Baseball Cougars Take The Lead Pt. 02

byGeorge VI©

With a break between customers, Mrs. Kreske suddenly dove down onto her knees. She yanked my shorts and boxers down, and grabbed my hard cock. With her head below the counter where nobody could see her, I felt her slide her lips over my dick head, and then down the shaft. A customer appeared, an old lady, and I got her order and took her money and made change, while Mrs. Kreske sucked my cock. If the lady had any inkling what was going on, or why I didn't move my feet as I reached for her candy, she didn't say.

Several more people approached the concession stand. Mrs. Kreske heard them coming, and popped up before they arrived. I pulled my shorts up and we both serviced several customers. After Mrs. Kreske served the last one, I fell to my knees. I grabbed Mrs. Kreske's shorts by the sides, and tugged them down quickly, along with her panties. Faced with a sizable triangular patch of thick brown pubic hair, I burrowed my nose in, and found her moist slit. I licked rapidly as she moaned and gyrated her hips. I heard her serving one customer as I quietly ate her pussy below the counter, and then she pulled me up and pulled up her shorts as more customers approached.

As Mrs. Kreske finished with the last customer, I dry humped her again, and as soon as the woman turned her back, I tugged her shorts and panties down. While staring at her round white mature ass cheeks and long crack, I yanked my own shorts and boxers down. I slid my cock along her pussy slit between her legs several times, and then slid the length of the shaft into her wet pussy.

Careful not to move too much, I humped into Mrs. Kreske from behind as she put one foot up on a shelf below the counter. I fucked her doggie style as we looked out at the ball game and the adults on the bleachers, including Mrs. Kreske's husband. She leaned her elbows onto the counter, and I kept my movements below the counter level. But thrust I did, and I could hear my hips slapping into her rippling bare butt cheeks. The sounds of cheering fans and umpire's calls and balls hitting bats faded into the background.

Mrs. Kreske panted, but otherwise kept silent. I reached up under the front of her tank top, up under her bra cups, and got in a few squeezes of her bare tits. I could feel her hard nipples as I thrust up into her.

"Um, um," started Mrs. Kreske. I watched her eyes. Her lids were closing, and there was a smile on her face. "Whoooo," she purred. She started to buck her hips back into me. Her body started to shudder.

The feeling of my hard cock sliding along her smooth lubricated pussy walls was amazing. Baseball used to be my favorite thing in life. Now, just about everything I lived for was fucking a willing woman, and even in such a non-private location I knew I was close to cumming.

Mrs. Kreske's hips spasmed and squirmed. I looked at her, and she was biting her lip. "Uhh! Ohhhh!" She soon erupted with gyrations and spasms, just as I spewed a gush of cum up into her pussy. A grandmotherly woman walked by the stand and gave us a quizzical look, but kept walking.

Mrs. Kreske's face dripped with perspiration as she panted. I looked out at her husband, who was oblivious that a teenaged boy had just fucked his wife within view of him. I slowly slid my cock out of Mrs. Kreske, and we both quickly fixed our clothes just as several more customers arrived at our stand.

For the next several minutes, until we were relieved from our shift, we took care of customers, and instead of sexual grabass games, Mrs. Kreske held my hand or patted my butt. As we finally walked out of the concession stand, Mrs. Kreske smiled at me and said, "Don, it was a pleasure working with you. I'd love to do it again some time."

"Name the time, Mrs. Kreske," I replied.

With a wink, Mrs. Kreske said, "I'll get back to you on that."


I watched a movie at home that night. Dad was watching too, but he fell asleep on the chair. Mom sat down next to me on the couch. The family dog took up a lot of the couch, so she sat close to me.

Mom had caught me several times trying to look down her top or at her legs in recent days. She never said anything, but I could tell by the look on her face that she knew what I was doing. She didn't seem to mind.

Tonight, I could feel her left hip pressing against my right hip. She was wearing shorts. I was wearing shorts. She pressed her bare thigh against mine. I was careful at first, but then went ahead and pressed my bare thigh firmly into hers. Boy, did she have nice long legs. She rubbed them against me for a long time, sitting silently. Her breathing was uneasy.

She caught me looking at her bare legs. "Did you ever do any modeling when you were younger?" I asked.

She smiled, and said, "Of course not." But she put her left arm around my shoulder, and pressed her tit firmly into my shoulder. I tried not to look over, but eventually I rubbed my shoulder back and forth over her left tit. She arched her back and heaved her chest.

