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Ballet With Eliza Dushku


"Come on Kash! Suck it up!" Johnny said, while Anthony carried on giggling as he had the digital camera on me. I didn't budge.

"A deal's a deal! Now take them off!" Alex said.

"O.K. But what I don't get is this." I started. "I lose the bet, I lose the girl and that means I have to wear tights?"

"Yeah now get them off!" Anthony said. I was here at a ballet class. A new girl, Becky, was recruited where we work and me and Johnny called dibs on her at almost the same time. Neither of us backed off and let the other have her, believing the other didn't stand a chance, so to make things interesting we made a bet. We each took it in turns to try and get a date from her and the one who got the date first won the bet and kept the girl. Which was Johnny. I lost the bet and the loser had to go to ballet class, in tights, the full works, twice a week for a month.

So here I was. I was in sweat pants, but I had the tights on underneath and the guys wanted me to take the sweat pants off to add to my humiliation. There was five of them who came, Johnny, the winner of the bet, Anthony who was filming this to distribute around the office tomorrow, Alex, Daniel and some other guy who I don't even know.

"Are you gentlemen going to join us?" A middle aged woman who ran the class came up to us and asked.

"No, just our buddy Kash over here." Johnny said patting me on the back. "We're here for moral support."

"That's very nice of you gentle men" She said in a soft tone and walked off.

"Why do I have to wear tights? None of the other guys here are."

"That guy is." Anthony pointed at a guy to the left.

"He looks gay!" I protested. Johnny gave a look as if to say you agreed to it pal. Which I did, so I gave in and took the sweat pants off and joined the class.

"We have a new member in our class today." The teacher gestured towards me. "My name is Sophie." She introduced herself to me.

"I'm Kash." Sophie looked at me like she was expecting me to say more but I didn't.

"Anyway!" She said taking the attention off me. "We have a guest here today. She is very skilled in different forms of dance. You may recognise her from the movies. " She looked over to the other side of the room, where there was a girl with black hair, which was up in a high pony tail. She was doing up her shoes. It was one of those ballet shoes. She was dressed in black, almost skin tight clothes, just like the rest of the women here. But she has a sleeveless top that was low cut around the neck area showing off her big breasts. Most of the women were here with a guy, who was probably dragged out here.

The black haired girl made her way up. I just stared at her. Sophie said she was in movies and if I wasn't mistaken, she had to be Eliza Dushku, unless she had a twin or look a like out there.

"This is Miss Eliza Patricia Dushku." Sophie introduced her.

"Hi!" Eliza gave a little wave.

"She'll be joining our session today." Sophie said. "She'll be helping out, showing us how it's done.

"I'll try my best." Eliza said.

"Now everyone, pair of in groups of two." Everyone immediately paired off with whoever they came with. I was the odd number so I was left by myself. I looked over to where the guys were sitting and they were laughing their heads off. I knew Johnny and Anthony since elementary school, when I use to be the fat kid who got picked last in everything, I had lost the weight now, but this was making me feel like the fat kid again.

"Oh!" Sophie said looking at me. "Looks like we have uneven numbers tonight."

"Don't worry!" Eliza said coming over to me. "I'll be your partner!" She said putting her hand on my shoulder, as if to comfort me. I looked over at the guys to see that their jaws had dropped. "How long you been doing ballet?" She asked.

"My first time." I stared at her, noticing her erect nipples.

"You nervous?" She asked. That's when it hit me. I was too busy being embarrassed that I totally forgot about being nervous. I mean what if I make an idiot of myself? That's great! Thank you Eliza Dushku for bringing that up.

"A little." I finally confessed, pulling myself away from my thoughts.

"Don't worry. This is a beginners class. It's not really hard. Just follow my lead." She turned her back to me and started to do some stretches, bending right over. I looked over at the guys and they just sat there, stunned. I may have lost the bet but I had Eliza Dushku doing stretches in front of me, her ass just inches in front of my dick. If I had a full erection now, I'd be a couple of inches in her. I gave a cocky grin to my friends.

"You have to do the stretches as well you know." Eliza gave a comforting smile.

"So what brings you here to Boston?" I asked. "Aren't you living up at Hollywood?"

"I'm a Boston gal." She claimed. "Born and raised. I'm in town visiting family and I though I'd drop by where I learnt ballet as a kid."

"I never knew you knew ballet."

