I want to share a experience of mine from a few years ago. I caught my boyfriend of 18 months in bed with my best friend! There'd been lots of shouting, crying, apologising and so on, but I couldn't forgive him. I had booked myself into the W hotel in Time Square (on his credit card of course) and just wanted to get away for a while.

It wasn't my plan to do anything other than perhaps drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine, but having done that on Friday night I realized it didn't solve anything. Then I struck on the crazy idea that I should go out, find some gorgeous stranger and have wild, no strings sex. I had spent the afternoon buying myself an outfit I thought would be a guaranteed man magnet, then spent ages preparing myself ... shaving all the important bits, including my pussy which I only usually just trimmed.

I didn't want to look slutty, but good if you know what I mean. The black silky skirt barely covered my ass, but teamed with my new 3 inch high heeled stilettos, my legs looked very long and slim. The red top I was wearing finished just above my midriff, showing off my belly piercing, and it clung to the firm curves of my braless 36c breasts. I downed another glass of wine and decided to be brave and go down to the hotel bar. Just as I was leaving the room, another crazy thought hit me, and I took off the panties I was wearing.

The bar was full of people, and I almost lost my nerve, but no-one seemed to notice me as I made my way over to the bar. I sat on the free stool, ordered a drink and waited.

Hours passed, the bar slowly emptied, but there was no one really interesting. The only male that I was able to carry on a conversation was the bartender. He was a young guy, a student I guessed, with a mop of blonde curly hair and blue eyes. He was in jeans and a t shirt, and he looked to have an OK body. But by now, I was getting fed up! All this effort and nothing! I was still sat there at 1am, and it was just me, the barman and a guy in a suit left.

"I suppose I should make a move, let you close up," I said to the barman.

"No, it's OK, we stay open as long as there are people in the bar," he said. "So if you want to stay, it's fine by me."

The guy in the suit came over to join us. He stood behind me, leaning on the bar so that his arm was touching my back. He had a definite bulge in his trousers and I decided that maybe the effort wasn't wasted after all! He introduced himself as James, and chatted to the barman and me about his computer business. I wasn't paying that much attention to him, I was just checking him out. He was wearing a navy suit with no tie and the shirt unbuttoned a little. He had dark brown hair, olive skin, and was slightly unshaven. I was imagining him with no clothes on and what sex would be like with him, until my thoughts were interrupted by his voice asking me a question.

"So how come a lovely lady like you is sitting in a hotel bar all by herself?" he laughed.

My story flowed out easily as both men listened intently. James's bulge seemed to grow as I got to the part where I said I was looking for some wild sex, and I knew he was definitely interested. My hand wandered down to stroke his erection through his trousers - it felt huge! I shifted on my stool, and felt a familiar wetness between my legs already.

James knew exactly what was on my mind as he moved closer to me. His hand moved up my thigh, pulling up my skirt and exposing my bare pussy to both him and the barman. I wasn't so sure about this and glanced nervously at the barman, but he was stroking my arm that was resting on the bar and looking straight into my eyes with a familiar look of lust . James now had one hand on my shoulder, fiddling with the thin strap of my top. He grinned at the barman, who moved his hand to my other shoulder. Slowly, they both pulled down the straps, revealing my naked breasts. They both began to squeeze them, and I suddenly realized I was going to have both of them.

I was lifted up onto the bar, and the barman stood behind me cupping both breasts in his hands. He leaned over and took one in his mouth, sucking and biting the hard nipple. I leaned back, closing my eyes as I felt my legs being parted and James's tongue licking my pussy. His tongue moved from my pussy to my clit, and back again. The barman's tongue swirled round my nipple as his hands squeezed my breasts. My breathing was becoming hard, and I could feel a warm tingling building in my body.

James withdrew his tongue and began rubbing my clit with his fingers. The tingling intensified and I could hear myself moaning a little. He pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy, causing me to gasp out loudly. Those fingers moved skillfully in and out, as I pushed myself further onto them, and within minutes I gave another loud groan as I came, that wave of pleasure taking over my whole body.

When I had recovered, I opened my eyes to find that the barman had joined me on top of the bar and had pulled his jeans and pants down to his ankles. His cock was standing fully to attention, almost pointing to his stomach. I rolled over onto my stomach and took it into my mouth, holding his balls in my hands. James was licking my pussy again from behind, his hands on my ass parting it.

I was licking and sucking cock for all I was worth. I felt the barman put his hand on the back of my head, pushing me further onto him.

"Yess baby!" he moaned.

"Take it all, let me fuck your mouth."

My head bobbed up and down on the shaft as I felt James move to the side of me. His trousers were now off too, and I grabbed his cock with my free hand. It was as huge and hard as I had imagined earlier, and I began to stroke him as I continued to suck the barman's cock.

This carried on for a few minutes until I felt the barman's balls tighten and he yelled out, "Oh my god!" as he shot his load into my throat.

I drank in everything he was pumping into me until he withdrew his softened cock. I was now hungry for more cum, so I then took James's cock into my mouth and gave that the same attention I had done with the barman's cock. James leaned back against the bar and moaned in pleasure as my tongue worked up and down its shaft. The barman moved behind me and started to lick and finger my pussy as James had done before. Again, my mouth was filled with hot cum as James came. At the same moment, another massive wave engulfed my own body and I gasped for air.

As I tried to regain some composure, James leaned against the bar stroking himself. Before I had a chance to move, I felt the barman's cock at the entrance to my pussy from behind. My natural reaction was to push onto him as his hands moved round my hips, then he thrust the hard throbbing cock deep into me.

James watched, wanking himself, as my pussy was being pounded. The barman was grabbing at my hair, my breasts, my hips, my clit, anything he could get a hold of as he fucked me hard. Each thrust seemed to go in deeper and I gasped out louder with each one. I could feel an intense heat building in me like I'd never known before. But before I was able to come, the barman withdrew and motioned for James to take a turn.

James took me by both hands and took me over to a table. He lay on his back and beckoned me to get on top of him. I guided his hard cock into my pussy as I sat down on him. He grabbed my breasts as I leaned down to kiss him. His tongue explored my mouth roughly as his hands squeezed my breasts.

I could feel his throbbing cock inside me, the walls of my pussy gently tightening around it. I started to move my hips up and down slowly as I rode him. He watched me for a few moments before moving with me. Our fucking was slower than it had been with the barman initially, but we slowly built up speed. My orgasm was building again and I knew when it did come it would be huge! James and I rolled around on the table as our thrusts got harder and faster.

I was laid on top of James, rubbing my clit whilst his cock pushed in and out my dripping pussy. The barman was behind me again, placing his hands on my ass to pull apart my ass cheeks. I drew in a loud breath as he pushed his cock into my ass, and for a moment I wasn't sure how this was going to work, but these men had no trouble being in control.

My pussy was being fucked, my ass was being fucked, and I was giving my clit a hard work out. After a few initial difficulties, we all found the same rhythm and moved together, three heaving bodies as one. This was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt in my life, two hard cocks at once, followed by the most intense, violent orgasm I've ever had. I lost control of my body as it bucked wildly between the two men. I sobbed as I begged for them not to stop, their thrusts losing rhythm. They came roughly at the same time, filling both my pussy and ass with their juices. My orgasm continued as more and more pumped into me, one of them kissed me as the other nibbled on my neck until they had both withdrawn their softened cocks.

We lay there for a few minutes, just holding each other and totally exhausted. When I set out to have some wild sex, this certainly was not what I had in mind, but was I disappointed? No way!! As we all started to dress, James slipped me his phone number "in case I ever wanted more no strings group sex."

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