Barbie Doll


Becka had not noticed it at the time, but she would lie in bed, drowsy and only half awake for much of the morning. She felt more languid than she had before, and even when she got up, she never bothered to dress or anything. She wandered about the house entirely naked, until she went off and started to play with the dolls swapping clothes. It occurred to her that by then she never wore her own clothes. She always shared clothes with the dolls. Even the Barbie panties were now shared with the dolls, and more and more Becka considered herself as one of the dolls in the collection, one that happened to have the ability to move. She was getting quite turned on by that fantasy these days. She even filled her own ass with the viscous cum syrup and lay on the bed on her belly, dipping her finger into her own ass, slurping some out and feeling it drip and splash onto her thighs. She imagined Pete kneeling and licking it out of her in just the same way she had seen him do with the dolls, and her lying there...just lying there impassive. It was so hot.

Becka's mind drifted skipping over the ensuing days that blurred together with nothing to distinguish them. She recalled how she always felt pleasure -- sometimes intense, throughout the day. Becka lost herself in this dream world she created, imagining her life as one of the dolls. She would sometimes shake her head and find herself lying with the other dolls in the doll cupboard, her body bent in an awkward pose with her ass up in the air. Once she found herself kneeling on the floor before the mirror, her mouth a big round O and her eyes wide and unseeing, while her fingers had been pulling constantly on her clit and juices were smeared all down her legs. Vaguely Becka thought she should be concerned by all this, but as she lay inert on the bed, she felt her clit jangle once more. These thoughts were fuelling her excitement even now.

It seemed to Becka that she was falling as if from a great height, and with no control over her landing. They say that your life flashes before your eyes, and so it was for her. Disconnected scenes came back to her in vivid relief as if they had more significance over forgotten detail. Sometime around then, Pete had introduced her to liquid latex. She remembered the day so clearly, it had been so erotic. He brought out a huge jar full of bright electric blue liquid and told her to dip her finger inside. She did so, curious as to the feel, and the desire to see that beautiful colour adorn her skin. Becka lifted her finger out and stared at it with curiosity. She was overcome by seeing her finger this artificial bright blue colour, a perfect replica of her own fleshy finger. As she watched it with intense curiosity, she felt rather than saw the bright fluid freeze into a malleable coating. She could feel her own flesh being pulled by the latex as she moved her finger, and her belly buzzed and leaked in response as she watched some small part of her body transform itself into a doll. Pete blew on it and Becka could feel his breath drift across her other fingers, but that one dolly finger had its senses dulled. She understood what was happening rather than actually feeling it. Her mind exploded with thoughts and desires for all her senses to be dulled too, to feel just like her finger, somehow cut adrift from the sensual world.

Pete slipped his finger down between her legs, and instinctively she opened her legs wider and moved her mound forward to give him greater access to her. She always loved him more when he used her, like an arc of electricity passing from him into her. The current bred life into her, a heightened sense of living that made the rest seem dull and dead. His fingers manipulated her lips and clit, spreading her moistness over them. The wetter she became, the more he praised her, and she longed to become wet for him. She had scoured the internet for supplements that would help her body produce more copious quantities of her love juices. He fed her them each day and soothed her with words that encouraged her to feel an insane pride every time she felt wet. She longed to feel permanently soaked between her thighs and spent hours lying on the bed willing her juices to soak into the sheets so that she may show him when he returned home.

"I love the way your cunt oozes with desire when I am close to you," he said staring into her eyes. They were half closed, greedily soaking up the sensations his fingers were creating in her. She parted the red frosted lips of her mouth, as she seemed to do all the time now when he played with her, forming themselves into a small ring of passivity before him, her arms hanging limply at her sides.

"Why don't you use that doll finger you now have, to fuck your cunt for me and show me how excited it makes you. As you feel the hardness of your finger pressing deep inside you, through the latex, imagine that the latex actually covers your vagina, and that you experience the hard flesh of a real person through a thin latex skin, your skin, inside you as well as over you: your vagina a latex sack just like on the sex doll's. Is that not a delicious sensation? Imagine losing control over your own muscles, unable to close the entrance to your own vagina, powerless to hold your legs together, your thighs springing apart with each thrust deep into you and springing back in rhythm to your back rocking away pressing your cunt deeper over the warm flesh your cold latex body is enveloping."

