tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 11

Basement Sluts Vol. 11


Shawn was missing from the 9th episode of Basement Sluts because he was off on an assignment for the 11th episode. Sage, Josh's sister, had invited Shawn back to Washington for a "special slumber party" with Tiffany, herself, and two other female friends of theirs. Shawn was happy to be invited back to score with Sage and Tiffany again and also to break in the two new girls, a fiery-red haired 22-year-old named Kristi and chubby but extremely busty 19 -year-old named Natalie.

Shawn arrived in Washington and to the home of Josh's parents. He knocked on the door waiting to be greeted by Josh's folks, but Josh's younger sister Sage answered the door instead. She was wearing a very tight pink tee with the words "Truth" stretched across her enormous 38DDD's that Shawn remembered putting his hands and lips on. Her ass was in a perfectly round form inside her tight high-cut shorts that bulged out the bottoms of her jiggling ass cheeks. The only other thing she had on were some cute, small ankle socks.

"Goddamn! Aren't you looking fine tonight?" Shawn said very excited.

"Hey, Shawn, welcome back. Glad you could make it," Sage said with excitement.

"It's good to be back. Where are your folks?" Shawn asked curiously.

"I wouldn't have asked you to this slumber party if I knew my parents were going to be in town. They're actually out visiting other family members in New York this whole weekend," Sage replied with a huge smile.

"You remind me of Goldilocks with bigger breasts," Shawn joked to Sage.

Sage gave a small laugh and closed the front door behind Shawn.

"The girls are waiting for you in the living room. Why don't we go and introduce you to the other two girls?" Sage said taking hold of Shawn's hand.

Sage walked with Shawn into the living room. Tiffany was sitting on the small couch wearing a baby blue Phat Farm jogging suit with the zipper down, showing off her extremely tight baby-blue tube top that barely held her 44EE's from spilling out.

"Hey Shawn. It's good to see you again," said Tiffany as she got up and gave him a huge hug.

Shawn felt his cock reacting to Tiff's hug. Her gigantic melons were crashing into his chest. He felt Tiffany's hands gripping his ass.

"Mmmm. Such a firm ass," Tiffany responded.

"You're going to be feeling it a whole lot more later on," Shawn said smiling.

Tiffany let Shawn go and pointed him towards the two new girls, Kristi and Natalie.

"Hi. I'm Kristi," said the red haired girl.

Kristi had middle-back length red hair that right now was tied up into a bun, blue eyes, pale white skin, freckles covering most parts of her face and body, stood around 5'7 and weighted 129. Her best assets would be her huge tits that she carried inside a 48DD cup bra. Thick thighs and a medium size ass completed Kristi. She was wearing a red tight shirt that read "Red Heads Do It Better" stretched across her mountainous orbs. Shawn's cock could barely move inside his jeans now that his massive boner finally filled out the front of his jeans.

"Very nice to meet you," Shawn told Kristi with his eyes glued on her bulging chest.

"And I'm Natalie," said the dark brunette.

Natalie's hair was shoulder length. She had dark green eyes, tan skin, and stood about 5'6 and was a chubby but very cute girl. She wasn't fat just thick in a lot of places especially her chest. People don't usually pay attention to the rest of her body with her massive 44FFF's sticking out from her chest like giant tan pumpkins.

Shawn couldn't keep his eyes off Natalie's chest as her gigantic titties bulged out from her flannel shirt and nearly rested on her lap but stuck out from her body.

"As you can see. Nat is a very heavy girl and very shy. We're hoping you can bring her out of it?" said Tiffany to Shawn with a devilish smile.

"Perhaps I can do more then that," Shawn replied.

"Go to the bedroom, ladies, and get set up. Shawn and I have some catching up to do," Sage told the other girls.

Tiffany led Natalie and Kristi to the bedroom and proceeded to change into their sleeping attire. Sage sat on the couch close to Shawn and started tracing her hands up and down his enormous manhood.

"Mmmmmmm. I feel you're ready for tonight huh?" Sage said while stroking Shawn's huge cock through his jeans.

Shawn gave out some small moans and said, "You don't know the half of it."

"Well I'm going to be working the camcorder tonight instead of my brother. All you have to do is fuck the other three girls and then you can have me all to yourself," Sage said with a lustful voice, unzipping Shawn's jeans.

"I wouldn't mind that," Shawn replied, feeling Sage's small hands try and grip his gigantic 12 1/2-inch prick.

"Jesus Christ!" It has gotten bigger since the last time. Oh my God!" Sage said surprised while stroking his huge black cock in her tiny white hands.

Sage bent down and started to lick the edges of his enormous mushroom cockhead while holding and stroking his thick pulsing shaft in her hands. Shawn just sat back and enjoyed Josh's sister's lips wrapping around his swollen and purple cockhead.

