tagSci-Fi & FantasyBait and Switch Ch. 04

Bait and Switch Ch. 04


Author's note: This story consists of multiple chapters. Some chapters will contain subjects that some may find objectionable, such as incest. While this chapter doesn't contain this, you are here forewarned not to get into this series if this subject bothers/offends you. All characters are over eighteen, as I can't abide kiddy-porn. If all this is suitable to your tastes, please enjoy my series, Bait and Switch.

Also, this story in no way ties into my other stories. Sorry if there has been any confusion.


"You are the one. Come with me."

A flash of light blinded me, and I was no longer in my room.

I'm blind, was the first thought that went through my head. I must be mad, was the second, as my vision began to clear, and my surroundings came into focus. Or rather, lack of surroundings. A faint bluish haze surrounded me, making it hard to distinguish were walls were, or even find a corner. The only indication that I wasn't blind was the fact that I could see my hand as I waved it in front of me.

Standing up, I groped my way forward, till my hands ran across a hard smooth surface. It was cool to the touch, and seemed to be vibrating gently. Using my foot, I found that the room didn't come to a corner as most rooms do, but the floor curved up, till it formed the wall.

"Do not be alarmed," the same voice said behind me that I'd heard in my room. I spun around, only then realizing just how hard I was breathing, as panic nearly overwhelmed me.

Don't be alarmed? I wanted to scream, but my throat was closed. How am I not supposed to be alarmed, when some strange creature abducts me from my room? Some small part of me knew that panicking wouldn't help, and after a few moments it won out. The featureless blue-lit room seemed to help me relax, and for the first time, I got a good look at this creature.

It stood only a little shorter than me, its skin oddly pink in the blue light, large silvery eyes that seemed to reflect what they were looking at rather than have a color of their own, and the pupils were slitted, like a cat's, only thicker. Its arms were long compared to its thin body, and the hands were each missing a finger. I remembered thinking it was female, and looked again at the two small breasts on her chest. Light seemed to play about her body as a playful thing, and I realized she didn't have any hair, anywhere.

"Wh-who are you?" I asked, trying to keep my voice calm, but it came out almost as a squeak.

"Are you asking my name, or my species?" Her head cocked to the side in an inquisitive manner. When she spoke, her small mouth moved with a fluid grace. Her voice sounded almost as though two people were speaking simultaneously. "As for my name, you can call me Lela. My true name cannot be pronounced with only one tongue and one set of vocal cords. Nor can my species name, though you would just call me an alien."

"A-alien... Right..." Okay Nick, wake up now, you're having another nightmare. Anytime now. I pinched myself hard where my ribs were bruised, knowing that that would cause the most pain and wake me up. Well, it did, and it didn't. It caused plenty of pain, but I was still in this blue void of a room.

"You're hurt," Lela exclaimed, and suddenly I was put in mind of Futurama. Her hands flew up in front of her, and I backed up, wary. Her fingers seemed to touch the air in front of her, and the next thing I knew, I was standing in a pool of greenish yellow light. A tingling sensation traveled across my limbs, and for a few seconds, my fear and trepidation were replaced with giddiness. The light vanished as quickly as it appeared, and I felt like I'd just had a great night's rest. I ran my hands over my body, afraid she had somehow turned me into a creature like her, but I was still human. Something nagged me though, and after some thought, I placed it. Pulling up my shirt, I saw that my bruises were gone, and my skin was unblemished.

Lela had been watching me silently all through this. We looked at each other for a moment, me wondering what she wanted with me, and having no idea what was in her mind. My only clue was her telling me that I was the one.

"You said I was the one. The one what?" I asked, almost afraid to hear the answer. The one for breakfast? The one for experimentation? The one for tap dancing? I was lost.

She considered me for a while, her head cocked to the side again. Just when I was starting to think she wasn't going to answer, she did. "Perhaps I spoke too soon. I hope you are the one, but as yet, I can't be certain." She paused, and I thought I was going to rip my hair out in frustration at her lack of an answer. "You may be the one to save your planet."

