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Bathhouse Steam Room


Of course, returning was unavoidable. In as short a time as possible, obviously, meaning that today's trip was going to be the third in just two weeks. The foggy mid-afternoon, in the upper 40s, proved that fall was moving on to winter. Riding the 20 minutes or so to the sauna, the idea of its warmth became enticing, even during such a short ride. The entire bathhouse was more than warm enough to be comfortable walking around barefoot, with just a towel, even when damp.

After having done a bit of reading on the Internet over the last week, several personal impressions of my experiences were broadly confirmed. Including the place's notable cleanliness, the interior design (though with a mixed verdict on the outcome, which was completely understandable), and a number of more mixed comments regarding the facilities, though many of those were several years old. Noteworthy was praise of the steam bath area, along with the whirlpool.

Generally, jacuzzis and whirlpools don't appeal to me, which remained true here - the central fountain effect was just a touch too energetic, while the bubbling phase was not very effective. Admittedly, the tiled space itself could easily fit anywhere between 10 and 20 people, which could have its own attraction, not that I ever saw more than 2 people in the water during the previous visits.

Jacuzzis aren't completely without merit. The one time I spent hours naked in one with the married woman across the street drinking wine, the water effects were not particularly notable. However, the conversation and sights in the warm water were enjoyable, if not really the whirlpool itself. Besides, any time I can stroke an unshaved woman's legs, pubic hair, and underarms is by definition a good time, even when keeping my hands from straying, as promised, never sliding them down to her breasts, or to finger her sexy pussy, even though looking at her open cunt lips was impossible to avoid, even with all the bubbles, as I opened and stroked her legs and thighs.

Though visiting on a Thursday again, this time it was in the later afternoon, 15 minutes or so after opening. Changing was fairly simple, with enough space for my boots. The only complication was having to wait a bit for the locker on top of mine to be closed, and the small black bag I brought seemed about right for the bottle of poppers it contained.

Drinking my now traditional glass of beer, then going to the condom bucket, it was almost empty, apparently because no one there was interested in filling it. In general, the entire establishment didn't really seem designed with condom use in mind - no condoms in the areas where men would be having sex, nor many areas to dispose of condoms apart from the private rooms.

This time, I went directly to the steam bath, on one side of the back, along with a row of three shower heads, and another glass panelled sauna on the opposite side. This sauna was actually still cool, unlike the steam bath, which was more than adequately hot and damp. I put my glasses and bag on the little wood shelves near the entrance, and walked in, still wearing my towel.

This space was also very dim only a pace or two from the door, due to the almost non-existent lighting. Alone, without glasses, the dimensions were surprising as I kept my arms stretched out, moving forwards cautiously. It was a very large space, and I managed to discover only one smooth stone bench on the wall a few yards back from the glass door. There was also an reversed L shaped dividing wall, which created a somewhat intimate dark space in the back, though still easily large enough for 4 people or more. Though the door was glass, it wasn't really possible to see more than a couple of yards into the steam, not even as far as the end of the L.

The floor wasn't slippery, and though saunas in general don't really appeal to me, this steam bath seemed to have the right balance. About the same as another one I enjoyed with my wife, also a larger space, in that case, of a circle, with the bench running along the edge of the outer wall. Thinking of our first visit there also brought back a certain memory, of her sitting across from me, her feet on the bench, her legs wide, her hairy pussy open and pink in a potentially public space. We were alone, and it was early, but her getting me hard like had been a touch embarrassing then - after all, it was a public area. Which, still being new to bathouses, seemed to sum up the steam bath, much like all the open spaces, where nudity was essentially non-existent.

Leaving the steam room after a couple of minutes, much remaining unknown about the very dim space, I went upstairs, where nothing was happening. Bringing the bottle of poppers along for the first time, it seemed out of place in general. I did manage to encounter someone in the dark corridors, in a maze like area. Though his touch was not really rough, it was definitely unskilled or callous. This wasn't the first time I had encountered such a mismatch, but his continuing to follow me after I had broken off was a bit unusual, bordering on rude. He was older, gray bearded and pot bellied, and though we had both gotten hard, it was more due to general horniness than any particular connection.

