tagIncest/TabooBang Baby Bang Ch. 02

Bang Baby Bang Ch. 02


I know the previous part to this story was a little long for some of you so for that I apologize but for those of you who requested more, here it is. I would especially like to thank my wonderful editor Gale Willow for all she has done on all my stories so far. Just knowing she will peruse my work and polish the rough edges has given me a greater confidence from which to write.

Chapter 6 (Everyone has an Oedipus complex, don't they? or Give it up dad cause mom just did)

Rachel and Michael spent the day in and out of bed. It was like they were different people, communicating on a very different level. They had talked about a number of things that morning, school, work, sports, and life in general. A significant portion of their conversation had been on Michael's choice of University. He had made his decision by comparing both athletic programs and academic opportunities. He wasn't foolish by any means, and knew that the only way to get ahead was through education, sport was a good in but the likelihood of playing professionally was slim. Rachel talked about her university experiences, although they were vastly different than his were going to likely be, she did hers part-time, was married and had, had a kid. It took her six years to do what most kids had done in four but regardless she came away with a degree in Business Administration. It also explained why Michael had no siblings; his parents were busy with their educations and fighting the stigma of being young parents. The conversation meandered through university life, class choices, the importance of studying, to parties, girls, and finally the conversation turned to sex.

"So I take it from your performance today that you're not a virgin?" She had a sly smile on her face as she spoke.

They were back in Michael's room; she was standing across from him, leaning against his desk, sipping from her coffee cup. She was still naked; she had been naked all morning, not bothering to dress because she was still planning on fucking him some more. Her nudity seemed natural, the whole sordid mess seemed natural, erotic and taboo sure but there was no guilt, no crazy emotional outbursts of fear or fright at what took place between them, all in all she felt exhilarated. To put it bluntly she felt like she was a teenager again and she was in love/lust with some hunky guy who if she played her cards right would be fucking her silly for a long time. So being in her son's room naked actually felt quite good, surprisingly. She had her left arm folded across her body just under her breasts, as she continued sipping her coffee, this pose accentuated her firm gorgeous tits which sat high on her chest, and her legs were crossed at the ankles, giving greater emphasis to her hips and thighs. Her beautiful hour glass frame overwhelmed him at times, especially given the view he had of that perfect little landing strip less than an inch wide that lead directly to his mother's tight pouty vaginal lips and heaven. If he bothered to look closer he would have noticed her heightened arousal, starting with the flush of her skin at her neck and breast, how it travelled down her center over the imperceptible curve of her stomach to her groin and her Venus Mons. The blush of her skin radiating out signifying the body's desire for sex and culminating at her vaginal lips that are moistening and becoming wet, indicating her readiness to copulate. But being young and inexperienced he couldn't get past her all over tan that accentuated her shapely look and help to highlight her shaved vaginal area, firm breasts with their silver dollar sized areolas and hard nipples.

"So, what was the question again?" Michael broke from his daydream, shaking his head slightly, causing his eyes to blink and refocus.

"Are you a virgin?" She repeated, smiling as she noted his reverie. It signified to her just how enthralled he was with her and she loved it.

"No, I'm not." Michael blushed again as he answered. He was sitting up in his bed drinking from the water bottle his mother had just handed him. She had come down the stairs from the kitchen naked, handed him the bottle of water, as though her naked appearance was an everyday occurrence. She turned and walked over to his desk, so he could watch that perfect ass of hers sway as she went. The image just kept playing over and over again in his mind, distracting him and making completely unfocused. Her body was toned and well muscled, firm and sexy. She again turned to face him leaning casually against the desk as though it was perfectly natural to be in his room without clothes. He stared at her agape eyes looking glazed over.

"What?" She asked smiling at him knowing full well the effect her nudity was having on him. He was paused staring at her, his facial expression clearly indicating shock and awe.

"I just can't get over the fact that you're naked in my room." He said looking at her.

