tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBatgirl Risks All Ch. 02

Batgirl Risks All Ch. 02

byAngelique Bouchette©

Author's note: This story is not so much about the adventures of Batgirl, but more about the developing sexuality of Barbara Gordon. It introduces several original characters, and is only loosely based on the comic book heroine. Enjoy!

Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers for personal use only. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Adventures Of Batgirl: Batgirl Risks All

Chapter 2: Striptease Surprise

Monday, 8:00 am

The following morning, Barbara arose and went to work, as usual, at the Gotham City Central Library. It was frustrating, having to delay her investigations, but she could, at least, spend some of her spare time, delving into the newspaper archives, learning more about the notorious Ivor Bigun.

She learnt that Ivor had led an unhappy childhood! Unloved by his stepmother, a notorious drunkard and woman of ill repute, he'd developed a fixation, slowly coming to hate all women, regarding them all as whores or sluts! By the age of fourteen, Ivor had been in and out of most of the mental institutes along the Eastern seaboard.

"Cup of coffee, Barbara?"

Barbara glanced up, to see her vivacious young research assistant, Jennifer Goodbody, peering around the door of the Staff Reading Room.

She smiled, adjusting her horn-rimmed spectacles. She didn't need to wear glasses, but it was all part of her attempt to appear plain and uninteresting to those around her. "That would be great, Jenny, milk with no..."

"I know! Milk with no sugar," the five-feet eight-inch, twenty year old exclaimed, with a dazzling smile. "One white coffee coming up!" Her curly blonde head vanished out of sight. Jenny had only been working at the library for a few weeks, but already, Barbara was warming to her infectious enthusiasm, and she was certainly a big hit with all the male members of the staff. She certainly was an attractive girl!

She returned to her delving, scratching an itch at the top of her thigh. Her thick, woolen business suit was far too warm and uncomfortable, but it was an integral part of her Barbara Gordon, Assistant Head Librarian persona. She wished she could have been wearing her cool, comfortable, Batgirl costume, or even her hooker's outfit of the night before! She blushed, at this later thought!

Bigun, it seemed, had taken to wearing his black, figure-hugging outfits, in his early twenties, using Batman and the Riddler as his role models. He always wore silver, Spandex briefs, with a huge codpiece attached, and it was rumored that underneath it, he had the equipment to match!

He had gradually gravitated into a life of crime, and was suspected of engineering a whole series of high profile kidnappings, all his victims being female members of wealthy families, or the wives of wealthy business entrepreneurs. Although most of the husbands or families of the kidnapped women had met his ransom demands, none of his victims had ever re-surfaced alive, again!

He had continued to get away with his heinous crimes, until he had kidnapped Fifi La Trix, the young wife of multi-millionaire, Henry Marshall. Marshall, was quite willing to meet the kidnapper's monetary demands, but suspected that he would never see his young bride alive again, so had called on the help of the Caped Crusader and his loyal sidekick, Robin, the Boy Wonder!

The kidnapper had arranged a drop off point for the ransom, and after the millionaire had left the bag of money in the designated trashcan, and departed, the two superheroes had hung around, until Bigun had shown up, disguised as a homeless old down-and-out. They'd followed him, keeping to the rooftops, and he'd, unwittingly led them back to his lair, where they had confronted him, and captured the evil criminal, after a brief struggle. Unfortunately, it had been too late for Fifi, who's naked, lifeless body had been found hanging from manacles attached to a wall.

At the subsequent trial, some six months ago, Bigun had been unanimously found guilty, and sentenced to life imprisonment in Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, from where he'd just escaped.

"Hmm? It looks like it hasn't taken Bigun long to resort to his usual evil ways!" Barbara thought, with a loud sigh, closing the back issue, and reclining back in her chair, with her hands clasped behind her neck.

Jennifer re-appeared with two steaming mugs of coffee, and sat down next to her new boss, crossing her long, shapely legs and revealing a vast extent of nylon clad thigh. "Anything I can help with, Barbara?" she offered, eagerly, batting her eyelashes, prettily.

Barbara gave her co-worker a world-weary smile. "No thanks, Jenny! It was just a little private research I had to finish!" She picked up her steaming mug, and took a sip of the coffee. "Mmm, this tastes good!" she murmured, momentarily closing her eyes.

"How about the two of us, hitting the town some night, later in the week?" Jennifer suggested. "We could get to know one another better?"