And dutifully she slid her bright impossibly blue finger into her sopping wetness, watched as it disappeared among her folds, the unreal blue against the natural flesh. Her juices glistened against the impervious sheath, fusing her excitement with the rubber. He was right, as always he was right, that she experienced flashing images of being a sex doll as she felt her hard finger sliding in and out of her, catching her clit that seemed so hard and thrust forward, desperate for attention. She closed her eyes and pictured her vagina full of this blue latex, and her finger a man's cock -- Pete's cock, sliding in and out of her. The passion intensified with the image as she squirmed in front of him. Pete had smiled. She knew he loved the way Becka embraced his own desires, and he derived as much pleasure in her developing appetite to become his sex doll, as she did. It brought them closer in some strange way. What she could not know was the relief he was feeling as he watched her. He had been worried when she mentioned the voices, but fortunately having turned the volume down a little she had just accepted the constant drip, drip of insinuation. She was learning to love these games more and more. It would not be long.

Becka remembered playing with the liquid latex. She rubbed it over her clit as she massaged the latex into the hard bud. It looked so erotic seeing it stand out so brightly from her otherwise normal belly. Then as it dried, the latex pinched her clit sending shudders of pleasure through her. Her clit was frozen into a hard stiff button that was locked in position sticking forward, ready to brush against anything. She came just from walking about the house, rubbing herself against the furniture and displaying her clit in the mirror, her hand could not keep away. She just kept brushing it or flicking it mercilessly. She spread more latex over her belly and hips until it looked as though she was wearing an extremely tight pair of hot pants. The look reminded her of one of the comic book characters. She was leaking badly now, but she needed to experiment more with spreading the latex over her body and feel the drying rubber pull and mould to her skin. She started to make a mask on her face, spreading the latex in sweeping arcs around her eyes, and down into the centre of her forehead. She closed her mouth and applied a generous amount of latex over her closed lips, sealing her mouth off. The look of the mask making holes for her to peer through, and the thick black latex cap over her mouth stopping her from expressing herself looked really hot.

Over this period, Becka took to looking at herself in the mirror, and memories of being bullied flooded over her. After all these years, why should the bullying she had been subjected to at school return to haunt her so. Yet it did, and she felt all confidence in herself evaporate. She felt unattractive, stupid, hating her appearance, always noticing every minor defect in her skin. How could Pete love a girl like her, she thought. Her insecurity grew, so when she found a small Barbie cap in a cupboard her fingers couldn't work fast enough to try it on. It slipped tightly over her head and had long trailing blond hair that reached down to the small of her back. There were luscious curls in it and the hair was so soft to the touch, much nicer than her own, far shorter hair with its split ends. The cap fit snugly over the top half of her face, resting over the bridge of her nose. There were beautiful long lashes around the eye holes that made her eyes seem so much brighter. Her nose pinched more, coming to a sweet little point. As she stared back in the glass, gone was the ugly little Becka and she had been replaced by a beautiful, sleek Barbie goddess. Surely Pete would love her the more like this.

Wearing the Barbie cap, Becka would masturbate a lot. She would lie there all day drifting in and out of peaks in what seemed a continual stream of orgasm. Her mind was in overload, and she couldn't think about what she was doing or why. She just drifted in the sensations. She couldn't stop her fingers pulling at her clit, and all the while thinking of how pretty she looked being Barbie. Time drifted and she lost track of the days. Pete would sometimes be around and would fuck her or tell her how much he loved her wearing the Barbie cap, brush her long hair as she played with her clit. Other times she would lie there alone for hours and think of being dressed and combed like Barbie. She never knew where Pete was, or when he'd be back. She never even thought of the question.

