Bare Back


The Harrison Riding Academy was a playground for little rich girls and their over indulgent mothers. Carl Edwards was the riding instructor. It was his job to teach the young brats to ride without falling off on their heads. It was not an easy job but one with many benefits.

One of those rewards was to rub elbows with the cream of female society. Elbows were not all that he rubbed but that took place in private riding lessons at his small ranch down by the river. Mothers, daughters, or both, it did not matter to him. After fifteen years, he had seen and had it all.

Then Margaret "Maggie" Hatcher and her daughters, Jerry and Jenny showed up. Maggie had married into old money. Both her husband and the money were old, very old, so Carl figured she was ripe for the picking. The two daughters would be an added bonus.

Maggie considered herself an expert rider and even had her own saddle, an old Texas roping saddle with a high horn and solid frame. Carl had grinned at it and shook his head, as he watched her saddle up a tall leggy chestnut mare.

Maggie had a lot in common with that mare. She was tall and leggy, with a nice ass under those tight levies. Four buttons on her western shirt were undone and showed good cleavage. She had her dark hair pulled up in a long thick ponytail.

"Have you ever ridden with an English saddle?" Carl asked from the tack room door where he was leaning.

Maggie looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. "I like this saddle."

Carl nodded. "I have to teach your girls using English saddles. That's the way the boss man wants it."

"I understand that," Maggie replied still smiling.

"You should learn to ride one also."

"Why?" Maggie asked turning around to look at the riding instructor.

"That old roping saddle is going to draw some odd looks and comments around this snooty place, for one. Secondly, I think you like the way it feels if you use that old roping horn the way I think you do," Carl replied being a little bolder than he normally would be.

Maggie grinned and winked at him. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Carl laughed. "Yes mam, whatever you say, but I'd still love to give you riding lessons."

"Let's see how well my daughters like riding first. If they don't then I will keep my old saddle for recreational riding. If they love riding as much as I do then maybe I'll take you up on that offer."

"When will they be coming out for lessons?" Carl asked as he watched Maggie's ass as she mounted up. Man, that was one fine rump.

"They are arriving from Texas tomorrow. I just got custody back from their dad but I had to wait until they graduated high school before they could come live with me. It'll be the middle of next week at the earliest."

Carl frowned for an instant and then got his happy face back in place. The daughters probably already knew how to ride. That would make it extra hard to get to mama and that's what he wanted. Visions of Maggie bent over a hay bale with that gorgeous naked ass sticking up flashed across his mine.

Maggie had turned her horse around but she paused and looked at Carl. "You be careful around my daughters," She said with a frown on her face.

Carl held up his hands and said, "I'm always a gentleman."

Maggie grinned and shook her head. "I'm not worried about my daughters. It's you I'll worry about if they're anything like me at that age." With a laugh, Maggie kicked the mare in the ribs and took off at a dead run.

Carl stood there with his mouth open as he watched Maggie lean over with her head next to the horse's neck as they flew down the lane away from the barn. All her weight was on her legs and knees, her ass a few inches off the saddle.

Damn, the woman could ride better than almost anyone he knew of around here could. That was not saying much but he meant it as a high compliment.


Jerry and Jenny Hatcher showed up on Thursday morning bright and early. Carl was in the middle of handing out feeding cards for the high-stung horses in the boarding stable to the stable hands. It was always a pain in the ass to make sure that the feeding instructions were followed exactly.

"I'll be with you two in a minute," He called to them. The two young women waved, and then wandered over to a stall to pet one of the horses.

When he finished with the stable hands, he went over to greet the two young women. He could see their mom in them but they were completely different from each other. Jerry was short and redheaded as a woodpecker. Jenny was dark haired like her mom and all legs.

"If I don't tell those guys exactly what needs to be done, half the horses here would be sick or dead by this afternoon." He told them with a frown. "Good help is so hard to find."

"My dad says that all the time," Jenny said.

"Only he usually puts a lot of cuss words in there," Jerry added with a big grin.

"I've done that myself but not in front of two young ladies." Carl said.

"That's what our mom used to tell him," Jenny said with a frown.

"Was she wrong to tell him that?" Carl asked hesitantly.

