Bangladeshi Maid


Without prompting, she caught my sac in both her hands and starting soaping it so sensuously that a groan escaped my lips. Pretty soon she was giving me what I call a trademark Memoona handjob -- one hand working my nuts and the other palm rubbing the underside of my shaft in slow and deliberate strokes. She was now kneeling on the bathroom floor and her jugs were proudly jutting out. She used a liberal amount of soap and had worked up lots of lather on my cock.

I told her 'chooos' (suck). She took the pitcher and poured water over my groin. Because she was kneeling, what ended up happening was that a lot of the water bounced off my body making her wet. I noticed she didn't care. So I took the pitcher from her, filled it with water and poured it over her chest. She squealed in surprised. Her blouse immediately became transparent and she instinctively crossed her arms over her chest. I grabbed her by her hair and shoved my cock in her mouth. I took her hands and placed them over my buttocks. Trained as she was, she didn't need further directions. She dug her fingers deep and her head starting bobbing rhythmically as she worked my lund like a pro.

Meanwhile I kept pouring water over her till I emptied the bucket. I lifted her up and she stood in front me completely soaked from head to toe. Her blouse was transparent and despite the dark color I could clearly see the outlines of her nipples. Her petticoat was clinging to her body outlining her fleshy thighs and her mound. I undid her petticoat by opening the drawstring that was holding it up. It fell down to bathroom floor under its own weight with a big splash. I pulled her towards me and tugging at the top of her blouse with one hand I poured some water down her cleavage with the other. Her blouse overflowed from the top but some of it dribbled from the bottom. I undid her blouse and her hair and stood back to examine her.

Memoona looked an absolute beauty standing full naked in my bathroom. Her wet hair fell all over her shoulders and drops of water were dripping from them on to her breasts where they collected around her black areolas and fell to the floor. She was looking at me with eyes that were both coy and expectant. She was covering her mound with one hand and the other hand was wrapped around her midsection holding on to the other elbow. I took that hand, put some soap on it and placed it on my cock. She grabbed it hungrily but instead of pumping my shaft she went straight for my nuts and lathered them thoroughly. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her to me. I took her other arm and put it around my neck as out wet bodies met. Her soft breasts pressed against my ribs and my shaft poked her in her bush.

I went straight for her neck and started kissing and licking her all over her neck and shoulders. She giggled and squirmed in my arms as my actions tickled her. I was running my hands all over her back and grabbing her fleshy buns. She continued to stoke my lust with her 'ball-job'. I engulfed her in my arms and nibbled on her ear and kissed her cheek. I licked her shoulders and moved down to the rise of her breasts. I bit her all over her chest and rubbed my face between her tits and suckled and fondled them. Her right breast immediately gave up milk and started dripping. I went down on my knees and let my tongue trace circles around her deep navel. I invaded her nether region with my hand and it came out slick with her juices. I replaced my hands with my mouth and tasted her early morning juices. I heard a loud moan from Memoona and she suddenly grabbed my hair with both her hands and started thrusting her groin in my face! After the initial shock I recovered and thrust my tongue out as far out as possible so that she could rub her labia & clitoral hood on my tongue. She bent her knees and rhythmically moved her hips. I was so aroused by this crude gesture from my docile maid that I drank all her juices even though it was a bit too strong for my taste.

After servicing her pussy for a few minutes I got up and gave her a deep kiss so that she would taste herself in my mouth. Then I turned her around and made her bend over. She held on to the bucket for support. I slipped one foot between her legs and pushed her legs apart. From this angle I could see her puckered asshole and the bottom of her mound was perfectly in line with my cock. Without any ceremonies I slammed all 7 inches of my meat into her waiting cunt. A loud 'aaaaaaah' escaped her mouth. I started banging her sloppy cunt. After a few strokes I heard rhythmic grunts of 'unnnghh', unnnghh'. Now let me tell you that Memoona has a typical high-pitched voice normal to south-asian women. But the sounds that were coming from her mouth were more guttural and in fact primitive in nature. Her grunts were really driving me over the edge so I stopped and slapped her upturned ass as hard as I could, leaving dark red stripes in her dark brown skin. She squealed loudly but didn't ask me to stop. I alternated between fucking her and spanking her to make sure I lasted long enough. After some time her grunts became louder and more urgent. I guessed she was close to her climax, so I kept my pace and struggled not to come. At last she came with one loud uunnnnnnnnggghhh!! I saw her back spasm a couple of times and felt her cunt tighten on my cock.