"Really, I'm naked in your room and that has you flabbergasted; the fact that you just fucked your mother hasn't blown your mind at all?" She continued to smirk, the fact that they had fucked did more than just blow her away, she was euphoric. Deep down she knew that she should be in turmoil, she should have misgivings and pangs of guilt but instead she was remarkably aroused and horny as hell. The sex she had just had with her son was better than anything she had experienced before. When she was upstairs making coffee and getting her son a bottle of water she found her mind wandering back to their time together this morning. She had never considered herself a size queen but after this morning she definitely was considering things differently. The size of his cock stretching her and penetrating her more deeply and thoroughly than anything ever had, push into her cervix wowed her beyond belief. Size wasn't the only thing that shocked her, she found herself turned on by the idea of incest. It added an erotic edge to their love making that she hadn't counted on and her son's staying power was just an added bonus. They had plenty of time before his father came home and she intended to make the most of it.

"Well yeah that has me blown away a bit for sure." He said looking down at his feet and rubbing his hand through his hair. He had always known his mother was hot. He had fought it though not willing to go there; he had even fought with his friends when they brought it up but after bumping into her when he came out of the shower well that changed everything, dramatically. Things were moving fast and he really didn't have time to assess their relationship. Their relationship that fact alone just began to sink in, he and his mother were in a relationship. "I really don't know what to think about that."

She smiled again at him and slowly sipped her coffee, very aware of her body. Her nipples were hard and erect standing out from the roundness of her firm breasts like pink eraser tips. She could feel herself becoming wet and knew she wanted to fuck him again. The question was would he want to fuck her again, she knew he'd likely fuck her again today that much was a given, but would he want to keep this going, would he want something more, would he want a relationship? "Well you'll just have to get used to it because I plan on being this way more often. Is there anything else you're having difficulty with?"

"Well I'm not really having a difficulty with it but I'm amazed that you shave." He smiled at her as he spoke; it was actually a real turn on for him.

"So do you apparently." She noted using her coffee cup to point towards her son's junk.

"Yeah, that's a left over from when I dated Jenny Roth."

"Well mine is more because I like the way it feels, especially when I get wet and have a nice hard cock sliding in and out of me." She watched his reaction as she spoke so wantonly. She could see his erection beginning to form under the sheet; boys are so easy she thought. "There is something about the feel of skin on skin. Especially, drenched, slick skin, that's become hard sliding on a sodden, sopping, sloppy wet, pussy needing to be fucked and sucked. Now that's a turn on don't you think?"

Again she watched her son shift in the bed as his erection began to make itself known, his face reddening and his body shifting nervously in the bed. She would definitely be fucking him again today and if she was lucky, tomorrow and the day after.

"So when did you lose your virginity?" Rachel inquired, not sure she really wanted to hear the answer. But she felt sorry for his nervousness and wanted to keep the conversation going.

"Two years ago." He said straight out hoping that would be the end of it.

"And?" She let the questioning tone hang in the air.

"And it was Jenny Roth."

"Oh okay the one that liked you shaved, that makes sense. I remember her now; she was the one with the teeth." An odd pang of jealousy shot through her as soon as she heard the name. She felt very high school in her retort. Thinking to herself 'Oh my god what am I fifteen all over again, having a fit because my boyfriend dated other girls.'

"She had braces mom, they were the invisible ones. And it was just her front two teeth that were out of place."

"So braces and pubic hair, I get why she wanted you to shave." Rachel responded trying to get her jealousy in check. "Yeah well she was cute, even if her smile crooked. Did she shave too?"

"Yeah." His answer was short and sweet but somehow he knew his mother wasn't going to leave it like that.

"Was it a landing strip, just the edges or was she bald?"

"She was shaved bald."

"Did you like that?" She asked.

"Yes." Again his reply was brief.

"Do you like how I look?" She asked.

"Very much." He replied honestly.

"I like the way you look too." She blushed

"Thanks." He said.

"Would you like me bald?" She asked.

"If you want but I like the way you are now too." He was getting aroused and nervous all at the same time.

"So tell me more about this girl." Rachel saw her son's nervousness and taking pity on him decided to change the subject.

"What do you want to know?" He asked.

"What else did you like about her?" Again she could feel herself getting jealous anticipating the answer.

"I thought her smile was one of her best features." He replied.

"One of her best features, were there others, more sexual in their nature?"