Jenny shook her head and Jerry said, "According to him, she was wrong about everything."

"I know guys like that. They usually end up married to great women and then they get divorced. It is always the woman's fault to hear them tell it. I guess they don't look in the mirror much," Carl said as he shook his head.

"Are you married Mr. Edwards?" Jerry asked.

"Call me Carl and no, I've never been married. I guess I'm just to ugly for most women."

"You're not ugly," Jenny said and then grinned. "Kind of short but not bad looking for an older guy."

"Hey, I can't help it if my parents built my ass to close to the sidewalk," Carl replied jokingly. He might have been five foot five but he did not consider himself short by any means.

Jerry laughed and Jenny giggled at his joke.

"I'm built much the same way myself," Jerry said softly.

Carl grinned and nodded. "Ok, I guess I need to find you guys a couple of horses and see how well you ride."

Both girls wore shorts. Jenny's were nearly knee length and Jerry's were mid thigh. Both girls had on light jackets and had them zipped up. Carl wondered if they were anywhere as well built as their mother under those jackets.

He led the way to the back of the barn and then out a sliding door. Once outside, he led the way across a corral to a second barn.

As he opened the sliding door for the two young women, he said, "Those are privately owned horses back there, the rental stock is in here. To tell the truth, I like the horses back here better, if you know what I mean. They're not nearly as high strung and crazy."

"Are their owners high strung and crazy?" Jerry asked.

Carl looked thoughtful for a second and then nodded. "For the most part, they're rich, crazy, and hard to satisfy. So yes, they're very similar."

They were walking down between the rows of stalls. Jerry stopped and grinned. "Hey look, this one's short and redheaded like me. Can I ride him?"

"Her, she's a mare," Carl corrected. "I don't see why not, she's a fine little horse. Her owner sold the mare to me when she decided she needed a thoroughbred like her idiot friends."

Jerry rubbed the horse's nose and scratched under her chin. "Maybe mom will buy her for me."

Jenny chuckled. "You always were horse crazy. I want my horsepower in a six or eight pack, under the hood of a new car."

Jerry stuck her tongue out at her sister as she rubbed the horse's jaw. "You have to have a job first, mom's already told you that."

Jenny frowned and shook her head. "What's the use of having a rich mom if you have to have a job and all that."

"Your mom is a smart lady. I see these rich kids around here all the time. They have no ambition other than to have the best of everything but they are always bored and jaded well beyond their years," Carl told Jenny.

"Hey, I could live with that," Jenny replied.

"Yeah, you probably could but it's not much of a life in the long run. They have more mental problems and get into more trouble than any two street kids I know. The only reason most of them haven't been in jail or worse is mommy and daddies money."

Jenny shrugged but Jerry said, "I understand what you mean, I think. They're given everything so they don't need to do anything or be anyone."

"That's about it in a nut shell," Carl said.

"I still want a new car," Jenny said.

Carl smiled at her and shook his head. "No new cars here just used horses, so pick one and let's see if you can stay on without falling off on your head."


The girls knew about saddle pads and saddles even if they were not familiar with the English style. It was not long before they had the horses ready to ride. Jerry was first up on the short red mare. Carl spent several minutes adjusting her stirrups for length. She had them to long as most new riders had a habit of doing.

Now with the stirrups set, she was taking the mare through her paces in the small ring next to the barn. She had a little too much bounce in certain gates but overall she did well. Carl also noted the resemblance of her nice round ass to her mom's as she rode in circles around him.

He also noted the roll and sway of her large breasts under the jacket. She was not wearing a bra that was for sure. He only had to remind her to straighten her back on two occasions. Both times, she had thrown out her chest, which made her boobs bounce even more.

When she dismounted, it was a stretch for her short leg to reach the ground. It also stretched the shorts up tightly in against her sex. When she stepped down with her left foot, there was a perfect camel toe in the front of the shorts. That was perfect; she did not wear underwear either.

Jenny had picked the tallest horse she could find and rode like there were springs in her ass even with the stirrups adjusted. The more she bounced the more she leaned forward. She was taking none of her weight on her legs and consequently she was pounding the slick leather saddle.

