tagSci-Fi & FantasyBaited Ch. 02

Baited Ch. 02


Annalei, the lovely vampire gazed at her bath. The three tortured souls who had to hold it up for her was a rather nice touch. She smiled at their pained expressions, even as they gazed at her with pain filled lust.

Standing naked before them, her pale skin softly shining in the light from Hell's fire. Her jet black hair was tousled from her romp with her sexy master, Satan. Her red lips were puffy from sucking his thick cock, her eyes shining with pleasure at being treated like a fuck toy. She wiped her chin and realized she still had cum on her face and hair.

She smiled as she walked towards the bath, swishing her hips while her perky C cup breasts bounced. Dusky pink nipples still stabbed into the hot air, her pussy was shaved clean. She recalled Satan's face when he noticed them and laughed. He was apparently kept out of the loop!

She stepped into the bath, it was hot and warm. She sighed with pleasure as it washed over her. She dunked her head under the water and stayed there. Some benefits to being undead? She didn't need to breath, nor did her heart beat. Pain and pleasure had to be in the extremes for her to feel it, but mostly the two intertwined.

She rose up again, wiping her face she opened her eyes.

"What does he see in YOU I wonder?" A female voice coming from behind her shocked her.

Annalei turned around, covering her breasts instinctively. Her fangs bared as she hissed at the new comer.

The naked female before her was human. Or...used to be anyway. But down in Hell she had changed into something...other.

The woman had long blond hair that hung straight down her back. Her face was sharp, with chocolate brown eyes and juicy pink lips. Her skin had a golden sheen...all over. Even her breasts and pussy, with it's light colored curls. She was built thin, like a sports model. Perky breasts, long abdomen, and slender hips with legs that went all the way. Her nipples were a dark copper in color and thick.

But the woman...she wore a thick black collar on her neck. She had a pair of smallish wings on her back that were black and leathery like bat wings. Her tail, also black, swished behind her. Annalei wasn't sure...but the tip of her tail almost looked like a cock... A big mushroom head that just swished back and forth.

Annalei stared at the woman. "Who are you?"

"I asked you a question first." The woman snapped, crossing her arms over her chest. "What does he see in you?"

Annalei cocked her head to the side. "Ask him yourself. Now who are you and why are you here?"

The woman smiled, revealing her own set of fangs. "He calls me Sinai. I forgot what my mortal name used to be, I've been down here for so long."

Annalei felt a stab of jealousy for some reason. She glared at Sinai. "When were you brought down?"

"The year I came down was 1873." Sinai sighed. "I was a wicked witch who came upon a spell that summoned an incubus. I sold my soul for the pleasures of the flesh and now I work for him."

Annalei studied Sinai. "Did he seduce you?"

Sinai shook her head but smiled knowingly. "You're a jealous little bitch aren't you?" She laughed and shrugged. "That will do you no good otherwise you're going to watch him fuck me. I've seen him do it."

Annalei did feel that twinge of jealousy. But hidden underneath it was a powerful wave of lust. To watch Satan, with all his sinuous muscle and strength fuck this female, with those perky breasts bouncing, to hear them both cry out with pleasure??

"Titillating..." Annalei murmured as she felt her self get wet.

Sinai breathed in deeply, her brown eyes flashed to gold. "You're getting turned on by the thought of his cock in my pussy aren't you?"

Annalei was still in the bath so she felt no shame reaching down and touching herself. She felt the thick moisture in the water, knew that her pussy really was wet as she fantasized about Sinai and Satan.

Sinai felt her knees weaken. She was playing cocky with the female in the tub, lying right through her teeth. Satan had never brought down a LIVING female before. This one was special, but she didn't know how. Then she watched the female's eyes grow brighter with lust, her pale skin turning pink as her body flushed with heat. Her nipples got longer as they hardened with her arousal, turning an even brighter shade of pink.

