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Bangkok Rape Arena


I am what I suspect you would call a twenty-first century gladiator. I guess that would be a sexual gladiator. I am an American living in Bangkok. I am not here by my choice but because I owed a substantial dept to some very powerful and very bad people that had to be paid. This was a dept that could have meant my life being taken; being in Thailand was a better option for me. I played division 1 football at a major midwestern university that you would know but that I would prefer not to name. I was a linebacker with some very good promise of going on to the next level. My playing size at that time was six foot four and I weighed two hundred fifty-five pounds. My dream of the NFL ended when an offensive lineman cut blocked me and took out my knee for the second time in three years. I’m not a dumb jock but I am also not a scholarly type. I graduated with a degree in Physical Education which they pretty much give you for going to class every day and guess what, I became an assistant high school football coach and taught business economics. At twenty-three years old that is sort of a dead end boring existence after you have had a hundred thousand people chanting your name in the stadium.

That is when I got in trouble. I made the mistake of showering with the team a couple of times and the guys saw that I was, for a white guy, packing quite a load between the legs. Kids being kids they talked and told other kids that Coach was hung. One of the pretty blonde cheerleaders came on to me one Saturday morning when I was in my classroom catching up on some papers that needed grading. Long story short my testosterone took over and I gave her the fucking of her life on top of my desk. Over the next month a steady stream of pretty oversexed high school girls made their way to my humble apartment for a little extra credit work with the Coach. It was really, really stupid and I was eventually caught, fired and basically banned from ever coaching again. I made sure all of the girls were at least eighteen and of consensual age but no one gave a damn for that technicality when they booted me out the door.

I took a big step off the curb and became an enforcer for an organized crime group that I knew through some old neighborhood friends. I then fucked that up too. They told me that I was too dangerous and unpredictable to keep around. Fortunately one of the top dogs was a huge college football fan of my alma mater and went to bat for me or I would have most certainly ended up encased in concrete in a new home foundation because I simply didn’t have the quarter of a million sitting around to pay back what I lost them from my irresponsible mistake.

They sent me to Thailand as a sort of liaison with a group that smuggled girls and drugs into the United States. It was another no brainer job. After I had been in country for a couple of months I was called to the office of the head of the Thai family, a Mr. Virote whom I’d had dealings with on a number of occasions. My job consisted mostly of standing around and nodding when the bosses had meetings while his guys did some dirty work. I expected the worst from the meeting. I was afraid that perhaps my protector in the US was no longer viable or had decided that I wasn’t worth his bother. Instead I was surprised. Not able to shake old habits or desires I had from time to time availed myself of the charms of some of the ladies that were heading stateside and a couple of the girls had told the man of my physical attributes. He wanted me to consider a part-time job of sorts. He told me to meet him at the office that night at around ten, as he wanted to show me something very special.

I don’t want you getting the wrong idea. I am no Johnny Wad. My cock is big just not that big. It is just less than ten inches long but what makes me a little special is that I am almost as thick as silver a dollar for the entire length. From my perusal of the porno flicks I see that most of the long dicked guys are rather thin. Not me. Flaccid I am around the size of a normal male. When I achieve an erection my balls swell and become the size of small billiard balls. I have to admit that my cock can be quite the sight to a woman who has not had a well hung male and is frankly turned on by the fear and lust that I have often seen in their eyes. When I’m erect I can fill a woman like most have never been filled.

Because I don’t have anything else to do during the day my only job is keeping in shape and for the most part I work out about three hours in the morning and a couple of more hours late in the afternoon. I like the burn you get from pushing yourself that extra little bit. I need to be in shape to do for what I am sometimes called upon to do for my employers. You may be surprised that most of the time I simply need to be present to make someone come around to my boss’s way of thinking. I’m extremely proud of the way I look after a good work out and my muscles are filled out. I think I compare well with some of the body builders or steroid laced wrestlers without being grossly out of the norm.