Both of us were panting and she simple collapsed on the bathroom floor. But I wasn't done with her yet. I made her turn around and sit down with her back and head pressed against the wall. I told her 'mooh khol' (open your mouth) and shoved my cock deep down her throat. I held her face in place by putting one hand on her head and one under her chin. Between the wall and my vise-like grip she could not move her head and I was in complete control. She gagged a couple of times but she understood my urgency and opened her mouth wide. As I was about to come I instructed her not to swallow. I shot a huge stream but somehow she managed to keep most of it in her mouth without swallowing. After I regained my composure I asked her open her mouth and spat several times mixing my saliva with my seed and then I asked her to drink up which she did dutifully. As my final act, I took a few gulps of fresh milk from her leaking right breast and left the bathroom after having had my morning shower and morning fuck.

That session pretty much set the tone of our sexual relationship -- she accepted being completely submissive to my demands. This didn't mean that I could take any liberty with her (for example she never allowed me to perform anal) but I did get to do pretty much whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and however I wanted. It was much later that she let me know that she enjoyed giving herself up to me. Her initial reluctance was a fear that I would get violent with her (which her husband did on a regular basis) or I would pimp her out (which her husband tried to do). As for me, I never had any intentions of sharing this good fortune and she never gave me any reason to get angry enough to hurt her. But all this came later. For the first few weeks I was still nervously testing Memoona's limits.

Further Submission

My apartment building was in a busy area with a lot of buildings around us and I could see into my neighbor's homes from every window in my home. This put a crimp in my style since we had to make sure that all windows/doors were closed before we did anything. Now friends, I, as most men, like some spontaneity. I don't like restricting sex to a night-time activity just before going to bed.

A few weeks into our affair and I was still unsure about initiating sex with Memoona. Even though she never said no, I was a perfect gentleman by making sure she was not inconvenienced. But I wanted the freedom you have with your girlfriend or wife -- the freedom to simply grab your woman and fuck her right then and there.

Mumbai in the month of May is sweltering hot and humid. And working in the kitchen in front of the hot stove made you sweat. For that matter any household activity made you sweat. Even sitting under a fan made you sweat! Seeing Memoona carry on her household chores was a huge turn on. Her blouse would perpetually have huge sweat patches under her pits, around the cleavage and on her back.

This is specific to India, but maids generally squat on the floor while they are sweeping or mopping. Memoona would lift her sari plus petticoat to her knees before squatting which means her meaty shanks would always be visible. Watching this activity is very erotic as the woman has to contort her body in various positions as she takes a wet cloth in her hands and tries to clean every nook and cranny. Sometimes she is bending down displaying her cleavage and sometimes she is on all fours looking like a bitch waiting to be fucked. Anyone who knows what I am talking about knows exactly what a turn on this is. But of course it is also frustrating when you know you cannot do anything about it. In my case it was all the more frustrating since I could fuck her but I had to wait till evening when she was finished with her work.

It was on one such hot Sunday that I was overcome by the constant teasing. On that day, I was sitting on a chair in the hall watching Memoona mop the floors. Both our bodies were covered with a film of perspiration. In her case, she was sweating more profusely because of her work. As she came to mop the floor below the chair I was sitting on, her pallu dropped a couple of times revealing her sweaty cleavage. I could see drops of sweat collect around her cleavage and trickle down into her blouse.

