Bailey's Humiliation Games Ch. 03


"Fuck," he groaned appreciatively before catching himself. "Uh, that was better, slut. But I'm sure you can do even better next time," He chuckled crudely.

I took Card number two and stuck in in the waistband of my skirt. Two down, three to go. He walked out first. He didn't even look back at the slut as I put on my top which was now smelly and sticky from urine. I had to hustle out quickly before anyone noticed, or worse, before Gary called attention to me.

He only waited until Wednesday for round number three. This time, I definitely noticed some different looks from people in the building. I could hear some snickers behind my back and even saw a couple smirks shot my way as I passed. I tried to ignore them even as I wanted to crawl into a hole and just cover myself up. Gary called me into his office. I'd avoided it like the plague in the past because I knew he'd try something if I did. This time I had no choice. There were people around, they saw me enter, it couldn't be helped. He was going to take advantage of this the best he could. I closed the door behind me. It had no locks. I started to protest.

"Hush," he scolded as he handed me the third card. "If you are good, and quick, you'll get done before anyone comes in," he laughed cruelly.

"Gary!" I protested as if I had any choice in the matter. "Please, it's too public, how about the bathroom again?"

"How about you stop complaining and get to sucking?" He said coldly. "Remember, I have these cards. You want me to walk out of the office now and show them to everyone? Do you want me to show everyone how you made up your own cards about how you'll be giving me five blowjobs upon request?"

I dropped my head, "No, Gary, please...."

"Then you'll suck my fucking cock right here, right now," he said tersely.

"Yes, sir," I groaned. I fell to my knees on his soft carpet, at least I could be thankful for that. He sat in his big executive chair while I worked my mouth over his cock. I had to take off my top and my skirt for this one. I hoped I'd have enough time to finish him and get dressed before being discovered. Gary had a smug expression on his face the whole time. He again loved teasing my nipples lewdly as I worked on him. I felt so exposed there in his office, under his desk with my tits hanging and swaying, only covered by the thin material of my panties. I got him nice and hard and was working a good rhythm on him when it happened. Suddenly the door opened. Gary didn't seem the least bit surprised. I was under his desk as I was blowing him. I wondered if I could be seen. It didn't matter, it had been a setup.

"You wanted me for something?" I heard a voice ask. It was Dean, the maintenance guy.

"Yeah," Gary chuckled. "Do you have that card I gave you earlier?" He asked.

My heart nearly flipped out of my chest. My mouth was still on his cock. I was trying to be quiet but the surprise made me spit it out loudly. I'm sure Dean heard it. I heard him laugh.

"Did I get here too late?" He said with a chuckle.

"No," Gary said with utter disdain for me. "I was just warming her up." He stood up, and walked around the desk, leaving me open for Dean's viewing.

"Nice," he drawled. "I didn't believe you at first. I thought Bailey hated you. In fact, I thought Bailey hated men in general," he joked.

"But you can see that isn't the case," joked Gary as the men bantered back and forth as if I wasn't even there. I was there all right. I could feel my blood rushing back and forth between my brain, my face, and my pussy. Yes, my pussy, it was fucking juicy, I couldn't stop it. I could feel my wetness through my panties, I wondered if they could smell my excitement.

"You can clearly see the slut loves sucking cock so much she had to make up cards to give out so she can swallow all that cum."

I wanted to melt into that shag carpet.

"So," said Dean, interrupting my temporary respite. "This card entitles me to one of your blowjobs?"

I could barely see through the haze of red that filled my head. "Yes, yes it does...." I choked out.

I'd never even considered the possibility of Gary giving them to anyone else. I'd assumed that he would enjoy ever last one for himself. Although, I knew this wasn't an altruistic move on his part. No, he was doing it to thoroughly humiliate me. He had his own desire to debase the slut that had rejected him for so long. I had tears in my eyes as I crawled over to Dean. He had leaned himself back onto Gary's desk.

"Look at that slut's tits sway," Gary snickered. "She loves her nipples twisted," he urged to Dean. Dean took full advantage. I fellated him as Gary knelt beside me and played with my tits and fondled my body freely. I was sucking Dean fast and furiously, hoping beyond hope that I could finish this ordeal before everyone in the entire building walked in.

Gary slid my panties aside and fingered my pussy while I blew Dean. I didn't stop him. I really couldn't. I had to focus on the task at hand. I let him finger fuck me to his heart's content. It only drove me crazier with lust. I'd have crawled onto a doorknob at that point and tried to get myself off if I could've. Thankfully, Dean wasn't in it for the long haul. He just wanted to cum in some hungry slut's mouth. I was confused for a moment, on one hand, he had given me the fourth card, but on the other he really was the third one to cum, so I went with that thought. Card three was supposed to be, "topless and in panties, cum on my face and tits." So I let him. I aimed it at my face and let him shoot his youthfully large load on my face. I let it drip down tantalizingly on my tits as I stroked the entire load out of him. He collapsed back onto the desk.

Gary was furiously stroking his fingers in and out of my pussy. His fingers were coated with my lustful juices. "I want this pussy," he growled.

"You get blowjob number four," I moaned as he pushed me towards orgasm. I really didn't want to cum for him, I couldn't stand that much humiliation, as strange as that sounds. I wanted to stay in some form of control, as little as that seemed at the time.

He was horny, he didn't argue. He slumped back into his chair and let me finish the job I'd started. My panties were down at my knees now, I could feel Dean ogling my bare ass from the chair behind me. I let him enjoy it. Gary was close, even when I had just begun again. The excitement of watching me blow Dean, along with finger fucking me had him worked up already. He started to spasm. Again, I stroked his cock and aimed it at my face. His load joined his coworker's on my face. The fact that it was now two loads on me made it easy for all that cum to drip onto my chest and run in rivulets down my tummy and even down my legs. The men were slumped into their chairs. They were still ogling me closely, wondering what the slut would do next. I knew what I was supposed to do. I looked down at all the cum on my body. "Fuck," I thought. "This wasn't supposed to be two loads." But I knew what John would expect from me. I took a deep breath and I started scooping it all up with my fingers. The men just sat there with wide eyes as I stuck my fingers in my mouth. Over and over, I had to take them cum and lick it off my fingers. It took several minutes. It was a strange scene, for sure. I was still topless, my panties were still around my knees, as I ate their cum from me.

Finally, I finished and regained some control over the situation. I pulled my panties up quickly and had on my skirt and top before the men got up off of their lazy asses.

Gary grabbed me and pulled me in and tried to kiss me. His hands fondled my tits while Dean did the same thing from behind me. I was sandwiched between them. I pushed them both away.

"Enough," I said sternly. "You got what I promised," I hissed.

Gary shook his head in agreement. "True, I just thought that maybe a slut like you...."

I cut him off. "You still have one card left," I pointed out. "Use it wisely."

He grinned. "You can bet on that."

I motioned at Dean while staring at Gary. "And, this...." I sneered. "That was just....fucking bastard."

Gary laughed heartily. "You loved every fucking minute of it, don't deny it, l could tell by how wet your pussy was when I was fingering you."

I could only blush as I rushed out of the office with my head down. I only saw all the head shaking and disapproving glances in my peripheral vision. They all knew, they had to now and there was still more to do.

{End of "Bailey's Humiliation Games-3....story to continue}

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