"Yeah!" She said in her sexy, husky like voice. I tried my best to imitate what Eliza was doing, but it turned out looking quite pathetic and my buddies were right there to capture it all on tape. The next hour went by like a blur. What should have been the hardest and most embarrassing hour of my life, started to turn out to be an hour that I didn't want to end.

Me and Eliza were getting along unbelievably well, like we were old friends catching up on what the other has been up to over the years. It turns out that Eliza is not only talented in ballet, but she has studied tap and jazz, one of the things that got her a role in 'Bring it on.' But it didn't stop there. She was multi talented in instruments as well, the piano and drums. And here I was, thinking I'm so talented 'cos I can play 'Moonlight Sonata' on the piano, which always works on the ladies if I take them to a piano bar, but who can afford to do that on every date?

Sophie wrapped things up, as the lesson came to an end.

"I hope I see you again tomorrow." Eliza said to me. "I don't have a partner and I was thinking we could pair up again."

"Sure!" I replied.

"It's a date!" She said kissing me on the cheek. I went over to my friends with a smug look on my face.

"Yeah, yeah! Whatever!" Johnny said. "We got you in tights and when everyone turns their computer on tomorrow morning and logs on, the first thing they'll see is your ass in tights doing squats." Boy did he bring me back down to harsh reality.


The next day I was tormented at work by my friends and people I didn't even know because they saw the video. I was planning on going to the bar with Johnny and the gang, but an evening of being made fun of didn't sound too appealing. I guess it was going to be a quiet evening in. Wait a minute! Eliza asked me to come to ballet again. What time was it? I looked at my watch. 6.50pm. The class starts at 7.00pm. I had ten minutes to make a twenty minute journey.

I managed to get there only five minutes late. Eliza saw me and as I approached her she had her arms out, wide open and gave me a hug. "I was starting to think you were not gonna come over today." She said in her sexy, husky voice.

"Ran into a bit of traffic." Which wasn't 100% false, I did run into traffic on the way over, sure I did forgot all about it and was planning to stay in, but she didn't need to know that.

"What happened to the tights?" Eliza asked. "I thought they were really sexy." I had on Adidas sweat pants and a sleeveless t-shirt, Eliza was dressed the same as yesterday and just like yesterday, she looked sexy as hell and just like yesterday, she had nothing on underneath and her nipples were already sticking out.

"I only wore them because I thought that's what I had to wear." It was actually because of the bet, but I wasn't going to tell her that. We picked up right where we left off yesterday. I didn't even pay attention to what I was doing, me and Eliza were too bust wrapped up in conversation. She overloaded me with even more personal information about herself.

By the time the hour was up and Sophie called it a day, I was feeling light headed and a light love struck. I doubt Eliza felt the same way about me. Sophie dismissed the class and called Eliza over to her. Eliza gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll see you soon." She said jogging over to Sophie. I wondered when I was going to see Eliza again and when soon was, as I made my way to the bathroom. I took a leak and then washed my hands and noticed my hair was out of place. I took a couple of minutes to adjust my pony tail and made sure there weren't any loose or stray hair sticking out.

I made my way down to the parking lot. As I approached my car I heard an unmistakeable voice. Low and kind of husky, it was definitely Eliza. I looked around and saw her walking aimlessly at the top of the parking lot, about twenty feet away from me. She started to walk towards me but didn't notice me and walked past.

"What do you mean you can't come and pick me up? How am I suppose to get home? I didn't bring my car... O.K. Whatever!" She said hanging up the phone.

'Hey Eliza!" I waved at her even though she was about 15 feet away.

"Hi!" She said walking over to me.

"Couldn't help but over hear, but I could give you a lift if you want."

"Really!" She said getting excited, smiling with the cute dimples on her cheeks showing.

"Sure! I have nothing else to do tonight." We both got into my car and I put on some music. I put on Outkast's album 'The love below and started off with the track 'Hey ya.' Can't go wrong with that. Eliza started giving me directions to her parents place. She told me she bought them a house and stayed with them whenever she was in Boston but primarily stayed in L.A.

Eliza pretty much did all the talking on the way home, talking about stories from her childhood. We reached her parents house and I decided to walk her in.

"I don't think my parents are home." Eliza said looking around. "I don't see their car anywhere." The drive way was empty, the garage door was shut.

"Maybe the car's in the garage?"

