tagSci-Fi & FantasyBait and Switch Ch. 12

Bait and Switch Ch. 12


Thanks to garbonzo607 for his insightful edits.


I was depressed over the next few days, as all I could think about was Lela's pregnancy, and how sad she'd looked as she'd left me.

Lela still took me every night that Gina didn't sneak into my room, but never showed herself again. If my math was correct, I was getting close to being done with my strengthening treatments as it was nearly the end of the promised two weeks, and I was afraid she would abandon me after that.

I still feared that my parents would find out about what'd happened with Nancy, Gina, and me. Nancy and mom had became fast friends, and the two usually drank late into the night together, chatting about various things, but if the night of the threesome ever came up, mom never mentioned it. She never mentioned the kiss she'd given me either, though sometimes I would catch her looking at me, and her cheeks would turn red.

My dad spent most of his time at the office. When he was home, he was short-tempered, and usually drinking. We soon learned to leave him be. I was fairly certain he was cheating on mom, but had no proof. I was tempted to use my switches, and had put one in him to calm his anger, though I hated using it, as I was still uncomfortable with manipulating anyone.

Gina was my only saving grace. She saw how down I was, and did everything she could to cheer me up: parking lot blowjobs, plenty of sex when we could be alone, she even rented a room for a couple hours, and let me back into her ass again. It all helped, but Lela's silver eyes still haunted my thoughts.

Christmas Eve dawned white and slightly snowing; the day Summer was supposed to arrive. Dad had already left for work, telling us not to expect him home for dinner, some big case he claimed, and Mom and Nancy were still recovering from last night's drinking binge.

"You go get your sister," Gina told me, giving me a quick smooch. "I'll take care of our mothers. Go on! Maybe she can cheer you up, goodness knows I've failed." That last was said under her breath, and I felt bad, because I knew she had been trying, but how could I explain to her that I was depressed over getting an alien pregnant, and possibly getting her in trouble?

I left, putting on my best smile, though it felt tight, but not before giving her a big hug and kiss. The drive was a long one, only because of the holiday traffic, and the airport was overcrowded. I listened to the radio, not much in the mood for Christmas music, and ended up listening to talk radio. Apparently there was something going on in some city I'd missed the name of, and strange objects were popping out of the air. I wondered if this was another of Lela's experiments.

I quickly turned off the radio, not wanting to think about Lela.

I had to park a fair distance from the terminal, and my breath misted long and white as I walked through the lightly drifting snow. By the time I made it to the baggage claim, Summer was already waiting for me.

"Nick! Over here!" Her alto voice easily cut through the loud hum of noise, and I turned to see her waving and smiling. Even at this distance, I could see her bright blue eyes sparkle, as her light brown hair bounced with her jumping.

A natural smile turned my lips upwards, as I walked over to her. She had a ton of baggage around her legs.

"So how is my little brother doing?" She asked, and then flung her arms around me in a big hug.

Time froze in that instant, as an explosion seemed to go off in my head. Suddenly I could feel every switch I'd ever made, except for Lela's. Not only was I aware of them all, but I knew exactly where they were in relation to me.

That wasn't even the most shocking part. I could actually 'see' some of them in my mind. See what they were doing, what they were wearing. Or in my dad's case, not wearing.

The moment ended as Summer pulled away from me, a confused expression on her face.

"Wh-what was THAT?" She exclaimed. Had she seen it too? For a few seconds I didn't know what to say, still too stunned by the whole experience. Summer's hand lifting to touch me, scaring me, and I backed away.

"What was what? Did you eat something bad on the plane?" The evasion sounded thin to my ears.

"That... I dunno...image. I saw some people, and—" She covered her mouth in shock. "Oh my...Dad! He was naked, and it looked like he was..." She trailed of, and I knew what she'd seen. Our father nude, standing up, with his cock somehow parallel to the ground, sawing his hips back and forth. If I had seen the present, then he was currently fucking someone, and I knew he wasn't in his office.

"Let's get your bags. We need to go," I told my older sister rather brusquely. I had a chance to catch my father, and I was going to use it.

"Wait, hold on. I don't understand," Summer complained, but I ignored her, as I manhandled her baggage onto a cart. "Careful with that, there are gifts in there," she complained about my rough treatment.

