tagBDSMBailey's Humiliation Games Ch. 04

Bailey's Humiliation Games Ch. 04


Gary would make me sweat out that last card. I avoided his building for the rest of the week and into the next week. I was able to do most of my work over the phone. I knew that people talked about what I was doing, what I was, the minute they hung up the phone. In fact, I had one unbearably embarrassing thing happen during one call.

I'd finished my business and started to hang up when I heard Cal's secretary on the other end. She'd hung up the phone, or tried to, by no doubt pushing the button where the cradle sits. Since I hadn't hung up somehow we were still connected. This is what I heard.

"Can you believe that slut?" said Doris, the secretary. "Can you believe what she did?" I could hear some muttering in the background.

"I told you it was true, even after you didn't believe me when Gary told us the first time. I knew she was a slut, the moment I laid eyes on her. When he said she'd sucked him off in our hallway restroom....well, I didn't want to believe it, but then last week, in his office, and both he and Dean came out right after she rushed out of here smelling like a skank, well, you believe me now, don't you?"

I was mortified but strangely, I'd expected all of it. I continued to listen to her berate me to some unknown person.

I heard another voice again but again I was unable to process what he or she was saying. Doris cleared it up for me.

"Don't be surprised, honey," she said. "Apparently, she'll suck anyone off," she said dismissively. "I think all you have to do is ask," she said as she chuckled cruelly.

Finally I recognized the other voice, it was Eddie, the salesman. "I don't think so," I heard him say meekly. "I'm sure I'm not her type."

Doris cackled evilly. "I don't think she has a type, dearie. Try it, next time you see that slut, that is, if she ever shows her cum covered face in here again, next time you just march right up to her and tell her you'd like your dick sucked."

"I'm sorry," I heard Eddie say with embarrassment. "I guess I'm just not the type to do that. I mean, whatever she does, it is still her business after all."

Doris just harrumphed. "Suit yourself. I still think she'd do it, especially if you told her you'd tell everyone else about what you know she's done."

Blackmail? "That bitch," I said to myself angrily.

"Sorry, just not my style," Eddie sighed. "Whatever you think about her, she really is a nice woman, I'm sure there's more to it than you think," he offered before walking out. I heard the door close behind him. I hung up quickly. I'd remember Eddie's kind words.

Everyone knew. I couldn't stay away forever. I forced myself to go back to my usual schedule. I ignored the looks, I pretended not to hear the snickers. After all, I only worked with these people, I didn't exactly work for them. I still had to blush when Dean would grin and wave at me stupidly. I avoided him the best I could. He didn't press it, though. Gary still had that last card, the one in red, which reminded me I had to ask John what his extra instructions were. He just laughed and told me to text him, when that moment arrived. Finally, it did. I think Gary waited just to be in such a horny state he'd enjoy it even more. It just put me on edge, never knowing when, where, or how. He would just smile at me lewdly and say "hi," or "goodnight," I was always expecting the worst. He teased me like that for days. I knew he couldn't hold out forever. The worst part of the wait was that my pussy was basically dripping every time I left his building, from all the anticipation.

Finally, it was a Friday night again. This time, I purposely hit Gary's building before I knew he'd leave. I wanted it. I wanted it over, I wanted his cock in my mouth, I wanted the final humiliating experience. Gary saw me and grinned in a way that can only say, "there's that cock sucking slut!"

He pulled me aside by my arm, after not so subtly rubbing his hand across my tits on the way. I saw everyone watching our every move. He whispered in my ear. "I have a card with your name on it," he teased.

"I know," I begged. "Not here, please."

"No, not here," he agreed, "Been there, done that," he laughed. "No, meet me at the same bar where you sucked my cock the first time."

"Why?" I whined. I just had a funny feeling about it.

"Because I want to, and you'll do whatever I want, whenever, won't you?"

"Yes," I hissed softly. "When?"

"Meet me inside at 7pm. "Don't wear so much clothing," he instructed.

"What? What does that mean?" I asked.

Just from my response he knew I was open to it and it just opened the door for him.

"I don't know," he said exasperated. "First, don't wear a fucking bra, it'll just save me from taking it off of you."

"Ok," I said hesitatingly. "What else?"