I was still not certain that I was not about to be killed when I arrived to meet Mr. Virote. We took his car, just he and I, and went down to Patpong the famous red light district of Bangkok. At night-time, Patpong's brightly and colorfully lit streets are packed with people who parade along the clubs lining the streets —some of these people might even shock the most worldly of visitors. In the past I had toured the area and visited some of the clubs. We parked and went in an unmarked door. Immediately inside were a ticket booth and two bouncers that were quite imposing. They nodded at Mr. Virote and we went into the adjoining room without having to pay.

What I saw there was beyond my imagination. It was a mini arena of sorts. On three sides of the room were bleachers six rows high that held probably a total of around three hundred people. There was a very small walkway in front of the bleachers for the patrons to gain access to their seats. In the middle of the three-sided stands was a room of curious form. The room was approximately twelve by twelve so that the people in the stands were very close, in the lower seats just over a yard away. Large gauge extra strength chicken wire formed the walls on three sides. The forth wall was plywood with a single door that was closed. The only thing inside the room was a queen size bed that sat on the floor and was made up with a single white silk sheet and some pillows.

We walked to the center section and then halfway up the bleacher where a few open reserved seats were set aside. The place was full of mostly Asian men though there were a few westerners and a few dozen women amongst the gathering. There were scantily dressed waitresses serving drinks and quite a few of the people were smoking. From the smell of it they were more into hashish than tobacco and a cloud of marijuana smoke hung over the room like a cloud. It was as though they had been waiting for us to arrive for as soon as we sat down the lights in the seating area were turned completely off leaving only the lighting inside of the room like a stage of a Broadway theater.

The back door opened and an Asian man in his thirties walked into the room. He was a normal looking fellow, average size and wore a western style business suit. The man made no acknowledgement of the spectators and walked to the part of the room that was furthest from the door. There was no talking and the room was very still and quiet. Less than two minutes later the door opened again and a young girl of Chinese ancestry was pushed into the room. Even though she certainly beyond school age she wore a schoolgirl’s uniform and cowered in the corner nearest the door. A murmur came from the gathered men and she looked frantically up and around the chicken wire walls. The way the lights were positioned she could hear the people but she was unable to see who or how many people were watching. Without speaking a word the man came around to her and began to rip the school clothes from her petite body. The girl screamed and fought him frantically. Her tiny fists struck his chest and even his face but he paid little or no attention to her blows and her feeble attempts were to no avail in stopping him. Once she was nude he threw her upon the bed and then, taking his time, discarded his own clothing. The girl jumped off the bed and ran to the door and tried to escape. There was no knob for the door on the inside and she beat on the wood and screamed for someone to help her and set her free. When he was naked he calmly dragged her back to the bed and then proceeded to rape her with no preliminary foreplay or compassion. As she screamed and begged him for mercy he fucked her ruthlessly. The crowd cheered him on with shouts of encouragement, laughs and suggestions for what he might do to her next.

I was surprised that I was able to hear the grunts and sounds of the sex on the bed so very well. Mr. Virote explained that there were microphones in the headboard that amplified the sounds to speakers. The sounds were almost as important as the sights and the customers enjoyed being able to listen to the intimate utterings. I could hear the wet sounds of the man’s dick sliding in and out of her wet vagina and the slapping sounds of his ball sack smacking into her ass each time he thrust deep into her belly. He was in no hurry to take his release and fucked her for a full half an hour in various positions. After a few minutes the girl quit fighting and let him manipulate and fuck her as he pleased. Overall the people watching were quiet but there were some sounds that were a mixture of excitement and raw energy. There were a few women amongst the crowd and I noticed that most of them, in short order, had their heads in the laps of their escorts and were sucking their cocks. Occasionally the men would cheer or there would be a verbal reaction to something that had happened but not wanting to miss anything, they would quickly return to the hushed sexually agitated but controlled state of tense anticipation.