Dad stirred and woke, and that was the end of it.

The next day, after the game, I was up in my room on my computer. I had the door mostly closed, but it was open about four inches. I heard Mom call me from right outside the door. "Don, give me your uniform so I can wash it."

"OK, Mom." I pulled off my baseball jersey. In my mirror, I could see Mom peeking through the door at me. I started to pull down my uniform pants, with my back to the door. Looking into the mirror, I saw that Mom wasn't turning away. I had my back to her wearing just my jock, my bare butt exposed. Mom's eyes were wide open.

I started tugging down my jock. Mom didn't turn her gaze. My cock got quickly big and semi-hard, but it was hanging down, not straight out. I wanted to show Mom my hard cock, but I didn't want to be any more obvious. I stood sideways, so my cock was exposed to her, but I wasn't completely facing her. Finally I picked up my shorts, and pulled them up. When I picked up my uniform and turned to the door, Mom finally stepped back away from the door, and I handed her my laundry. She panted, "Thank you," and walked down the stairs.

My mom watched me undress. Mom saw me naked.

I wish I could see her naked.


Near the end of the season, we got to play one out-of-town tournament. It was just three games tops, but the cool part was that we got to stay in a motel. But my parents were tied up with some class reunion that weekend. So my mom arranged for me to travel with Brian. My first reaction was disappointment, because Brian was possibly the last guy on the team I wanted room with. He was okay, just a little bit dorky and not overly bright. But Brian told me that it was his mom that we would be traveling with and not his dad, and I got real excited.

Mrs. Woods had long full blonde hair, was kinda pretty, had a decent body, and real big tits. Her body might be a tad bit "fleshy", but her big round tits made her look voluptuous to me. Mrs. Woods was another of the "panties up her shorts" moms, who wore short shorts on the bleaches, which occasionally allowed for views of her panties up her shorts legs. The idea of sleeping in the same motel room as Mrs. Woods led to all kinds of fantasies, but at the very least I hoped for a glimpse of her underwear or sleepwear, whether she was in them or not.

Driving with Brian and Mrs. Woods to the tournament was pretty much uneventful, except that Mrs. Woods seemed to be watching me through her rear view mirror as much as she watched the road. I was in the back seat with Brian, on the passenger side, looking at Mrs. Wood's tits. Her seat belt was pulled tight between her tits, and made her tits appear to stick out of her tight white shirt and smooth molded bra that much more. I glanced up and saw her eyes in the rear-view mirror, looking at me. She smiled at me, but I looked away anyways. For a while, until I went back to looking at her tits again. And then I'd see her looking at me again. This went on for several hours.

After the games on Saturday, we went out to a fast food restaurant with the other teammates and parents. We finally checked into our motel room late, with orders from the coaches to settle down and get to sleep early. Brian, Mrs. Woods, and me found our room.

Mrs. Woods put her suitcase on the bed toward the back of the room, so I dropped my bag on the floor and flopped in to the bed closest to the door. As Mrs. Woods opened her suitcase, Brian laid down on her bed.

"Brian, get in the other bed," said Mrs. Woods.

"But mom, you said I could sleep in your bed when dad was gone," whined Brian.

"Shhh," said Mrs. Woods. She gave me an embarrassed glance. "Not with guests!" Brian got up and lay down on my bed.

Mrs. Woods rummaged through her suitcase and pulled out some garments. "If you boys don't mind, I'm going to shower first," she said.

Brian turned on the TV. Mrs. Woods walked up toward the bathroom, which was by the door. While out of our direct vision, I could still see her whole body through the mirror on the opposite wall. And to my surprise, she started to pull off her shirt while still standing outside of the bathroom!

Brian nudged me and pointed to the mirror. He could see his mom in her large white smooth bra, too. We watched together as his mom wiggled out of her shorts, and stood in white silky-looking panties. I'd swear she glanced up at us through the mirror, but she didn't try to cover. However, her back was to us as she unhooked her bra in back and dropped it on the floor. I strained to see her tits, but all I could see was the side of one tit.

Mrs. Woods bent over and tugged down her panties, lifting her right leg and pulling them off. Now I could see her bare white ass. It was a little large, but round and firm enough that it was quite an arousing sight.

Mrs. Woods then walked into the bathroom and shut the door - most of the way.

"Nice ass, huh?" Asked Brian. "Did you see her tits?"

"Um, no, not really," I replied. "Do you get to see your mom naked a lot?"

"Oh, a little bit. Want to watch her shower?"