"So sexy..." Sinai murmured as her weight fell to the floor. Then she saw the female's hands moving, one hand to her breasts, tweaking that pink nipple. Twisting and pulling it till they were red. Her other hand moved beneath the water. She was touching herself! And those little moans of pleasure she was making only made it better.

Sinai herself reached down to her pussy, her eyes locked on the other female's. She opened her pussy lips so she could see her own wetness. The other female's arms moved faster as her red lips parted on a loud moan.

Sinai slowly twirled her fingers around her clit, shots of pleasure shooting up to her nipples. They hardened like little pebbles. She slowly teased her pussy, making it wetter. Then she grinned darkly at the female in the tub.

Sinai's tail that had been swishing and twitching now rested on her tit. She smacked it against her nipples and moaned before trailing it down her stomach. Her fingers were spreading her snatch open when the tip of her cock shaped tail started playing with her clit.

Sinai was moaning now, her whimpers turning on Annalei more than she could have thought a female would be able to. But as Annalei watched Sinai's tail playing with her own pussy, Annalei plunged her two fingers in and out of her pussy. She was so wet, her cunt throbbing with pleasure and lust.

That was when Sinai used her cock-tail to penetrate her pussy, she cried out with the pleasure as she pushed it deep inside of her. Annalei echoed her sound of pleasure as she thought about being filled by Satan's cock just like Sinai was filling herself.

Annalei thought about how good his cum tasted, how thick and juicy his cock was. She even thought about watching Satan fucking the lovely Sinai while she fingered herself.

Sinai had never seen anything as hot or smelled anything as beautiful as the female in heat before her. She was moaning as her cock-tail fucked her, filling her up. It was better than toys, it was hot and thick. But it wasn't like the real thing. It wasn't like someone else taking the reigns.

Annalei and Sinai were about to cum, so absorbed in their pleasures that they didn't see the Dark Prince reappear in front of them.

Satan couldn't wait to fuck Annalei. He returned and the sight that was waiting for him got him HARD. Sinai, the lusty witch turned succubus, was fucking herself as she looked at Annalei. And Annalei was doing the same.

But what fucking made him crazy with lust was Annalei's thoughts. She wanted to watch him fuck Sinai!

Satan smirked as he palmed his erection. His monstrous cock was paying close attention to Annalei's wicked thoughts.

"You fucking whore," He finally spoke before the two females were able to cum.

Annalei's shoulders stiffened as Sinai froze in place. The two turned their heads to look at him. Eyes wide with fear and shock.

"I told you my Annalei," Satan said as he neared the vampire. "No soul in this realm may touch you...but I think I can make an exception for Sinai."

They both eyed his large cock, which only caused it to swell more. It bounced with his step and he grinned.

Satan had dark red hair, pale skin, and a sexy little goatee on his chin. His eyes burned gold and were rimmed thickly with black. He was chiseled. Muscular arms, strong chest, defined abs and taught thighs. His dick was as long and thick as Annalei's forearm.

"Sinai come here." Satan's voice was mesmerizing, silky and hot. Sinai had no choice but to obey.

Satan put his hands on his hips, thrusting his dick at Sinai. She made to get to her knees, but Satan stopped her. "Bend at the waist. Show Annalei your pretty pussy while you fuck it with your tail. Show her how wet it makes you to suck my hard dick."

Sinai followed his orders. She bent over, her heart shaped ass in the air while her cock-tail penetrated her snatch over and over. Her body was getting hot, Satan started thrusting his cock into her mouth little by little. Causing her body to rock backwards. She used her wings to keep herself balanced while her breasts started to sway from his movements. His precum was salty in her mouth while his thick cock nearly broker her jaw.

Annalei was watching Sinai's tail going in and out, it kept coming out shinier and shinier. Sinai's throaty squeals of delight were muffled by the hot dick in her mouth. Annalei's fingers on her pussy were making her crazy, it gave her pleasure but not enough...not nearly enough. Her eyes flicked up to Satan's and he was staring right at her as he fisted his hands in Sinai's hair and gave her one long deep stroke.