I practically ran back to my car and pushing the cart, hoping that my sister would keep up. My heart was thumping as I loaded the vehicle. "Will you tell me what is going on?" Summer gripped my arm through my coat, and spun me to face her.

"Nothing," I lied, "I just want to get going." I finished getting all of her bags in, and jumped in the car. Exasperated, Summer climbed into the passenger seat.

"I don't believe you, Nick. What was that back there when we hugged? I saw all those people, and so did you! Don't deny it; I saw it in your eyes." I kept quiet, trying to picture in my mind where I had seen our father, but the image was fading. Summer experimentally reached her finger out, and touched mine on the steering wheel, and suddenly it was there again, but somehow weaker this time. I could still picture him, he was lying on his back know, fondling something in the air, but I couldn't feel or sense any of the switches from up north by the campus. My dad seemed somehow foggy, too. Nancy was still asleep, and Gina looked like she was watching TV, but that was it. The two women were even more faint, almost wisps.

Summer pulled her hand back, and looked at her finger as though it were a new and strange object to her. Then she touched my coat, but nothing happened. Whatever was going on required physical contact, and the more contact, the more powerful the images and senses were.

The traffic going this way was clearer, and I soon found the exit I needed.

Summer kept demanding to know what was going on. "I touch you, and I see things, but how can that be?" She shook herself, and then laid her hand on my cheek, but I pulled away. I needed to concentrate on driving right now. "Why do I sense something about anger with dad, but different things with those other two? And some of those others... Nick, what is this?"

"I'll explain later," I told her. We were almost there.

"I'd hoped never to see dad like that again." Even as I concentrated on where I sensed him now without her touch, her softly whispered words registered to me.

"You've seen dad like that before?" My anger was starting to boil, as I pulled into the parking lot of a motel. My dad's anger switch was completely off, which was my only indication of how he was feeling.

"Why do you think I moved away, and never come home except for Christmas?" Summer replied quietly. She looked at me for a long while, and I knew she was trying to come to a decision. Apparently she'd made it, for she continued softly, "He used to sneak into my room at night, and cover my mouth while he molested me. I hate him. It's part of why I became a lesbian, just to piss him off. Well, there were other reasons too..." She looked at me, and I saw her cheeks were bright red.

"Stay here," I told her, placing my hand on hers, to confirm which room he was in. I didn't really need to, as I could sense him on my own, but I hoped to comfort her some as well. "I'll be right back." I also wanted to make sure I was interrupting him.

"You're going to confront him aren't you?" I could see fear in her beautiful light-blue eyes. "No Nick, don't. He's stronger than you!" She gripped my arm, and then looked at me in shock, and I knew she was feeling my new muscles. I had compared myself to the picture I'd taken on my phone, and it was hard to believe how small I used to be.

"I can handle him," I told her, getting out of the car.

She got out too, and I almost told her to go back, but then thought she might need this more than I did.

We walked up to the door, and I took a couple breaths to steady myself, before knocking.

"Who is it?" An extremely annoyed male voice sounded from the other side. Our dad's voice. I made sure to stand off to the side of the peephole, and knocked again, without saying a word. I heard noises inside, as someone fumbled around. Summer grabbed my hand, and squeezed it tightly.

I could now see my dad trying to pull a blanket around his waist, as he approached the door. He looked frustrated when he couldn't see anyone through the hole. It looked as though he was going to turn back around, but I knocked again. I could see the anger rise in him at the same time I felt his switch move.

"I swear if some kid is playing a prank on me, I'll..." The door opened, and he stood stunned as his two kids stared back at him.

I acted fast, and paralyzed him with a new switch. It seemed so easy to do, with Summer holding my hand.

"Who is it, dear?" A feminine voice called from the bathroom, but dad couldn't answer. Despite not being able to see this other person, I was somehow able to paralyze her too. I was shocked because this was the first time I'd created a switch on someone or something I couldn't see. I looked down to where I was still gripping my sister's hand. Somehow she was magnifying my ability. With the switch in the hidden woman, I could now mentally see her, crouching naked behind the bathroom door. She looked only a little older than me.

I looked up to Summer's eyes, and saw the anger in them. She spoke to me, without taking her eyes off of our father. "Nick, I don't know how you're doing it, but we'd probably better get inside."

