tagNonHumanBath Time

Bath Time


Rachael slammed into her apartment, beyond frustrated from the day. Her boss had blatantly hit on her, three separate customers had completely skipped tipping her, and she'd managed to drop two separate pots of coffee over the course of the day. Not to mention it was the time of the month where she was horny enough that she could feel her underwear rubbing up on her clit. She was exhausted, she needed a bath, and she desperately needed a boyfriend.

The boyfriend thing wasn't a quick fix so she decided on a bath first. And maybe a little finger action could get her to a relaxed enough place that she wasn't ready to jump the next delivery guy.

Rachael snagged the delivered mail from the ground and brought it with her upstairs, determined to run a bath before anything else came up. When she'd turned the taps to just under uncomfortably warm and put on her favorite relaxing playlist, she sat on the edge of the tub and went quickly through the mail. Most was junk stuff but one bulky advertisement caught her eye.

A hot guy—really hot, that wasn't just the hormones talking, he was sexy—graced the cover of the advertisement, a bag of what looked like bath salts stapled to the flyer. "Tired of your average bath? Want to add a little excitement to your morning routine? Just add a pinch of our patented bath salt recipe and feel the relaxing results in minutes! Use two pinches for a more intense sensation! Free samples sent out to a limited group for focus testing."

The back of the card had a questionnaire on the back as well as instructions for use. She read it idly out loud while ripping open the package, "Drop one or two pinches of mixture into running bath water and soak for at least ten minutes. More salts lead to a more intense feeling." Rachael thought it was odd that the advertisement had given her so much if it required just a "pinch or two," but shrugged it off. Sniffing the bag, she found that it smelled surprisingly masculine, reminding her of the woods.

"Eh, whatever, I'm not going to turn away free stuff." She dumped the entire package into the tub and stripped, waiting for the tub to finish filling up. The scent of the woods filled the bathroom, and she couldn't help but think of the hottie on the front of the advertisement. What she wouldn't give for someone like him to join her in the bath tub right now!

Finally seeing that the tub was full enough, Rachael turned off the running water and settled in the tub with a deep, satisfied sigh, pulling her dark hair back over the edge of the tub and relaxing. The pine scent tickled her nostrils and she thought that perhaps she should have used a little less of the salts her first time. Idly, she began stroking her breast with light fingers, tugging softly at her nipples before moving down to stroke her abdomen. She kept her strokes light and teasing, figuring she might as well enjoy herself right now. She began to also notice that the bath salts created a nice tingling sensation on her skin in the tub, especially against her sensitive nipples and in the heat between her legs.

Rachael began to imagine what she would do if the man from the advertisement was here with her in the tub. She'd always liked more dominant men in bed so naturally that's what he would be like, demanding and maybe a little rough sometimes. He'd insist that she spread her legs right away, and scowl at her if she became shy about it. If she tried to hide how aroused she was he would hold her legs open and force her to watch him fingering her until she came screaming, proving that he was more important than her nervousness.

He'd be an expert at sucking her nipples, just a little harder than she was comfortable with, and would pinch them if she tried to wiggle away from him too much. He'd know just how much pain would make her unspeakably aroused and how much was too much.

By this time Rachael was well into her own fantasy, her hands busy beneath the waterline. It's unsurprising then that she wouldn't notice a form appearing beneath the water, a familiar head emerging in the big tub, followed by very broad shoulders and a muscular chest. Smiling, the stranger immediately reached out and kneaded Rachael's breast, her fantasy going so far as she didn't even seem to notice the newcomer, just moaned and arched so her breast more fully fit his hand.

It wasn't until he levered himself from the water, leaning in to scrape his teeth across Rachel's neck to tug her earlobe that her eyes flew open in shock. She tried to pull away, sucking in a breath to scream, but he immediately slung a muscular arm around her waist, keeping her in place with his hips wedged between her legs. He also immediately thrust his tongue deep in her mouth, cutting off a scream and quickly converting it into a deep moan. Finally he pulled away enough to whisper to her, his deep voice husky in her ear, "Now, someone's been very bad, getting started without me. I don't want you coming until I make you, understand? I'll need to punish you for that."

