Batman: Harem 03


Ok, I don't own Batman or any of his affiliates, so don't sue me. Also, Thanks for the support. And now, the long awaited third chapter,

Cat-shit Crazy.

Barbara Gordon, the Batgirl, was rounding a corner of the Flugelheim museum. Her favorite villain was a possible show tonight. She would just love for Catwoman to see her back at full ability after so long serving as Oracle. The fact of the matter was, Babs didn't hate Catwoman. In fact, she kind of liked her, and hoped she would join the Bat-family or at least become an ally someday. Today, however, she was guarding the old museum from her because the museum directors had decided that November would be "Cats throughout History" month.

Barbara almost got into an argument in her own head about how idiotic an idea this had been, when her headset went off. "Batman to Batgirl, how's it looking?"

Barbara almost responded with a no change, but then she saw a shadow from the corner of her eye. "Investigating a lead."

Batman closed the line and almost smiled. Barbara had made a full recovery after the surgery, and was back in action. With Azreal, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Black Bat, and now Venus, A.K.A. Harley Quinn at his side, he finally had a large enough group that starting next week, he would begin expanding the Batman to other cities. First, Dick Grayson, A.K.A. Nightwing, was going to L.A. to start up as Batman East. Azreal would probably go to the Vatican soon, but was now part of the Batman Family. Robin, A.K.A. Jason Todd, would soon be in Europe. Bruce's son, Damien, would be stepping into the Boy Wonder title. Finally, Cassandra Cain A.K.A. Black Bat, would soon hand that title over to Babs and become Batwoman in China. Babs would be taking up patrol of Bludhaven for the time being, until she found a new sidekick at least. She may end up staying there.

As Bruce thought this, Harley sat on her knees in front of his chair, bobbing her head on his large cock. A quick look at her face reminded him that the Bat-family was still growing, and that Peyton Riley would probably be joining them full fledged in short order as the new Oracle. The thought of having such a large vigilante organization at his command made Bruce loose it, and he came so hard it filled and then overfilled Harlene's throat, making her swallow hard, since he was halfway down her throat.

Barbara chased Catwoman around several displays, including a large golden cat that seemed to slow her down a bit. While Catwoman slowed to admire the huge cat, Babs struck out with a bola, wrapping Catwoman's ankles together. When she caught up to where the Cat was standing a moment ago, she jumped on her chest and smiled. "Are you glad to see me back on my feet, Selina?"

Catwoman stared for a second before it sank in. "The original Batgirl? Well, I am glad to see you are OK, though I would have liked better circumstances. You know," Selina Kyle said, looking down, "Maybe not. You got to be absolutely beautiful, didn't you. Maybe we could help each other out, yes?" Catwoman's hands gripped Babs' ass tightly as she wiggled beneath her.

Babs would not have even noticed this four years ago, when she had first been Batgirl, but while confined to her chair, she had developed a liking for women. She wasn't a lesbian, per se, but she was assuredly Bi-sexual. "Maybe later, Selina. You're not going straight to jail, you see. We have a new facility in the Cave that we've been testing, and that's where you're headed."

"So the Bat has decided for truth and justice, with no American way, huh?"

"You'll See."


At the cave about ten minutes later, the batwing landed with Batgirl at the helm, and Catwoman in the prisoner bay. When She loaded the container and Catwoman was safely in her room, Babs joined Bruce and Harley in the computer room. She didn't even have time to change out of her batsuit before she saw Harlene on her knees fucking Bruce with her own throat. Babs wanted in. Bruce's cock was the main reason she was bi instead of lesbian. There had only been one man in all her time as Oracle that she could still feel when he entered her, because he pushed open a spot above the injury. Bruce had cum directly into her uterus more than once, but the one thing the gunshot had done that the doctors couldn't undo was that it made her ovaries die. She was essentially sterile.

But more fun topics took over her mind when she hit her knees in front of the Leviathan cock of Bruce Wayne. Harley took the cock from her mouth, smiled at Babs, and held it out to her. Babs took it, and stared at the tip for a moment. Maybe with Harlene's help, today would be the day she finally took the full length of this monster. First, though, there was an order of business. "Bruce, can I help Harley do the initial tongue fucking on Catwoman? You know I've been craving a taste of her for a long time." This was true. Catwoman was the first woman Babs had lusted over. She had spent many crazy nights rubbing her own tits and pouring juices while yelling Selina's name.