Was Brian asking me to peek at his mom with him?" "Right now?"

"Yeah," said Brian. "Let's go." Brian climbed off the bed and headed toward the bathroom. I followed him. Mrs. Woods had left the bathroom door open just a tiny crack. I could hear the shower water running.

Brian peeked through the crack for a moment. Then he stood back, grinning, and motioned me to look. I crept to the door and looked in with my right eyeball. Mrs. Woods was outside the tub, bending over it, adjusting the water. Her bare white ass was pointed at me, and I detected some pubic hair between her legs. I stepped back as she stood up. Brian looked again, and then motioned me to look again.

This time, I saw Mrs. Woods in the shower. She had left the shower curtain practically wide open. I wondered if she always showered like that, with water potentially spraying onto the floor, or if she was putting on a show. And if so, for whom? Me? Brian? Both?

Mrs. Woods was lathering her big naked tits. I could now finally see her whole left tit, pink areola and hard nipple and all. For a busty mature woman, her tits were still impressively firm. There was some slope from the side view, but her nipples pointed straight out. She moved her hand down and rubbed soap all over her hairy pussy. Her pubic hair was thick and long, and at least wet it looked darker than the hair on her head. She spread her legs wide as she rubbed herself, then soaped up her ass.

When the water turned off, we both scurried back to our bed. Eventually, Mrs. Woods walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing some sort of a short camisole - it couldn't even be called a nightgown because it was too short. There was actually a gap between the hem of the shirt, and her panties. And panties were the only other garment she had on. They weren't fancy but they were red cottons. The top camisole was white, scooped down, and was so thin that it was practically see-through. I could easily discern the shape and size of her areolas right through it.

Brian and I both sat on the bed pretending to watch TV, but it was pretty clear that we were simply watching Brian's mom parade around in her skimpy sleepwear. As she grabbed a hair dryer, plugged it in, and dried and brushed her hair, she put on a great show of her big wobbling braless tits, jiggling panty-clad butt cheeks, and a slew of cleavage as she leaned over. She glanced over our way from time to time to make sure that we were watching her.

Finally, when she was done with hair and lotion and picking up, she sat alone on her bed. I'd been putting off showering during her show, but now I announced that I was showering, got up, grabbed my pajamas, and headed into the bathroom. I closed the door, and spotted Mrs. Wood's discarded clothes on the floor. I picked up her white bra. 38D. It wasn't padded at all. The flattened-out cups looked huge. I picked up her panties. I looked for pubic hairs in the crotch, didn't find any. But it was quite moist. I sniffed it. It smelled musky. Finally I climbed into the shower. I thought about jerking off in the shower, but I decided that it would be indiscreet to jerk off with another family right outside the door.

Finally I emerged from the bathroom, wearing only short pajama bottoms. Normally I would have put on a t-shirt around other people, but since Mrs. Woods chose to be less-than-prissy around me, I felt bold enough to go to bed shirtless.

As soon as I got out of the bathroom, Brian charged in behind me for his shower. I combed my hair by the credenza. The second that Brian closed the door, Mrs. Woods rose from her bed, and said, "Oh, Don, you look good with your shirt off!" She approached me, and put her hands on my shoulders. "Such a firm young man," she cooed.

Looking down at the mature woman with the big areolas inches away from me, rubbing my chest, I got an immediate hardon. Mrs. Woods looked down at my tenting pajama bottoms, moaned, and leaned in. She was nearly as tall as me, and her panty-clad belly rubbed against my cock. Then she reached down, grabbed my cock through my shorts, and slowly stroked it.

Mrs. Woods leaned in and kissed me. Although she was being gentle with my cock, her kissing was rapid and wild. Her lips sucked on mine, her tongue rapidly probed my mouth. I had a hard time keeping my tongue on hers, but I tried real hard to. My mind was thinking of my teammate in the bathroom, and what he might do or think if he saw me entwined with his mom. But he had been ogling her too, and encouraged me to watch her naked in the shower. I reached up with my right hand and grabbed her left tit.

Mrs. Woods moaned as I groped her big tit over her flimsy camisole. It was heavy and sorta soft but sorta firm. My thumb found her hard nipple. Mrs. Woods reached into the waistband of my pajamas, and jerked my cock faster. She pressed her panty crotch into my thigh, and humped me like a dog. Not knowing how long she would let this continue, I grabbed her panty-clad ass with my left hand, and squeezed it. Then I worked my hand inside of her panty from the side, and felt her bare right ass cheek, squeezing and jiggling.

