tagNonHumanBane of the Lone Wolf Ch. 02

Bane of the Lone Wolf Ch. 02


It had been several days since I'd had my little run-in with Katherine, and since then I'd made my way up to the northern coasts of my homeland, following a few travelers who smelled an awful lot like wolves.

It had struck me as a bit too strange to ignore. After all, I couldn't be the only werewolf in Francia, and it would be interesting if I could find a place for myself to fit in. To make a long story short, I tailed them carefully as they traveled, keeping a good distance between us and doing my best to stay downwind, just as a precaution.

They were camping in front of a very large system of caves, and I watched them curiously from the trees. It seemed to be a sign that I might be right about them. Werewolves would be more inclined to stay near or in caves than humans, that's for certain.

I had been returning from hunting one night when I saw them: three werewolves, all sitting atop the rock that made up the caves, as they raised their heads, howling up at the cold night sky.

I immediately dropped the dead deer I'd been carrying, and raised my head as well, answering their howl. They all jerked their heads towards me, staring with wide, cautious eyes as I lowered my muzzle, approaching them slowly.

I stared back at them, and for what seemed like eternity, we simply stared at each other. Then, they cautiously approached me, sniffing and poking their muzzles at me as I did the same.

Finally, one of them, a female, growled at me, and strangely enough, I understood its meaning. For convenience, I'll be translating all growls into something that you can understand.

The female werewolf growled, "Who are you and what are you doing here...?" Her tone wasn't friendly, but it was not horribly hostile, either.

I stared at her for a while before I replied quietly, "My name is Raoul. I just happened to be hunting along the coast here when I heard your howl." I thought it would be in my better interest if they didn't know I'd actually followed them simply out of curiosity.

One of the other two, the only male, snarled and shook his head. "Well, unless you're of our pack, you shouldn't be here...and I don't recognize you."

I shrugged. "Well, sorry, I don't belong to any pack...Actually; I've never met any other werewolves before."

At this all of their ears perked up. The female who I had spoken to asked, "Never? Have you been locked in a cellar for all of your life?"

I grinned bitterly. "More or less, yes." My response earned a series of odd looks and the three of them exchanging glances, as I went on. "I was a slave up until just a few seasons ago. Didn't see much outside of a tiny village..."

The male wolf snapped, "Your life story doesn't concern us. Just be on your way, pup, and leave us be."

Before I could respond, two more werewolves came out of the trees, then shortly afterward, five more. More and more wolves showed up, and soon the entire system of caves and the general area around it was full of happily growling and snarling werewolves.

I was amazed; who knew that there were this many of my kind? And all together, at once! It was awe-inspiring. I leaped down from the rock before the male wolf could continue trying to force me to leave, and mixed into the crowd of wolves below.

It didn't take long for the male wolf to give up on finding me, and as soon as I saw him return to the two females he had originally traveled with, I took a better look around the crowd.

Now that I took a closer look...quite a few of the werewolves were female, and it didn't take long for me to start 'examining' some of them more intimately. Normally I'd be a bit less blunt, but...woof, some of them were the kind of sexy little bitches you just want to fuck the moment you see them.

I leaned against a boulder as I scanned the crowd, enjoying myself for the first time in quite a while, and so enraptured by the enticing curves of the bitch werewolves that I didn't notice the female wolf until she was quite literally pressed against me, looking up at my then-busy eyes.

I jumped when she 'spoke', "Hello there..." I blinked and looked down, surprised I hadn't notice the lusty-looking female who was quite literally pressing up against me.

"Hello...is there something you need of me, mademoiselle...?" I asked, doing my best to seem like I didn't feel as if I was intruding into something foreign to me.

"Oh, I'm not sure, monsieur, I've simply never seen you before at a pack gathering and I thought I might come entertain you..."

At this I smirked, and quite naturally slipped into a state of mind where my concerns are of a dirty variety. "Well, I'm very glad you would be so kind, mademoiselle...but perhaps I'll end up being the one who 'entertains' you, eh?"

She giggled, or at least it was the equivalent sound which I cannot really describe. For a while she simply stared up at me, hints of a smile on her muzzle, as I let my imagination get carried away with what I might do to such a female.

And before I knew it the two of us had slipped away from the main crowd of werewolves, deep into one of the caves, until both of us stumbled and we ended up on the floor, our muzzles pressed together and paws exploring each others' bodies.

Though she did not know, it was certainly a new experience for me. Up until that point, anything sexual that had happened to me hadn't been very pleasant, and it had been with that wretched family whose names I hope to forget.

But then, with her, I felt my fur against hers and heard her soft moans when my cock ground against her pussy, and I felt a surge of lust and confidence that hadn't ever overtaken me before, and I leaned my muzzle down, taking one of her hard nipples between my fangs and biting down on it in short, rapid nibbles, causing her to gasp and arch her back beneath me.

