tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 07

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 07

bySatin and Lace©

Chapter 7: Dancing at Bare Bottom Resorts

Leaning my head back onto the pillow I tried to relax. Something was going wrong with Canyon Curves Nudist Colony. It was losing money, since sex sells that wasn't an option. My job was to go, evaluate, get to the bottom of it. I laughed at the pun. Bare Bottoms Resorts had been good to me, I valued the position I was in. Closing my eyes I rested in the company jet.

Landing right at mid morning I didn't have hassles to go through. The car was waiting the gates glided open as we approached. The scenery was breath taking as we rounded the last curve. Seeing the beaches stretching out for miles with nothing but nude bodies made me smile. The human body was a marvelous creature so complex. So simplistic when sex was in the air. Sex was in the air here, I smiled at myself.

I knew it was time to slip into my bow tie it was so liberating here. Removing my clothing I got down to my lingerie. Pinning my hair back tying the bow tie I was ready to walk amongst the guests. It felt totally natural to be naked with others. Making eye contact was important. All though there were second looks, third ones too. I enjoyed the nudity so openly done. Nodding and smiling, speaking to regulars I seen we were almost to capacity.

One group of people were exceptionally well fit. The men were quite hung I noted the women were very beautiful too. They were just so jubilant, laughing, watching them I saw that. Every once in a while two or three would walk towards a cabana be gone for a little while coming back smiling. They stood out from the others. Long lean bodies, well defined muscles I had to turn away. I was afraid I might drool. That was frowned upon by the company.

"Hi! How is your stay here, at Canyon Curves? May I offer you anything?" I said very enthusiastically.

"We are having a wonderful time. It's our first time at this one. Nothing comes to mind what's the evenings entertainment?" The man hung like a base ball bat said smiling.

Evenings entertainment now that was an idea. We offered sex, sex, and more sex but nothing structured. Dining, long leisure walks, beach combing.

"What would you suggest?" I asked eyeing his long hard cock. ' You all friends?"

"We are ball room dancers we compete." The large breasted girl eagerly spoke up with a delicious smile.

I could see that in them. Very well trained athletes, bodies fine tuned. I was hungry for that base ball bat between that dark haired legs. I was glad I was wearing sunglasses. My mind tripped out for a second, seeing myself slipping down upon him riding him to a home run. Taking all the bases slow.

"So you would compete for our other guests?" I asked rolling that idea around in my minds eye.

Watching these people do the Tango, Waltz, La Bada, while nude would blow this place wide open. We had the space, could advertise it. I found myself excited about the whole proposal.

"Would you please honor me with having dinner tonight with me?" I asked the group but was looking at Mr. Base ball bat. 'As my special guests, we will announce it tonight." I added.

They all agreed I found out base ball bat's name was Mitch. I was surprised at myself it wasn't like me. We were to not fraternize with our guests. We did. We all did. It was impossible to not if you were a healthy person. I received a bouquet of wild flowers from none other than Mitch. I smiled at the card simply written 'Win or lose I'll see you after the competition, Mitch.'

Conversation, wine, great food flowed until late I found myself getting tired. The dancing contest was announced, couples introduced our guests were enthusiastic. We had many that were planning on leaving Friday make longer reservations. I watched the couples practice it was so erotic. Mitch was a marvel on the dance floor his partner was so light on her feet. They were all so wonderful. When they came to the Tango the intensity made me inhale so deeply. Exhaling hurt my lungs.

Mitch was pushing her down on the floor by her shoulders, his cock graced her face. I lost my composure and moaned loud enough the music disappeared from sound. I hurried from the curtain area and tried to regain myself. I felt him come up behind me.

"Macy I can't wait for after this dance contest." He whispered kissing my neck.'We will dance on the beach."


Music was playing the seats were filling. It was a night of great anticipation for all. The home office was waiting for a call to let them know the success. The bottom line the money intake, the black line. Our guests were so geared up for it I knew it was a winning idea. As the time approached the crowds seemed to swell to over capacity. Lights dimmed music came up, the announcer stepped into the circle of light.

"Ladies and Gentlemen guests of Canyon Curves we are proud to showcase our first dance contest for your entertainment. Tonight we have six beautiful couples that will compete in three area's of dance ..." His voice seemed to draw you into his excitement he was perfect. Perfect choice for this event.

As the light dimmed the room was dark the music struck up the first dance number. Lights came on to the almost heaven like room. The music moved the couples gliding across the dance floor. The light director was keeping up with the motion. Gasps, moans, applause moved the dancers on. Every movement was action, reaction, their beautiful bodies were on display. It was erotic you just couldn't stop watching.

Finally the Tango the dance for lovers, it was down to Mitch and his partner, another couple. I knew the dance the pushing of his partner down as to rid of her. I knew his cock would grace her face, I felt a pang of jealousy. The room went quiet the music took over the whole place. Everybody was dancing in their heads with them. As the last string of music echoed the people came stomping to their feet.

Thunderous applause, shouts of sheer excitement it was an absolute breath taking performance. The crowd was shouting for the winners.

"Number 4! Number 4! Number 4!" was repeated over and over. The winners were presented with a lifetime membership at our resorts and five thousand dollars.


Down on the beach I saw him walking towards me I broke into a smile. We met in a rush of passion we had built up. His touch was electrifying his body was hard. I was feeling his erection wanting it to sear into my flesh. He must have known he turned me around. I was being pushed into the sand with urgency. His cock was swaying with his body weight moving me onto my knees. The need to be wet was already done by the thoughts of his cock fucking me.

He placed the head just on the outside, pushing his hips into me I felt him enter me. I gushed back onto him his hips gathering speed. Taking his fingers he found my clit engorged with blood. I was bucking with his steady rhythms. His cock seemed to keep finding more space to reach. Each long thrust was driving me insane with pleasure. The scent of raw sex was wafting up causing us to lose more control. His cock was finding my every nerve stroking me into orgasms.

His hands played me well. I found him an adoring lover we finally were fed just before dawn. Walking back to the Resort I knew Bare Bottoms Resorts had found a winning new way to make money. I knew when Mitch won, he would be traveling for the company too. Now that was something I had to admit was one fringe benefit, I was looking forward too. Placing a whole new spin on working for Canyon Curves.

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