The big horse also had her legs spread wide and the hard contact with the saddle was right on her sex more than her lean ass. Every time Carl told her to straighten up and take some weight on her thighs, she would slow and squirm on the saddle.

Carl would grin and shake his head. He knew women that liked their pussy spanked but this was a little extreme even for them. When they got to the faster gates, Jenny had an odd look on her face, her mouth in a little round O and her eyes wide.

She was either a masochist or she like her pussy pounded hard. Carl hoped for the latter. When she dismounted, he could not help but notice the wet spot in the crotch of the white shorts. Now he knew that she did like it rough but then again in some cases so did he.

Now if he could get both young women down to his place for some private lessons, he had the information to pick which saddles they would ride naked. He had some modified English saddles that would blow a woman's mind in so many ways. Mom liked her clit rubbed, Jenny wanted a pounding, and Jerry, well Jerry would be a nice slow easy fuck.


A few days later, Maggie was saddling her horse and Jerry was combing the knots out of the little red horse's mane. "Carl says you're riding a lot better."

"It's getting easier and my thighs don't hurt nearly as much." Jerry replied.

Maggie chuckled as she tossed the saddle over the tall chestnut mare's back. "I know that feeling well. Just think of how good your thighs will look later on. That's what I do."

"Your legs always look great, so do Jenny's. I'm the one that is short in that department."

"Yeah but you more than make up for it with boobs." Maggie shot back.

Jerry grinned and rolled her shoulders. Her large breasts swayed around under her jacket. "Yeah, there are those but I still wish I was tall and lanky like you two."

"And we wish we had your boobs." Jenny said as she came out of the tack room.

Where Jerry was dressed much as she had been that first day, Jenny now wore tight white riding pants, a white frilly shirt, and a black vest. She carried a small short crop in one hand.

"Are you riding today?" Maggie asked.

"No, not today, I'm going to hang around the barn and see if I can make some new friends."

Maggie looked at her daughter sharply. "You be careful around that bunch, I don't trust any of them as far as I can toss them."

"Mom, we're not in Texas anymore." Jenny protested.

"And what does that mean?"

"It means she thinks you sound like a hick and an over protective mother," Jerry said with a giggle.

Jenny gave her sister a hard look. "You're as bad as she is but at least you ride with an English saddle."

"Only until I finish my riding lessons," Jerry told her sister.

"I'm not taking anymore lessons. That Carl guy scares me the way he looks at us. He looks at all the women weird."

"Hey, Carl's my friend and he ain't weird," Jerry protested loudly.

"Carl's all right in my book," Maggie said looking from one daughter to the other. "I trust him a lot more than I do most of the other people around here."

"You wouldn't say that if you saw the way he grabbed my ass." Jenny told her mom.

"He did not grab your ass, he was straightening your back. One hand was on your shoulder and the other was in the middle of your back. You were slouching and leaning over," Jerry said to set the record straight.

Jenny gave her sister a dirty look and stomped off down the sidewalk toward the barn. Maggie started to call her back but changed her mind. They would have a long talk later this afternoon about a few things; her attitude was one of them.

Deep in thought, she turned back to her horse and started to chinch up the saddle. She had always figured Jerry to be the wild one but it seemed to be the other way around. Jenny was showing all the signs. She would have to keep a close eye on that one.

"Hey mom! Earth to mom!"

Maggie gave a start as she realized that Jerry had been talking to her and she had missed all of it. "Uh, sorry, I was lost in thought."

"Yeah, you're going to have to watch Jenny," Jerry said, her words almost matching Maggie's thoughts exactly.

"So, what don't I know?" Maggie asked with a grin.

"Who me? I don't know anything. Nothing I tell you." Jerry replied with a grin of her own. "But there is this certain rich boy that's taken a shine to her. From what I hear, he is quite a wild child. Jonathan something or the other is his name."

"Uh huh," Maggie said as she walked around to mount up. Once in the saddle, she leaned over, rested her elbows on the saddle horn, and looked at her daughter.

Jerry had finished combing the horse's mane out and was about to go get her saddle. Her mom looking down at her stopped her dead in her tracks. "I can't say anymore, for sure. All I can say is that I do not care for him. He is stuck up, arrogant, a know it all, and drives a fancy foreign car. But for some reason that all seems to go over Jenny's head, except for the last part."

