Bait and Switch Ch. 20


"That's okay, mom." Gina said at the top of the stairs, "I'm here." She looked at Shanna for a few seconds, her mouth tight, before looking back to me. "I wasn't expecting you either, and by the look on your face, I can guess why you brought Shanna... Or is it Shannon? I can't tell you two apart," this last bit was directed at my girlfriend.

I hadn't been aware I'd had a look on my face, thinking that I'd kept my features calm, but I guess Gina knew me too well to fool her.

"I'm Shanna," the woman said, "and I actually made him bring me. I wanted to talk to you, if you don't mind."

I can see the hurt in Gina's eyes, and it hurts me too, but she'd always known that we weren't right for one another. At least, that's what I told myself. Was I making a mistake with Shanna? Only time would tell, and even then, only if I defeated the demons.

Gina shrugged her shoulders before turning around to head to her room, and Shanna followed. When I stepped after her, Shanna stopped me. "You stay and keep Nancy company. This is girl talk."

"Be nice to her," I say, and she arches an eyebrow at me, while she bats her long lashes.

"Why, whatever do you think I'm going to talk to her about?" she asked me innocently; way too innocently, for my tastes. When I grumbled incoherently, she laughed at me, and quoted her favorite line, "You know nothing, Jon Snow." She patted my cheek, and hurried up the stairs.

"Can I offer you some tea?" Nancy asked me and I turned around. For a second I wondered that she doesn't seemed bothered by everything going on around her daughter, and then I remembered the switches I'd made in her. After our trip to mom's house, I realized that her 'contentment' switch only applied to anything I did, and I guess by extension in this case, that applied to Shanna too.

I only hoped that Shanna went soft on Gina.

"No, thanks," I told the older woman, and we sat down to talk about minor stuff, my mind was nowhere on the conversation. As she nattered away, my mind wondered to past escapades with her and her daughter. I thought about how I used my ability on her, and how things had ended up.

"Nancy," I interrupt her in mid-sentence, and she contentedly lets me, "are you happy?"

"Of course," she answered without hesitation.

"I mean, with everything that your daughter and I have done, as well as with you?" I pressed.

"Where is this coming from, Nick?" the older woman asked me, and I could hear a note of concern in her voice.

"It's just that most people would have some kind of issue with the things we've done, and I wanted to know if you were okay with everything," I explained.

Nancy studied me for a moment, before giving me an answer. "A lot of people can think what they want to think. If you concern yourself about what other people think, you will never be happy, Nick." She took a sip of her tea, before continuing. "I might once have had a problem with it, but Gina and I are closer now than we have ever been in the past. You asked if I was happy, and the answer is yes. What I really think you were asking is, are you happy?"

I was stunned at the depth of her words. Was she right? I thought I was happy... But then again, the knot in my stomach, over what Gina must be feeling upstairs, said otherwise. Shanna did make me happy when I was with her, but her attitude lately, had soured that somewhat. When I first discovered I had the ability with my switches, I thought my life would be made, but it has turned out to be a lot more responsibility than I ever wanted. I recall a line from the Dragon Reborn series, talking about how duty is lighter than a feather, and yet heavier than a mountain. Only now did I truly understand what that meant.

"Nick," a soft voice from atop the stairs, broke my concentration, "will you please come up here?"

I turned to see Shanna and Gina both standing side-by-side, their expressions blank as they waited for me. I thanked Nancy for her advice, before going up the stairs, and followed the two women into Gina's room.

Once inside, the women had me sit on the bed, and they sit on either side of me, Shanna on my left, Gina on the right. I was surprised when they each grab a hand, and Shanna started speaking.

"Nick, we've been talking," I nodded. Of course they'd been talking. I didn't see any broken furniture, scratch marks, or forming bruises that would have indicated a fight, and I hadn't heard screaming, so what else would they have been doing?

"Shanna explained to me about what she told you today," Gina said next, and I had to turn to face her. It occurred to me that the women might have set up this seating arrangement, so that one was always behind me, and keeping me off balance. It only added to my apprehension.

"And Gina told me what you mean to her," I had to turn again, so that I was facing Shanna. "And we have agreed that it isn't right that I have you all to myself."

My jaw must have hit the floor. This was the last thing I'd expected! Especially after the way Shanna had acted at school earlier.

"We know you are destined to be so much more with your ability, Nick," Gina kept talking, ignoring my shock. "Shanna told me about the demons. After what happened with Derek, I understand why you kept that from me."

She did? Shanna had no right to break my confidence on that matter.

"Is there anything else you decided to talk about, behind my back?" I asked coolly.

"Just this," Shanna says, placing her hand on my chest, and I feel Gina's at the same time. I have just enough time to wonder what she means, when they both push me back, and before I have a chance to even yelp, I see the two women lip-locked together over me.

I was utterly confused at that point. I was certain that Shanna had wanted to talk to Gina about me dumping her, but now I found the two women kissing!

"Someone want to tell me what in the world is going on?" I asked.

They broke the kiss, and two sets of beautiful eyes looked at me, one set hazel, the other blue and surrounded by long lashes, as they giggled.

"Isn't it obvious?" Gina asks.

"We decided to become good friends," Shanna piped in right afterwards.

"But, why?" I demanded to know.

"Nick," Shanna said, "Gina told me what you did for her, and how much you mean to her. I realized I was being selfish with you, and that you deserve better than that from me. I really hope you'll forgive the way I've been acting. The whole thing with Julia really got under my skin, but that is no excuse. Can you please forgive me?"

