fuels my lust, in this case, it really helped me.

"So you never answered me," Gary said evilly. "What brought you out here, really?"

It was time. We'd danced long enough. "Can you keep a secret?" I asked. I knew he wouldn't. Still, I wanted to act like I'd believe him, just for appearance sake.

"Sure!" He lied. His cool glib look probably would've fooled all but the most expert in lie detection.

"Are you sure?" I asked pleadingly. "I'm serious. You can't tell anyone, ever."

He was now clearly intrigued. He swore up and down that he could keep a secret. His ability to lie so easily was a sight to behold.

I began a lie myself. "I came here to do something...." I said in a whisper. "I didn't know you'd be here. I chose this place because it isn't some place I'd ever normally come to."

"Ok?" He asked questioningly.

"I have I wanted to do," I said as I felt my pussy twitch in anticipation of the inevitable embarrassment.

Gary could sense it was something that might benefit him. His eyes narrowed and his mouth formed a wolfish grin.

"What is it?" He asked impatiently.

"Gawd," I moaned. "This is so embarrassing," I said truthfully. "Are you sure you won't tell anyone?" I knew it was an impossibility but I think I was convincing him of my innocent sincerity.

"Yes, yes, I won't fucking tell anybody already!" He said, nearly exasperated.

"Promise?" I begged dramatically.

"Yes, I fucking promise!" He squirmed excitedly.

"Well," I said blushing profusely now that the time was at hand, "I have something I was going to give to a stranger...but, since you are here, and...well...maybe it's better that it is someone I could trust..." I said, nearly spitting out those last words in disgust. I think that in his own curiosity and excitement perhaps he didn't catch my insincerity at that moment.

He was staring directly into my eyes, I couldn't escape his lustful glare. I had to spill it. "I just had this fantasy...." I said shamefully as I took out the five cards and jammed them into his hand. I didn't even watch his reaction as I walked past him and outside into the clean night air. I only had a moment of respite. He bounded out immediately.

"Wow!" He said excitedly. "What the fuck is this?" he asked while he pulled me into his muscled chest. I backed away from him. I had my head down bashfully.

"I told you, I had this fantasy, a friend of mine suggested it. I really dug the idea...." I stammered as I shifted uncomfortably from one heel to the other.

"Seriously!" He said again with lust. "Explain this to me."

"Fuck," I nearly spat. It was humiliating enough without having to say it to his face. But true to my nature I allowed the embarrassment to engulf me. "I gave you five cards. For each card you give me you get a blowjob," I said, now totally red faced.

"Fuck," he answered. "I always knew you were a fucking hot one, I told everyone, they all think you are all perfect and hoity toity, but I knew you had a bit of a slut in you."

He really was a charmer. If I wasn't so committed to my own humiliation he'd have blown his chance already many times over.

"It's just a fantasy," I whined. "Remember not to tell anyone?" I begged.

He again agreed hurriedly. He didn't want to mess up his chance before anything happened.

"So what if I gave you card number one right now?" He asked impatiently.

"Gawd," I moaned. It was really happening. I was falling into that lustful hole, that dark place inside me that automatically takes me over.

"You really want to do this?" I said with fake concern. "Are you sure you are ok with it? I mean, we work together and all."

"Fuck yeah," He grunted, "I'm fine with it." Of course he was.

"And you won't tell?" I asked one last time, almost for my own benefit to see if he could actually tell the truth.

"Not a soul," he slurred lasciviously. I'm not even sure he was trying to be believable any more.

He handed me the first card. I took it in my hand nervously. I couldn't believe it was happening.

"So now what?" He asked glibly.

"Now you get one of Bailey's glorious blowjobs," I joked nervously.

"Just like that?" He sniffed suspiciously.

"Yes, just like that," I said, my face lowered submissively. "That's the fantasy, that I have to do it, just like that. Whenever you give me a card, wherever, I have to suck you off...give them to me in order, though, I have specific ideas in mind," I said, my voice trailing off.

"just..." I begged.

"I know, don't tell anyone," he joked cruelly.

"Yes," I said softly. "But also, make sure it isn't somewhere we could get caught, or get in trouble, or get arrested."

"Yeah," he agreed. "But otherwise, anytime I see you and give you the card, you'll immediately get on your knees for me and suck me off?" He asked incredulously as if hearing it for the first time.

"Yes," I peeped meekly. "Just be careful," I urged.

"Oh, I will," he chuckled. "Right now, you have the first card..." he said, looking around.

"We're in a parking lot!" I whined. He had no idea, but if he'd have demanded it, I'd have dropped to my knees right there. Thankfully, he had some discretion.

"My truck," he grunted. "We'll see if it is glorious or not," he said coldly. He pulled me into the cab of his truck.

