I was a bit disappointed when I actually tried it out for the first time. It wasn't powerful enough to make me come. I ended up having to rub my clit with my fingers as I pumped the toy in and out of me while holding it by the little extended pink thumb. I eventually came but with all of the effort I'd had to exert I wondered what was the point?

It was the "Thumbs Up", a 7" pink dick with a little thumb sticking out for clitoral stimulation. The girth? Oh, I don't know. Thick enough. I could wrap my fingers around it and have them still overlap a bit. I guess you get what you pay for. It was after all, the cheapest vibrator in the catalog.

I had never used a vibrator before. After getting over my embarrassment and discomfort over actually buying one I had finally gone for it. For weeks I had been so excited about receiving the package in the mail. I had checked the box daily anticipating the arrival of my new toy. I had lay in bed and imagined how great it would be to get off anytime, all of the time, with this new cock. I had difficulty coming to an orgasm during sex and even on my own. I had imagined the feeling of a thick, hard, buzzing cock, pumping in and out of pussy bringing me to shuddering climaxes, over and over again.

So, with a basically useless cock sitting around in my closet, I decided that I needed to find another aid.

I remembered the time I had gotten off at a friend of mine's house. She had a jacuzzi tub in the bath and when I had thrown my legs over the side of the tub and pressed my clit right up to the powerful stream of the jet I had experienced one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever had. I writhed and twitched in the tub, splashing water all over as my pussy spasmed and the intensity of the sensation grew so great that I had to move away from the jet.

That was the kind of orgasm I was looking for.

I went to the hardware store and found a shower massager. It looked as if it would do the trick.

I hurried home and tried to install it. Having little mechanical inclination and even less plumbing experience I couldn't get it to work. Embarrassed, I asked my roommate to give me a hand. I mumbled something about getting it so that I could bathe the dog more easily. I think he probably knew the real reason that I had purchased it, but oh well. A girl's got to do what a girl's got do!

It was time to take a bath now.

I let the tub fill up with warm water and lowered myself in. I tuned on the shower massager and found the best setting. It was three powerful streams of water shooting out from the center.

I pressed the head of the massager up to my clit and felt the warm and constant flow bathe my aching cunt. I had been so horny for weeks and had had no release. I started fantasizing about cock while I gave my clit the attention it so desperately needed. I imagined all sorts of sick and nasty things that I would never actually do. God, it turned me on. I imagined a gang bang. Being fucked over and over by different men. Their hard cocks pumping in and out of my wet pussy, thrusting so deeply into me that I knew that I would come. I imagined being fucked from behind by a huge cock while sucking another cock that had been shoved in my face. I was so horny and I loved it. I wanted to be a dirty, little slut and get fucked really hard.

But no luck. As good as the shower massager felt on my clit I needed more. All of these fantasies I was having had fueled a desire to be filled up with a hard dick. I couldn't very well get out of the tub, dry off and go get my vibrator. My roommates were home and that would have been a little awkward. I surveyed the numerous bottles and containers in the tub. One particular bottle jumped out at me. It was a smooth thick cylinder about 9" long and way too big to wrap my thumb and finger around. God, I'm a freak I thought-getting off in the shower with a bottle of conditioner. Who does this?

Still as yet undeterred I attempted to push the big phallus inside my pussy. Ouch! It was going to be a tight fit. I opened my legs wider and tried working it in a little at a time. I loosened up a little and pushed it in further. God! I had never had anything so big inside of me before! I managed to push it in about 4 or five inches deep. It felt fucking amazing. And I felt amazingly dirty! I returned the a warm stream of water to my slit and was overcome with fantasies of being fucked by the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I thrust my hips upward and angled the massager so that it hit my clit more intensely.

This felt unbelievably good. I had finally found a surefire way to get off. I ran a slideshow of sorts in my head-fantasies about being fucked from behind really roughly while another woman ate my pussy, being fucked up against a wall in a semi-public place, being fingered while eating another woman's pussy, etc…

I felt the first shudder come, and then started rocking my hips forward. My pelvis was angled to such a degree that I could see the huge make-shift dildo sticking out of my pussy. I started bucking my hips against the massager head as I felt the first wave of my orgasm hit. Damn, I fucked myself so hard!

I came so hard I was barely able to contain the noises I was making. It was absolute ecstasy. Pure satisfaction.

