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Here is a little story about a nice little fling that I had a while back....

I was sitting in my favorite bar having a cocktail....I love Spanish coffees and the bartender at this bar makes the best; it doesn't hurt that this guy is extremely cute. I had been flirting with him for a few months at this point. I had just gotten off of work and I was relaxing a bit before going home. My husband was working for the next few days in another city so I had no reason to rush home.

I was in a randy mood and well...to make it brief, lets just say that the flirting escalated to a much higher level. After a couple of Spanish coffees it was time for the day shift at the bar to be over and he joined me for a third cocktail. We then went to dinner and from there, back to his place!!

I was incredibly excited as I had never done this before as a married women. Sure I had had an encounter with the officer and the ski patrolman but I had never gone home with another man! And without my husband even knowing!! I was positively wet from the thought of how bad I was being....and of course from the thought of having sex with this sexy bartender...he had roughly the same build as my husband but he was about ten years older...I've always had a thing for older men....

We got to his place and he fixed us a drink and put on some music. About half way through drinking our drinks our small talk grew silent and we kissed! I felt his hands on my shoulders pulling me against him. I couldn't wait to get naked with him and have his cock in my mouth and cunt! But the whole process is delicious...the build up of flirting and kissing...yum! His hands moved to my shirt and popped a few buttons, gaining access to my breasts. He pinched, pulled and caressed my breasts with an experienced hand. I love being with a lover who really knows what he's doing. I was positively melting in his arms and being such a bad girl doing it. For a brief instant was a little worried about what my husband would think but that thought was quickly wiped away as my shirt was completely removed and I was laid down on the couch as we kissed. Feeling his hard cock through his pants pressing into my pelvis removed all reservations I could have had.

Within a few minutes we were both naked and in his bed in the next room. I was so worked up I came as soon as he penetrated me! I had hadn't come that fast since I was dating my husband! We had sex virtually all night long and I have no idea how many times I came. I do know that he came 4 times though! And each time inside me! I love the feel of my body being used for an orgasm and the though of our sex fluids mixing...to have a sex cocktail inside me!...

Sometime during the course of the evening I mentioned (we talked quite a bit between orgasms) that my husband would be away for another two nights...I think he liked hearing that:) Needless to say, after work the following day I met up with him again and basically had a repeat performance the following TWO nights.

I was one well fucked women when I greeted my husband when he came home. I was very anxious to tell him about it so I dragged him to the bedroom and told him I needed his cock in me while I told him a little story. I think he must have read my body language because he knew something was up and demanded that I tell him the story while he ate me out! What a perv!:) I love how perverted he is.. We are a good team. So I told him all about it. About half way through though he couldn't wait and started fucking me. Its such a turn on to tell him about fucking someone else while being fucked by my husband! I had to pause in my story to have a very hard orgasm...

I ask my husband if he would mind if I had sex the bartender occasionally as I really enjoyed having sex with him. He said that it would be ok with him as long as I told him all about it and could have sex with me not too long after word at least most of the time. This was quite a turning point as we had never really had this kind of agreement before. My past occasions were a much different dynamic than this.


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