"Well, then wear a top that shows that you are not wearing a bra. Let people see those beautiful titties, you know? Do you have something like that?"

"Yes, I suppose so. I have a white silk top that I usually tie at the waist. It exposes my tummy...." I started to explain.

"I don't want it to just expose your stomach..." he spat out. "I want your titties on display!"

I continued, "it does, trust me, I tie it up and my tummy shows, but without a bra my tits will basically be spilling out, depending on how I button it.

"How will you button it?" He asked me with a sneer.

"Um, so that my titties are nearly out?" I asked, seeking his approval.

"Good," he panted, his lust was climbing. "Now, I want something on the bottom that just says, slut. What do you have like that?"

I told him I had short skirts, shorts, he didn't seem impressed by any of them. I had an idea. I was picking up his vibe, it seemed.

"Well, how about this?" I asked. I have some really low rise jeans. I mean low. They were really in a few years ago. What if I wear those...." I said as his eyes surveyed mine. I needed to sell him more on the idea. "They really are low. I mean, the top of my ass will be spilling out. What if I wear those, and one of those slut thongs, one that you'll be able to see clearly. My ass will be hanging out and the thong will be several inches out of my jeans."

I saw his eyes perk with that thought. "I have a really slutty red thong. Oh my god, that would look so fucking slutty," I said. I was really getting into my own humiliation. I didn't know why, but I wanted this last time to be really memorably embarrassing, as if it wasn't enough that this total jerk of a man totally owned my mouth as his own property.

"That sounds great!" He said excitedly. "I want you there at 7. Sit at the bar, I'll be there, at a table. I want you to sit there like the slut you are and let men buy you drinks. I'll just watch for the time being."

"Ok?" I asked with curiosity. "You know that I'm going to get hit on, right? I mean, especially dressed like that."

"Exactly," he smiled coolly. "Let it happen. Just do what comes naturally."

"What if they hit on me, want to dance or something?" I asked.

"Then let them hit, and dance," he joked.

"I see," I said. "But I can see a problem. What if they start pawing me? You know how men are."

"Yes I do," he grinned. "Let them paw you, in fact, you are to let them do anything they can get away with, at the bar."

"Anything?" I gulped nervously.

"Yes, anything they can get away with, at the bar," he emphasized. "Meaning, touching, kissing, etc. Just at the bar, they can't take you away from the bar, unless it is to dance."

"I don't know..." I whined. "This isn't part of the deal...." I pleaded. I wasn't very convincing. I knew it. He knew it. In fact, his idea had my blood boiling. Who knew he had such a dominant streak? He was toying with my submission.

"Well, we could just have you blow me right here," he chuckled as he pointed out from the glass enclosed conference room we were in. We all called it the "fish bowl" because it had glass walls all around. People were walking to and fro, all around the room. You could see everything that went on in that room. I felt a fearful pang with the sudden thought of being completely naked, on my knees, as he sat in his executive chair while I blew him, his smug look on his face, while his coworkers pressed their faces up against the glass to watch....

"Fine," I said softly. "7 O'clock." He thankfully let me free of all the prying eyes. I could sense disappointment on their faces, I'm sure they wanted to see another "slut episode" so they could talk about it later. I needn't have worried about it, thanks to Gary.

I talked to John on the phone. I told him everything. He was quite thrilled at how it all was turning out. I kept telling him how horrible everything was and he kept telling me how great it all sounded. He knew me, he knew what I was really feeling.

He chuckled oddly. "You know when you picked #3 the other day....?"

"Yessss," I spat. "When I fucking picked Gary...."

He laughed again, "um, I don't know how to tell you this but...I'll just say it. #3 was actually Cal."

"You fucking bastard!" I screamed into the phone.

He was still chuckling. "I know you have a thing for Cal. I knew there'd be no humiliation in having you do that. I just lied and told you it was Gary because I felt he'd be the one most able to exact the kind of humiliation you needed." He paused. "And I was right, obviously."

"Fuck," I sighed. A quick thought of how it would've been so different had it been Cal. He was right, though, no doubt humiliation wouldn't have even played a part in it.

"Admit it, this incredible experience has you all worked up, hasn't it?" He asked.

"You know it has," I whispered in embarrassment. "More than ever."