I thought back on it, and realized that everything had started to change when Julia had entered the picture. I was about to tell her that I could forgive her, but Gina cut me off before I could.

"I know a way to earn forgiveness," she says with a wide smile, as her hand grabs my crotch, and pulled my zipper down.

"I like the way you think, Gina," Shanna said, and reached into my Mega-man boxers to pull out my limp cock. I was still in too much shock, for me to be hard right then. "Oh, it looks like I am going to have to wake him up with a kiss," she said next, then suited actions to words, and started licking my cock.

Gina stood up and started to undress, and only then did I understand what was happening. I wasn't going to have to leave Gina, and unless I missed my guess, Shanna no longer felt like she needed a complete hold on me either. I looked at Gina's large tits as they popped free from her bra, and then down to Shanna's lips sliding up and down my rapidly hardening cock, and remembered what Nancy had asked me a little bit ago. Was I happy? Well, I still had the demons to contend with, but it looked like my social life was back on top. Hell yeah, I was happy!

Gina was fully undressed now, and she started helping Shanna undress. When she got to her shirt, Shanna refused to let my now fully hard rod out from between her lips, and left it bunched up around her neck.

Gina bent over, and planted a powerful kiss on me, before kissing my cheek, and then whispering in my ear, "Thank you for using your ability on her. I don't know what I would have done, if I'd lost you."

I tried to protest that I'd had nothing to do with this, but before I could organize my thoughts, Gina was sitting on my face, and bending over to help Shanna give me a great blowjob.

Deciding that now was no time to be arguing with my good fortune; I stuck my tongue out, and poked it into Gina's vagina. I remembered the switches Shanna had asked me to make for her, and debated on doing the same for Gina, but decide not to right then. If she asked, I would do it, but otherwise, I still didn't feel comfortable doing it without their permission.

I sucked hard on Gina's clitoris as I felt two sets of lips working my cock, and moaned loudly. My hands were idle, and so I decided to start fondling Gina's ample bosom. My cock was left alone for a second as Gina sat up, and I had just a moment to see Shanna pressing her tits on either side of my penis, before Gina slammed her twat back down on my mouth. Shanna's tits felt fantastic as she slid them up and down my length.

"Wow, he's so big, he completely sticks out between your breasts," Gina says, and a second later, as I felt Shanna's breasts go down, I also felt her lips around the head of my rod. I started to moan in earnest as Shanna picked up her pace, and just as I started to feel myself getting close, she stopped, and pinched the base of my cock.

"I think you deserve this first," she told Gina, and without waiting any further, Gina slid off of my face, and impaled herself on my sword, facing away from me. She wasn't as wet as Shanna had been earlier today, and it took her a number of strokes, before I hit her deepest parts.

I felt my girlfriend's tongue lick my balls, before travelling up, and I knew she is licking Gina's clit by the way the blonde's cunt started to twitch around me, and she began bucking as she had her first climax of the night. Luckily the small break from the titty fucking is enough that I didn't lose my semen at the same time.

Shanna climbed on the bed next to us, and I watch in amazement as she started to suck on Gina's bosom, and I could feel her hand down near where we were connected, rubbing the other woman's pussy. Shanna's ass was within reach, and I tried to slip a finger into her, but she pulled my hand out. Shanna broke off pleasing Gina, and leaned her head down close to mine.

"I'm still too sensitive from earlier. Let's just concentrate on her tonight, and maybe another night, you can have us both." She sealed her words with a kiss, and then started to lick Gina's juices from my chin and cheeks, making me moan as this turned me on.

The sound of my voice still had an effect on Gina and as I moaned, she came yet again. She leaned back, supporting herself on her arms to either side of me, and gyrated her pelvis against mine. I moaned again at how good this action felt, and reached up to start fondling the Gina's tits again.

With my face clean, Shanna went back to giving her attention to Gina. Since her tits were covered with my hands, she bent over our legs, and started licking Gina's pussy again.

Gina pulled off me, unexpectedly, and Shanna swallowed my rod immediately in her mouth, keeping it warm, and cleaning the other woman's cum from it.

"I want you in my ass," she turned her head to tell me, and I smiled back at her. She then remembered Shanna, and I see her pout for only a second, before asking, "I better let you have some first."

My cock came out of Shanna's mouth with a slight pop. "No, I want to see him fuck you in the ass."

Gina smiled, and pulled the other woman up for a kiss, murmuring, "Thank you," before shoving her tongue into the other woman's mouth.

Shanna gripped my throbbing member, and started rubbing it back and forth, from Gina's pussy to her asshole, spreading the slick liquids. Without warning, Gina slammed her hips down, timing it just right and I slide into her tight colon. Thankfully I still had enough of Shanna's saliva left on me to lubricate the penetration.

Gina's sphincter felt wonderful as she slid it up and down my engorged manhood. Something feels a little different this time, however, and it takes me a moment to realize that I can just feel Shanna's fingers separated from my cock by a bit of flesh. Gina started to go wild, as Shanna fingered her. Her colon gripped and massaged me to my own orgasm, and I dropped my third load that day into Gina's ass.

Once more Nancy's question fluttered through my pleasure-fogged brain, and there is no arguing that at this point, I truly am happy with my life...

Until I recalled that the demons would be here on the following day.

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