He was pawing at my top and tweaking my excited nipples. I remembered the instruction for card number 1, "fully clothed, spit," I thought, "Ha, he'll hate that!"

I moved his hands away while I unzipped his pants. He just threw back his head and moaned as I stroked him to hardness. I slobbered on the head of his cock, coating him with my saliva. He put his hands in my hair. I suckled him softly at first, I let the head of his cock slip out of my mouth with soft popping sounds. He was good and hard now. His cock was firm and full, a beautiful cock, really, though I'd never tell him that to his arrogant face. Still, I knew my place, I was just the humiliated slut that was forcing herself to suck his lucky cock. I really do love sucking cock, and even at the moment, his. I never shortchange anyone. I gave him my best. He kept trying to get my tits out, but true to John's wishes I didn't allow it, though I knew it would come in the future. We were still in a crowded lot and sure enough, eventually people did walk by. Several people just looked in, shook their heads and kept walking. But, as Gary approached his boiling point two guys walked by and hooted and hollered. This just made Gary hotter. He gave them the thumbs up as if to say, "look at this slut I have sucking my cock, don't you wish it was you?" They stopped to watch as Gary finally blew his load into my mouth. I let it drain completely as my eyes met the two men's eyes. They were laughing and high fiving each other.

"Is it our turn next?" They joked loudly. I was blushing but the immediate thought I had was, if they only had two of the cards...." I let that possibility wash over me as Gary wound down. Slowly I let the cum slide out of my mouth and back down over his cock. He didn't seem to care, he was spent.

Shyly, I looked up at his intense eyes. "Promise you won't tell?"

Gary was full of himself now. He'd had me. He had the remaining cards, literally, he did hold all the cards.

He surprised me a bit with his answer. "Ok, my cock sucking slut, I said I wouldn't tell. However, you owe me four more of these blowjobs you call glorious. I can't say for sure whether it was glorious or not, but I'm hoping you'll get even better with each one."

"Bastard," I fucking thought, "he'll never have one as good from anyone else," I knew in my heart.

"But, the deal is, whenever, wherever I give you the card you start blowing me. If and only if you are true to you word then maybe I'll be true to mine."

I nodded shyly in embarrassment. "I will sir," I said submissively. "I promised I would."

"How do you like your fantasy so far?" He sneered.

"Interesting," I softly joked, though my face was red with the shame as well as slick with his cum.

He coolly took the remaining cards and put them carefully in his shirt pocket. He then basically shoved me out of his truck, some of his cum still on my lips. The two guys that had watched just smiled and gave me the thumbs up as I walked away in embarrassment. I sat in the car stewing in my own shameful lust. I nearly got out and approached the two guys I was so worked up. Instead, I had a better idea. After they left I marched back into the bar. Ray just smiled at me as he saw me re-enter. I was right about him. His manly stubble tickled my inner thighs for most of the night.

It didn't take Gary long to approach me again. It was Monday. He basically followed me around like a loyal mutt as I made my rounds in the building. I started to look for signs in people's faces for evidence of whether he'd bragged about it or not and a few of them looked suspicious. I wondered if I was just being paranoid about it. I knew he'd tell though, if he hadn't already. That was part of John's game. He wanted me to have to live with my own humiliation. Gary approached me as I was about to leave his building.

"Come with me," he snarled. He yanked me by my arm down the hallway. I looked around and saw we were alone, thankfully. He pulled me into the men's bathroom. He handed me Card number two. I sighed. At least he locked the door behind him. He sat on the disgusting toilet, he made me drop to my knees.

"Suck me, slut," he growled excitedly. He was enjoying his power over me. He saw I wasn't going to stop him, that it wasn't just a drunken one time thing. I took out his cock, almost instinctively, I moaned when I took his head in my mouth.

"Fuck yeah," he groaned. "You fucking love this cock, don't you?"

"Mmm, hmm," I moaned back. I did enjoy his cock, him, not so much. He again was trying to pinch my nipples through my silk blouse, I then remembered what I was supposed to do differently this time. I undid the blouse and let it slip to the floor, which I immediately regretted as I saw the floor was dirty and wet from prior users. It was too late to worry about it now, though. I quickly shed my bra too, he had complete access to my tits and nipples. He took full advantage of it. He twisted and teased my nipples mercilessly. He had me moaning and whimpering, it only encouraged him to be rougher, which only served to make me moan and whimper ever louder. He rode my face hard this time, he spent a lot of the time holding my head on him and fucking my mouth. I let him use me like that while he sweetly tortured my nipples. It was too much for him and he started to shoot his load. I quickly pulled my mouth off of him and took it all over my face, as John had instructed. He covered me good and properly (as properly as it could be, on a dirty restroom floor, face full of cum and all).

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