"Maybe." Eliza said as she opened the front door and the alarm went off. She gave a little laugh. "The alarm's set." She said keying in a alarm code. "There's no one home." She turned to me. "Thanks for the lift Kash." She said.

"No problem." I replied. Usually this would be when I'd make a move, but I was too intimidated by her to attempt anything. I was just about to turn around.

"God, I feel like I'm 17 again!" Eliza said.

"Why's that?" I was slightly confused.

"Being walked up to the front door of my parents house by a hot guy." She thought I was hot? "Then the awkward moment of 'Do I kiss him or invite him in 'cos mom and dad are away and then rock his world.'" I couldn't believe my ears! Was she really talking about taking me in and rocking my world?

"I don't mind either." I said. "But I would prefer the second one." Eliza laughed.

"Of course you would!" She laughed. "I don't know. Now that we're discussing what to do next it doesn't feel..." She was motioning with her hands, trying to think of a word.


"That's the word!" She laughed. "I guess there's always next time." She said turning around. Noooo! My chance was slipping. "Bye!" She said turning around blowing me a kiss and then turned around again.

I quickly grabbed her hand out of desperation. I didn't know what I was gonna do next and I just pulled her towards me kissing her full on the lips. She was a little surprised at first but started to kiss me back instantly, sucking my tongue, moaning very quietly, putting her hands to the back of my head.

"Wow!" She breathed as we broke the kiss. "I haven't been kissed in so long." Guess that answers the question on when the last time she had sex. Maybe that's why things were moving so fast, because she hadn't had sex for a long time and thought I was a descent enough guy and decided to let me fuck her.

She turned around and into the house. There was a rack for shoes where she took her shoes off and put them there, so I did the same. And closed the door behind me. Eliza was proving to be every bit like her character 'Faith' from 'Buffy the vampire slayer,' when she spontaneously sleeps with the loser Xander, except for this time, I was the loser. Hold on, that didn't come out right.

"You want something to drink or eat before we fuck?" Eliza interrupted my thoughts with an image of us fucking.

"Yeah sure!" I said. "But I doubt you'll find the drink I'm thirsty for in the kitchen." I said, trying to use a little dirty talk, stepping forward up to her.

"Oh yeah? And what would that be?" Eliza asked stepping up to me, her body pressed against mine.

"I think you know!" I said moving my lips close to hers and her head jerked forward, grabbing hold of my bottom lip gently with her teeth and then letting go.

"The same kind of drink that I'm looking for that I have to... suck out?" I was trying to have an exchange of sex wits with her, but I was losing my nerve pretty quickly.

"Something like that." I let out nearly stuttering my words. Eliza took a step back, looked me up and down and then fixed her eyes on my crotch. I looked down and noticed that my hard on was sticking out, one of the problems of wearing sweat pants, when you get a hard-on they're visible.

Eliza reached forward at the top of my sweat pants. It was tied at the top, like how you'd tie shoe lace and Eliza pulled at it, undoing it. She pulled my sweat pants so she could take a peak at my man hood. She put her hand in, under my boxer shorts and stroked my already hard cock. Her hand felt incredible wrapped around my shaft.

"You mean something like this?"

"Yeah!" I moaned as she pulled my dick out. She gave it a gentle squeeze and pre-cum started to ooze out. Eliza got down on to her knees and bought her face closer to my dick, just inches away.

"Or this?" Eliza said sticking her tongue out, flicking my pee hole. My pre-cum stuck onto her tongue and she started to pull away, my pre-cum hung from my pee hole to her tongue and stretched out and went very thin. Just before it got too thin and the line was broken in the middle, Eliza put her hand up and as the line of pre-cum snapped, the cum fell down on to her fore arm.

"Mmm..." Eliza moaned as she licked my pre-cum off her fore arm. "Thick and tasty!" She said. "I need more!" She said licking the pre-cum off the tip of my cock in one wet lick. She let out a husky laugh as she started to stroke my cock.

"Shouldn't we go upstairs? Your parents could come in at any time." I said remembering that this was a family house with her whole family pretty much living here.

"Don't worry." She said stroking my dick even faster now. "With the amount of pre-cum you had... you're not gonna last long." It was a huge dent to my ego that Eliza Dushku just told me that I wasn't gonna last long with her, but at the same time it was true. I was ready to burst at her touch.