"Well she did have a nice rack." He whispered under his breath as he looked down at his chest.

"I heard that. You always were a 'Boob Man' even when you were a baby. So was she your one and only?" She was smiling as she took in a deep breath asking the last question and shook her head allow her dark brown hair to cascade down her shoulders. She was doing her best to look enticing and provocative, after all she was thirty-eight and he was nineteen, girls his age had youth and perky tits on their side. Again with the jealousy, she really had to get that in check. She had no idea where this was coming from. Suddenly she was an insecure high school kid with a crush on some boy way out of her league. Or maybe she was in love with someone half her age and way out of her league. Either way her insecurity was causing her to feel threatened and this drove her need to secure her lover.

"No, she wasn't." Now he was feeling embarrassed, he wasn't too sure about sharing his sex life with others especially his mother. But given the recent change in their relationship he really didn't know how to respond so he settled for the truth.

"Oh really? I know this is a little late but you did use protection?" She hadn't even thought about Michael having an active sex life. Aside from the health risk associated with unprotected sex, her mind started to wander to other things, 'Oh god he's been with other girls, younger girls, beautiful hot girls with tight bodies... STOP IT!' She was going to make herself nuts.

"Yes mom. All the time." He reassured her.

"Well you didn't today." She was not only admonishing him but herself as well with that statement.

"Well things kind of got away from me here. You gotta admit this is a little crazy?" He replied not really knowing how to tell his mom that it was her lust that did him in, along with some crazy desire he really didn't know he had until recently. Cumming inside her was an extreme thrill he hadn't really thought of before. It wasn't just the feeling of skin on skin it was something more, something visceral that he couldn't place but the need to cum in her was strong and he wanted to do it again despite the risk. "It's not every day that my life goes wild like this."

"Well things get crazy for you and you forget to use a condom how does that happen? What if I'm pregnant?" It was only as she said it that the thought really began to sink in. Oddly she didn't seem as concerned as she thought she should, in fact she felt rather titillated and aroused by the idea of her own son knocking her up, it was an odd sensation and one she would have to revisit sometime. "What if you knocked me up?"

For his part Michael blushed at the thought. He really didn't know how to answer that question or whether it was a question as it seemed to be more of a statement. He did know that he tingled at the idea and it caused a surge of blood to stiffen his already hardened cock. He could feel the mushroom head of his prick flaring in what was most likely pride. To be prideful at what had just taken place between he and his mother seemed somehow diametrically opposite to what he should be feeling. He knew he should be feeling shame, embarrassment, shock, those types of emotions associated with breaking mores, and deeply entrenched values and yet he felt none of those things. He was highly aroused, excited, and gleeful even, and when his mother had said the word pregnant he felt exuberant and yes prideful, 'surely he was seriously fucked up' he thought.

"So mister did you think about that when your prick was buried deep in my vagina? Did you think as you filled my womb with your cum that you could be knocking me up, did you?" She asked with no actual hint of condemnation in her voice. Nothing to indicate that she even was concerned, her tone might as well have been more easily placed around a discussion of what would you like for supper than the seriousness of being made pregnant by ones son.

"No." Was his straight out answer.

She put her coffee cup down and brought both her hands to her hips. Slowly she slid them over the slight roundness of her tummy, her arms coming together causing her breast to push together further exaggerating their fullness. Her erect nipples stood out proudly as her hands moved down toward her sex. There was nothing she was doing that she wasn't conscious of, she knew the impact these movements were having on her son. She chose her words.

"Look at my pretty pink cunny, it's still slick with your cum." Her hands were now on either side of her sex pressing gently enough to only slight expose her inner labia.

Michael's only response was an almost audible gulp and to continue to stare at his mother's shaved pussy.

"Your seed is inside me baby. Your cock was so tight against my cervix some of your cum must've got into my womb." The index finger of her right hand began to gently pull her lips apart exposing her wet inner folds and the hard nub of her clitoris.

"I don't think you really thought this through when you decided to bang me with that big hard cock of yours, did you she asked her hands still gently exploring her sex.

"AAHhh n-no no not really." He was becoming more nervous than aroused now.