Rachael gaped up at him, "But—"

He kissed her once, hard, cutting her off, "The only things I want to hear out of you are Yes, Sir and those sexy moans I was hearing earlier." He pulled Rachael out of the water and flipped her over, levering her over the bath tub's edge, her breasts pressing to the cold marble making up the big tub's edges and making her nipples ache.

"Spread your legs, sexy. I want to see that pussy." When she hesitated, suddenly shy, he clipped her with his hand once, sharply, on the back of the thigh, surprising her into pushing her legs apart. From there he shoved them further with his hands, wider than Rachael found comfortable and enough to make her groan at the sight she must present for him, soaking wet and spread open.

"Look at that. All warmed up for me." One of his hands gripped her thigh, making sure she stayed in place. The other boldly moved to her folds, spreading her apart and sliding a rough thumb across her clit, making her hips involuntarily jerk. He squeezed her leg a little harder at that, "Don't you move, sexy." But his thumb pushed harder across her clit and she couldn't help but jerk again after another pass. He sighed, a false, put-upon sound, "You just have the greediest pussy, babe, it can't hold still more than a few seconds, always wanting something in it. We'll have to teach it a lesson."

"A—a lesson?" Rachael bit her lip after the question slipped out, realizing she wasn't supposed to talk. But this was more than she was ever expecting, she felt completely out of her depth.

"Mmmhm. To show it that it can't always get what it wants." She groaned when he thrust two fingers into her suddenly, pumping strongly. She leaned back into the thrusts, arching her back, when he suddenly removed his fingers and slapped her pussy, hard enough to sting and make her flinch away. She cried out but it quickly turned into a groan when he abruptly started pumping his fingers inside her again.

He started alternating like that, between pumping her with his fingers and slapping her with his palm, until Rachael thought she couldn't take it anymore. The sting followed by the deep satisfaction of his fingers curling inside her was confusing her nerves into converting even the mild pain to a deep heat insider of her, making her clit throb and her juices gush. She was constantly moaning when finally the mystery man said, "See babe? That's why we can't give your pussy what it wants right away. Because it's Too. Fucking. Greedy." With that he slung an arm around her leg, levering her up enough to give her three sharp slaps, harder than the previous ones, directly on her clit. That was just too much for Rachael and she came suddenly, a quick but hard orgasm that made her see stars.

She rested her cheek against the marble, gasping, when her knees were suddenly pulled up onto the edges of the tub, just barely wide enough for her to balance on. An arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her ass high into the air, showing her still twitching pussy off to the stranger. She twisted her head until she was able to see the man a little over her shoulder, wondering what he had planned next.

He just looked at her pussy for a moment, keeping his hands on her thighs and ass for awhile as he seemed to inspect her. Finally, he tsked, shaking his head. "And this is one of the results of greedy pussies, sexy. They become completely covered in pussy juice. I was going to fuck you, just like your pussy would like, but we can't just leave it here like this."

Rachael felt embarrassment color her cheeks, "What—what are you going to do?"

He suddenly spread her apart with his thumbs, exposing her pink inner lips and clit to the open air, making her shiver. "Well, everyone knows that tongues are the best way to clean dirty pussies. I suppose there's no choice but to go down on you. But you'd enjoy that too much, you'd just ruin all my hard work. So we'll have to mix it up."

He flipped Rachael over onto her back, pulling her ass to the edge of the tub and pushing her knees up towards her head, exposing her again.

It wasn't until he snagged the detachable shower head over her tub that she realized what he intended. "No—please, stop, I'm too sensitive—" She started to pull her legs together, only to have him drop the shower head and reach forward, grabbing her ankles in one hand and delivering three hard slaps to her ass.

"You will take your pussy's punishment like a good girl and maybe afterwards I'll give you a nice fucking, understood?" He levered her knees high and wide again, giving her a look that dared her to move them. She wasn't brave enough to try it.