We heard the bathroom door open, and Mrs. Woods jumped back. Brian gave us a quizzical look but said nothing. Mrs. Woods wiped my saliva off of her mouth, and pulled her panties back over her exposed right cheek, smirking at me.

As we crawled into bed, I jumped into the spot closest to Mrs. Woods' bed. The TV was turned off, and the only light now on was the bathroom light, which gave off just enough light that I could watch Brian's mom, lying on the edge of her bed, perhaps only four or five feet from me. She was on her side, facing me, her sheets pulled down. I could see her cleavage falling sideways out of her top, and her red panties pulled tightly over her crotch, her left knee up in the air, her legs spread slightly. I'd just been kissing that woman a few minutes ago and feeling those big tits as she jerked me off. I was dying to take the two steps over there so she could finish the job on my cock. But her son was also in the room.

I laid there for what seemed like forever, watching Mrs. Woods rolling about, hearing her sigh, and catching her looking at me. I stayed halfway out of the covers leaving my top exposed but not wanting to expose my hardon to my male sleeping partner.

Eventually I heard Brian snoring. Mrs. Woods could hear it too, not doubt. "Don," I heard her whisper. "Don." I looked over at her, and she smiled at me in the dim light, and patted the bed. "Come here."

I gently lifted the covers and stepped out of my bed, checking to make sure that Brian was still asleep. I carefully climbed into the next bed. Mrs. Woods quickly threw her arms around me, and we started to make out. I tried not to act too eager, not knowing how far she would go with her son a few feet away. I immediately went back to work on her left tit with my right hand. Mrs. Woods moved her left hand around my bare shoulders and back, eventually sliding it over my butt. She reached into my pajama waistband, and groped my butt cheeks.

Since she was reaching under fabric, I slid my right hand down her side, found the hem of her camisole, and slid my hand up inside of it. I now had my mitt on her bare tit, and I caressed and squeezed the large melon. Mrs. Woods reached into the front of my waistband, and found my cock. I pushed up on the camisole, exposing her midriff, until both of her tits were exposed. I could just see them gleaming in the dim light, her white tits contrasting with her tanned chest. I squeezed both tits with both hands, tugging on her nipples. I lowered my head down onto her right tit, and planted my lips on it. I kissed my way over to her hard nipple, and licked it and sucked on it, as Mrs. Woods moaned.

Mrs. Woods pulled my pajamas down below my cock, and my hardon sprang straight out at her. She stroked it some more. I moved my right hand down her belly, and rubbed her pussy over her tight panties. Her cotton panty crotch was soaked. She spread her legs wider. Then I slid my hand down inside of her waistband, and felt her bare pussy. Her pubic hair was thick and fluffy, except for some wetness around the slit.

Mrs. Woods stopped stroking me, and sat up. After a glance over at the still-sleeping Brian, she pulled her camisole over her head and dropped it on the bed. Then she reached down and slid her panties down her hips, lifting her butt off the bed to wiggle it down off of her butt, and down her legs. I took her queue, and eagerly pulled off my pajamas.

We resumed our necking and petting, completely nude and completely entwined. I slid my middle finger into her wet pussy, and finger fucked her as she stroked me.

Mrs. Woods sat up again, slid down the bed, and lowered her head over my cock. With her blonde hair tickling my thighs, she slid her lips down the head and shaft, and sucked me off. I could hear the sucking noises her lips emitted.

I enjoyed the feeling immensely, but I still wanted to get my hands on the nude mom, and tried reaching down for her tits. Mrs. Woods got up on her knees, and moved her rear end up toward my head. She threw her right knee over my head, and lowered her crotch down onto my head. Realizing now that she wanted to sixty-nine, I helped her get her crotch into position over my lips, and licked up until I found my way through her pussy hair to her hot salty pussy. My nose was up by her asshole, but since she had just showered, it wasn't as weird as I thought it would be.

Mrs. Woods began sucking my cock again, and we writhed on her bed in a full-blown sixty-nine. I could hear her sucking noises on my cock, and I made some slurping noises while eating her pussy. Mrs. Woods moaned a few times. The newness and weirdness of the situation probably kept me from cumming too soon. But soon Mrs. Woods was writhing her hips all over my face, and I had a hard time keeping my tongue in her pussy. I burrowed and lapped as fast as I could as she moaned through my cock. After one long spasm, where I thought she would fall off my face, my mature lover sat up.

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