My knees gave way beneath me, and the floor rushed up to smack me in the rear. Save my planet? How the bloody hell was I going to do that? Make a switch for global warming and turn it off? HA! "How does my planet need saving?" I ended up asking.

Her hands flew to the front of her again, and seconds later the room vanished, and I yelped. Lights appeared around me, small pinpricks, and I realized I was looking at space, and could see a small nebula off to my right. Her voice sounded from all around me, and I glanced at her, noting her lips weren't moving. This was some kind of recording.

"Please forgive me, if I have frightened you. It is hard for me to speak your language, but hopefully this recording will help explain your situation.

"Centuries ago, our race reached for the stars, as yours is starting to do now. We traveled far and wide, and as we traveled we learned. We colonized other planets, and were able to work within their ecosystems. We thought we were alone, as far as sentient beings were concerned, but we started to find others about two-hundred years after we first left our home soil. After that, we found others much faster, and we shared our knowledge with all we found."

As the recording played, the room changed, and I watched as other pink creatures like herself, but both male and female, left a small planet, and grew their influence. I watched them meet interesting creatures, and learn from one another.

"Almost every other sentient species we found descended from herbivores. They were peaceful and trusting." The room showed them eating various plants together. "Then we came upon a primitive race that showed much promise for intelligence, but also seemed violent." The aliens that now showed were small muscular things, red skinned, and covered with tufts of coarse black hair. They had tusks protruding from their snouts, but they didn't have pig noses. Their noses were more akin to a horse's.

"We studied this new race for years, before approaching them. They ate meat exclusively, but didn't eat their own kind. We hoped this meant that they could be friendly towards us, another sentient race, and in our innocence was our doom.

"They treated us well, till we shared what we knew, and gave them our technology. They were quick to learn, and ever hungry for it. They began to develop their own technology from what we taught them, and too late, we realized their intent." Silence fell in the room, but my mind seemed to supply the sound effects for the brutality that now surrounded me. This new race had taken the technology, and created weapons from it, attacking, and actually eating their teachers, before taking to space, and doing it to other planets. The scene zoomed out, and I watched as this new carnivorous race attacked and devoured planet after planet. They were getting close to the home planet of the alien I was with, and I realized I no longer feared this alien, but the red ones now terrified me.

"They approached our home planet, and we thought all was doomed. We know nothing of weapons. We don't know how to defend ourselves. Then one of our ships found a new planet, with creatures that were primitive to us, but further developed than the demons when we first found them." The room closed in on a planet that I immediately recognized as Earth. "This species descended from omnivores, and it was our hope that we could enlist you in our aid, but many were nervous. We feared that you would do as the demons did, and attack us. We waited, and we watched.

"Somehow the demons learned of your planet, and fearing that you might become a rival, turned their attention to you." The demon's ships changed course, and were now headed for Earth. "It takes many of your solar revolutions to travel through space, and while our planet was now safe, yours is in peril. We argued amongst ourselves whether to warn you, and risk you being another threat to us, or leave you as bait, while we move to other planets that the demons haven't found yet.

"While we watched and studied you and argued amongst ourselves, we found a gene inside many of your race that lay dormant. When we activated this gene, the results varied. Some gained abilities, others simply died. In a very few, nothing happened at all.

"A plan was created, and decided upon. We would activate this gene in as many of you as possible, and if we found one of you that might be able to defend your planet, we would warn that one of your impending plight."

The room turned back to the blue featureless mass it had been when I was first abducted, and I had to blink a few times to get accustomed to the brightness.

"After watching you during your last dark cycle--" It took me a second to realize she meant last night when I'd been kidnapped, -- "I hoped that you might be that one. Despite the aggression that was projected on you, you used cunning and self control to turn the situation around."

My throat went dry, and it took me a bit to work enough moisture back into it, in order to speak. "But that was a small room, not an entire race! And besides, if I use my ability too much, I get pains that knock me out. I wouldn't survive trying to change an entire race."

Lela's head cocked to the side again, before she spoke, this time her lips moved. "It is like a muscle. When you work a new muscle it becomes sore, but the more you use it, the stronger it gets."