Barbara blinked her eyes open and gave a slight grimace. "Sorry, Jennifer, but I'm already tied up for the next few evenings! Why don't you go out with one of the numerous eligible young guys who work here? Most of them have been falling over themselves, trying to into your... to get a date with you, I mean!"

"I'm not interested in any of THEM!" Jenny gushed, her big, blue eyes sparkling. "I find YOU much more interesting, Barbara!"

"How sweet!" Barbara thought. She reached over and patted the younger girl's hand. "Maybe when my social calendar gets a little less complicated, we could go out someplace, together! I'd like that!" she said, sincerely.

"Me too!" replied Jennifer, with a happy smile on her lovely face, squeezing Barbara's hand.

Monday, 5:56 pm

As soon, as she entered her apartment, Barbara rushed into the bedroom, pulling off her conservative business suit, before entering the adjoining bathroom and running a hot shower. She wriggled out of her panties and stepped under the warm jets of water, with a sigh of relief. She'd been looking forward to this all day. She raised her face to the water, letting the hard sting of the spray jets, slowly bring her fully alive, reveling in the feel of the stinging spray against her face, shoulders and breasts. She ran her palms over her shapely contours, enjoying the way her nipples instantly perked up, before drifting down over her flat stomach, and into the wet tangle of her triangular bush. She opened her thighs, and eased her nether lips apart with splayed fingertips, playing with her burgeoning love bud! She gasped with delight, squeezing and pulling at her swollen clitoris, feeling the old, familiar sensations starting to bubble up from the base of her belly.

She shook her head, with a groan, and opened her eyes, reluctantly pulling her hand away from her sex. "There's no time for this," she scolded herself, picking up the bar of perfumed soap, and starting to vigorously rub it all over her wet skin, cleansing off the sweat and grim that had inevitably accumulated during her day working in the archives room.

Barbara stepped from the shower stall, and briskly dried herself off, before padding back into the bedroom. She selected a see-through blouse and white mini-skirt from her walk-in closet, and matched them with a pair of dark pantyhose and a pair of black, thigh length boots, with four-inch spiky heels. She hesitated over whether to wear a bra or panties, and then decided against! Her hooker disguise would appear all the more authentic without them!

She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on the dark pantyhose. They were the crotch-less variety, which left nothing to the imagination.

She stood up and pulled on the billowy blouse and short skirt, examining herself, critically in the mirror, as she buttoned up the low-cut top.

"I certainly look the part," she thought, sitting down on the edge of the mattress to pull on the long, soft leather boots and zip them up.

Next, she walked over to the dresser and plopped her shapely derriere on the stool, and quickly applied a generous amount of garish make-up, and combed the tangles from her red hair. She stood up and spun around, peering into the mirror over her shoulder. "The classic street hooker!" she decided, with a satisfied grin.

She walked over to the bedside telephone, and phoned for a cab. "This time I will have to be more careful!" she promised herself. Her research into the library archives had not been all in vain. Barbara had discovered the name of one of Bigun's old haunts, a club he used to frequent, before his incarceration.

Monday, 8:00 pm

She had the taxicab driver drop her off, outside a sleazy strip joint, called the Blue Barracuda, right in the heart of the red-light district, noting the gleam of appreciation in the cabby's eyes, as she leant forward to pay the fare, and he got a good view down the front of her top. "Keep those eyes to yourself, mister!" she snapped, once more immersing herself in her hard-faced prostitute role, with gusto.

She spun around on her high-heels, noting the hungry looks of a couple of scruffy individuals hanging around outside the entrance to the club. Display boards, either side of the entrance, advertised the charms of the performers for the evening, but she barely paused to give them a second glance. She pushed open the glass-fronted door and entered the dimly-lit interior.

A big, muscular guy, in a penguin suit, moved to block her path. "Hey, babe, are you a member here?" he growled, eyeing her up and down, suspiciously. He could recognize a hooker when he saw one, but this looker seemed altogether classier than the usual run-of-the-mill streetwalkers?

Barbara fluttered her false eyelashes, and gave him her warmest smile. "No, but I'm sure you wouldn't let a little thing like that stop a girl from having a good time?" she murmured, slowly running a hand down over his broad chest, and coming to rest against the tight crotch of his pants.

"You ain't using this place to pick up your johns?" he growled, unblinking.