The doll shifted and Becka's thoughts focused once more upon the tightness she felt in her shoulders, her arms pinned behind her, and the doll's latex tongue swollen inside her mouth. In a vague disconnected way Becka felt she should be angry with Pete for leaving her like this. She should surely be angry with herself for being so stupid, becoming absorbed in her doll fantasy. Yet while the word had some lasting memory for her, she felt incapable of reaching any such feelings like those any longer. She just felt the pleasure bathing her, enveloping her like a warm bath, soaking into the pores of her skin and the idea of heaving herself out of that comfort would require a strength well beyond her. She preferred even the pain in her shoulders mingled within the fog of pleasure than to escape back into the dull world she had left behind.

One time Pete came home with a latex bodysuit. It was jet black and he had brought along some polish for it. He gave it to Becka who slipped off all her clothes and donned the suit. It was incredibly tight and she struggled to smooth it over her legs and midriff. Her cunny was pressed tight into the plastic that coated it in a liquorice smoothness that highlighted her sex lips. She had to twist and pull, and the material snagged her mercilessly, making her flesh sting and glow.

Once she was completely encased in the suit he started to spray her with the polish and buff it up. It was an incredible feeling, the spray polish first tickling her nerve endings, and then his hands rubbing over every inch of her body. He worked really hard, and the lustre he created from his hard work made Becka crazy with desire. The pressure of his hand rubbing every corner of her body, the way they worked so hard rubbing her down, smoothing her, making the blackcurrent skin a perfect fit. She felt his fingers pressing into her sliding over her, making the contact between her flesh and the dark latex skin perfect. And the gleam he produced, Becka was mesmerised by the sheen her body now had. She was beautiful to look at, all the imperfections that always caught her eye when she stared at her reflection, gone. Standing there in the centre of the room as he worked so hard buffing up her new skin, the feel of his fingers smoothing and stretching the elastic rubber around her chest, making her nipples respond and press into the thin latex, making hard lumps pressed in to the tops of her smooth round mounds.

"You like that? Now you are a perfect love doll." Becka stared at her brilliant glistening coat. All her curves seemed accentuated by the lustre his efforts had created. She was so hot inside her sheath, from all the attention of his fingers over every inch of her body. The yearning was stronger than ever to become his sex doll, never again having to cope with the imperfections of her human body. She was totally desirable, a fantasy, with long slender shiny legs stretching up to a rounded perfect butt. Pete had converted her into his own dream creation. She was a clean slate, a canvas, on which now he could choose how he wished to dress her. Maybe a small frill skirt that just failed to cover the black glossy lips of its exposed cunt. Perhaps a small tight tank top, with the word Whore stretched in neon colours across her bulging chest, the black of the latex seeping through the thin white material.

Becka stared back at her face, mounted on top of this to die for body. It seemed so very ordinary, so imperfect, it broke the spell. She hated it, she wanted it to disappear, she wanted to be all desirable, all fantasy. She turned to Pete,

"Is there a hood that goes with this?" Pete smiled. Becka couldn't explain it, but she sensed that Pete had been waiting for just that question, for he was all prepared. Delving in among the packaging, he pulled out a complete black latex hood. Was she becoming so predictable? He watched her catch her chin inside the light stretchy material. He followed closely her gloved latexed fingers pulling at the hood, raising it over her features, obliterating them, and then the tug and tussle over the crown of her head. He pulled at it, and smoothed it down so that it followed the sweeping curve down the back of her head. Her ears had gone, and the slightness of her neck enhanced by the flowing plastic. He came round the front and pulled and pinched at the fabric, sometimes catching Becka's skin too between his fingers, as he brought the tiny little nose holes into alignment. Becka's eyes peered out through round holes in the latex, and her mouth hung, lips parted, visible through a broad slit. Now she was perfect, she thought, as she stared at herself, Pete buffing up her hood to the same sheen. He slipped a black leather collar around her neck that covered the gap between the suit and the hood. He tied it fast, and she felt it press into her, not too much, but a constant slight pressure as she breathed. There was a bright metal strip running around the collar and a ring that hung in the small hollow between her collar bones.