"Muscles?" I was exasperated. "Have you looked at me? I don't have a whole lot of muscles, and I can't use my ability on myself, to build any."

She continued to look at me, and it dawned on me that the reason she kept pausing was to form the words in my language so that I could understand her.

"If it is muscles you need, I can help with that. You have a choice: I can build you up immediately, but then you would be helpless for several days as your body recovers, or slowly over time, and you will be able to continue, though you might be fatigued at first."

She could give me muscles immediately? I almost opted for that. Who cares if I am out of commission for a few days? Then I remembered Brent's party, and thought about Shanna and Gina. "How long till the demons get here, and how long if I take the slow route?"

"It will take a couple weeks to take full effect, but you have half a solar cycle till the demons arrive to devour your planet and people."

The decision was simple. Take the slower route, and people hopefully wouldn't think I was some weird freak who suddenly grew muscular, and take the time to practice my ability more. I had no clue how I was going to stop an entire race from attacking and eating the human race, but I had six months to figure it out.

Where was The Doctor, Captain Kirk (Picard was a pussy), or even Luke Skywalker when you needed them?

I told Lela my decision and she nodded as her hands flew in front of her again. I realized she must be typing on a screen only she could see. The light that surrounded me this time was white, and instead of feeling giddy or tingly, I felt very weak. I wondered if this was how Robbie felt every time I used his 'weak' switch.

While the light did its work, I studied Lela some more, and couldn't help but notice how the light played across her small breasts. I realized I was getting hard looking at her, and a curious thought entered my mind. I wonder what it would be like to have sex with her?

The fact that she wasn't human didn't bother me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into doing sheep or horses, or anything like that, but with her pink skin, large eyes, and small breasts, she looked human enough, that I was getting turned on, despite feeling fatigued.

Well, she said I needed to practice my ability. Why not try it on an alien, and see how it goes?

I started with my standard switches: horny, wet pussy, and hard nipples. I could feel all three switches in her, and the latter two moved, but the first one refused to budge. I could see her darker pink nipples harden, but couldn't tell if she was getting wetter, other than feeling the switch move.

There has to be something about her species that is different from mine, I reasoned, but what?

The white light vanished before I could figure it out, and before I knew it, I was back in my room, a single word reverberating through my skull.


My body felt like a lead weight, but I feared my mind was too active to allow me to sleep right then.

* * *

Aeris's theme gently woke me up, and I realized I'd fallen asleep, despite myself. Thankfully it had been a dreamless sleep, unless the whole abduction had been a dream...

I ran to the bathroom, and checked myself in the mirror. No bruises... It had all been real after all. Remembering Lela's promise about bulking me up, I examined my body more closely, but couldn't make out any differences. I ran back to my room, grabbed my phone, and returned to the mirror, taking a picture. If the change was too subtle, I might not be able to see it, but after a couple weeks, I could compare myself to this picture, and see.

"Hey, are you gonna be in there all day?" Dennis's voice sounded tired, coming from the other side of the door. Opening the door, I tried to slip past my roommate, but he stopped me. "Holy shit! Your face is healed!" His eyes scanned my topless chest, and I knew he was looking for my other bruises. "How did you recover so quickly?"

I gave a short laugh before saying, "Dunno, maybe I'm part Wolverine." I could see he was confused, probably not understanding my comic book reference, but I didn't care. As exhausted as my body was, I was in a good mood.

The mood lasted up until I finished pouring my cereal, and I remembered the rest of what Lela had said. Terrible aliens, demons, were on their way to destroy and devour the human race. Finding my appetite fled, I quickly dressed, and left the apartment for class. I decided to drive, not feeling strong enough to walk the cold air.

The streets were only slightly snow packed after the storm the other day, but I made it to the campus without any issues. I was trying to figure out the best ways to exercise my ability, and made little switches here and there, some with people, some with inanimate objects, but I was trying to stay inconspicuous, till I noticed Old Mrs. Polkins, the campus nurse. Fat, old, and ugly, she would be a great experiment in changing someone's nature.