Wandering between various spaces and levels some more, I returned to the dark room, still surprisingly empty. I did hear sounds of sex coming from one closed room, and entered the empty room next to it, taking a hit of Rush from the little brown bottle. It had its normal effect, even as it was pretty clear that this bathhouse was not really a throwback to the descriptions read in my younger years, at least when it came to poppers. After all, though the smell had never bothered me, there were multiple reasons it was called a locker room scent, none of them really complimentary.

Getting hard as I listened to two men having sex, the Rush not only intensified the sexual thrill, but lowered my inhibitions. Walking out of the room hard, I entered the dark area, taking another hit before removing my towel and stroking myself in the dark. But without anyone else, the diversion remained just that, so I decide to return downstairs, and re-enter the steam room.

Approaching the entrance, another man was entering, and I noticed that he hung his towel on a hook before going in, which made practical sense to me. After placing my glasses and the bag with the poppers on the small shelf, I hung up my towel, then stepped into the steamy space, causing a swirling of cooler and drier air within the heavy humidity and heat of the room. The glass door provided some murky illumination, though as I went further back, my sight became almost worthless for guidance. I barely noticed a light patch against the bench before slightly bumping into a sitting man. I mumbled an apology, and then stood, waiting for my eyes to adjust, to better find my bearings and decide what to do next.

Two men were against the short part of the L wall facing me, and another man sitting maybe a yard further down towards the back corner. Walking toward the rear wall, taking care not to run into anyone else unexpectedly, I discovered there was also a bench along the rear wall, longer than the one found the first time on the other wall. The two standing men were older, and both had fairly noticeable stomachs, but it was also plain that they were playing with each other. Sitting down, the surface of the bench was surprisingly perfect - a mixture of smooth and wet, gripping and warm, not excessively hot.

As my eyes adapted, it became plain that the man I had run into was stroking himself, leading my own hand to stray to between my legs, where the first stirrings of lust needed little encouragement. After a moment or two, the second man rose, took a couple of steps, then sat near me. Not too near, exactly, but his intent wasn't really possible to hide, with his right hand between his legs. My own legs were still crossed, somewhat covering what my hand was doing along my cock, at least in one sense.

After a bit, he moved his left hand slightly, barely touching my skin, even as his right hand began to move along his cock. I moved my crossed leg to expose myself better, letting him see what was going on. My breathing must have also made my interest apparent, assuming he didn't look at my swelling cock as I kept playing with it. I still hadn't turned my head to look at him, but the feel of my spreading legs widening until one began to lightly press against his leg was more than a subtle signal. Much like the dark room upstairs, the first contacts rapidly grew more intense, until we were both hard and stroking each other. After several minutes of this, and as our interest waned to an extent, I decided to leave, and go to the whirlpool. After standing and rinsing under the rain showerhead downstairs, I went into the almost still whirlpool. Unlike on the other visits, the water was quite warm this time, but still, the area remained uninteresting in general.

Especially in light of what I had uncovered in the steam room, seeing how suited it was to jacking off, at a minimum. How it was a classic locker room environment, of a type that had never really interested me, but whose attraction of naked sweaty men kept pulling my imagination back. Even in the basically still water, my cock kept pulsing with the thought of seeing what was happening in the steam bath. After toweling off, I walked upstairs, to check the dark room, still frustratingly unused, providing the opportunity to do another hit of from the Rush bottle. Going downstairs and across the open main area, my mood was a bit more confident this time, and a lot looser, undoubtedly due to the Rush. Hanging my towel, having acquired a certain knowledge of how the space was laid out, I opened the door for the third time, confident in the knowledge of what was happening in there, as the mix of cold and hot air on my naked skin added to the intoxicating mix of reality and fantasy.