"SAGE! We're ready," shouted Tiffany inside the bedroom.

"Damn it," said Sage disappointed, taking her slobbery lips off Shawn's thick meat.

Sage stuffed Shawn's cock back into his jeans but left them unzipped.

"Let's go big boy. You got some fucking to do."

Sage took Shawn by the hand and led him into the bedroom. The camcorder was already in place, focused on the huge queen-size bed.

Shawn couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Tiffany wearing a see-through sheer pink and black teddy that barely covered her huge tits. Her tits were practically falling out, and the teddy hung away from her body, completely showing off her stomach and below. The other two girls Natalie and Kristi wore oversized white tees. Natalie's large white tee hung away from her body exposing her tan thick thighs. Her mammoth breasts were slopping down in natural sag and still stuck out from her body like oversized pumpkins.

Shawn felt his cock ready to explode just by looking at all the women.

"So ladies, who's first to take a ride on Shawn's delicious dick?" asked Sage.

"I'll go first," spoke Kristi.

Shawn was quite pleased with the first selection.

"Why don't you undress Shawn for us, Kristi?" urged Sage, focusing the camcorder on both Shawn and Kristi.

Kristi stood in front of Shawn and lifted his shirt up from the bottom and pulled it over his head, baring his large pecks and six pack abs.

"Mmmm. Can't wait until it's my turn," moaned Tiffany as she started squeezing her own big chocolate tits.

Kristi couldn't contain herself and started kissing Shawn's chest, circling her tongue around each of Shawn's medium-size dark nipples. She then latched onto them like a hungry baby, sucking Shawn's nipples for all she was worth. Shawn was very turned on by Kristi's sucking and couldn't wait to return the favor to her.

Kristi kissed down Shawn's rock-hard stomach and was startled by his enormous boner, bulging out the front of his already unzipped jeans.

"Wow! He is truly enormous," Kristi said shockingly. "I never dealt with a huge cock anywhere near the size of this one."

"Wait until you see it," Sage giggled.

Kristi slowly removed Shawn's jeans after he slipped out of his tennis shoes. All Shawn had left on were his boxers and a pair of black socks. Shawn's monstrous cock was not more noticeable after his jeans were taken off. Kristi took a deep breath and pulled down Shawn's boxers, revealing his giant black rod.

"Oh fucking shit! He's gigantic!" said Natalie taking a few steps back as she was amazed and yet frightened by the size of Shawn's cock. "Holy Shit! Look at his balls. Those are fucking grapefruits if I ever saw one."

"JESUS! Look at that thing. It's super long and really thick. The head is huge too and purple. Look at the veins pulsing through his meat," gasped Kristi.

"Don't worry, ladies. The pain you feel comes with pleasure. Believe me," said Tiffany taking hold of Shawn's huge prick and slowly jerking him. "Touch it, Kristi."

Kristi at first hesitated to touch Shawn's penis but then got brave and slowly wrapped both her small hands around the bottom of his shaft while Tiffany's hands continued stroking the top part.

"Oh my! It feels so weird having this huge thing in my hands. It's like holding a horse's cock," Kristi expressed.

"Go ahead, Kristi, it's all yours to play with," urged Tiffany as she released Shawn's throbbing cock and let Kristi hold it alone.

Kristi released Shawn's dick and stood up in front of him. She slowly lifted her white tee over her head and tossed it to the floor. Her amazing pale 48DD's sprang out at Shawn like rockets ready to fire. They were toppled with large pink areolas and small fat nipples that were screaming to be sucked. She was bare below and had no hairs on her pink pussy.

Sage was capturing this intense moment on film, sending it through the Internet to the Basement Slut's vault where it would be edited and used for later posses.

Shawn and Kristi were kissing each other wildly, sliding their tongues into each other's mouths. Shawn's huge hard cock got even harder against Kristi's stomach as her big bare tits pressed up against his bare chest.

Shawn bent his head down and immediately stuffed his drooling mouth with Kristi's big pale titties, sucking one after another. His thick lips captured as much of Kristi's fleshy bags between his lips as possible while his tongue caressed her hard buds. Loud moans came out of Kristi's mouth as she held Shawn's head against her chest, feeling his lips move from one fat tit to the other and savagely sucking on them. The sucking was causing Kristi to melt between her legs and have early orgasms. Her big pale breasts were very sensitive, and Shawn was sucking all the right spots to cause Kristi to cum quickly.

"Oohhhhh yess! Suck my tits! Suck them! Mmmmmm. Suck harder. OH-OH-OH Shawn!" moaned Kristi while she was cumming.

"Damn. Kristi is a quick cummer," said Tiffany, watching the action on the sidelines with Natalie.