I was panting watching this awesome display and she saw me ogling at her but continued to tease me. This finally drove me over the edge. I grabbed the edge of her pallu and pulled it hard. She fell forward on her hands but since the sari was wrapped round her I wasn't able to get it off her. She looked at me with a mixture of surprise and fright. I told her 'Chal utar kapde' (remove your clothes). She launched into her usual saga of work that needed to be done. The more she talked the more pissed off I got. Finally, I removed my lungi, showed her my hard-on and shouted at her 'Dikhta nahin khada ho gaya hain? Chal jaldi utar kapde warna faad daluga!' (Can't you see I am hard? Quickly remove your clothes or I will tear them off). She looked apprehensively at the open window. I asked her to go and shut it. She did that and came back and stood next to me, her pallu dragging on the floor.

Her braless tits were heaving in her tight, sweat-patched blouse due to a combination of the heat and anticipation of being fucked. Our eyes met and I could see the raw lust in the eyes of my sexy Bengali woman. I asked her to remove her blouse and I grabbed her pallu and removed her saree. I undid the knot of my lungi and asked her to remove it over my head. As she bent over me to do that, her bare chest came within striking distance of my eager mouth and I grabbed onto one of her breasts and started suckling it. I put my hands under her petticoat and found she was not completely wet. I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to drink her milk and fuck her. Finally my penis won. I was too eager to wait for her to lubricate and so I took some hair oil and coated my penis. I slid down on the sofa and spread my legs. I turned her around and lifted her petticoat and told her to put my cock inside her. She bent over and took my cock in her hand and aimed it at her cunt. As she sat down my cock parted her lips and entered her burning hot vagina. Since she was new to this position, she just sat with my cock all the way in her and waited for me to respond. I put her hands on my knees and told her to balance her weight on them. This caused her to lean forward. I grabbed her delicious ass and lifted her off my cock.

Memoona was a quick learner and she understood that she will be in charge in this position. Within seconds, she was bouncing on my cock like a pro. Within minutes, she had worked up a thick layer of froth on my cock. Her years of hard and grueling work were working to my advantage. Unlike some of the other women I have been with, Memoona did not tire easily. Her strong back and legs kept going while I sat back and enjoyed the spectacle of my disappearing/reappearing cock. I undid her hair which fell on her back in neat little spirals. I grabbed her meaty hips and licked her slim and sexy back. Finally I took my hands in front and started squeezing and milking her bouncing jugs. As if nature somehow transmitted that I was playing with his food source, her little boy started suddenly started crying. I never interfered with her maternal duties so I let her go. I tried to calm myself down but even after 5 minutes my cock was still eager and pulsating. From her room, the sound of her crying child had stopped but no sign of Memoona.

I went naked into her room and saw that she was sitting on the floor still in her petticoat with her kid latched on her teat. That scene was such a turn-on that I went and sat behind her, my legs around her and continued kissing and licking her back. I located the knot of her petticoat's drawstring and opened it. My hands moved to her front. One of the pinched and twisted her erect nipples while the other one dove into her petticoat loosening the drawstring as it went along. She lifted her child off her lap to give that hand more access. I sat up on my knees as I tried to locate her clitoris. My cock was now trying to dig a hole in the middle of her back. In this position, I also had access to her neck, earlobes and her smooth, strong shoulders.

I launched a four way assault -- my cock rubbing her back, my mouth kissing, licking and biting her earlobes, neck and shoulders, one of my hands milking her free breast and the other one messing her clitoris. This attack must have provoked a battle between Memoona the mother and Memoona the woman. Very soon, the woman won and she ran her hand through my hair and pulled it hard launching her own attack by kissing and biting my face. I asked her to put the kid aside and made her lie on her back and yanked her petticoat off her making her completely naked. But the kid woke up immediately! She turned on her side, slid the kid towards her and once again put her teat in his mouth. With Memoona sleeping on her side, missionary sex was not going to happen but I was desperate. So I lifted her leg that was on top and tucked it into her chest. I told her to hold on to it with her hand and I immediately sat down on her other leg and pushed my cock into her cunt. It was tight squeeze and there wasn't a lot of room to maneuver -- I had to squat on my knees and keep her hips parted with my hands to get some kind of a thrusting action. I knew I couldn't last long because the friction was just too much as I scissored her. Plus seeing her in this position -- performing two womanly duties simultaneously -- was too much for me to take. Our eyes were locked throughout and with one final thrust I finally came inside her, releasing rope after rope of cum deep inside her.