Considering the advantages of where I had sat before, not only in being easy to reach without being too clumsy, but also in how the space was illuminated and divided, it was possible to straightforwardly return without actually bumping into anyone. Though not exactly easy, as the darkly swirlingly steamy space included several more men than last time, though well spread out. Settling down in the hotly humid space, beginning to touch between my crossed legs like last time, like a couple of the other men that I had seen, even if more more men were clearly stroking their hard cocks openly. Looking around was easier, since at least the rough outlines of where men would be sitting or standing made focussing my vision easier, and quite honestly, I wanted to watch other horny men.

After luxuriously stroking myself to hardness, it was time to pay attention to what was going on with all the other cocks around me. One man was leaning against the far wall, roughly the same distance from me and the glass door to his right, stroking his hard cock, visible in the dimness from inside, and likely outside. And impossible not to see when walking back into the steam room, or when sitting, like I was. There were two men on the short arm of the L near me, both playing with their stiff rods, and I stared entranced as a pair on the facing bench started stroking each other's hard cocks, then watching one man go down on the other.

But what really made me horny was watching a man walk in, stepping just past the L, and seeing his hand reach for the turned on cock the man there. A now clearly willing partner, the touched man reached for the other man's cock in return. The sexy simplicity was what I had always imagined between gay men, and as one stranger turned to bring his cock against the other's, I had a front row seat watching two naked men begin to get each other off, my jacking off starting to approach the edge of orgasm. Or how that edge grew very close as the man against the far wall reached out for another man walking by, pulling him in much the same way, reaching for the other man's dick. A dick that quickly grew erect, captivated, his hands now wandering over a hot sweaty man as their bodies began to slide against each other.

Of course, I was not the only man watching, nor the only one being affected. One man walked by me, as another sat down to my right. His hand went to my cock, just as the other man, heavier set, stood in front of me, starting to play with my nipples. After a moment of relaxed sensual pleasure, I reached for both of their cocks, stroking each, completing the circuit among us. The sounds were also getting louder, especially of what sounded like a very wet and very enthusiastic blow job, and satisfied moans came from several directions. Another man sat to my left, and I felt his tongue on my neck, then it slid over my wet skin down to my nipple.

As my head rolled to the side, I watched my hand jacking off a nice stiff cock, bending a bit more to reach its owner's neck with my own questing tongue. Our foursome grew to a fivesome when another man stood behind the one in front of me, hands searching for his nipples even as I felt the first movement of his body through the cock being pumped in my hand. Becoming too hot, I reached down to my cock, and found both sitting men were stroking me, a likely explanation for how fantastic it had felt. Using a bit of dwindling willpower, they slowed down as my hand pressed downwards against theirs. As man in front of me moved with his partner deeper to the darkness to my left, going out to cool down was a good idea, in both meanings of the term.

Leaving wasn't as simple as I had expected. Trying to stand when two men are slowly jacking you off is hard when they start being more forceful in their motions, and I couldn't help back sit back a couple of times to let them keep playing with my cock. However, almost cumming meant that slowly, my cock was growing less hard, and finally, standing and then walking away with my half erect member was possible. Though for only a couple of steps, as another hand reached out, and encircled my cock.

Pausing, the idea of another man wanting my cock caused it to swell, resulting in my stopping, enjoying the heat swirling around me. The steam bath wasn't really crowded, though reaching a certain definition of full, a definition meaning that no one was out of reach of someone in the swirling humidity. Getting hard again was delightful, if not really my intention. Reluctantly walking away, I had to pause against the wall, not really in sight of the door, lit dimly from the filtered light coming through the wetly beaded glass.

Considering the absence of any hard cocks in a public space, leaving with an obvious erection didn't really strike me as proper. A thought complimenting the truth that while standing there, stroking my hard cock for a while, a couple of men opened the door and walked by, none erect. Restraining myself from touching them, ignoring glances inviting me to reach out, my excitement slowly calmed, helped a bit by turning my head to side and looking out, instead of towards what was continuing to occur inside.