Bruce Wayne smiled. "Ok, just remember not to hurt her. Take Harlene's lead on this, OK?" She showed her agreement by swallowing about eight inches of dick. She knew she could do more, so she pushed deeper, feeling it press into her throat. Harley started licking he nipples and Bruce's balls in alternation, making Babs even hornier. She took her tenth inch, which was her limit so far, but pushed harder and was rewarded with just a little more. It felt like he was in her stomach, but Harley had been waiting for this.

"Ok, honey, now we're gonna take all of B-man's solid meat, yeah?" Harley at this moment shoved her tongue deep into Babs, making her reflexively jerk upwards onto Bruce's cock. She couldn't breathe for the amount of cock in her mouth, and she was gushing juices all over Harlene's face, but she was happy to see that her lips now touched Bruce's ball sack on the bottom and his pubes on the top. She could feel Harley licking her pussy, but after a moment, she almost felt nothing. She still couldn't breathe, and started to pass out on Bruce's cock. Just before she did, Bruce looked down into her eyes, and seeing the look in them, coupled with her lips around his dick, and Harley laying below her, licking up a full squirts worth of juices, he yanked out and started cumming all over the pair.

His first shot caught Babs right in the mouth, and she swallowed the sticky treat. A second spurt caught her across her face, leaving a trail of cum down her nose and almost into her hair. By the third spurt, Harley was on her knees to, so Bruce aimed this one at her, and released. She took a massive load, almost as much as the first spurt, right in her mouth. She closed her mouth and savored the taste as Bruce's finally spurts sprayed white lines on both their faces.

When Harley was done gargling with the sperm, She looked at Babs, and immediately decided to lick the cum off her face. A few licks and it was gone. Babs returned the favor, leaving both girls clean and fairly satisfied. Bruce smiled as his sluts got up. He was so overcome that he couldn't yet move. "We'll be back, B-man. Were gonna take care of the little pussy to get it warmed up for you.


Babs and Harlene played with each other as they headed up the stairs, caressing each others breasts and such. They couldn't wait to taste the kitty cat's puss. Babs smiled as she remembered the day she was introduced to the new member of the bat-family, and to Batman's new way of handling villainesses.

Days after her surgery, Babs had been walking in the manor, just enjoying being able to feel her feet again. She almost failed to notice the cleverly disguised door not far from the entrance to the bat-cave, where she was going. Deciding that getting a one-up on Bruce was worth the trouble, she opened the door, only to see something she hadn't dreamed of.

Harley Quinn was on her knees in front of Bruce, his long cock buried all the way into the back of her throat. Her eyes were rolled back inher head as she passed out, only to be awoken moments later when Bruce tore his cock from her throat and slapped her with it in the face. Babs had found her hand in her panties, rubbing her crotch at this display. She was really horny and very wet. She almost ran off, but decided to get involved, and now she was happy she had. Very happy. She was still thinking about this when she and Harley arrived at Catwoman's room.


Catwoman had escaped her bonds, but was extremely curious about why she was nude. She looked up from examining her nipples when Venus and Batgirl walked into the room. "So, what's a kitty have to do to get a little cream around here?"

Batgirl looked at Venus and laughed. "Don't worry Selina. By the time tonight's over, your pussy will get PLENTY of cream." She remembered just how much Bruce's cock released when he did come, and shuddered just a bit. Harlene was already on Catwoman when Babs came to. "Hey, leave some for me." Babs said, going straight for Selina's clit. She quietly licked away, feeling as she made Catwoman shudder and shake, while Harlene sucked and licked her pencil-eraser sized nipples, each of which capped a massive double d tit.

Catwoman smiled wide and arched her back into Batgirls tongue, making Babs press her harder. Harlene broke the slurping silence. "Anything special ya want done before Bruce comes in, Sweet cheeks?"