Becka felt incredibly turned on inside the suit as she looked at the perfect creature she had become. She flexed different muscles, to feel the pull of the latex against her skin, stretching her thighs to make the latex pull at her clit. She was so hot, her skin crawled with the stimulation. Pete had started to dress her, and she stood immobile, at his command, his passive sex doll, adoring the attention. He slipped on a wig of bright pink hair, that flowed down over her shoulders in two sweeping fountains of curls. He then turned her around and swung a thin string bikini top around her chest. It was bright red in colour, with sequins. The bright red contrasting with the jet black skin, accentuated her chest, and the light reflecting off the sequins made the contours of her chest irresistible: beckoning towards any hand to reach out and touch. Becka could never ever imagine she could look this good. Kneeling on the floor, Pete slipped her legs through a pair up ultra-thin metallic gold panties. He pulled them slowly up her legs, again the shiny gold against the dark cocoa colour of her thighs would draw the eye. Once in place, Becka saw the small triangle of gold caught in the apex of her legs. She turned to see how it looked from behind. The smoothness of the stretched gold across her buttocks was pure temptation. Now Pete had a small bright yellow wrap skirt that he slipped around her thighs. It tied at the hip, but the cut of the fabric made it fall away leaving an opening at the side, the gold panty peeking through. Silver shoes with sequins and 4 inch heels completed the outfit.

Now Pete worked on her face. He made her lips bright pink, coating them with something that made them swell and become more luscious. He made her eyelashes long and black to accentuate the bright whiteness of her eyes as they stared out from inside their doll skin. Finally he brought out a small plastic Barbie doll he had dressed in the same outfit Becka now wore. It was like a miniaturised version of her, or was she the full sized model of the Barbie? He had a chain connected to the plastic doll, and he connected it to Becka's ring so the doll would hang down just in the hollow between the two coal black mounds protected by their glitzy sequin cover. Everyone would see here was a life-sized Barbie doll oozing sexual appeal.

"Come on, we are off to the nightclub," and she was hustled out where everyone would stare and admire her. Becka could never ever have dressed like this as herself, but as a love doll she could enjoy all the attention. She could be their fantasy and many hands seemed to accidentally brush against her on the dance floor or in the crowd, and they weren't just guys. It was as if everybody wanted a piece of this fantasy, to touch it to feel the sleekness of it and know it was real.

The brought Becka's thoughts up to that very day. In the morning she had been so sore. They had fucked for hours after Pete had made a small opening in the latex just where it was stretched between her cunt lips. He had not removed any of her clothes or the latex and she had watched in a large mirror that ran along the wall beside the bed. It was impossible to distinguish from the times she had watched him fuck his dolls, and the tight pulling constraint of the latex were like a myriad of fingers pulling and pinching at her while Pete pummelled through her latex opening.

Becka's mind drifted in a haze of lust as she recalled lying on the bed, daydreaming as usual while Pete showered. He came in carrying two identical outfits. As Becka had been idly lying in bed, Pete had filled one of the dolls with the syrup in all its holes, and then dressed it in one of the outfits. There was a leather bustier that tightly fitted round its bust with two little buckles at the front, and shiny metallic blue hot pants. They were so tight that as usual contours of the doll's cunt was bulging into the fabric crotch. Becka had found it exciting just watching him and didn't want to interrupt his game. Pete then smiled at her.

"Shall I do you now?" he asked. She just stared at him and felt a tingle run along her spine. He knelt over her as she made sure her legs formed a perfect V shape just like the doll lying next to her. He pumped the syrup into her crack, pushing it in with his finger. He would pour some in, and then push it further up inside her. Then he rolled her over. Becka did nothing. She didn't move a muscle. Once on her belly he set to work filling up her ass. Becka was so turned on by being filled with the syrup, just like the doll next to her. Her clit pressed against the bed sheets, but in her head this familiar voice told her not to move a muscle. She stayed perfectly still, feeling the tense excitement mount inside her. Pete slid her blue hot pants over her black latex legs. It was difficult getting the tight material up her legs as she didn't do anything to help. She lay there, putty in his hands now, but her weight made the job much harder for him. She felt the leg holes slide along her inner thighs as the pants mounted up and over her hips. He pushed the material tight into her, sealing her twin holes full of doll cum.

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