tagGay MaleBathhouse Travels Return

Bathhouse Travels Return


So far, the summer's weather has been disappointing, a likely explanation of why my regular bathhouse was so nicely filled on this Thursday afternoon.

Being comfortably familiar is part of its current central attraction, and just seeing the number and variety of men pretty much assured my getting off with other men, something I had been wanting to do for weeks.

Going to the lower level, the number of towels against the wall showed that the steamroom wasn't empty, as willing sweaty bodies found each other in the dim dampness. Hearing the energetic bubbling of the jacuzzi, I quickly checked if anyone was in it. It was empty, making me walk back, towel off, cock swinging. Here, being naked is customary, as is sex in the sauna. Reaching the wall, I took off my glasses, grabbed a couple of condoms, then turned to open the fogged glass door.

After shutting the door, I stood for a moment, adjusting to the steambath's conditions. A couple of bodies could be recognized near the entrance, and further back, while sounds of pleasure, likely erotic, were becoming clearer as my hand began to feel my cock. Taking a couple of steps, several more figures were revealed.

The shower started, quite loud, something of a surprise, as it tends to be used rarely. Stopping, I let my adapting eyes roam, seeing one man on the bench near the middle, another at the corner, and what seemed to be a pair near the curving shower entranceway. A man stepped out, walking past me to leave the space, the door closing tightly marking his exit.

The light from the briefly opened door had brightened things a bit, making it easier to see the kissing pair at the other end of the shower wall, along with the man stroking his cock as he watched. The facing wall was free, a comfortable place to get hard. Leaning my back against it, I began to play with my cock, unconcerned about being seen as my legs spread. The sounds of the pair's kissing and cock to cock rubbing was delightful as my cock grew hard, the same effect apparent with the man on the bench to my right.

He had one foot on the bench, raised leg resting against the wall. He was slumped in the corner, his cock rigid and exposed. As was mine. Becoming bolder, it pulled my attention back to the men in front of me, watching as be bent, making the other man moan in pleasure as he began to suck him. Standing straighter, my hand reached out to lightly touch the ass of the man being sucked, sliding along his nicely hairy thighs as his hand quickly found my cock.

When the door opened, the play of light and shadow provided another level of appreciation, making it simple to place my left hand on his nipple, causing him to moan in turn as I watched how his cock was treated in another man's mouth. Undoubtedly, everyone around me knew what it was like to suck and get sucked, and it was quite possible that over the last couple of years, we had all done just that with each other. The baths are a place where cock rules, something we all understood intimately.

The exquisite touch of a turned on stranger's hand around my horny cock brought me close to cumming. The third man was on his knees, hand pumping his own rod as his lips moved up and down. Fingers began to rub over my nipple as another man arrived at the wall. Rolling my head, I saw how he was starting to play with himself, getting turned on watching strangers having sex.

The man stroking me bent, his breath enticing on my cockhead, as the fact that a stranger was about to give me head slowly penetrated the sexy fog my mind was drifting in. The very first reaction was 'why not?,' a powerful wave of arousal following it, his hand bringing my cockhead to his lips. And yet, turned on as I was at watching him getting sucked and knowing how good it would be, caution arose.

I moved a bit, opened a condom, and put it on my jutting shaft. He bent down again, his lips sliding me into paradise, part of a foursome, the two of us in the middle, enjoying having our cocks openly sucked in this Turkish bath. A hand began to play with my sack, so I reached out to touch the kneeling man, whose cock sucking skills were making the man cocksucking me quite sloppy and distracted - one of the best possible styles of head imaginable.

However, he shook me off as soon as my fingertips touched his shoulder. The blow job had gotten more intense, making the man getting sucked straighten up, moaning. I shifted position a bit, noticing at least three men nearby stroking their hard cocks. The one hand played with a stranger's obviously available nipple, while my other roamed over his ass cheeks, then between them, sliding down along his inner thigh.

His hips were moving, his moaning full of words like 'fuck,' 'cock,' and 'suck' - the k ending distinct between variations. Being so slutty is part of what makes the baths so attractive. This is a place filled with sluts, after all, and those who enjoy playing with them. I pushed my finger against his hole, my fingers having journeyed along his crack, the sweat making his skin wonderfully slippery.

The kneeling man stood, his hard cock soon pressing against his partner's, their lips touching and teasing before their tongues began to play. They were becoming a twosome again, making this a good time to step out of the heat, and deal with the no longer necessary condom.

Condoms have their disadvantages, including the foil wrapper. The feeling from the younger man on his knees was understandable, but in some fashion, it seemed as if he disdained condoms altogether. An understandable position in terms of immediate pleasure, but not really a good idea longer term.

There is a somewhat noticeable divide in terms of condom use here between those older than 50 and those younger than 30 or so, with a very mixed group in the middle. It remains a bit surprising, and the temptation to not use a condom is ever present - nobody else but me seems to care. It is just that the over 50 group is generally skilled in their use, and consider it a common style of enjoying stranger sex.

The under 30 group is clearly in it for sex, just like the under 30 crowd always has been. A condom tends to be an interruption, not to mention dulling. Afterwards, dealing with it is something to accommodate. Knowing where trash cans are placed before using a condom is part of how condoms become an interruption, before and after.