"Yeah, she's been whining for me to buy her a car since she got here." Maggie paused to sigh. "I set the rules for a reason and explained them."

"I know mom, I was there remember. You did a good job of explaining but Jenny's not interested in your reasons, she just wants a new car."

"Then she needs a job. She has to have enough money for her first insurance payment at the very least."

"Speaking of jobs," Jerry ventured. "Carl is always complaining about the help around here. What do you think of the idea of me asking him for a job?"

"That's up to you. The pay has got to be better than a fast food joint."

"Since I'm not in any great hurry to start college until next year, I might as well do something I like. Dad always said we should like what we do because we are going to do it forever. Or something like that, anyway."

Maggie chuckled and replied, "Your dad always was the optimistic pessimist."

"I'm not to sure what that means, so I'll take your word for it. All I know is that dad sure screwed up when he lost you. Since you've been gone he's went through a dozen girlfriends and the new wife won't last long either."

"Was that the little short blonde in the courtroom at the hearing?"

"That's the one. Ida Mae Hanson, she is a real winner. I thought we lived on the wrong side of the tracks till I met her," Jerry replied with a giggle.

"Well, that's his problem. I am just glad you two are away from that bunch. I worry about you here but I worried more with you there."

"Things did get a little strange after you left, not that you had any choice in the matter. Dad tried his best to make us believe all sorts of stuff about you but we already knew the truth. Small towns are great that way," Jerry said thoughtfully.

"Big frogs in small ponds." Maggie quoted.

"Yeah, I guess being county sheriff does qualify him for that. It still doesn't justify his cheating on you and then trying to turn it around."

"It's in the past, so let's forget it." Maggie told her daughter. "Go get your saddle and lets ride down by the river. It's to pretty of a day to spend it talking about the past."


Jenny made her way to the main barn and looked around for Jonathan. He didn't seem to be around but it was early. Most of the group that hung out here did not show up until noon or later. She checked the parking lot but his red Ferrari wasn't there. With a shrug, she returned to the barn.

The staff had already fed the horse and now they were grooming them. Jenny wandered from stall to stall watching the sleek, spirited horses being brushed. The long legged thoroughbreds were beautiful. They made Jerry's little red mare look like dog food.

If she could not have a car then maybe she would see if her mom would buy her horse like these. There was a stallion that she loved and it was for sale from what she had heard. Jenny wandered over to his stall and leaned on the gate. The big horse looked her way but stood by the outside gate. He returned his gaze to the outside and nickered softly.

Jenny wondered what had his attention. His ears were pointed forward and his nostrils flared ever so often. Other than that, he was stock-still. All except one part of him that is, his big dick slowly slid out of it's sheath and hung down nearly to the ground.

The bright red tip was as big as Jenny's fist. The pink and black shaft was nearly as long as her arm. The sight of it made her shiver and squeeze her thighs tightly together. Her mind went to her boyfriend. Make that her ex boyfriend. He was in Texas and she was here.

Tommy had been the captain of the football team and played all sports well. His body was exceptional and he knew how to use it in so many ways. Giving Jenny a dozen orgasms in one evening was the best way of all. Jenny squeezed her thighs tighter as her inner muscles twitched and jerked at the memories.

He had been the first one to eat her pussy and the first one to make her come so hard she nearly passed out. While his dick was nowhere as big as the horse in front of her, it had been more than big enough for her, to big in some ways.

The first time she sucked him off her jaws had ached for hours but she was determined to give as good as she got. Even with both her hands wrapped around the shaft, there was still more than a mouthful sticking out. She shivered hard at the memory of him coming in her mouth that first time.

Jenny whimpered softly as she thought about the first time he had fucked her. She had already had five strong orgasms from him licking her. The last one had her nearly unconscious. That big dick pressing against her opening had jerked her back fast but not fast enough.

The pain of her hymen breaking had made her scream but then she was being filled to breathtaking proportions. Somehow it had all fit inside her and she felt his hips press tightly against hers. She was still trying to get a breath when he started to pull out.

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