"Heaven forbid," she declared, with a wide-eyed look of innocence, before giving his cock a friendly little squeeze through the material of his pants. "Can't a girl come in for a quiet drink, now and again? I can be very grateful!" She brushed her crimson lips against the side of his cheek. "VERY grateful!" she murmured, in a husky tone.

He looked around, nervously, but the foyer was otherwise deserted. "Okay then," he said, gruffly, running a finger round the collar of his shirt, "but when can you show me just how grateful you are?"

"What time do you get off?"

"Two in the morning!"

"Till two, then!" she murmured, hoarsely, turning and wiggling her way towards the double doors, that led into the main club, from where the faint strains of canned music, was issuing.

She pushed open the doors, and stepped through, into the dark, smoky interior. A young female was swaying to the thumping beat of the music, on a small, brightly illuminated stage, to the far right of the large room, slowly stripping off her clothes, as she did so! There was a long bar to her left, complete with a line of empty bar stools. A couple of dozen tables were randomly distributed between these two extremes.

Perhaps a third of these tables were occupied, mainly by middle-aged men in suits, but there were one or two other girls dressed similarly to herself, wandering around. "Probably club hostesses?" Barbara mused.

Barbara swayed her way over to the bar, and perched her shapely ass on one of the high stools, deliberately crossing her long legs, and allowing her short skirt to ride up her raised thigh. "Vodka on the rocks!" she murmured to the longhaired, blond bartender.

He nodded, and poured her a generous measure, over a half-filled glass of crushed ice. She opened her purse, ready to pay him, but he held up his hand. "First drink's always on the house...?"

"Barbara," she finished, huskily, "Barbara St. Claire! Thanks!" She took a large gulp of her drink, and felt it burn its way down into her stomach. "You will have to go easy on this stuff, you aren't used to alcohol!" she reminded herself, firmly.

"I'm looking for a man," she whispered, conspiratorially.

"Aren't we all, darling," the barkeeper replied in a yearning tone of voice, tossing back his long, wavy hair, "aren't we all!"

Barbara blushed, as she realized that the guy was gay. "I'm sorry, I mean, I'm looking for a particular man," she hastily explained. "Ivor Bigun?"

The bartender scowled. "Believe me lady, you don't, I repeat, DON'T want to meet Ivor Bigun. He is not a nice man to know!"

"I have a business proposition I wish to put to him!" Barbara hissed. "It will be well worth his while!"

"You ain't some undercover cop, are you?" he asked, suddenly becoming suspicious.

"Do I look like an undercover cop?" Barbara asked, with a broad smile, uncrossing her legs and parting her thighs, so he got a good view of her naked crotch!"

The bartender blinked twice. "Okay, okay, I believe you! You can put it away again," he growled.

He looked around, cautiously, before leaning over toward her. "I can't help you, personally, but if you ask that lady sitting over there, by the edge of the stage, she might be able to help you? Her name is Lucy Lastik, and she's the owner of this joint!"

"Thanks, handsome, I owe you one," Barbara murmured, reaching out and brushing his cheek, with the palm of her right hand. She spun around and slid off the stool, causing a stir of interest amongst the nearby customers, as her skirt briefly rode up, revealing her naked crotch to all who cared to look. She sauntered over to the middle-aged woman, sitting alone, in the far corner of the room, alongside the stage.

As she arrived at the table, the woman glanced up, from the set of figures she had been examining. "Can I help you, honey?"

"Ivor Bigun?"

"So do most of us, darling! It's a hazard of the profession!"

Barbara blushed, and unconsciously tugged at the short hem of her skirt. "No, I mean I'm looking for Ivor Bigun!"

The woman immediately went on the defensive. "Who told you to come and see me?" she asked, suspiciously.

"The blond guy behind the bar!"

"Dave? Well, if Dave thinks you're bona fide, then that's all right with me!" she replied, some of her initial suspicion fading. "But, why do you want to get in touch with Bigun? Believe me, honey, no sane woman would want to get within a million miles of that sadistic pervert!"

"I have a business proposition to put to him, Miss Lucy!" Barbara explained, pulling up a chair and sitting down at the table, beside her.

The woman's eyes glittered, as she noted Barbara's shapely tits, clearly visible through the near transparent top. "You're just the sort of skirt that Bigun goes for!" she warned, her face suddenly deadly serious. "If I were you, sister, I'd get myself some more conservative clothes, before I even considered getting within arms length of the guy!"