He turned on the shower head and turned the mode to pulse, the one that Rachael hadn't had the courage to try quite yet. It randomly changed the pulsing rate of the water and sometimes would pound water for a long time. This however, seemed to please her stranger quite a bit, since he chuckled and moved over to her.

He wasted no time, immediately latching his mouth on her pussy and sucking her clit hard into his mouth. She screamed, her legs shaking as the pleasure inched close to painful. When she got close to it really hurting he suddenly changed tactics, lining up the shower head with her entrance and letting it pound lukewarm water inside her, but keeping it away from her clit.

She groaned and he was suddenly leaning over her, snagging her left nipple with rough fingers and tugging at it, "See, babe? You like to have your pretty pussy pounded like this, don't you? Need to get it nice and clean for me so I can fill you up with my come, right?"

When Rachael's eyes widened, he nodded, his grin devilish, "That's right. Gonna fill you up with come, then empty it out again with this so I can do it all over again. Again and again. Gonna keep you around until I've used your tight little pussy up and you've come so many times you can't move." He angled the shower head suddenly to hit her clit and she squealed in surprise, trying to buck away from the pressure, only to realize that he placed a big hand on her pelvis, holding her in place.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah. Oh please, let me go. I can't—I" She tried to cover her throbbing pussy with her hands but he knocked them away easily, trading the shower head for his tongue again as he lapped at her swollen, throbbing folds. "That's right, sexy. Gonna keep you coming for hours. Just accept it; you'll love it when you've given up.

She groaned and her arms collapsed at her head, the pleasure from his mouth and the shower head too much for her exhausted body. He worked her hard, sucking her clit and pounding her pussy with the shower until she gushed juices. Then he'd chide her for making a mess and start again. She came twice, once by the shower head and once when he decided to reward her for being a good girl that held still and thrummed her clit hard with his fingers.

Finally he slowed, putting the shower head back up and giving her a moment to catch her breath, her gasps loud and raspy from screaming. Her stranger approached her finally and she caught a glimpse of his naked erection, long enough to know it would never fit and thick enough to know that there was no way he could be real.

"Now, sexy, I'm going to fuck you really good. You're going to come on my cock and squeeze all my come out of me, just like good pussies do, right?" When she didn't answer, he gave her a look and she whispered, "Yes, Sir."

"Good girl. Now come here, I want you to get me nice and deep." He pulled her up and sat back in the tub, having her straddle him over his gigantic cock. This was the first time she'd seen him so close and wondered at the bizarre situation she was in.

She didn't have long to think before he grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her sensitive folds, finding her entrance and starting to push in. She whimpered at the intrusion, her muscles flexing over his length as he pressed himself inexorably deeper.

He whispered dirt into her ears as he did so, his raspy voice making her shiver, "That's right. Feel that tiny pussy trying to hold onto my big cock? Gonna pound you until you can't think about fucking without me. Yeah, I like how that makes your juices rain all over me babe, going to make you come on me so hard. Don't think I'm not going to come back to get some more of this tight pussy soon, this won't be it. Yeah, take your cock like a good little girl."

Finally, after what seemed like an agonizingly long time, he bottomed out inside of her, the head pressing hard against her womb. She groaned when he glanced down, frowning and flexing up inside of her. "That all you can take, sexy? I think we can do another inch at least." She moaned low when he backed her up against the side of the tub again, bending her backwards and tilting her ass just so he could push another inch deeper. "There we go. Look at you taking all my cock, what a good girl." His hands ran over her body with the praise, tweaking her nipples and flexing on her ass. Then he began to pull out, making Rachael cry out with the sudden loss, the pressure making her hips jerk a little. Then, as soon as Rachael was sure he'd pull out of her, he suddenly slammed back in, bumping her womb and making her squeal in surprise.

