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It was a sweltering summer morning and my wife had gone on a shopping trip with her sister; they were headed for an outlet mall about two hours north of here and would not return until early evening. I was prepared for a boring day until I saw a truck with painting supplies pull up in our driveway. I had forgotten that the painters were going to finish up our basement that morning, even though it was a Saturday. I watched Bob and Chris unload their supplies and approach the porch. They had been at the house all week but the only time I saw them was first thing in the morning; they arrived right before I went to work and were gone before I came home. That disappointed me greatly, as my marriage to a woman did nothing to quell my bisexual urges.

The painters were about the same age as me, in their mid-thirties. Bob was about my height (six feet), with short-cropped light brown hair and a muscular build from years of hefting ladders and paint cans and moving furniture out of the way. Chris was slightly shorter and more wiry, like me, but his crew-cut red hair, fair skin, and freckles contrasted with my tanned surfer look, complete with sun-kissed blond hair that fell in waves to just below my shoulders. Both men looked incredibly hot in their paint-splattered white denim painter's pants that they'd cut off into shorts (SHORT shorts!) and white t-shirts with the painting company's logo on them.

At least this morning I wouldn't have to scramble to beat my wife to the door. I opened it and waited in the doorway. They both smiled widely at me. I liked the signals I'd been getting from them all week and this was another promising sign. "Good morning, Mr. Nova," said Bob.

"Call me Scott." I held the door open for them and they both allowed their paint cans to brush my cock as they walked past me.

Bob looked around. "Where's the lady of the house this morning?"

"She went up to that outlet mall with her sister. It's just us boys today!"

I saw Bob and Chris exchange a furtive glance, then turn back to me. "I guess we can let it all hang out then," Bob commented with a sly grin.

"Yep," I said, casually scratching my balls and heading for the kitchen. I could feel their eyes follow me. I poured myself a glass of water and watched them go down the hall, glancing at me when they passed the kitchen. I continued to act nonchalantly and they descended into the cellar.

I knew they didn't have very much work left, so I waited only an hour before heading downstairs to "check on them." I made sure to take off my tee-shirt first; now all I had on were a pair of jean shorts. As I climbed down the stairs, my cock stiffened at the sight of two shirtless men hard at work, sweat beading on their lean and muscular torsos. They stood quite near each other and did not notice me until I came up behind them, slapping each on the butt simultaneously. "Looks good, guys," I said, pretending to admire the wall.

"It's coming along good," said Chris. "This basement will look great once you're done with the remodeling."

"Yeah, I'm going to put my gym down here. Right now it's in the bedroom," I explained, "and maybe a pool table over there." I pointed to an area just behind Chris, and as he turned around to look the roller he held brushed right against my crotch, leaving a streak of white paint right on my half-erection and making it even more obvious. "Oh, silly me," I laughed. "I bumped right into you."

"You should really take those off and soak them right away," Bob told me, looking right at my midsection as he spoke.

"Oh, I guess you're right." I undid the button-fly and let the shorts fall to the dropcloth-covered floor, exposing my proud eight-incher. Both Bob and Chris did not take their eyes off it, and I started to stroke myself, watching bulges develop in their shorts. "You guys sure are good with your hands. Are they good for more than painting?"

Bob dropped his roller and reached for my cock, slowly stroking it and milking out some pre-cum. "Our company offers a variety of services, Scott." He used his free hand to fumble with his own shorts. I saw that he wore no underpants, either, and his erection was about the same size and girth as mine. Bob licked his lips, then got down on his knees and licked my nuts as he continued the hand job, taking the big hairy balls in his mouth and groaning. Then his tongue traced the length of my shaft before he inserted it in his mouth, his lips traveling all the way down to the base of my shaft. I held his head and moaned, guiding it as I fucked his steamy mouth.