"I felt he would be the right guy for this," John mused. "In fact, judging from his behavior so far I'd say you'd be wise to continue."

"Of course I'll continue," I giggled nervously. "I still owe him a blowjob." "No," Gary said. "I mean, you should continue with him even after."

"What?" I asked incredulously.

"You heard me. I think he's just the guy to tap into this incredible vein you have, the humiliation. It seems he gets into it as much as you do."

"But I can't," I pleaded. "What about you? What about all your wonderful ideas."

"I'll always be here. That wouldn't change. I just think you should let this guy steer the ship for awhile. At least until you tire of him and need something new. Tell me you will. His ideas rival mine. Tell me you don't fantasize about how it may all turn up if he's given the reins completely."

"Oh god," I sighed. "Completely? He'd work me like an Alaskan sled dog."

"Yes," John mused. "I think that might be exactly what you are looking for."

"I don't know," I stammered while at the same moment the blood was rushing to my pussy.

"Do it," he urged. "Tell me about it later, if you so desire," he said.

I hadn't even conjured up the possibility of that, what that would all mean. I had to hurry to get ready, John wished me luck.

I showed up at 7 as ordered. I sat at the bar. I was disappointed that Ray wasn't working, instead, the owner, a fat, balding guy with bad teeth, was behind the bar. He ogled me freely. My top was as I'd advertised. It was barely buttoned and depending on how I turned or moved would expose most, if not all of my tits, at least from the side. The bartender as well as my neighbors on either side of me got good looks at what I had under there. It just made my nipples jut out even more obscenely. I didn't see Gary. There were booths on the outer walls of the place and they were bathed in semi darkness. The middle of the room was the dance floor which was lit up like Las Vegas at night. The brightness of the center of the room made it impossible to see beyond, into the booths. I could sense he was there, though.

Both men on the sides of me bought me drinks and I downed them greedily. I wanted to feel the buzz to help with the anxiety. I thought about card five, being nude and something "else" per John's instructions. I wondered if I should text him right then but I knew he wanted me to wait until just before the final act.

Sure enough, the bolder of the two guys asked me to dance. I couldn't say no so I joined him on the dance floor. He was a good dancer and he twirled me around freely. I knew this only helped to expose me further, to whoever was lucky enough to have the right angle. I knew they'd see my nipples, hard and excited. He kept me through several songs, and I felt sweat starting to drip down my neck, into my cleavage. My top started to cling to my tits. My nipples stuck out proudly, I couldn't hide anything. I wondered if Gary was getting a good view.

The songs slowed down and the burly dancer guy pulled me in close. My tits were crushed against his massive torso. He spun me around playfully. For a big man, he sure was light on his feet. He pulled me back into him. Soon, his hands found their way to my back, then my ass. Since my ass was spilling out over the top of the low rise jeans I knew he could get a nice feel of my backside. As I was instructed I let his hands roam freely. Finally, he allowed me to return to the bar. Once there, his hands slid up and down the inner side of my jeans, up my thighs. I was afraid to resist and anger Gary. His thick, meaty fingers found my pussy and he rubbed it through the material. I could only groan and look around. I remembered the, "anything they can get away with, at the bar," comment. I fidgeted uncomfortably as he used his thumb and index finger to squeeze and rub my lips through my jeans.

The guy on the other side had started talking me up at the same time. I don't know if you can imagine how hard it is to carry on one conversation, with a guy leering straight down your top while another guy rubs your pussy, right at the bar. I'm sure I sounded like a stammering fool to the one guy but he didn't care, he was enjoying the view of my tits. I actually had to turn towards him a bit to hide what the other guy was doing and by doing that, I basically exposed my tits to him, right down to the nipples. He didn't even look at me while he was talking. The skinnier guy asked me to dance. The burly guy just grunted. Turns out they were friends. I'm sure this didn't happen to them every day. "Skinny" took me out to the dance floor. He was awkward. He jerked around like he was having a seizure. I just tried to sway in time with the music while he stumbled around. The minute the first slow song came on his hands were also on my ass. Both of them, he had fists full of the fleshy parts that stuck out. My thong was sticking up and over the jeans prominently. It just screamed, "slut," as Gary had wished.