He began to fuck her in earnest, hard, deep strokes that made her see stars. He levered an arm around her waist and held her tight, giving her no room to change the depth or speed of his thrusts. After a few minutes he pulled a hand between them and began to roughly rub her clit with his fingers, making her quickly realize a massive orgasm was coming and he would insist she come while riding him. Suddenly she felt a part of her explode in a rush around him, her passage flexing helplessly around the intrusion of his cock. Her vision clouded over for a moment and she felt boneless.

And the stranger kept pounding, refusing to let up even for a moment, even as he praised her for coming, "Yeah, that was beautiful. So hot, babe. I want you to do that a couple more times and I'll give you that come you've been looking for." When she went limp against him, exhausted from her all-consuming orgasm, he cursed, suddenly pulling her up again onto the side of the tub, his cock never leaving her. He grabbed her thighs and spread them wide, groaning when her muscles fluttered involuntarily around him. His thumb began to rub her clit hard, his eyes daring her not to come again. She began to moan, and then writhe on his cock, the deep penetration too much for her. When she tried to control the depth of his thrusts by pressing against his abdomen he slapped her breast sharply, causing her to cry out. "No. My pussy. I'll give you exactly what you need, when you need it. Now come like a good girl all over my cock."

Just when she began to yell staccato "Ah"s with every thrust, he suddenly forced two of his fingers inside of her pussy alongside his cock, curling them up to rub roughly at her G spot. Her hips jerked hard as she came hard again, this time enough that she felt a rush of liquid push his cock from her body.

Blinking in confusion at the suddenness of him leaving her, she began to squeal loudly as he suddenly thrust his fingers into her, dragging them against her G spot as fast as he could. "Yeah, that's right, I want you to squirt for me again. Love that you came so hard for me babe. Now I'm going to do this until you come again for me." She felt tears leave the corners of her eyes as she came again, her hips jerking helplessly against his demanding hands. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, he let her down, stroking her sopping pussy with warm fingers. "That's a good girl, coming for me like that. Such a good girl. You ready to come one more time for me?" She shook her head in exhaustion, convinced she had nothing left to give.

He turned her over gently onto her stomach, his cock entering her again on a slow thrust that still felt tight, even after all he'd done. His hand crossed her torso to grasp one of her breasts, his fingers expertly rolling a nipple between them. "Sure you're going to come one more time. Because that's what good girls with pretty pussies do. You come for me as much as I want." He thrust into her yet again, pounding her tender folds with single-minded determination to make her come. And like clockwork she responded, arching her back so he would rub against more of her. But, even as she felt her orgasm nearby, she couldn't seem to get to that point again, her pussy spasming helplessly around him. Finally, the stranger pulled her up against his chest while he took her from behind, his free hand coming down to cup her between her legs. He began to rub her again, his breath hot against her ear.

"Yeah, see, you need me to take you there. You'll need me to fuck your little soft pussy to make you come this hard again. Now I'm gonna fuck you with my fingers and my cock and you're going to come around me and squeeze ever last bit of come from me, do you understand? Because your pretty pussy wants that come to make it happy." When she shook her head he growled, suddenly slapping her clit sharply, causing her to cry out. "No? You don't want to come? Well too bad, because you're going to take it and you're going to fucking LIKE IT." He continued to slap her and rub her alternately, slapping her tender clit until she came with another scream, her hips jerking helplessly as he pounded past her spasms.

And like that he came inside her, hot jets she could feel as she milked his cock for all she was worth, just like he had said. She stilled against him as he slowed, stroking her breast with callused fingers and idly rubbed her sensitive clit and the folds still stretched wide around his cock.

He bent her over the side of the bathtub again slowly and pulled out, shushing her when she groaned at the sensation. His hands rubbed over her back, his chest pressing against her spine as he leaned in to press an open mouthed kiss to her neck and whisper into her ear.

"It said a pinch, babe. That's what you get for using so much. See you next time."

Rachael didn't know how long she laid there, catching her breath and feeling the stranger's cum drip slowly out of her. Finally though she had the energy to raise her head from the tile, her eyes searching.

The bathroom was empty.

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