Shawn's cock was throbbing hard while he munched on Kristi's breasts, sucking and licking every inch of her massive mamms. He finally let go of his death grip on Kristi's tits and started kissing down her stomach. Shawn pushed Kristi backward onto the bed, causing her big wet titties to wobble in all directions. Shawn took hold of Kristi's thong and pulled it down over her soaking cunt. Shawn held the thong up to his nose so he could smell Kristi's sweet juices. He then tossed them out of the way and proceeded to lick Kristi's swollen pussy lips.

"Mmmm. Look how Shawn's tongue is working her nasty coochie?" said Tiffany sliding two of her own fingers between her thong.

Natalie sat back and watched patiently as Shawn devoured Kristi's pussy, savagely eating her pussy-hole out and sucking at her enlarged clit. Kristi slammed her pale shivering thighs against Shawn's head and held him tight against her cunt. She then started to grind her juicy cunt against Shawn's face as he licked and sucked deeper inside her pussy.

"Oh yes, eat me, Shawn. Oh GOD, YES! Suck my clit! Oh GOD! Ahhhhh!" cried Kristi as the intensity of Shawn's tongue ravaged her drenching womb. "I'm going to CUM!"

Kristi buckled her pelvic wildly against Shawn's face and gripped the bed sheets tightly as a river of Kristi's juices gushed out and entered Shawn's starving mouth.

"I'M CUMMMMINNG!" shouted Kristi, tossing and turning her head as Shawn greedily sucked up every last drop of Kristi's sweet juices as they poured into his mouth.

Sage was smiling as she zoomed in on Kristi's flushed face and sweaty bobbing tits after an intense pussy eating.

"I think that puss is ready for your cock Shawn," urged Sage, getting a close up of Shawn's extremely hard dick.

Shawn kneeled between Kristi's still open legs and spread them far apart across each edge of the bed. Shawn stuck two wet thick fingers between Kristi's throbbing cunt and gave her a real quick fingering. Shawn teased Kristi's pussy by rubbing his huge cockhead up and down her clit. Kristi started breathing heavy and gave her small moans. Shawn finally eased his cockhead between her soaked snatch, slowly sliding 7 1/2 inches deep within Kristi's puss.

Kristi immediately started moaning as Shawn started thrusting his hard dick in and out of Kristi. Kristi rolled her eyes into the back of her head and couldn't believe how stuffed her pussy was with just 8 inches of his cock inside now.

"OHHHHHHH GOD! SO FUCKING HUGE! ARRRGGGGG!" cried Kristi as her tight cunt was loosening up to swallow Shawn's meat.

Natalie's eyes were widen by Shawn's enormous dick, overstuffing Kristi's tight cunt. She watched the sweat drip off Shawn's forehead and land on Kristi's already sweaty body. Her large double D's were bouncing wildly on her chest and Shawn moved his lips around one of Kristi's big tits and started sucking on it, flickering his tongue back and forth across the surface of Kristi's big tit tasting her body juices of her bouncing jugs.

"OHHHHHH GOD! HARDERRRR! FASSSTERRRR!!" screamed Kristi ripping at the bed sheets trying to fight off the pain of Shawn's gigantic cock, plunging in and out of her loosened cunt.

Sage was getting very hot and lifted her shirt up over her enormous breasts, letting them hang free and sway as she got closer to the action. She zoomed in on Shawn drilling his cock between Kristi's cunt.

Shawn started bucking wildly between Kristi's legs, feeling her pussy clamping around his moving thick member. He bit down hard on Kristi's nipples, and Kristi's arms wrapped around his head, keeping him between her flopping tits.

"Pound that white bitch's pussy, Shawn. Pound it!" egged Tiffany.

Shawn picked up the speed and started thrusting faster and harder, stuffing Kristi's sore cunt with 9 inches of thick meat. Kristi brought her legs up and around Shawn's neck, crossing her feet around his head as her pussy started to tremble at Shawn's might.

"OOOH! OH! OOOOH! HERE I CUMMMM!!" shouted Kristi.

Shawn felt Kristi's wet pussy cave into the drilling and she came hard all over his thrusting cock and bouncing balls. Kristi's body was surging with the most powerful orgasm she has ever felt. Shawn gave Kristi's cunt a few more long and hard thrusts before pulling out and jerking his cock over her big tits. Shawn's semen blasted out of his cock in enormous amounts, soaking Kristi's tits, chest, and her neck. Shawn kissed Kristi on her sweaty forehead while rubbing his cock over her gooey breasts. Both of them started to catch their breaths.

"Oh my God! That was great," said Sage zooming in on Kristi's cum-covered udder torso.

Shawn's huge cock was glistening in Kristi's cunt juices and his own cum was dripping off the shaft.

"Ok, ladies, who's next?" asked Sage taking her shirt completely off her body.