Annalei's pussy clenched in response.

Satan smirked as an idea occurred to him. "Come here Annalei, my dirty bitch."

Annalei followed helplessly. She staggered out of the bath, water dripping down her body. She was drunk off of lust and high on anticipation. She knew intense pleasure was about to unfold... What she didn't know was in what form it would take.

"Come here my Anna..." The Devil said to her, his voice was pure lust. His body was sex personified. "Lay on your back. You want to watch me take Sinai? You wanted to see me push my big monster of a dick into her tight little snatch? I only wish to serve you."

Annalei's breath caught in her throat as Satan pushed the succubus so she was perpendicular to Annalei. Sinai's knees were between Annalei's thighs, her hands on the floor. Satan came up behind Sinai and whispered something in her ear. Sinai, eyes glazed with pleasure and lust pulled her tail out of her pussy, juices dripping from the black cock-tail.

Annalei watched a that tail, wet from Sinai's pussy descended to her own little cunt. When the tail touched her pussy, she moaned. Satan watched the two females closely, watched as Annalei was hypnotized and Sinai shivered with excitement.

"Do it!" He pushed his own cock into Sinai's waiting pussy while she pushed her tail into Annalei. They moaned in unison. The two females full and moaning with pleasure.

The three found a rhythm stroking and thrusting all at the same time. Annalei watched Satan's hips thrusting, his abs tightening as a sheen of sweat lit his body. His eyes were closed in rapture as Sinai's pussy slurped his dick back in greedily. Annalei pinched her nipples as Sinai's tail fucked her hard, deep, and fast. She didn't have to breath, but she was feeling the urge to as her orgasm started to roll into her.

Satan glanced over and saw Annalei twisting and pinching her nipples in time with his thrusts. He reached under Sinai and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her raw. Her juices were dripping down his balls, she was coming so hard. Their feminine screams of pleasure started to build and fill his ears. He felt his nuts tighten up, but held on, watching as the two females flushed with pleasure.

Sinai's cocktail was shimmering with Anna's juices. He saw it dripping down her ass crack and wondered what it would feel like when he was inside. The thought of him anally destroying the vampire was enough to send him over the edge.

When Satan came, Sinai came again. He shot his load into her and it felt like a thrust into her womb. The pain pleasure was acute and ruthlessly threw her into the vortex of an orgasm. Her cocktail felt Anna's orgasm. Her already tight cunt squeezing mercilessly on it.

They all collapsed on each other. Satan used the last of his strength to bring the two females to him, one on either side. He lay on his back, feeling Annalei's large breast pressing into his ribs. Her nipples brushing his side teasingly, yet comfortingly. One of her soft hands were on the center of his chest, her hand on his bicep. When she sighed, he felt her breath on his collarbone. Her soft long legs twined with his.

Sinai mimicked her movement, curling into his other side. She held onto Annalei's hand that was on his chest. Satan felt their feet stroking each other's over his legs. Their contented female sighs made his chest swell with male pride and satisfaction.

"Thank your Master bitches," Satan said as he closed his eyes. He would rest for a moment. Feeling for the first time in centuries a light happiness.

"Thank you Master," The two females responded sleepily.

He lay there for a moment with the two females, resting. Then he teleported out from their grasp and stood up to look at them. They were both so lovely. Light and dark, pale and shining. One full and soft, the other slim and fit. In his absence, they frowned and reached for each other. Breast to breast, hip to hip. Long legs intertwined.

He manifested clothes, intent on going back to work before they woke up. He couldn't wait to introduce more lusty fun to the vampire. He might even keep Sinai as well. His cock started to harden as he remembered Annalei looking at him with an unbridled look of pure sex while he fucked Sinai.

He might even bring in a friend to fuck his Anna. At that, his cock swelled. To watch another male fucking her hard at his command... Mmm. And he knew JUST the male who could give it to her...


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