"Me neither, so if this happens again we're going to have to be more careful aren't we?" She said leaving every indication that this was in all likelihood going to happen again.

"Yes mom a lot more careful." He really wasn't sure that he wanted to be careful, in fact he was leaning more towards the 'Crying havoc and letting lose the dogs of war, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead' kind of stuff that always got him in trouble when he was a kid.

"So how many times have you done the deed?" Seeing the need to change the mood she switched the direction of the conversation, her curiosity and her jealousy were getting the best of her.

"No one calls it the deed anymore." He said smiling at her as she came and sat on the bed.

"Well then how many times have you had sex?" She asked as she moved toward him, pulling back the covers and getting into bed with him. He spread his legs without thinking, as she slip in between them, as if they'd been lovers for years instead of hours. She was lying on her stomach, perched up by her elbows, her face inches away from his growing erection.

"I've had sex nine times, mom." His voice cracked as he spoke directly. He was trying to assert himself but her sensuality was something to contend with that he had never ever dealt with before.

"All with the same girl?" She asked looking into his eyes as her fingers began to trace down the length of his shaft.

"N-No, not all with the same girl." This time his voice didn't crack as he spoke but his arousal was evident.

"So you've had nine lovers then?" She began to wrap her hand around his growing appendage, gently stroking it and bringing it back to life.

"No m-m-mom I've only been with th-th-three girls... and one woman." Her continued stroking of his shaft was really making it difficult to concentrate.

"Really and who was that?" She smiled, licking her lips as she spoke and gently placing a kiss on the head of his cock.


"Have any of these other girls... lovers, ever give you head?" She smiled squeezing his cock in her right hand and gently touching his balls with her left.

"Two." He was looking straight into eyes as they spoke.

"Have any of them ever been able to take it all?" There was a sparkle in her and a smile on her face as she spoke.


"Well then I guess you're in for a treat." And with that she smiled gave him a quick wink and parting her lovely lips in the shape of a perfect 'O', bent her head over and took half his cock immediately into her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around the head and then snaked its way down the shaft coating it with a thin film of saliva. His immediate reaction was a distinctively loud moan and his head tilted back as the pleasure of his mother's mouth on his hard shaft overwhelmed him send shock waves of pleasure throughout his body.

With a loud sucking pop she withdrew her head from his lap and with a deep gasping inhale of air, spoke. "There is an art to giving good head." She said as she continued stroking his cock while she looked at it admiringly.

"First thing a girl needs to know is when taking on a nice big cock is to take it slow." She emphasizing the words 'Take it slow.' With that she returned her attention to his hard member and casually licked the head and shaft. Still holding his cock in her right hand she began to slowly stroke it from the base to the tip.

"By the way." She paused and looked him straight in the eye before continuing, "That's just as important for you boys to know when servicing girls. No one wants Roger Ramjet zooming around down there all Wyllie-Nellie when they're getting head."

Again she enveloped the head of his shaft in her mouth, licking and sucking the tip, her tongue poking his urethra and twirling around the crown. The effect of this was to cause Michael to bring his head forward and stare directly in his mother's eyes. The look he gave her was a lust filled desire that sent chills down her spine, she knew her lover was going to fuck her senseless after this and she couldn't wait. She placed several gentle kisses on the tip before she spoke again. "Second most important thing to know is eye contact. In my experience this seems a little more important for men than it is women."

This time she stared directly into his eyes as she took him in her mouth, the effect was amazing, watching his face as she swallowed his cock. Her eyes were beautiful and bold as they showed both her passion, for what she was doing and her own desire. Just knowing it was her son's cock in her throat, a cock that had been buried deep in her pussy and was going to be buried there once again made her shiver with lust. Having his cock in her mouth, sliding over her tongue and down her throat, made her feel powerful and vulnerable all at the same time. The power came from watching his facial features as she took him, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, his mouth open as if trying to say something but having the words stuck in his throat, the way his body twitched and jumped with every move of her tongue or gentle scrape of her teeth against the head and shaft of his cock. The vulnerability came from the feeling generated by his powerful cock. It was longer and thicker than anything she had ever experienced before. This was a large cock.

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