tagGay MaleBathhouse Travel Ch. 02.5

Bathhouse Travel Ch. 02.5


Note - this is really more a bisexual perspective, but the site lacks that category

Stories tell only a part, written or spoken. This is the story first heard by wife, now shared, of a recent bathhouse experience. And though the events occurred in a straight line, they didn't feel that way at the time, making the recounting of them become a series of discrete events.

In all honesty, the lack of condoms and the use of anal sex enhancing drugs there was a real surprise, one I have no problem telling my wife, agreeing that it is crazy to act that way, without condoms. And since she also knows just how much I get off using Rush, there is a certain context, though my wife has never used it herself. My shared experience with Rush is almost exclusively heterosexual, and I particularly enjoy tit fucking with my cockhead being sucked and licked, looking at what is happening, dirty words flowing from my lips.

Of course, in the past, with my first three girlfriends, straight fucking when we both took a big hit was fabulous, as was pure cock sucking - my cock feeling infinite in size as it was engulfed by her hot mouth. This was particularly enticing when matched with hot porn.

Something just as true when just jacking off alone, often to gay group sex porn, often playing with my ass, loving the feeling as the Rush reached my horny hole as a lubed dildo slid deeper.

Over the years, my wife has also occasionally participated in such things, being familiar with part of its effects on me, sucking me off as I watch gay porn, or her finger sliding into my ass. She does not know how I've also fucked men using Rush, including my latest trip to a big city bathhouse, taking a deep hit before sliding my covered cockhead past his smooth asshole, feeling the sling move in perfect balance, the music pulsating, living a late 70s fantasy.

In that recent experience, I came far too fast in one sense, but in another, it seemed to last forever, as he did a couple of more hits. Knowing that I was assfucking a man, overwhelmed at experiencing such a fantasy, several men watching us fuck, my control was shredded. Then after orgasming, spending several incredible minutes moving my cock in and around his ass, condom full of my hot cum, his hands pulling at my ass, telling me to keep fucking, two naked sluts thoroughly enjoying themselves in a room full of the powerful scent of Rush.

My wife has a very simplistic mid-80s view of how sex spreads problems, but it is not actually wrong. Trying to teach her current knowledge is not that simple, considering how reductionist she can be. So at this point, I pretty much avoid discussing the subject, though always staying well within her safer boundaries. Though it is still sex with men that have sex with other men, meaning that risks of sex with strangers are always present.

Waking up this Saturday, I slowly realised that my wife was already awake. Being a bit horny, pride playing no role at this point in our relationship, I asked her to play with my nipples, having already stroked her smooth ass, lightly using my nails on her back, cock growing as she sighed. This has become a more or less weekly ritual since she began working full time again. Waiting those intervening weekdays make the sensations that much more intense, creating fantastic orgasms week after week, ones that have me completely captivated.

Nipple play has me as thoroughly in grip as her toy has her, a fact she is well aware of. 'Anything happen on your trip?' she asked as my hand started playing with my now growing cock.

'Well .. that's so fucking good .. there was the woman that entered my room,' I replied.


'She opened .. fuck that is good .. the door .. her keycard. I was just watching TV .. nothing embarrassing .. about 35 .. nice smile.'

My wife then asked 'did you do anything?'

'No .. she was sexy .. long hair .. nice breasts .. just coincidence .. kind of clichéd.'

Then I added, 'Besides, I'd been somewhere that afternoon.'


The feeling from her finger allowed me to take the plunge, describing what it was like to visit a major city bathhouse. 'I had gone to a .. fuck, don't stop .. I'm such a nipple slut .. gay men do that .. it is so fucking good .. bathhouse.'

'A bathhouse?'

'A male only sauna,' I said, 'a place for men to have anonymous .. sex .. hot sex .. with other men.'

'How did you find out about it?'

'Reading .. and from the past .. they were all closed .. but .. that is so good on my nipple .. I always wanted to visit one .. like that video.'

'That I laughed at, with its crazy jacuzzi kissing?'

'The one you that made you sopping wet .. with all the men in the jacuzzi sucking and kissing and fucking.'

She slowed her finger, saying, 'I remember you were hard watching them kiss.'

'Yes .. and you .. had your eyes fixed .. on the screen .. cumming .. fuck toy .. ass fucking .. you cumming.'

She shifted her body, lifting a thigh, her foot sliding along the inside of my leg, purring that she did not mind watching porn, 'gay, group, straight' with her toy, 'sometimes.'

'Oh god, keep talking,' I moaned, 'make me slutty .. fuck my nipple.' Some things are only easily talked about when really turned on, a reality my wife is intimately familiar with.