"This is purely business, no kinky stuff!" Barbara insisted, crossing her shapely legs, and accidentally revealing to Lucy that she wasn't wearing any panties under her brief skirt.

The woman's eyebrows rose. "If I can swing a meeting with him, what's in it for me?" she asked, a greedy glitter in her narrowed eyes.

"Name your price!"

"How about you and me going upstairs for awhile?"

Barbara's eyes momentarily opened wide, before she recovered her composure. "You mean... you and me...?" she said, leaving the question unfinished.


Barbara thought about it for a moment. This was her one big chance to get to Bigun! She was willing to risk everything, to put that pervert away for good! "Yeah, sure, why not!" she murmured, with a broad smile, leaning forward and shaking hands, to seal the deal.

The two women climbed the back staircase to Lucy's private quarters, and the older woman unlocked the door to her bedroom, and ushered Barbara in, locking the door behind them, once inside.

"We don't want to be disturbed now, do we?" Lucy murmured, turning back to the nervous crime-fighter.

"Ah, no, that would never do!" Barbara agreed. "Er, what do you want me to do first?"

"Just slip out of your things dear, and make yourself comfortable on the bed! By the way, I didn't catch your name?"

"It's Barbara, Barbara St. Claire," Barbara replied, unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it from her shoulders.

"Nice tits!" complimented Lucy, as Barbara's hands moved behind her back, to unzip her skirt. "You had a boob job, honey?"

"Certainly not! They're perfectly natural" Barbara protested. The younger woman hesitated, as she was about to slid her skirt down off her hips. "You're sure you can get word to Bigun?" she asked, with a slight frown.

"No problem," replied Lucy, slipping out of her shirt, and unclipping her Wonder Bra, letting her huge tits flop free, "but I can't guarantee he'll see you! Half the law enforcement in the country is looking for him!" She shrugged off the bra straps and tossed it aside, as she watched Barbara step out of her skirt. The girl's thick, dark bush was clearly visible, thanks to her crotch-less pantyhose. Lucy felt herself growing wet, just at the sight of it.

"Do you want me to remove my boots and pantyhose?" Barbara asked, standing with her feet apart, trying not to appear too self-conscious.

"Don't bother, sugar," Lucy replied, as her skirt dropped about her ankles, and she wriggled out of her tight panties.

Barbara sucked in her breath, as she saw that Lucy's pubic region was completely shaved of all body hair.

Lucy pulled open the bottom drawer of her dresser, and took out a huge, double-headed, Latex dildo. "Ever used one of these things?" she asked, as she liberally greased both ends and prepared to insert the one end into her vagina.

Barbara gulped, nervously, and shook her head. "I-I don't think I could take anything that big!" she protested.

"Nonsense! If your pelvis is wide enough, you can take it! What sort of hooker are you, anyway?" Lucy opened her thighs and pulling apart her prominent labia, with the tips of her fingers, gradually eased the massive dildo into her gaping sex, until it was fully inserted inside her. "Ah yes!" she gasped, "that feels better! Lie down on the bed dear, on your side!" she ordered.

Barbara complied, silently, but she was already having second thoughts about going through with it. "What have I let myself in for?" she muttered, under her breath.

Lucy climbed onto the bed beside her, clutching the other half of the huge, Latex cock in her hand. When they were facing each other, Lucy reached out and slipped a questing finger into Barbara's sex. Barbara gave a small jerk, and groaned, inwardly. "It is too late to back out now!" she told herself, closing her eyes.

"Excellent," exclaimed the older woman, removing her glistening digit, "you're already nice and juicy! This should prove comparatively painless!"

Barbara didn't like the sound of that. She felt the head of the dildo pressing against her, already puffy, nether lips, and then, with a thrust of Lucy's hips, it entered her. Barbara gritted her teeth and tried to ignore the pain, as Lucy jerked her hips forward again, forcing the massive dildo deeper. She thrust again and again, as Barbara gasped aloud, with undisguised pain now, as her vagina was filled almost to bursting.

"Heavens!" she gasped, baring her teeth. "It's going to split me in two!"

"Nonsense, baby!" replied Lucy, with a small chuckle. "You know you're enjoying every second of it!"

She began to thrust in and out of Barbara's vulva, while the inexperienced girl arched her back and moaned. Gradually, the pain turned to an intense feeling of pleasure, and she began to thrust back, driving the other half of the dildo, in and out of Lucy's juicy cunt.

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