Shawn's cock started raising again just staring at Sage's massive melons swaying with her movements. He sat on the edge of the bed and felt some large lips wrap around his cunt-juiced cock. It was Tiffany slowly cleaning off his cock with her warm mouth.

Shawn's cock started growing harder and thicker down Tiffany's throat. Tiffany slowly pulled the glistening cock out of her mouth and started kissing up and down the shinny shaft, sliding her mouth along the ridges of Shawn's cock. Tiffany then engulfed Shawn's mushroom head alone between her large lips. She blew and sucked at his cockhead, rapidly bobbing her head up and down, sliding more and more of Shawn's meat between her slobbery lips.

Shawn just moaned heavily and closed his eyes, running his hands through Tiff's curly black hair, enjoying her hot mouth pushing further and further down his pulsing cock. Shawn felt his huge balls tingling as Tiff cupped them in her hands and started massaging them.

Kristi sat in a corner, watching the action and fingering her sore womb, still wanting more of Shawn's delicious meat.

Sage zoomed in as Tiff's face was buried in Shawn's thick hairs. Tiffany was deep-throating Shawn's entire cock. Tiffany didn't bother to get any air as gagging sounds escaped from her lips. Slobber poured out from the sides of her mouth, dripping down Shawn's shaft and to his balls while Tiff's hands were still fondling them. She smacked Shawn's heavy sack and bounced them in her smooth palms.

"Fuck her throat, Shawn," urged Sage getting a close up of Tiffany's face, impaling Shawn's giant cock further down her throat.

Tiffany's cheeks were bulging inwards and her eyes were squinting. Shawn took the back of Tiff's head and started thrusting his long hard rod in and out of her mouth. More and more saliva poured out of Tiffany's mouth and onto her chest, making it glisten. Tiffany removed her hands off Shawn's giant balls and lifted each one of her massive EE's out of her teddy and let them hang out and catch piles and piles of saliva on them.

Sage zoomed in on Tiffany's swaying jugs as the saliva came dripping on to them and down her thick, tootsie roll nipples. Tiff's face was being slammed against Shawn's crotch hard as his enormous cock invaded the back of her throat. His cum-filled balls bounced off her wet chin and cheeks.

After a few minute of fucking her throat, Shawn pulled his cock out and dangled his soaked balls over Tiffany's open mouth and she swallowed both between her lips. Each one of his huge testicles were being sucked and maneuvered around inside her mouth with her tongue. Shawn's oversized cock was oozing with slobber and pressed firmly against Tiffany's forehead while she devoured his nut sack.

Sage really got closed to Tiffany's mouth as she suckled Shawn's balls. Hearing her moans and groans around Shawn's nuts. Enjoying the taste of his balls and the funky aroma surrounding Shawn's crotch.

"I have never seen Tiffany so hungry for a man's cock before. But I guess I am forgetting that your cock isn't human, Shawn," Sage teased.

Shawn smiled at Sage while moaning hard and heavy. Tiffany dropped his balls out of her mouth and resuming bobbing her head up and down Shawn's dick. After a few more minutes of sucking Shawn's cock, Tiffany took it out of her mouth and proceeded to pull the rest of the Teddy off her body. Once she slipped out of the teddy, she pulled her thong off and quickly straddled on top of Shawn. She forcefully pushed Shawn's swollen cockhead between her juicy pussy lips and with one thrust, impaled his entire cock between her walls.

Shawn looked up and could barely see Tiffany's face as her massive knockers hide her face from his view but Shawn wasn't complaining. Shawn gripped Tiffany's hips and started bouncing her up and down his thick cock. Tiffany started trashing her head around and leaned backwards to thrust out her giant black mamms as they wobbled around her chest wildly. Shawn cupped them and started massaging them, running his thumbs over Tiffany's thick hard nipples.

"AAAAHHHHHH! GOD, SHAWN, YOU'RE SO THICK! Thicker then before," cried Tiffany as she started hoping wildly upon Shawn's dick.

"That's it, girl, ride that cock. Make them big black balloons of your bounce like crazy," urged Sage, zooming in on Tiffany's massive melons as they flopped in every direction.

Shawn moved his hands to Tiffany's huge bouncing ass and started squeezing her cheeks, giving her soft jiggle cheeks a few spanks for the camcorder. Shawn quickly drilled his cock deeper and harder into Tiff's sweet cunt. He watched as her creamy and hairy bush connected with his and could no longer see his thick meat.

Tiffany was barely able to catch her breath as she started riding Shawn harder and faster, trying to keep up to his pace.

Natalie couldn't believe how fast Tiffany was riding Shawn's enormous cock. Nothing but moans, screams, and the sounds of Tiff and Shawn's crotches banging together could be heard throughout the house.

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