"Didn't you say you wanted a drink that you had to suck out?" I said not wanting to cum from her hand stroking me and wanting to be in her mouth. Eliza smiled, with her cute little dimples showing on her cheeks. She placed her mouth over my cock head and sucked hard, sucking any excess pre-cum that may be in my cock out. I could feel saliva gathering up in her mouth and then she moved her head forward taking half of my cock into her mouth and her saliva worked up my dick. Eliza started to bob her head up and down my cock, building up to a fast pace, jerking half of it off while sucking off the top half.

"Uhhhh!" I moaned as I tried my best to hold back. I managed to hold back for a lot longer than I thought I would, but Eliza's soft lips were way too much for me and I felt myself getting ready to cum. Eliza sensed this too and started going even faster. "ARRRGGH!" I yelled as my cum pumped up in to my dick and out into Eliza mouth. Eliza carried on working her mouth up and down my shaft as fast as she could while her mouth filled with my salty piss.

"Ahhhh!" I let out a moan of relief as my cock finished shooting cum out. Eliza stopped sucking my cock and had my cock head rest on her tongue. She started to swirl her tongue around, splashing my cock with my hot cum. She playfully pressed her teeth down on my cock, I felt nothing as my cock had gone numb from my orgasm. Eliza gave out a little muffled giggle, while my cock was still in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off my cock and opened her mouth to show me my cum and swallowed and laughed her low musky laugh.

"Now it's your turn!" I said putting my cock away. I picked her up in my arms.

"No arguments there." Eliza said, putting her arm around my shoulder, pulling my hair band off and freeing my hair. "I love a man with long hair. I think it's very sexy!" She said running her fingers through my hair. I quickly went up the stairs with her still in my arms. I thought that I wouldn't be able to carry her up the stairs, but surprisingly, she felt light.

"Which one's your room?" I asked.

"There!" She pointed at the direction of her room. I carried her into the room and gently placed her on the bed. It wasn't a huge room, but it wasn't small either. It was a descent size and judging by the size of the house, I'd say that this was definitely not the biggest room in the house. I looked around. It was almost empty, it just about had the bare essentials. A big walk in closet, which had the door open, it didn't look like her full closet, probably some clothes she kept whenever she was in town. There was a PC in the corner of the room at a desk, probably to check e-mails. A counter with make up and 'girlie essentials.'

I went back to the entrance of the room and closed the door. When I turned around I saw Eliza with a huge grin on her face.

"What?" I said. "What you smiling at?"

"Nothing." Eliza said stretching her arms. "It's just been so long since I just met a guy and just... you know?" I knew what she meant, but I thought I'd tease her a little.

"Did ballet?" I said sitting down beside her on the bed.

"No stupid!" She said laughing, pushing me gently. "You know... met a guy, bought him home for sex." She laughed. She looked so cute when she laughed. I bought my hands up to her cheeks and kissed her, I could taste slight saltiness on her tongue, which I knew was from my own cum. I broke the kiss and Eliza slowly opened her eyes. I pushed her over onto her back and she let out a little excited yelp as I took over.

She had on the very thin black pants, almost like stocking material but not quite. But they were like stockings, they started off at her feet, like socks and like panty hose ended at her waist. I tried to carefully pull it down but I heard a rip and stopped.

"Don't worry about it!" Eliza said they always end up ripping. That's why I have dozens of them." With that I stopped trying to take them off and just ripped a hole near her crotch area, revealing that she had a thong on. I didn't know how to get her thong off without taking off the skin tight pants.

"Is this thong expensive?"

"No. It's one of those ones you get in packs of three." As soon as she said that, I ripped them on the part in between her legs and Eliza gave another playful yelp. I tried to rip it at the top but it was giving some resistance, so I leaned forward and with my teeth tore into the top, at the side of her hips. I pulled it off her and tossed it onto the floor. The musky smell of her womanhood invaded my nostrils. I looked down at her snatch to see a small, neatly trimmed patch of black hair just at the top of her pussy lips.

I leaned forward, taking a second to savour Eliza's musky scent before licking up her slit. She was already wet and I could already taste her, she was probably turned on from the blow job she gave me. I started to lick up and down her slit before pushing my tongue in to her moist hole. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, going underneath her, my hands at the top of her vagina, pressing down on her clit, gently rubbing it while I tongue fucked her cunt. Eliza started to respond instantly, moaning with every touch.

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