Up till this point, all my switches had caused very little pain in me. I felt them, and they weren't as easy as that first day, but they were much nicer than the second day. I decided to go big with the nurse. Making a 'metabolism' switch, I flipped it feeling some resistance, but it moved. I moved another switch to restore her hair color from grey to... Well, to be honest, I really didn't know what her natural color was, and thought she might look good as a redhead. I turned on the elasticity to her skin, hoping to get rid of her wrinkles, and even tried to flip a switch to slow her aging. The last was the hardest of all to move, but I was able to nudge it a little, before my head really started to ache. I would have to keep an eye on her, and see how things went over the next few weeks.

With my head starting to pound, but a smile on my face, I headed to my next class; only to find myself stumbling forward as someone pushed me from behind.

"Think you're some hotshot, don't you," Derek Peterson called.

I regained my balance, and spun around to confront the bully. He stood there, laughing at me, with his hands on his hips, wearing a letterman's jacket.

"Leave me alone, Derek. I don't feel up to dealing with you right now."

"Ho! That's rich. YOU don't feel up to dealing with ME? Who do you think you are, dweeb?"

I could see that we were gaining an audience, but I didn't want to make a spectacle, and after modifying Polkins, I didn't think I would be up to doing much more to Derek.

I needed a way out of this, but something that wouldn't be too obviously me. I spied my escape route on the wall behind Derek: a white handle, within a red box. I pulled the fire alarm mentally, and felt my head give a mighty twinge of pain. The resulting noise from the alarm made my head hurt even worse, but by then, everyone was evacuating the hallway. I saw Derek go one way, so I stumbled the other, and right into someone else.

"You're going the wrong way," a familiar voice said, and I looked up to see Shanna standing over me. "The fire exit is that way," she pointed down the way everybody else had gone.

I laughed weakly, my head throbbing from over using my ability. Shanna's smiling face quickly turned to one of concern, and I cursed myself, as I considered how weak I must look to her right now.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded that I was, "Yeah, just a horrible headache is all."

"We need to get you off your feet." The attractive brunette looked around, before grabbing my hand and pulling me after her. "Come on, we can go in here. I doubt this is a real fire anyway." I followed her into the room, holding my pounding head with my free hand.

The room was thankfully dark, and I couldn't help but remember the other night in the freezer with her. Had that really only been two nights ago? This room was light enough to see in, and much warmer however, and as my eyes adjusted, I realized we were in one of the performance rooms. There were stadium seating that slanting down to a small stage.

Shanna led me to a seat in the front row, and had me sit. Her hands fussed at my head, and cheeks, and I realized she thought I was sick.

"It's just a headache, really," I tried to assure her, and was surprised by the mischievous smile that crossed her face.

"Just a headache, huh?" She placed her hands on the armrests on either side of me, and leaned in close, our noses almost touching. "I know a cure for headaches." Before I could think to respond or act, she tilted her head, and mashed her lips to mine.

My surprise quickly wore off, and I kissed her back. I didn't know what her cure was, but if it started with kisses, I was willing to give it a try. Her tongue was darting in and out between my teeth, while her hands felt across my chest and stomach.

She pulled away unexpectedly, and looked me in the eyes, her long eyelashes batting playfully. "There, how is your headache now?"

I couldn't help but laugh a little at her attitude. Thinking about my head, I realized that the pain had lessened slightly, but wasn't gone. "Don't stop now; I think you may be onto something with this cure."

The smile that split her lips and lit up her face was beautiful. Normally I'd say Gina was the better looking of the two, but right then, Shanna had her beat hands down.

This time it was me doing the kissing, as I brought my hands up to her face, and pulled her back down to me. She twisted her body, and sat in my lap as her arms wrapped around my neck, pulling us tighter into the kiss. I let my hands roam across her side, along her legs, and even tangled my fingers in her hair as we made out. Despite what had happened the other night, I was still nervous about trying anything, especially considering we were still on campus. I wasn't too worried about getting caught, as I didn't think this auditorium was used too often, but then again, I wasn't certain.

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