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Batling, The Sadist


I'm the type of girl who gets bored easily. If I let myself get too bored I get up to no good. I do "naughty" things out of sheer lack of something better to do. I've always been bad, my mother said so.

Summer has always bored me to tears, expect for that summer where I lived in London. But, that's a story for later, if you'd like.

"Have fun, Be nude, Earn money" That was all the ad said. I assumed that it was a porn site looking for models. I was wrong, so very wrong.

The ad was placed by an art gallery which catered to a very specialized art crowd. It shocked me at first, but after running my own porn site this was nothing. I thought.

"Ms. Batling" said my very striking interviewer. "You have a very impressive background. Nude modeling and phone sex?" Her green eyes inspected me looking me over, I could see hunger in her eyes. But, what was she hungry for?

"Thanks, I try never to be bored but my true passion is writing." I said smiling at her.

"Oh, I know. I have read your work, it's policy to Google search all applicants." She said with a smirk. I laughed nervously wondering what else the search had yielded.

"We here like to provide our clients with upscale entertainment." She said still watching me. I braced myself for impact.

"We think you'll really fit in. Would you like to start today?"

Another shock, I was hired. They wanted me to work here.

"Sure," I said.

The woman who was now my boss I supposed had introduced herself as Saea Angel. I guessed it wasn't her name but, it was pretty like her. She told me she had been given the gallery by her father. Strange family business, but who was I to judge?

"I'll be giving you orientation." Miss Angel said getting up from here desk. I followed behind her. Past the "Media Wing" and into the private members only section "The Rogues Gallery" I was told it was like a peep show.

What I saw before me was no peep show. It was like a museum exhibit of dioramas of the greatest sex scenes. There was a girl dressed as Marie Antoinette off to my left. My eyes where glued to the scene not the sex, the background, it was so opulent.

I wondered what my booth would be like. As if reading my mind Miss Angel stopped three cases ahead of me.

"Lola, here's your fantasy." She called back to me. I raced to catch up blushing and embarrassed. I was almost afraid to look.

Everything was black, the walls and floor. At first I didn't see the bed or the other furniture. Only the shinny surfaces tipped me off. It took a moment for me to realize what I was looking at.

It was a dungeon. Miss Angel smiled as she watched my face.

"You'll be paired up with two submissives during hours. They rotate, for obvious reasons." Her voiced sounded husky.

I did know what she meant, I knew very well. I interviewed to be their Sadist. I would be beating my co-workers, and I would do so with relish. It was my nature, I take joy in hurting others.

"It's perfect." I said smiling taking her hand.

My first partner was a man named Dinari. He was very breathtaking, he was vaguely European looking. He was tall and lean with dark hair and slate grey eyes. He was also already nude. Oh yes, I was going to love this job. I watched him as he walked into my booth.

"Miss Batling?" He asked scanning me similarly to the way Miss Angel did.

"That'd be me." I said undoing my bra.

"Well," He said looking at me, licking his lips. "It's not everyday I get such a beautiful abuser."

"Unzip me?" I said teasing him. He was quick to move behind me and he was graceful. I'd have to ask him if he was a dancer. He helped my skirt down my legs his hand traced along my skin. He stood again leaning into and whispered in my ear.

"No panties and an under bust corset, the customers will love that."

" I think you do too." I said my honeyed fuck me voice poured out of my mouth. My fingers instinctively wrapped around the whip.

The Rouge's Gallery was opening in 15 minutes. I didn't want to wait, I wanted to rip him open watch him twist in agony. He notice my need and smiled as he walked over to the arm restraints wordlessly placing his arms inside. Smiling I walked behind him, strapping him in.

"If I hurt you beyond your limits please use the house safe word."

He nodded as I pulled the whip back, I filled my lungs with air and brought the whip down . He flinched and I purred.

I had gasps behind me. I didn't turn my head, I let the onlookers stare at my round, firm ass and wish it was them under my care. I bought the whip down again and again. Each time harder making flinch and moan. When my arm was tired I leaned forward pressing my tits into his back so I could reach his erect cock. I wrapped my hand around his shaft gripping his cock making him groan with pain.

My legs were spread wide, the onlookers got a great view of my swollen pussy, they could tell I loved my new job.

I let his wrists free, and turned him to face the crowd. I smiled wide to the crowd. The sounds of sex were just starting through out the hall. I pushed Dinari to his knees on the satin covered bed. Then I laid down, spreading my thighs.

Instinctively he knew what I wanted but just to be certain, I reached out catching his hair in my hand. I pulled him closer forcing his my mouth to my spread pussy. His tongue traced over my outer lips before he nipped at my clit. The contact of his teeth made me shiver. I pressed my thighs to his ears my fingers still curled in his hair.

"Fucking eat my pussy." I yelled so he could hear me. He simply nodded driving his tongue into me. I arched my back pushing down into him. If every day at work was going to be this fun.

I dug my nails down into his neck and shoulders. I felt him shudder and moan while he was probing inside my pussy with his tongue. I bit my lip and let out a sigh. My body shivered in delight as I was planning my next attack.

I growled shoving him away from me, rushing to get up. My breasts moved and bounced Dinari's eyes followed them helplessly he whimpered. I walked to the back wall, looking at the tools at hand. I slowly scanned them.

I selected the flogger, taking it down, fingering it's full length. This time I pushed Dinari on the bed. I moved behind him. I stared at the sensual curve of his perfect ass. I had somehow missed his ass completely with the whip. A mistake I wouldn't make with the flogger. I bought it back and slapped his ass. The sound was satisfying and made my pussy tingle, I was suddenly very aware of my own need to be fucked. I pushed that aside and let the flogger fly. I watched his body move, I could almost feel his thoughts. I lashed him faster, not thinking simply doing. I was running on instinct now.

Tossing the flogger away for a silver bamboo cane. I was moving faster swinging the cane into his flesh. Dinari was screaming now. A sea of gasps came in front of us, beyond us. I listened without stopping my work. It seemed as the though the noise from the other booths had quieted if not stopped.

Dinari refused to say the word, he refused to. I had no choice but to collapse on top of him. Gasping and sweaty my mouth found a stop on his shoulder and bit him hard.

"Thank you." He whispered kissing my hand. Applause rang out. It was a very surreal experience. I looked up to see Miss Angel standing at the forefront of a sea of people. She looked pleased, very pleased.

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