Catwoman thought for a moment. She hadn't been shaved in a while, so she asked for that. Harlene left for a moment and came back with a thing that looked like a lipstick. "Don't take this wrong, kitty, but Bruce says no sharps till he clears ya. This thing is better than any razor anyway. It's something he got from some aliens. It just vaporizes hair. Doesn't hurt skin at all. See?"

Harlene's demonstration involved shoving the device into catwoman's wet cunt, and then sliding it around her mound, watching the hair simply vanish where the device was. "It even takes longer to grow back. I shaved mine about a month ago and see, no hair." Harlene smiled as she watched catwoman's pussy twitch at the slight vibrations coursing through the device. Just when Quinn thought Catwoman could take no more, Batgirl pulled something from the small dresser that they were all given, and turned around. When she returned, she had a ten inch strap-on penis hanging off of her, and a huge smile plastered across her face. Catwoman had seen the latter, but not the former as yet.

Quinn smiled and stepped away. Barbara crawled up catwoman's frame, not yet letting the dildo touch her. Her nipples rubbed against catwoman's, and their lips brushed lightly, making catwoman shudder as she prepared to make out with the girl that had once been her arch-nemesis. When Babs saw desire in Selina's eyes, she let the toy slap against the Cat's pussy.

Selina's eye shot down, and saw the long dong hanging from Babs. "So, you are going to deny Bruce my virginity?"

Babs stopped for a moment. "You've never?"

Catwoman grinned. "Not with a man dear. I've been pretty much burning a candle for the Bat. I hoped that he would penetrate me first."

"Well, I have an idea." Babs frown disappeared, and she shifted her hips. Selina looked at batgirl, a bit confused, and felt a press at her ass. Her eyes widened. "Wait, Babsy, please, not there!" But just at that moment, the large toy cock pushed through into Selina's ass, and all thought of resistance failed her. She didn't even notice at first when Bruce Wayne entered the room. Babs was still pumping violently in her ass, making Selina cum over and over again. She noticed when Bruce took off his clothes, though.

His thick, heavy cock hung in front of her face like catnip, driving her to lift her head and take in the first few inches. Bruce forced her to take more, shoving cock in her mouth to make her gag, spreading more and more spit on it while Selina's eyes started to water. Just when she could take no more, Bruce pulled away from her face, and she felt his tip at her lips, spreading her for his big cock to penetrate.

When Bruce's cock head pushed through,Selina's ass clenched on Babs' dildo. Babs could feel the pressure getting tighter on her thrusts, and assumed that Selina was nearing her first orgasm. She wasn't too far off.

Bruce slid in a little deeper, and encountered Selina's maidenhead. "Take a deep breath." He warned her, and halfway through doing so, he pushed through her hymen. A little blood flowed, but that was all. Batman had taken Catwoman's virginity, and she knew that she never wanted to feel another cock in her. She wanted to be with Bruce Wayne, and she had to be his.

Then Babs thrusted deep into her dark hole, and Bruce's cock was rubbed against the ribbed surface of the dildo in her ass. Selina's eyes rolled in her head with pleasure. Harlene started rubbing Selina's clit and made her howl with lust. A few minutes of this, and Catwoman came and came, and Bruce just kept slamming balls deep into her. She kept cumming, and he popped out a few times to watch her snatch violently erupt with juices, something Harlene seemed to enjoy watching.

Eventually, Babs wore out and yanked the dildo from Selina's thoroughly pounded ass, and then removed the strap-on part, licked clean, and got Harlene to fuck her silly with it. They passed out together to the rhythmic sound of Bruce continuing to pound Selina's barely conscious form. A sudden groan woke the to girls up, as they recognized it. Bruce was getting ready to fill Selina's taut pussy, and it would be their job to clean her up afterward.

Bruce's cock erupted violently, blowing a load into Selina that filled her to the brim and still showed no sign of stopping. He came all over Selina, covering her tits and face while his muscles started twitching from the sheer volume of semen her sprayed. When it finally died down, Harlene and Babs started to lick all of it off Selina, starting with her face and working down to a point where they were arguing over who got to eat it out of her pussy. Bruce gave them a great solution. He gave them a speculum and a spoon, and said "Feed the kitten some cream." Then he walked out of the room, wondering how much longer he could keep up the pace he had set for himself fucking these amazing women.

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