I agreed, and we both pressed by our frozen father, before I turned, and closed the door. I turned him to face the room, before walking in and picking up the other woman, and then carrying her to the bed. She kind of looked funny lying there, with her body in a crouching stance, so I tried to move her 'paralyze' switch. It wouldn't budge. For a second I panicked, but then had an idea. I walked back over to Summer, and grabbed her hand, and I was able to move the switch again. Apparently anything I did while touching my sister was much stronger than on my own. As soon as the woman could move again, she tried to get up and flee, but I refroze her (without touching Summer), just as she sat up.

I turned back to our dad, and I could see a tear of fear leaking from one of his eyes. I had to take Summer's hand again to do anything to him, and I tried to slowly lessen his paralysis, wanting only his head to be able to move. It didn't work that way, though, and instead, he became very slow, like every movement required a lot of effort.

I let him go completely, and locked the door mentally at the same time. Dad ran for it, but since I'd locked it while touching Summer, he couldn't get out, and couldn't unlock it.

He spun on me then. "Devil's spawn," he spat. "What do you think you're doing?" He raised his hand to me, and it was all too easy to make him immediately weak. When his hand came down against my face, it felt like no more than a light caress.

"I recommend you sit down, and listen to us," I told him. I was surprised at how calm my voice sounded, calm as a cold Antarctic night. For a moment it looked like he was going to argue with me, but when I didn't back down, I felt his anger recede, and by the look in his eyes, it was replaced with stark terror.

I waited until he was seated, before letting go of my sister's hand. She immediately re-grabbed it though, and I realized she wanted to know everything I was doing. I resolved that I would have to be careful of any switches I made.

I had forgotten about the other woman, till dad looked at her as he sat down. I looked at her more closely, and realized that she was probably younger than me. Old enough to be legal, but not by much. Her small breasts hung from her chest in her seated position.

"Who is she?" I asked first.

"Let me go, and you can have her," the older man pleaded. A small part of me laughed at how petty he was. A very small part.

"I asked who she was. She can go soon enough."

My father licked his lips a few times, his eyes flickering between Summer, the girl, and me, before answering. "She is one of my interns."

"And how long have you been cheating on mom with her?" Summer asked next, anger lacing her voice.

"With her? Only a couple months," those words informed me that this woman wasn't the first. I looked to her, and knew that she wasn't the home wrecker. My father was the guilty one.

I turned to the young woman, and spoke to her for the first time. "I'm going to let you go. Get dressed, and leave here. You won't remember this when you walk out the door." I let go of Summer's hand long enough to move the switch, before she gripped it again, this time lacing her fingers through my own. I prepared a 'memory' switch in the girl, and as soon as she was dressed, I told her, "Think about everything that happened here. Think hard." She nodded, and I could see mascara stains on her cheeks where her tears had ran. I flipped the switch, and saw her eyes go blank, before pushing the very confused young woman out the door.

Summer grabbed a hold of me once more, and this didn't go unnoticed by our father. I saw him sneer as he looked at us, and my anger rose, but his words only confused me. "So that's it, huh? She finally confesses to you, and you are now in cahoots?" He spat on the floor, and Summer let go of me, covering her mouth, and shaking her head. I could see that his words were troubling her.

"Shut up, unless we ask you a question," I told him. He flinched at my tone, and I saw the fear return to his eyes.

"What are you going to do to me? Kill me?" I didn't know what I was going to do with him now that I had him, but I couldn't just let things go on as they had been. Of course, I couldn't kill him either. I was no murderer, no matter how angry I was.

"You're a lawyer, let's make a deal," I told him, trying to stall for time.

He laughed, but I could tell it was forced. "Ha! You can't prove anything, and if you tell your stupid mother, I'll just divorce the dried up old bitch and leave her penniless." That's when I knew what I needed to do.

"You're half right," I said. "You will divorce our mother, but it will not be her that is penniless." He tried to cut me off, but I just paralyzed him again, not wanting to hear his filthy mouth. I explained everything he was going to do, and made it clear that I would be watching the whole time. If he slipped up, he would regret it. I gave him a small taste of my ability, as I made his foot start to ache, and then increased it, until I could hear a slight moan coming from his locked throat. After a couple seconds I stopped the pain, and released him from his paralysis.