For the next two hours we watched three different couples perform with each fucking being slightly differently staged. The one constant was that each time the women were raped while the crowd watched with growing excitement. I found the scene exciting and the actors and actresses to be very talented and convincing. During the second act a woman who was just down the aisle from where we sat was ushered down to where we were and kneeled before me. I did not resist as she freed my erection from the constraints of my pants and took my cock in her hands and began to lick me. I noticed that Mr. Virote watched with great interest as she performed her well skilled arts on my shaft. Ready to take my release I grabbed her by her hair and forced my cock down her throat and let her milk a great volume of my sperm while almost suffocating her in the process.

We left and rode back in Mr. Virote’s car to his office. He asked me what I thought and I told him I felt it was great and unique theater and that I enjoyed it a great deal. He then took my breath away a bit by telling me that it was not theater. The men were selected for one of a number of different reasons and that the women were acquired from a variety of sources and in a multiplicity of manners. The women were there very much against their will and their rapes were not at all staged but were absolutely one hundred percent real. The only requirement was that the girls be at least eighteen years old. He said that the name of the place was the Khohm Kheuun Club, which in Thai meant rape club. He compared the club to the American rodeo. The cowboys were the stars of the show and the women were like the calves, bulls and wild mustangs. They were there to be tamed and enjoyed. He said that he had spoken to my employers and they had given him permission to offer me a part-time job as one of the cowboys in his show. He wanted me to become, in time, a lead and take over the final segment of each of his shows. I would be paid a thousand dollars a night. The extra perk, obviously, was that I would be able to quasi legally have a woman to fuck against her will every night for my total enjoyment with no strings attached.

I thanked him but declined the strange offer. He then told me that his offer was not something that I would be able to decline. Mr. Virote reminded me that I had been sent to Thailand because of my past transgressions and that if I decided not to do what I was being asked to do then he had been instructed that there would need to be some serious payback. I did not want to ask what that meant because I already knew. He said that by doing this I would be able to wipe the slate totally clean once and for all. They only expected me to be at the club for a few months and that when I was called back to the United States by my employers that I would be free to leave. He came up to me and put his arm around my shoulder and said that he was very certain that I would enjoy myself and a few thousand dollars extra a week would be a nice nest egg for the future.

So that is how I got to become a sexual gladiator. Three sometimes four times a week I was at the Khohm Kheuun Club. Three months became six months and now I have competed a year performing for the people who each paid a minimum of two hundred dollars American every night for their seats on the bleachers. As Mr. Virote suspected, I quickly became the crowd favorite. On nights that I was to be there they were able to get as much as a hundred dollars extra per ticket and some scalping actually took place. I had been nicknamed “The Lion” by the fans and when I entered the room they would chant that in Thai screaming, “Sing dtoh, Sing dtoh, Sing dtoh.” which meant Lion.

This night Mr. Virote had taken me aside and said that he had a special treat for me in reward for my one-year anniversary with the Khohm Kheuun Club. I was a little fearful of what his surprise might be as the club was known from time to time to throw women into the cage, as we called it, who were of unusual proportions, handicapped or very old. I had never been asked to take one of those kinkier scenes and did not know if I could do it if I was asked. One of the rules was that we never knew who was coming into the pen with us. The women were kept isolated and only brought to the arena just before they were placed in the enclosure. I always found the anticipation of not knowing whom I was going to be enjoying wildly exhilarating. I was hoping my anniversary treat was more close to what the bizarre normal was at the Khohm Kheuun Club.

As always I wore a pair of tight black wrestler’s shorts and nothing else when I entered the cage. My routine called for me to spend at least thirty minutes pumping myself up in the dressing room before having one of the assistants oil me so that my muscles glistened and the definition showed well. As always I was the final act and the crowd began their “Sing dtoh, Sing dtoh, Sing dtoh,” chant even before I entered the cage. I had found that I was a bit of a ham for the audience so I always crouched down in a wrestler’s pose and ran back and forth quickly next to the chicken wire wall a few times in response to their greeting. I was the caged lion that they wanted me to be. When I had finished my little show I went to the far corner away from the door to the cage and kneeled down. I had found that the lights threw a bit of a shadow in that corner which enabled me to remain unseen when the woman was first sent into the cage. The women were never prepped and never knew what was going to happen to them. For all they knew they were being placed in another holding cell or released. As a result they were always disoriented when they were pushed into the strange room and heard the chanting for the first time. I always enjoyed watching them for a few moments, sizing them up before I moved on them, like a lion stalking and then taking its prey.