I leaned back in the tub, flushed and sated, and enjoyed the rest of my bath.

Now several months later it had become a bit routine. I had taken the batteries out and the cap off of my crappy vibrator which had never really done the trick and now regularly took it into the bath with me.

As I settled into the bath yet again with my vibrator-come-dildo in one hand and my shower massager in the other, I wondered if there wasn't something more exciting I could be doing?

After inserting the cock into my already wet pussy and getting my clit nice and ready with the water stream I inserting a finger into my ass. It felt ok, but it was awkward sticking my finger in my ass from underneath. It seemed more of a distraction than anything else. I thought about all of the times that my former boyfriend had wanted to fuck me up the ass. I had always said no. It just seemed kind of gross. Except for one time. I had finally succumbed to his wishes and let him put his dick in my ass-for all of 15 seconds! It had hurt and he hadn't gotten it even an inch inside of me. Lately though I had been a little more curious about what anal sex would be like.

I thought about it for a long moment before getting out of the shower and grabbing a bottle of massage oil off of the shelf. I poured a generous amount of oil on the vibrator and rubbed it around. I turned over onto my side in the bath and aimed the cock towards my tight little asshole. No! This was definitely not going to work! I grabbed the oil and squirted some more of it directly onto my ass, rubbing it around and in between my cheeks. The big pink dick found the opening of my ass and pushed a little ways inside. God! It fucking hurt! This is unbelievable, I was thinking. How in the fuck can people actually enjoy this?!?

I quit pushing and let the dildo stay where it was, about an inch inside of my ass.

I got a little more used to the sensation and then pushed onward.

After the initial pain of getting past the entrance to my ass I found the feeling to be exquisite. I had pushed the dildo almost all of the way into my ass and was just laying in the bath on my side, stunned, due to the intense feeling of a dick in my ass.

I knew that my pussy would need to be fucked too. Looking around I found that same bottle of conditioner sitting on the edge of the tub and started working in into my cunt. My pussy was so wet. Having a big cock in my ass had turned me on more than I thought possible.

So, with these two thick dildos in my ass and cunt I grabbed the shower massager and fired it at my stiff clit.

The sensations I was experiencing were fucking unreal!

I felt so filled up! Completely stuffed with cock and I loved it! I wanted more!

My mind wandered to a new fantasy of getting fucked by a guy nice and rough and then realizing that his friend was in the room. When I objected to his friend's presence he restrained me by holding my wrists tightly, and fucking my pussy even harder with his big, stiff cock. His friend came over and they maneuvered my body in such a way that his friend lay beneath me and he was on top of me.

I was asking him what he was doing and was telling him no, that I didn't want this.

His friend grabbed my tits and started pinching my nipples telling me what a little slut I was and how I was gonna get fucked so hard.

I begged them not to but soon they had positioned me so that this guy's dick was heading straight for my ass. He put a rubber on, lubed it up, and pushed his huge cock up my ass roughly. I cried out from the pain. He pulled me back so that I lay on top of him with his dick inside of me from underneath and the other guy secured my wrists to the bed with the stockings I had been wearing earlier.

The pain quickly turned to pleasure as the big dick in my ass began pressing harder into me. Thrusting deeper and deeper with every movement.

The guy I had been fucking returned my pussy and gave me long and thorough tonguing.

I was dripping wet and I wanted his cock in my pussy so badly.

As he thrust his thick cock deep inside of my pussy with his friend fucking me up the ass at the same time he told me what a horny, dirty, little slut I was.

He told me how they were going to take turns fucking me up the ass and that I was going to like it.

He told me a was nasty slut and that I needed to be fucked hard.

So as I lay in the shower with two enormous pricks inside of me I paid special attention to the one in my ass. I worked the dildo in and out my ass, gradually increasing the speed and pressure. My clit buzzed away enveloped in the steady stream of ecstasy the water was creating, and I felt like I would come soon.

First I felt the powerful convulsions in my ass. It was as if they were one organ, being fucked together, my cunt and my ass shuddering in unison as I brought myself closer and closer to the peak of orgasm.

When I started to come I couldn't help but let out a deep guttural "UNGHHH" at the feeling of it all.

One cock in my pussy and one cock in my ass, fucking myself into oblivion I came and kept coming until I couldn't take the pleasure anymore.

So I'd finally gotten fucked up the ass. In a matter of speaking anyway.

And now, it is time for another bath.

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