She did not raise any alarm about our unprotected copulation and I didn't care. She just kept looking into my eyes as my spasms finally ended. Her gaze told me that she had really accepted me as her man. Even though inconvenienced, she would take care of all my needs day in and day out. This she did for the remainder of our time together without ever voicing it. She just took it upon her as her duty to keep me happy. During the first few weeks there was a lot of trepidation on her part when it came to sex. I was snapping because I didn't get enough and she was scared that I would turn brutal just like her husband. But she realized a couple of things. One that even though I lost my temper I was never violent and two that she could quickly soothe my anger using her voluptuous body.

How to dress for work

Memoona found it unusual that I would want her during the day especially when she was working. Her husband would only touch her at night, usually after he was drunk and he insisted that she took a bath right before the act. So she found it strange that her sweaty and her musky smell body would turn me on. But she did come to accept and in fact enjoy my sex-on-demand nature. And she didn't mind me banging her in front of her son.

I ended up fucking her in every room in my flat in every position. Sex was just a snap away. All I had to do was to lift my lungi or grab her tit and she would drop everything and make herself available. I loved knowing that she was at my beck and call. Plus I did change the way she groomed herself. She started keeping her fingernails and toenails in impeccable condition. They were always cut short and kept clean on a daily basis. I also bought her razors, toothbrushes, soaps, lotions, napkins and other beauty & personal products. She started applying lotion to reduce the calluses after years of hard labor. I asked her to keep her pits clean and smooth for me. I liked her pubes as is although she did start trimming them on a more frequent basis. Luckily she was relatively hairless on her legs, arms and other parts of her torso. I didn't buy her any deodorants as her musky smell was a huge turn on for me. Like a lot of Bengali women she parted her hair sideways and I changed that to a middle parting. She always oiled her thick wavy hair and I asked her to stop that. She fought with me on that one and finally we agreed that she wouldn't oil on weekends. She always kept her hair tied in a bun and I encouraged her to leave her hair open or plait them. I asked her to wear bangles on a daily basis especially during our lovemaking sessions as I like the tinkling sound.

Memoona constantly amazed me with her totally obedient and submissive behavior. But of course, she was docile but not stupid. Friends, women are very observant and they quickly recognize a man's weakness. One thing she figured out was my weakness for women wearing just a petticoat and blouse. Whenever she was horny she would walk around wearing her most transparent blouse and petticoat and some jewelry including bangles. If she wanted to be bitch-fucked she would wear her hair open or plait them since I had a habit of grabbing her hair in that position. She was too shy to ask for sex and this was the closest she got to demanding something from me. During her periods, she would dress up in the best of clothes to let me know that she was not ready for me. But then it was also an indication that I was going to receive delicious blow-jobs.

I constantly tested her level of obedience. Sometimes I would ask her to serve me breakfast in the nude and sometimes I would cut holes in her blouse where her nipples would poke out. I bought her a pair of open nipple bra and crotchless panties. Towards the end when sex got routine I became more and more kinky. I loved to come on her cleavage. At the climax of my blowjob/handjob session she would dip my cock into her décolletage and I would flood her blouse with my seed. I would then make her wear the same blouse to work.

And the one thing that I never got tired of was her blowjobs. Her technique was world class. The way she played with my balls or rubbed my shaft or licked the head was unbelievable. But it was her intensity, care and willingness to please me that drove me over the edge. When she was sucking me nothing could distract her. Whether my groin was sweaty after a workout or my shaft was covered with our fuck-juice, she would take it all. She never complained about overgrown hair or smell like my wife now does! If I told her to suck she would suck me till I came. Plus there was no fuss about semen. She was comfortable with the smell, taste and texture. Unlike some of the other women who throw a tantrum if they are asked to swallow, Memoona was ever willing to drink my cum.

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