When the door opened this time a hush went over the crowd, as there was not a single woman but two women that were pushed in and they were identical twins. They were Caucasian women in their very early twenties. Not drop dead gorgeous but nice enough looking with brown hair to their shoulders and reasonable figures. Both girls stood about five foot three and were dressed in matching green Thai style wrap around dresses. They would not have been allowed to wear under garments when they were dressed making it easier for the males. They did not move very far from the door and wrapped their arms around one another. Not noticing me in the corner they frantically looked around trying to guess for what purpose they were being placed in the strange room. The fact that the room had a bed suggested a holding cell but the chicken wire walls and the sounds of people in the dark on the other side were bewildering to them.

I stood up to my six foot four height and made my way slowly around the bed to where the women stood. The “Sing dtoh, Sing dtoh, Sing dtoh”, chant returned and grew in intensity as I neared the girls before ending in silence as I stood towering over them. Their eyes had never left me from the moment I had revealed myself until I drew near. Their eyes were wild with fright. I stood only a few inches away from them and knew that they could smell the musk of the sweat of my body. They looked up at me and both began talking in French, a language that I could not understand a word of. I was thankful that they did not speak English as on the occasions that I had raped English speaking women in the cage I had found it a little disconcerting to be able to understand their begging and pleading while I ravished them.

I reached down picked up one of the girls under her arms and kissed her on the lips. Both women began striking me with their fists and the crowd screamed with excitement and encouragement. They could beat on me like that all night and not hurt me. In fact I found the tiny amount of pain they were able to inflict sensually heightening. I threw the girl I was holding on the bed then reached down and tore the clothes off of her sister. The girl was better built than I had first thought. She had a full C cup breast with lovely small pink nipples and a plump rounded ass. I pushed her on the bed and then ripped the dress off of the woman that I had first kissed.

I stepped back from the bed and pulled my shorts off. Both women’s mouths dropped open as my erection was released and stood out from my body. Again the crowd chanted, “Sing dtoh, Sing dtoh, Sing dtoh” as they saluted the coming forth of their hero. The sisters screamed and jumped off of the bed. Frantically they grasped and pulled at the chicken wire wall hoping to somehow tear a hole for their escape. It had been tried many times before by many other women to no avail and only served to drive the crowd mad with added excitement. I pulled one of the girls off and carried her over to the bed and laid her down on the mattress. Pulling her ankles up over her head I began to lick her fur-covered pussy while she pounded on my head and shoulders with her small fists. Valiantly her sister came running over to her aid and jumped on my back and began to beat on my shoulders. The crowd went insane and were screaming and chanting uproariously. Holding on to the one girl’s ankles with one hand I reached around and hit her sister with the back of my hand sending her flying across the room into the chicken wire. I heard the woman I was holding down frantically say something to her sister. I watched as the dazed girl remained seated with her back against the wire wall and then dropped her head in defeat.

Letting go of the girl’s ankles I spread her thighs back apart and began to hungrily suck and eat her cunt. She continued to beat on my head and shoulders with her petite fists for a few minutes and then, realizing the futility of her efforts, gradually gave up. She had an extremely tasty pussy and it only took a short time before I began to taste the slippery syrup begin to seep out of her vagina. I slid my forefinger into her gash and was surprised to come up against her hymen. She was extraordinarily tight. I had not only been given twins but at least one of them was a virgin. I raised my hand up over my head with a closed fist and heard a huge roar from the gallery. It was a sign long ago created at the Khohm Kheuun Club to let the observers know that a virgin was about to be deflowered.

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