I took her other breast in one of my paws, kneading and squeezing her sensitive flesh as she continued to yip and yelp beneath me, her paws on the back of my head, pushing down encouragingly.

I suckled on her nipple for a while before suddenly trailing my tongue down her stomach, past her waist, to tease her inner thighs with it, the tip of my long tongue almost touching her wet cunt, but not quite. She whined in frustration and tried to push her pussy against my muzzle, but I held her hips down firmly as I continued to playfully torment this sexy little bitch whose name I did not know.

Finally, I flicked her clit with my tongue, taking it between my fangs and sucking hard, earning a long, low moan from her as her paws clenched my fur tightly. Fortunately, my horrible experiences with that human family did give me some rather good practice when it came to this particular activity.

I began to lick her pussy in long, slow motions, occasionally taking the lips of her cunt between my fangs, gently putting a bit of pressure on them with the points. But as I continued eating out this helpless little bitch, I couldn't help but remember all the pain that I had endured in such a similar position, and all the hate and the anger and viciousness surged in me.

I pulled back suddenly, yanking the bitch up by the fur on her head as I stood. I pulled her muzzle toward my cock, growling, "Suck."

She looked up at me with shocked eyes, but she hesitantly opened her muzzle, and I thrust my cock into her warm, wet mouth, as she began to lick and suck my dick gently, almost shyly, which I assumed meant this was her first time doing such a thing.

I groaned, closing my eyes, my fist still holding some of her fur tightly as I put my other paw on the wall of the cave to support myself, my hips thrusting reflexively at some points as her tongue ran over some of the more sensitive spots on my thick cock.

As my cock became more slick due to her efforts, she began to bob her head with increasing speed, earning a sharp growl from me as I bucked my hips, my muscles tensing slightly as the points of her sharp fangs just barely brushed against the sensitive skin of my dick.

I let her go on for some time; until I thought my cock was slick enough that it was ready for what I had in mind. I tugged her off of my dick, earning a confused look from her as I lifted her to her feet, and turned her around, roughly pushing her against the wall of the cave.

She yelped as I yanked her tail up, exposing her tight pucker to me, as I aligned the head of my cock with it and began to push. She whined and her paws gripped at the wall of the cave, her hips trying to push away from mine as the head of my cock was pushed and pressed against her tight tailhole.

She cried out as it began to stretch her unwilling pucker open, and the head of my dick slowly began to slide into her. She glanced back at me, and I looked into her eyes, which were watery, resulting in her quickly looking back towards the cave wall.

As my cock was inched into her tight tailhole, she continued to whine and yelp, her body pressed against the wall of the cave in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid my dick.

Finally, my cock was completely buried in her unwilling ass, and I just stood there, pinning her against the wall, as she whimpered softly, occasionally sashaying her hips in a way that I found rather sexy.

When her whimpers became less frequent, I started to pull my cock back, only to thrust it back into her tight tailhole, earning a loud yelp from her. I groaned in her ear, as her tight ass was squeezing my cock so firmly, it was sheer ecstasy.

I continued to forcefully stretch her tight pucker in long, slow thrusts as she yelped and cried like a pup whose tail has been bitten. Her yelps and whimpers stirred a lust in me that was insatiable, and it wasn't long before I was rapidly pounding my cock into her unwilling tailhole, her resulting whines encouraging me even more so.

So enraptured was I with the pleasure of fucking this little bitch's tight ass, that it took me some time to notice she had begun to buck back a little bit with each thrust. I grinned when I finally realized it. The cute and unwilling bitch was still enjoying this, if only on a physical level.

I yanked on her tail, pulling her hips back a bit so she was forced to bend over to support herself on the wall, while making it easier for me to fuck the little bitch's tailhole as hard as I pleased.

With each thrust, I could feel the tension and the pressure in my muscles building, signs of a hard orgasm that was yet to come, as the cute little wolf in front of me cried and yelped, her body betraying her physical enjoyment of such treatment.

I felt it, the moment just before the climax, and in my lust, I yanked her tail as hard as I could, causing her to scream and lean her head back. I caught one of her wolfish ears in my fangs, growling as I came hard in the cute little wolf's ass.

She whined and cried as we stood there, her still impaled on my cock as my chest heaved with each heavy breath. I finally stepped back, pulling out of her and pulling my paws away from her. She collapsed onto the cold cave floor, the sobs wracking her body the only sign that she was alive.

I looked down at her as the erotic haze cleared from my mind, and it began to dawn on me what I had done, my paws flexing as rationality returned to me. The female continued to cry softly on the cold floor before me, and I stared wordlessly, in shock at my own actions.

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