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Bathouse Fun


My fourth story begins heading back to the bath house a week after my first experience. The last time I went I wanted to have anal sex but I did not buy lube. I was prepared this time. With lube and condoms in hand a room paid for I was ready to play.

It was a Friday night and the place was very active. This was a 180 from by day visit because there were guys everywhere. I started at the showers to clean up then headed for the maze in the basement. I walked around a bit saw some guys but did not play.

The second floor a bunch of guys were hanging out so I decided to just watch an see what happens. I was looking over the railing to the first floor and the guy next to me who was doing the same started talking to me. Small conversation but it lead to you "want to play a little?". I took him back to my room; we took off out towels and started to kiss for a long time. This was the first time I really kissed a guy like a meant it, our tongues did not miss any parts of our mouths. I started to play with his dick until it was hard. Now instead of a blowjob I put a condom on him lubed myself up and let him take me. I felt his hard cock go in me very slow and the pain did not last long at all. Once he was in he started to fuck me very fast and the pain I felt turned into pleasure. He lasted about two minutes but that was the best two minutes of sex I ever had without me fucking someone. We cleaned up and talked a little bit then parted ways.

Back to showers I went and thought about the last guy that fucked me. He lasted longer but for some reason this time it seemed more erotic and it felt so much better. Maybe I was scared and tense and this time I was ready for it.

I decided to go into the dry sauna and relax a little. There were two others with me in opposite ends of the room. I sat in the middle facing a one way glass that we could see out to the main hallway. I guess if you were fooling around you could stop if you saw someone approaching the room. In the room with me to my left was a Hispanic male and to my right was a very tall and skinny white male with a moustache. Both men were checking me out but I decided to look out the one way glass and see what event was going on outside the room. The white male moved from his spot and sat next to me. About a minute or two went by and the Hispanic male left the room. He must have figured we needed our alone time. Once the room was clear the guy removed his towel and started to rub his dick. To me that was an invitation so I proceeded to do the same. He automatically went down and started to give me a blowjob and the feel of his warm mouth made me rock hard. I reached around to his back and started to finger his ass. We heard voices and noticed two guys approaching the room so we both stopped to see if they were coming in. To our dismay they did so I tapped my new friend's leg and we both left the sauna straight to our room.

Once in the room the kissing started, not like the first time and it did not last long. But what did not change was my approach, put a condom on him lube up and let him go. I got on the bed and laid on my back with my legs in the air. His dick was long 7" and skinny and he had no problem entering me. As he fucked me I could feel his cock go all the way into me and I did feel a little pain like he was going to go right through the other side of me. I could see the smirk on his face as he saw my expression of pain and pleasure. When he came I was glad it was over but I wanted more.

Once again I cleaned up and headed to the deck to go swimming. The water was warm and did a few laps before relaxing on the lawn chair. The hot tub was filled with guys and they were all talking and laughing and I wanted to be in that group. There were 4-5 men relaxing as I got in. Their conversation continued and I relaxed and just listened to them. I would laugh if there was a funny joke but I kept to myself.

Every once in a while I would feel a hand brush up against my leg from the guy to my left. Wondering he was sending me a signal I casually scooted closer to him and see if he would do something. The guy was in his late 20's early 30's with black hair and was decent looking. He continued to talk to his friends but his hands were still active. Finally I knew he was interested because he put his hands on mine and caressed it a little. I moved my foot and started to rub up against his leg. Deciding it was time I tapped his hand got out of the hot tub dried off and walked into the building. Before I entered I took a quick peek and saw the other guy excuse himself as he was getting out.

Once I was in the building I waited for him to come in so we could talk. But once he entered the building he just followed me to my room and I bypassed the kiss and we started a 69 session. He cock was about 5" and cut so sucking him was not a problem. I told him not to cum that if he wanted to he could fuck me. The second those word were out of my mouth he got up and was about to jump me raw. I told him to grab a condom and put it on as I lubed up. And so for the third time tonight I let a perfect stranger have me. He fucked me for a long time. His rhythm changed every minute thrusting in out of me slow then fast slow and fast. He probably lasted about five minutes until he finally came. He grabbed his towel said thanks and goodbye and left. Lying on the bed I felt great and wanted more. A kid in a candy shop with unlimited variety to choose from.

As I left my room this nice looking white male in his early 20's with a hot body and tan walked past me. He stopped and turned to me and started a conversation with me. Wow! This hot guy is talking to me and I pray it leads straight to my room. He was actually a cool guy and we talked for a long time. My courage was high and I was very comfortable around him. The question flowed from my mouth "Do you want to go somewhere private?" "Finally, I thought you would never ask!" he blurted. He told me he was about to ask me the same thing as we walked into my room.

Not being a fan of kissing men this was the only time I ever wanted to. When he removed his towel I saw this beautiful man with a awesome body standing in from of me. His cock was about 6" cut and shaved and was already getting hard. We embraced and I kissed him like I would kiss a woman, very sensual and slow. This was not like the first kiss of the night which was fast and hard. This kiss was every erotic.

We got on the bed and continued to kiss and caress each other. I finally broke it off and made my way down his chest and sucked and nibbled on each nipple making them hard. My tongue continued down his stomach to his belly button. I have a thing for bellybuttons and my tongue roamed around and in the navel area. His cock was very hard and I could feel it against my chest. I grabbed his cock and there was pre-cum on the tip. I went down and sucked on his balls very gently, then moved my tongue up his shaft to his head. Finally my mouth just covered the head and I sucked the head very slowly moving my mouth down the shaft until all of his cock was in my mouth. His breathing was begging to speed up and I knew He was enjoying it. I gave him a long and slow blowjob trying to make sure he could last a long time.

When I thought he was about to cum I would stop. I even made him turn over as I started to eat his ass. I would try and stick my tongue as deep as I could into him while playing with his balls and cock. He told me he could not hold it any longer so I got on my back and masturbated him until he came all over my chest. He ejaculated all over my chest and I mean it looked like he covered my chest with his warm cum. He got on top of me and we kissed again for about a minute. We both left to shower then he was out of my life. My mistake was not getting his number for future fun.

I had two more men fuck me that night and I went home very happy. I realized that all the fun I had I did not cum once that night. I wanted to experience more so my sexual revolution continued to grow. I would experience my first threesome with a married couple...but that story is for another time.

Please let me know what you thought. Everything I write is of my experiences.

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Love you stories I also love going to gay saunas here in New Zealand and love all the cock I get Please write more

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