'What did you do?'

'Sat in the jacuzzi .. alone .. then went .. went into . into the .. the steam bath.'

'See anything? .. tell me what you saw' she demanded in a sexy tone, noticing how I had begun to stroke my cock harder, working up the necessary arousal to let the words pour out.

'I sat .. on a bench .. the darker part .. a divider wall .. the other was red lit .. saw a man .. at the end .. another man .. walked by .. touched his thigh.'

'What did they do?' she asked, her finger now flicking against my erect nipple, filling me with pure sexual pleasure as I recounted what happened.

'Don't stop .. oh god .. so fucking .. fucking good.'

'What did they do?,' she repeated, 'tell me. Tell me as you play with your cock.'

'Oh fuck .. don't stop .. I saw .. saw them .. naked .. my age .. touch.' 'What did you do?' was her next question, before she began to kiss my neck, wet tongue sliding against my extremely sensitive skin, adding another dimension to the pleasure I was sinking into, telling her about my visit to a bathhouse.

'They played with each .. each other's cocks .. then he .. he started playing .. started touching .. nipples.'

'Were they hard like you?'

'Oh fuck yes .. nipples are so good .. he kissed the other man's nipple .. and .. and I think he made the other man .. made him cum.'

'Did you cum then?'

'No .. I left the steambath .. wandered around .. to see other things.'

By now, she was manipulating my erect nipple with her fingertip, sending waves of pure sexual delight throughout my body, making it easier for me to keep talking. 'I saw .. saw .. group .. men fucking .. in a room .. big platform.'

When she said 'Did they ask you to join?,' the shock made it a bit easier to speak coherently.

'No - everyone was really quiet, no words in the sauna or the room. And no condoms, which is crazy.'

Explained about walking by several times - embarrassed, even here, a place that men go to to have sex, to watch people. Though each time before moving away again from the entrance, I stayed longer, absorbing what was happening, including the distinct aroma of Rush filling the air.

'So what did you see?' and by the time the last syllable left her lips, her tongue was running along my neck again.

My cock felt heavy and stiff, in the best state to talk about such things, weaving past and present, sharing fantasies and memories. 'I .. fuck .. orgy .. don't stop .. oh fuck .. sucking strangers .. so hard .. don't stop.'

By now, memories and words were mixing, telling my wife about stroking my hard cock while looking at a real gay orgy, men with hard cocks fucking and sucking each other. The sort of sex that was such a fantasy of mine when in my early 20s, looking at gay group sex porn, doing hits of Rush while a dildo slid into my ass, cumming so good.

Her spoken words provided a bit of focus; 'Did you see any cock sucking?'

'God yes .. hard cock sucking cocks .. cocksucker .. getting rimmed.'


'Getting his .. hot ass .. ass licked .. another man sucking .. hard cock sucking.'

'Were they fucking?'

'Oh God .. yes .. don't stop .. hot fucking .. they were .. were using .. Rush .. spread legged .. flat .. open bottle .. breathing in .. playing with cock .. watching .. so horny .. public sex .. hot fuck sex.'

Her fingers were working their special magic, her words becoming a spell.

'What else happened?' she asked, pressing more of her naked skin against me, her lips touching my ear.

'Don't stop ... fuck my nipple .. nipple slut .. don't stop' were about the last semi-coherent words I remember, mixing words as the memories flashed, of Rush, of strangers fucking, and knowing how easy it would be to part of something like that - if I lived a lot closer to true big city decadence.

Telling her about hot male sex had brought me over the edge, surrendering to the thrill of sharing such personal sexual secrets, revealing how a more than 3 decade old fantasy came true. The thought of that pure male group sex filled my mind, my wife rubbing my nipple in unstoppable waves, pressing her body tight, making me cum so good as reality, memory, and fantasy swirled.

And so long, wave after wave, her finger flicking against my sensitive skin. Though drained, my cock remained horny, only slowly subsiding as she let her hand rest on my chest.

'A lot of those men are married' she noted, in a tone of distant disquiet, which she was quite entitled to.

So many men not using condoms simply ensures the further spread of various problems, generally to those completely unaware of their partner's activities. 'I think it likely - and it is crazy that no one was using condoms - though the attraction is undeniable .. and it is not just fantasy.'

At which point, our murmurings began to turn to the day's schedules, as neither my wife nor female bi-friend grasp, or have any interest in, the fundamental male attraction of unlimited sex with unlimited partners, sharing cocks and mouths and balls and nipples and tongues and hands ....

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