tagNonHumanBane of the Lone Wolf Ch. 01

Bane of the Lone Wolf Ch. 01


My name is Raoul Aurele. I have spent my entire life wandering from town to village to hamlet, searching for my place in this world. I am pursued and hunted everywhere I go. But...this isn't all that surprising, as people really don't take kindly to une loup-garou; a werewolf.

I was born in the northern parts of France, in a nameless village to unknown parents, and since my first memory, I have been tormented and hated by everyone everywhere. When I was still a teenager, at 18 years of age, a human family took me from my parents and literally kept me as...as a pet.

I was kept in the corner of their small shack, in old rusted chains. If I shifted into my human form, I'd be beaten...and while I was in my wolf form, they taunted and abused me. The mother of the family, she would make use of my tongue for...her own selfish needs. Then there was the father. Forcing me to help him hunt, I was little more than a crude hound to him.

And last, but not least, their daughter. She...was a spoiled girl. Very beautiful, and with a soothing, soft voice, but her personality was that of a siren. She would stroke my back, scratch behind my ears, play with my tail...and then when her parents were not around...her clothing was almost nowhere to be found. She would strip nude the first chance she had, and then she'd push me onto my back, and faster than one could count, she would ride my cock with her insatiable cunt.

It really didn't matter to her whether I came or not...so long as she had multiple orgasms. There were a few times I came as well, but more often than not she rode my dick, and right before I was about to cum, she would be satisfied and leave me, panting, lustful and disappointed.

For several long, miserable years, my life was nothing but what I have described, sexual abuse and forced hunting. Finally, the mother and father were killed in a raid by marauders, and the daughter was taken by the scoundrels to be a slave, I assume. I was ignored, thought to be a large dog, as I did not stand on my hind legs or reveal my fingers.

When they were all gone, I slipped over to the father's corpse and took the key from a pouch at his waist, freeing myself at long last. I stepped outside, looking at the destroyed village with a long sigh.

From then on, my life became one of constant wandering. I would journey through the wilderness, hunting for my food and sleeping in the grass under the stars. Every now and then, on certain occasions, I would come across a village or a town, and usually I would steal some meat, though I once stole a leather kilt which I've worn ever since.

There was one particular day of theft which brought some interesting happenings into my life...

I fled the butchery, escaping the cleaver of the butcher as I carried the raw meat in my mouth, bounding down the street through crowds of villagers. I glanced over my shoulder, turning a corner and dashing off into the trees, up a hill and into the forest.

I didn't stop running until I was miles away, and when I finally did, I sat down against a log, gnawing at the raw meat for a good long while, until there was nothing but a few bones left. Satisfied as far as hunger went, I leaned my head back, listening to the calls of the birds and the soft rush of a nearby stream.

Closing my eyes, I thought over my life, and soon my memory was lingering on the daughter of that family that enslaved me for so long. Her name was Katherine. The more I thought of her, the more I was filled with a burning hatred, until soon I was angry without any real reason.

I clenched my furred hands into fists, until suddenly my ears perked, catching the sound of boots crushing twigs and blades of grass, and men talking to one another. Turning around and peering over the log, I noticed a small band of men walking together, all armed to a degree with daggers and short swords. They were dragging a naked girl behind them, who was chained at the wrists and being led by another chain around her neck.

I watched with mild interest, as they walked for a good while, finally setting up camp maybe a quarter of a mile from where I sat. I stared at their fire off in the distance, tempted to go and see if there was anything worth stealing.

Finally, I decided to go after night descended, and I lay against the log, closing my eyes and curling my tail around my waist as I fell into a light slumber.

When I awoke, it was dark, the many stars twinkling brightly through the canopy of leaves that the forest provided. I yawned, my tongue curling as I stretched lazily, before sitting up and peering over the log.

The fire of the men was still going, although it had been reduced to a few embers and a small flame. I waited until my vision cleared, and my body felt awake and ready, before I vaulted over the log, bounding swiftly towards the camp, careful to avoid twigs and bark, making as little noise as possible.

I slowed to a creeping walk once I was within one hundred feet of their camp, concealing myself in the foliage, peering around their campsite. The seven men that made up their band were sleeping against trees and on the soft dirt, with the bound girl quite far away from the fire, chains binding her to a large tree. She was easily 80 feet or more from the nearest man. I snuck around the edge of the camp, and then away from it as I neared her.

Finally, I found myself face to face with her, and upon studying her features, I came to a sudden realization. It was Katherine. I retreated a bit, my eyes wide with shock, and in doing so, I stepped on a twig.

The resulting snap caused Katherine's eyes to shoot open, and within moments of seeing me her eyes widened and a happy smile replaced her solemn expression. I glared at her in return, although she didn't seem to notice.

"Oh, puppy..." She insisted on calling me that since her family enslaved me, and it was apparent she was still going to. "You came to free me..." Free her. Hah.

I walked up to her, and she lifted her chained hands to my muzzle, stroking it almost affectionately. I only stared back coldly, and eventually she took notice. "Puppy...aren't you going to release me...?" She asked softly, a hurt tone to her voice.

I nodded, and she smiled a relieved smile, only to notice my cold expression remained. I held up my index finger, and she tilted her head with confusion, clearly not understanding.

Rolling my eyes with impatience, I placed my furry hands on her shoulders and slowly pushed her down onto her knees. She stared up at me with wide eyes, clearly unsure of what was happening and possibly in mild shock.

She then slowly lowered her gaze to my cock, which was now hard. After all, despite her downright evil personality, she was absolutely attractive with her long, chocolate-colored hair and brilliant green eyes...not to mention a thin, healthy body with perky breasts and a round, tempting bottom.

To get her to understand, I pushed my cock forward towards her lips, and she leaned her head back, eyes widening with alarm. "No, puppy, please! Just let me go!" She begged, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

Growling, I placed a hand on the back of her head, and forced my cock against her lips, and after pushing for a moment, I forced my thick dick into her hot, wet mouth. She shut her eyes tightly, her lips just barely able to stretch around my cock, as I proceeded to slowly force her to bob her head up and down on my long, thick length.

She moaned in humiliation as I closed my eyes, grunting in pleasure. She struggled weakly against my hand guiding her head, as I fucked her face with leisure, my cock causing her to gag and choke.

After a good five minutes of forced oral fucking, she reluctantly began to suck on my cock, caressing the underside of the head with her tongue as I growled softly, still clenching a fistful of her hair in my hand.

She began to suck harder, bobbing her head a bit faster as my cock swelled and stiffened, my own orgasm imminent. I thrust my dick between her lips, groaning as her moist, hot mouth engulfed a little more than half of my length.

With a final grunt, I started to cum, shooting a stream of my seed into her mouth before I pulled out and held her head still with my hand in her hair, stroking my cock with the other as I covered her face with stream upon stream of my cum.

She gasped, her eyes shut tight, as she panted, my hot cum coating her face as her chest heaved. She began to cry softly, quiet sobs reaching my ears. I sneered down at her, pleased with myself, as I let go of her hair, letting her fall to the ground.

I turned and began to walk away, the scent of her arousal reaching my sensitive nose. I was glad she was going to be left disappointed. She deserved it.

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