"Okay, okay! I'll do whatever you want. Just don't... Don't do whatever it is your doing anymore." He was crying as he pleaded with me.

"Go home right now, and do as you were told," I ordered him, and watched as he quickly got dressed. "And in case you change your mind, know that if I could find you here, I can find you anywhere." When he looked at me, I could see that he understood.

His tires screeched as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"Oh, Nick. He had me so worried, but you handled that so well. I can't believe he was cheating on mom, though I probably should have guessed." She looked back to me then, and I saw fear return to her eyes. It hurt all the more, because I knew it was directed at me. "What...what are we?"

"Brother and sister," I told her, pulling her into a hug, and feeling her arms surround me. As our cheeks touched, we were able to see our dad driving, and there was no mistaking the panic in his eyes. We sat on the bed, holding each other, and watching his progress. As he got closer to home, I saw his face change slightly, and then he made a wrong turn, and started driving away. I made his foot hurt again, and even at this distance, it was easy, so long as there was physical contact between Summer and me. He slammed on his breaks, but I waited till he'd turned around, before I released him from the pain.

Our father drew close to home and I realized we couldn't see our mother. It took only a little effort to make a happy switch in her from this distance. I had to use Nancy's position in relation to where my father was talking to make it. As soon as I did, we could see our mother, and though we couldn't hear dad's words, our mother's reactions told us enough. Nancy stood and struck him across the face while mom cried. I felt bad for mom, but I knew she would be better off when this was over. Dad raised his arm to strike Nancy back, but when his foot hurt suddenly he dropped his hand, and fled, leaving all of his possessions. I was fairly certain he would do as he'd been told. He was to divorce mom, leaving her all of his money, and paying a sizeable sum every month afterwards. If he ever contacted her again, he'd regret it.

It was some time after we'd watched dad leave, before Summer pulled away from me.

"About what dad said..." She looked pensive, and I felt sorry for all of the pain our father had caused her.

"Don't worry about it," I tried to tell her confidently. "He's long gone, and it doesn't matter anyway."

She gripped both my hands, and looked me in the eyes. "But it does. You see, he started doing what he did to me for a reason." She dropped her eyes then, and I saw a tear roll off her nose.

"He did it because he was wrong in the head," I protested.

"Will you just shut up and listen to me?" I nodded, shocked by her outburst. "I never told you why he started to molest me, or why I never told anyone before now. After what you did for me and mom today, I think you should know." I almost opened my mouth to tell her she didn't owe me anything, but the flash of anger in her eyes stopped me. "I used to keep a diary. I kept all of my personal and private thoughts in it. Dad found it one day, and read it. When I got home, he confronted me about some of the... things, I'd written in it. Things about you."

I was baffled. What could she have written in her diary that would make their father molest her? I soon found out.

"I wrote about spying on you in the bathroom, even hid in your closet a couple times to watch you masturbate. I wondered what it would be like to have...to... Well, to be with you in ways that brothers and sisters shouldn't be." She dropped my hands, but this time it was me that grabbed hers back. When she looked up at me, I gave her an encouraging smile. This was the last thing I'd ever expected to hear from my older sister, but considering what'd happened with Shanna and Shannon, not to mention Nancy and Gina, her words didn't bother me. A few weeks ago, I probably would have freaked out.

"Dad told me that he would tell everyone what a pervert I was, unless I let him...touch me. He hid the diary, so I couldn't get rid of it." I could see that it was a huge effort for her to make this confession to me; by the way she held my hands loosely, the hitch in her voice from time to time, and the fear that I would reject her evident in her soft blue eyes.

"Did he..." I almost couldn't ask, "did you go all the way?"

"No, thankfully. He wouldn't do that, but the whole time he slipped his fingers in me, or twisted my nipples, he would tell me what a pervert I was. That was why I told everyone I was a lesbian. I had found where he'd hidden my diary, and destroyed it. He no longer had any proof, and if he told anyone, they would laugh, because I'd already confessed to being only interested in women." She sucked in a deep breath, and I could see that she was building the courage to speak some more. "You probably hate me now, don't you? You think I'm a pervert, too. It's okay. I am a pervert for wanting you." She laughed a little then, but it was at herself, "You used to be such a skinny geek then, not this macho man, with some kind of superpowers. You made that woman forget about tonight. Will you do the same for me?"

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