tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 11

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 11


Chapter ~11~ Hot times at Hanauma Bay, Oahu Hawaii

Down a long steep winding hill into a crater of nowhere I descended into our most famous of the Hawaiian Island Bare Bottoms resorts. It was so lush with green vegetation and parrots singing in the distance of the trees that surrounds the bay. And once you saw past the coral reef protection fence at the edge of the crater made bay's edge all there was to see was the beautiful aquamarine blue waters of the Pacific Ocean for as far as the eye could see.

It was hard to tell where the sky ended and the water began. And the water was so clear that you could almost reach down and catch the fish with your hands, so clear that it reflected the clouds in the noonday sky and the gorgeous island stars at night.

When I checked in for my next report at the Hanauma Bay Resort, I immediately knew that this place was all about fun in the sun and water sports. The resort offered tons of fun activities including parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat rentals. All of which could be done in or out of the buff, to fit the patrons liking...other than the parasailing...in case of belly flopping...the sting alone would be killer!

I couldn't imagine scuba diving in the buff, but what the hell I was here to learn and to report so I thought that I'd give it a try the next day. For today I decided to lay by the ocean and watch the snorkelers and coral reef divers while soaking up some rays, after all I was a little pale to be stuck in a nudist retreat resort...it had been way too long since my last BB report.

There were plenty of gorgeous bodies to look at as I took in some rays. And plenty of fun was being had by all the guests. I enjoyed watching a young couple frolicking on a beach blanket nearby as they rolled and played together like teenagers. Something about the seclusion in this resort seemed set the most captive of spirits free. As I watched them the woman with the long blonde hair piled in curls atop her head began to read a book. But it was quite obvious that her lover had other intentions. And I watched as he snuck to the blanket's edge and then straddled her lusciously round buns.

She giggled at him and tried to feign distaste. And smacked at his head with the book as he entered her from behind. But in no time at all, the book had fallen abandoned in the sand.

He held her awesome ass checks apart and I watched as he gently snaked his well-endowed cock deep inside the tight, hot gathers of her ass. After he was fully engulfed by her tightest hole he sat almost upright and began to ride his cock in and out of her behind like he was riding a horse. He fucked her deep and fast and hard and I had the pleasure of watching it all as they both screamed out in lustful ecstasy together.

As the couples buckin' bronco ride came to and end, the playful dolphins of the cove caught my eye and I remembered that like us they mated belly to belly...only under the water...and I wondered what that would be like.

Later that evening I made my way to the resort's main pool, it too was outdoors filled with the water of the nearby ocean. It was there that I met the resorts best employee of all. Not to mention the most beautiful male creature I had ever beheld on the face of the planet.

His name was Kai and he was a fire dancer for the resorts all male Polynesian review. Another of the great activities we offered at the Bare Bottom Resort was the sunset Luau featuring a real roast pig, roasted for days in the old Hawaiian tradition of the fire pit and coals. Cooked on palm leaves and stuffed with apples and pineapples to give the pork its wonderful island taste. The dinner buffet was also a favorite because of the show put on by Kai and his friends the fire dancers in the Polynesian all male review not to mention the gorgeous hula girls in nothing but there traditional grass skirts which is how they wore them years ago with there beautiful brown skinned chests showing. Here at out nudist resort that was all any employee wore—a grass skirt and flower leis around their necks and heads.

When I went to the pool and meet Kai, I was going there to meet an instructor to refresh myself on my scuba skills. The resort said that they were sending out their best instructor to meet me and they weren't kidding.

As Kai put his arms around my naked waist standing behind me, his growing cock brushed gently against my rear. He reached around and checked my mask, brushing my nipple with his bare hand in the process. And electricity shot throughout my body. Then Kai told me to try going under. When I did I turned to face him and got an awesome view of his ample equipment. When I came back up and took my mask off to take a breath, I told him about the dolphin's I'd see earlier in the bay and the fact that I wondered what it would be like to fuck underwater like the dolphins do.

Without another word Kai put on his mask and mine too then he swam to the center of the pool with me. And to the bottom we went. Kai let enough air out of his valve to sit on the pool's bottom and then he pulled me to him. Holding onto my hips he was able to guide me onto his gloriously tanned cock and by pressing down and releasing a little every other stroke I was able to ride him underwater like a pro. We couldn't last too long that way, but I will definitely have to say it was a great scuba lesson and will probably always be the strangest place I've ever had sex.

Needlessly to say, I will have to give this resort a great thumbs up in my next report. Their friendly staff and attention to tradition and detail makes the Hanauma Bay Bare Bottoms Resort a one-in-a-million place to stay!

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