My cock was still half hard when I opened the door to leave, the heat becoming a bit more of a concern. Losing track of time is a major part of the enjoyment or really good sex, but staying in a 110-130°? room for too long was not healthy, regardless of how attractive the temptation to continue participating in what was going on. Uncertain about how proper my arousal was, I turned quickly to face the shower row, pretty much obscuring my aroused state. Except for the man at the other shower, himself at least half hard, and whose hand reached for his cock as I started to shower under the warm water. Moving under cold water spout, which was like a small stream of cold water as one would find along a mountain, his stroking increased, even as my cock shrank under the cold water. Things may have been cooling down for me right now, but for today's visitors to the steam bath, the temperature was only rising. It may have been a bit of a mistaken conclusion about public propriety, at least when it came to the steam room and its shower area.

Taking time to shower off in the filtered late afternoon sunlight, with only accent lighting in corners, my vision remained adapted to the dimness inside. Entering for my fourth visit, looking around, I noticed several standing figures, most already hard. Walking back, the space was starting to truly fill in, though the bench area towards the rear was still fairly empty. Holding my cock, I walked there, sitting down, beginning to get hard while looking from man to man.

In this trip into the steam, my inhibitions finished melting, the reality of what was happening making me hotter. We were all horny men, with even the slightest ripple of movement setting off unstoppable reactions. The openness was starting to reach very dark regions of my mind, my cock stroking on full public display. I heard several men make arrangements to meet in the rooms upstairs, making a connection in the sauna, opening my eyes to another form of casual pick up that I had never really imagined.

A public display which led to first one man, then another, sitting to each side. Their sliding hands and licking tongues just made the stroking better, reinforcing the intense loop caused looking at a dozen men, most hard or stroking while they returned the attention of what was going on in the steam. My hand couldn't stop as the two strangers opened my legs, my thighs held on each side as one of them began fingering my ass, making my breathing harsher in time with my pumping. The words became to tumble, unstoppable moaning - 'yeah .. hot .. fuck .... yessss .. hot men ... fuck ... men .. oh ... fuck .. yeah....' The idea of being on display, if not exactly available, part of a whole group watching and getting off was entrancing as I fisted my cock, my legs widely spread, and my grunting was being echoed by slurping sounds in the fog, now looking in the direction of a man getting sucked, his ass moving on and off the bench in front of a man squatting on his knees and feet on the wet floor.

Time was skipping, my eyelids fluttering, watching how the onlookers had mainly turned to each other, making me hornier, seeing two sweaty cocks rub against each other as two men kissed deeply, or how one man on the other bench was taking two cocks into his mouth. My own arousal now overwhelming me, the man on the right began to move his head towards my spread legs, but my interest in getting sucked remained easily outweighed by the truth that not a single man here was using a condom.

Struggling to keep from getting sucked from one side, the man on the left got up, trying to sit on my jutting cock. By now, this was getting more than a bit too much, rude probably being the best term - as can happen in any public space, which this was, in the end. After finally having to actually use a bit of physical force to keep both of them from doing what they wanted, I stood up, and moved. Though walk was very short, as another man reached for my still held hardness, replacing my hand as I stopped to enjoy his touch, neither insistent nor shy.

Another man was in the middle of the passage maybe a yard further on, making pausing even easier. My cock gripped by a hand more skilled than those of the strangers at the back, the familiar sensation of getting horny with another man began to flood my body, pushed higher when he rose, allowing my own hand to touch his already jutting length. He drew closer, and our cocks met, as we began to move against each other, hands pulling against our ass cheeks, our tongues kissing whatever was in reach.

The more distant standing man moved closer, and my left hand reached out, drawing him still closer. His breathing grew louder and quicker as my hand explored his cock, which even maybe 1/3 hard was massive, quite possibly the largest cock I had ever felt. Shifting attention, I could see he was well muscled, around 30, obviously wanting to play with us.

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