Meanwhile, Chris dropped his shorts to reveal a surprise, a fat, milky white 12-incher! I yearned to taste the vanilla stick but Chris had other ideas for the moment. He knelt behind me, parted my ass cheeks, and poked my manhole with the tip of his tongue, making me jump. "Oh, yeah, lick my asshole," I groaned as Chris' tongue circled the puckered hole, then poked inside and wiggled around.

I was enjoying my blow and rim jobs, but I needed to taste some man-meat! I disengaged myself from Bob and Chris, then turned around and got down on all fours in front of the red-haired painter with the foot-long mixing stick, offering him my mouth. Chris knelt and I took his massive tool and golf-ball-sized nuts in my hands, fondling them in admiration before dipping in for a taste. I started with his balls, beautifully shaved and smoothed, lubricating the twin sacs with my tongue before taking one, then both, in my mouth and sucking as he beat his meat. Then I started licking at the base of his cock and he moved his hands from his shaft to my head, guiding me as I teased my way up his pecker, leaving not one spot of skin unlicked as I approached his head and poked his piss-slit with the tip of my tongue, sending a shudder through him and bringing forth a drop of pre-cum. Then I took him in my mouth, pushing him down into my throat as far as I could go without choking myself, pulling back up, and repeating the motion over and over.

Bob had been jerking off as he watched me blow his partner, and now he moved to his toolbox and retrieved a tube of lubricant. My cock throbbed as I wondered how many horny adventures this duo had if they found it necessary to carry that shit with them! He moved behind me and I felt goo being squirted into my ass crack, then a hand slithering in and massaging it all around, using strong, sure fingers to push into my asshole and lube the entrance to my love tunnel. I squirmed in delight as the head of Bob's cock aligned itself with my hole, then pushed its way past my sphincter. It had been a long time since I had a threesome and it occurred to me that if this was a dream, I'd be really pissed if it stopped! Even as Bob thrust in and out, sweating and groaning and making my insides pulsate with pleasure, I dreamed of the huge prick that I couldn't swallow all of, try as I might. I'd never had a cock that big inside my ass and I desperately hoped that Chris would be obliging.

Bob stepped up his pace, furiously humping me as I bucked against him. Chris pulled his cock from my mouth and stood watching the tail end of the show. Bob yelled out and rammed me so hard I nearly fell over. I felt his cock spurt inside me, filling me with liquid metal even as my prick squirted cum all over the dropcloth beneath us. I hung my head down and panted, hearing the POP of Bob's cock pulling out and feeling the cum dripping down onto the bottom of my ball sac. "God, he's TIGHT!" Bob told Chris as he sprawled on the dropcloths.

I lifted my head up to see Chris move towards me. He positioned himself in back of me, bent over, and buried his face in my crack again, licking it clean of Bob's cum and giving me another rim job while his hand worked my flaccid member. Because my hole had been so recently penetrated, he was able to push his tongue in much further, driving me wild and making me beg him to please ram me with his giant pecker. However, he didn't move until he felt me grow hard again in his hand. Then he mounted and plunged right in, his balls slapping against me as I yelled out in pain and pleasure.

He started with a few slow strokes that stretched me out and got me used to having such a huge prick filling my tunnel. By the time he started pumping with more force, the pain was gone and I was matching his strokes, squealing in sync with his grunts and groans. Then he leaned over and grabbed my cock again, jerking me wildly even as he fucked my ass. I could tell Chris was close to cumming and so was I. My cries intensified as cum squirted from my dick again, and a moment later Chris let go inside my throbbing tunnel, filling it up with his spunk. I was spent and collapsed in the puddle of my own cum, Chris still partially lodged in me. Bob had gotten hard again while watching us and he simply stood above us, jerking his prick until he came again, aiming the spray at our heads. Then he joined us on the floor.

Since then, our entire house has been repainted. My wife doesn't suspect a thing; she's been bitching about remodeling this place for years and couldn't be happier. Next weekend, she's going out of town to visit her sister and I'm going to have Bob and Chris help me lay tile in the bathroom!

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