I felt Skinny's finger trace itself inside the material of the thong, then into the top of the crack of my ass and trace down until it was just inside the material of my jeans. I cringed but per instruction I didn't stop it. Seeing no resistance of any kind he kept jamming his finger further down into my pants. I knew that all the people in the booths behind us could see everything that was going on. Finally, I kind of grunted at him and shifted away. He pulled his finger out only to place both his hands directly on my tits as he smiled lewdly.

I sighed. I tried to press myself into it to at least hide it a bit but it wasn't working, he just moved back and played with my tits through the material. When the slow song was over I went back to the bar. Burly guy wasted no time getting me another drink and his hand went back to rubbing my pussy. I have to admit, I enjoyed that immensely, in comparison to the mauling on the dance floor. Skinny wasn't satisfied with what he was getting, though. He moved in closer and slipped his hand inside my top. My tits were easily accessible. I groaned when his long fingers tweaked my nipples. It made me jerk and groan. I was being manhandled right there in the middle of the bar. I regained my senses. I saw the bar was like a 'U" shape. The ends of the bar were far more private, and away from more prying eyes. I quickly told the guys I needed to move to the end of the bar. They followed close behind, Burly guy's hand slid inside the back of my jeans, he was basically guiding me to the end of the bar by my ass.

Once we were in the corner their pawing became more unrestrained and frantic. Skinny had my top open now and my tits were out. He occasionally slid his head down and licked and sucked at my nipple which only drove me wilder. Burly wasn't satisfied with rubbing my pussy through the material anymore, he unzipped my jeans and seeing how I didn't stop him, dug his hand inside my now accessible pants. I gasped when his fat finger slid over my hot pussy. He could only jam his hand in so far, his finger tantalized my pussy. It could only slide over the lips, it couldn't penetrate me. I was dancing in my stool, between the nipple tugging, sucking and the finger driving me crazy.

"Fuck, wait," I panted. The men stopped with surprise. I think they thought their fun was over. I stood up, it allowed me to drag my pants down a bit more over my hips. There was a booth directly behind me but I didn't care, my ass was now mostly out, in the front there was now way more slack. "There," I gasped with short excited breaths. Burly guy wasted no time. His hand was back inside my jeans. This time, however, his fingers had access to my pussy. I moaned loudly when his finger slid into me. At the same time Skinny nipped my nipples sharply. Luckily, the music was loud because I couldn't contain a yelp.

All this time, the bartender was enjoying the show. He was the only one able to move around the bar freely. He was enjoying it from the very first moment. Burly guy was finger fucking me furiously and I had my head back and I was moaning as Skinny had both my nipples and was twisting and tugging them. I was nearly shaking. The bartender came right up and grinned, "Would the lady like another drink?"

I could only blurt out, "Yesss....please....yessss."

He laughed but he never took his eyes off me as he mixed it. I came in a crashing orgasm the minute he put the drink in front of me. I came from all the denial. I came from all the build up. I came from all the thoughts of everything I'd done already,. I came from the thought of John's game. I came from the use by Gary. And especially, I came from being mauled like that, in this crowded bar, while the bartender lewdly grinned as I panted and moaned my pleasure to the viewing public.

"Fuck," I hissed as I saw at least three sets of eyes watching my every move. Burly guy took out his fingers. The guys all hooted. They were glistening. Quickly, instinctively, I took them in my mouth and licked my juices off of him. They all went, "ohhhhh," collectively.

Suddenly, I regained some propriety. I scooched up in my stool and refastened my jeans. I tugged at my top shamefully.

"Aw, so now the lady is suddenly shy?" Snarked the skinny one.

Burly guy laughed. "Lady? She ain't no lady, didn't you just see her cream all over my fingers?"

I blushed shamefully. "I'm sorry," I said red faced. "Thank you sirs, that was really hot."

"You say that like the night is over," snipped Burly guy.

Thankfully, that's the moment Gary finally appeared.

"Hey, there's my girl," he said with a big smile as he approached.

The guys all eyed him suspiciously. I'm sure they wondered who was trying to horn in on their territory. I felt like that at the moment. I was just property, being passed back and forth.

Gary put his arm around me. "Honey, who are your friends?"

Embarrassed, I couldn't even introduce them. They pawed and fingered me to orgasm but I didn't even have their names.

"I'm Red," said the burly guy.

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