Having thrown the condom away, I went to the showers, soaping my hands, feet, and groin - then starting to play with my cock a bit, getting ready to return to the steambath.

Entering, I went fairly directly to the back, following the enticing sounds of cock sucking. A pair was near the corner, and a couple of other men were spread through the space. Stopping, I let my hand stroke my cock harder, getting a feel for the temperature. The corner area between dimness and blackness was perfectly suited to my desire to have more sex quickly and easily among other horny men.

Sitting near the shadow line, able to see and hear a fair bit, the blackness to my left seemed empty. Cock erect, I began to cautiously move through the darkness, encountering nothing. At the boundary, it was possible to see other men, a couple hard, one who seemed to peering my way as his hand rubbed and covered his crotch.

A very sexy sight, his glimpsed expression revealing desire, causing my own to rise. I stepped closer to the bench, more in the light, coyly pressing my dick downwards against my thigh, not moving my fingers too much along its turned on length.

Spreading my legs, deliciously stroking, I turned my head to look at the other man, my not exactly discrete interest on display. He moved towards me, sitting down fairly close, making it simple to move my foot a bit, touching the top of his. That was enough for his hand to begin sliding along my inner thigh, causing a gasp when his fingers brushed my erect shaft.

Moving my right hand to his groin, I found his cock, which was not very hard, something I proceeded to change. His hand was jacking me in turn as he stiffened, his skill showing long practice at getting strangers hard. We settled into a very satisfying rhythm, until he began to lose his skill as my own jacking talents led him into surrendering his cock to a stranger. He was now amazingly hard, a fact that was making me horny in a very focused way.

When the fingers of my left hand began to play with his nipple, his shaft jerked powerfully against my hand, making my think he had just started to cum. Instead, it was just the first indication of what a fantastically sexy cock he had, a rigid tool of rare strength. One that took my stroking in stride, even as I tightened my grip, its hardness turning me on, demanding my devotion.

Now the one getting lost in a stranger's desire, wanting to ride the hot cock in my grasp until it came. The thrusting was purely from his cock, and after the fourth or fifth time, I knew that this was one of the most extraordinary cocks I had ever encountered. Particularly as my own cock stiffened in pleasure each time his did, feeling his hand squeeze me.

At some point, his pre-cum made moving my hand along his entire length irresistible, wanting to worship such a pure source of pleasure, knowing I could make it cum in front of the other turned on men surrounding us in the humid dimness. Just on the edge of cumming myself, the strongest pulses began to challenge my ability to keep him in my grasp.

His cock was moving through at least a 90° angle, a glorious motion, his moaning now filling the space as his first jet of semen flew, followed by several more, his hand no longer moving, its weight settled against my sweaty pubes. It felt wonderfully dirty sitting here, pumping a naked stranger's shaft, making him cum so openly, my own male desires revealed among a group that shared them intimately.

He rose, swaying a bit, still drunk on orgasm, then stumbled towards the door, a sight I found surprisingly arousing to see in another. It's a feeling I've become very familiar with over years of male only sex, one of perfectly fulfilled lust.

Standing myself, it was just a small step to enter the darkness again, invisible. The presence of someone nearby registered, drawing my hand back to my growing cock. Moving back a bit, now straddling the boundary between dimly lit and deeply black, deciding to play with whoever came close, letting my own sluttiness take control of my actions.

Knowing that in a room full of naked sluts, it wouldn't take long to enjoy more male sex. One couple was cocksucking on the other side, a couple of men were playing with each other's hard cocks, and several single men moved through the space, half of them playing with their own hard cocks. I watched the sex going on around me, the scene being lit periodically by the opening of the door as more men entered.

From the darkness, the touch of a hand sliding along my thigh made me gasp, reaching out in response, quickly finding a hard cock to enjoy. We each turned a bit, making it easier to stroke each other's cocks, our other hands running across bare skin, along sweaty backs, down willing asses, between open legs, over nipples. We were alternating approaching orgasm, first him doing me, then me returning the favor, tempting each other as the game continued over several cycles.

I could feel my control crumbling along with his, the desire to cum overwhelming my desire to keep playing in the steamy darkness. His cock began to swell, showing he was in the same state. He began panting after I leaned in, kissing his neck, my tongue swirling along his salty skin, knowing just how vulnerable he would be to the sensation. A small part of my mind still imagined being able to just skate past cumming, even as his pumping fist drove me willingly to the very edge of orgasm.

His hot cum erupted, the feel of its hot wetness against my skin overriding my general reluctance to just let myself go, without any barrier. His hand on my cock understood my true desires, extending its motion, my balls contracting as he continued to jack me off, positioning himself in front of me. In the sweaty heat, orgasm beginning its irresistible rise along my shaft, lost in another's touch, knowing that my cum would be hitting the man getting me off made temptation became reality.

My moans filled the space, and I heard him coaxing me on, 'cum so good, cum hard, cum slut,' 'cum' becoming the central thought as my semen began flying free, knowing that he wanted to feel my orgasm just like I had wanted to feel his, unable to do anything but let orgasm flood through me.

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