Batman: Harem 04


04: Poisonous.

Bruce sat in the Batcave, for the first time in weeks, he was able to sit alone with no one begging him for sex. He stared at the bat computer, leaving the girls to take care of each other. Harlene had stepped into her new role as Venus quite well, helping him break the spirit of Catwoman in a mere week by constantly keeping her orgasming, some times for a whole day. Peyton Riley, The second Ventriloquist, had also stepped up admirably, taking the role of Oracle over very efficiently. Selina would soon be ready to move into the "heroine" classification. All her testing was coming back positive. Took a little work, and Batman had had to spend the whole first three days fucking her... Well, maybe he didn't have to... but they had broken her of almost any desire to steal. Simply, when she resisted, they gave her what she wanted. They let her finish when she fought her impulses.

All this was slightly complicated a few days ago. Dick Grayson, Nightwing, had come for a visit with Cassandra Cain, Black Bat, and Batgirl, AKA Barbara Gordon, let the secret slip to her old friend. Bruce was fairly sure Dick would want to bring the new organization down, but instead he and Cassandra ended up taking over for Harlene later that night, allowing Bruce to get a killer blowjob that lasted all fucking night. Cassandra had shipped out for China the next morning, and Dick left for Europe to help Batman Euro, AKA Jason Todd, institute the new program.

While Dick was away, Bruce had finished all the tests on Selina Kyle, fucked her silly one last time, and cleared her to leave her room, even though she was still restricted to one wing of the mansion. She had not been in the cave yet, but Harlene and Peyton worked all the time to keep on top of the city for the bat. Apparently the disappearance of several top notch criminals had an effect on the remainders, and the city had been largely quiet. That was about to change.

Harlene was actually in the training area of the cave. She was determined to help her new sugar on patrol eventually. At present she was retraining her reflexes from the goofball fighting style Joker had taught her to the flowing JKD style used by the Bat-family. Her time practicing was just starting to show, even though she did insist on being as distracting as possible by stretching nude before and after each practice.

Peyton, on the other hand, was focusing on gathering information the way the first Oracle had, getting pointers from Babs between mouthfuls of sperm. Just this morning she had managed to find Killer Croc and alert GCPD of his location so that Bruce just watched as they pulled him out of the sewer and locked him up. She was focused to. She had alerted GCPD with Bruce's huge cock up her beautiful ass.

But the reason Bruce was staring at the screen made even the dark knight shudder. He was watching the computer synthesize a cure for this woman's condition he had used some years ago, though he doubted it would work the same way. When the capsules slid from a slot on the batcomputer, Harlene was finishing her workout. "Hey Brucey, I know you like it right after I finish workin' out. You wanna fuck my sweaty ass?" Bruce distractedly waved off the request and started putting on his armor. Harlene walked up to him, cowl in tow. "Hey Bruce, everything ok, sweetums?"

Wayne looked into the face of his first slave and then to the Batcomputer. "Harlene, have cell 4 ready. If you have it ready by the time I get home, I'll have a surprise for you." Bruce stepped away from Harlene, a cold, stern look on his face. Harlene wasn't used to this. Bruce had been far more given to smiling as of late, with Gotham's crime rate hitting the lowest levels in years. She turned to see who was on the computer's screen, trying to figure out the boss's demeanor, and saw the one name she feared most. Harlene turned back around to argue that he couldn't bring her in, but Batman was already gone. Harlene slipped to the floor. She realized that she might be about to lose her reason for living for the second time.

When Peyton turned from her research to ask Harlene to bring her a vial, she saw Harlene nowhere. Also missing from the cave was Catwoman's old outfit, abandoned after her capture, a utility belt, and a cape from one of the old batsuits. And the batbike. Harlene was at present the only girl who could leave other than Babs, so Peyton put her headset on and put out a call to Bruce on his frequency. "Calling Batman, come in Bruce?"

Bruce sat in the Batmobile, roaring down the road towards the Gotham City Park, where indications were that Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy, was destroying everything man-made in it. He put the car on auto and loaded the vial of antidote into a dart-gun, with two more stored in his belt. He noticed he was receiving a call from the cave, and touched the ear of the cowl, activating his headset. "Yes Peyton?"

Riley quickly explained the situation, and then Babs chimed in that she was overseeing the arrest of Two-Face so she couldn't intercept right that moment. Bruce grudgingly opened a channel to Harlene's personal comm. "Venus, what do you think your doing? You are not yet cleared for missions!"

Harlene heard Bruce, so she activated the device. "Bruce, we both know even you are hard pressed to beat this one. Just let me help!"

Bruce shook his head for a moment, then returned. "Alright, Harlene. I need you to meet me at my current location first. I have something that may help."

Five minutes later, Bruce and Harlene exchange a quick kiss and he sends her to the other side of the park with a sniper version of the antidote gun.

Bruce continues on the the park, and pulls right up to the entrance. Buildings all around show the marks of Ivy's influence. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage had already been done, and if she were to go unchecked, surely many millions more would suffer the same. But Batman wasn't going to let that happen. "Pamela, it's over. Surrender peacefully, or they police will light this place up with R.C. Sixty. Please don't make them kill you."

Isley was having none of it. "Never Batman. I'll kill you first!" Batman immediately dodged and shot the antidote gun. it hit a limb thrown up defensively, and not Isley. She smiled and one of her branches grabbed the gun from him. Bruce tried to fight, but found himself soon dragged to Ivy slowly, tortuously, by his feet. She held him up in front of her. "Now, Batman. I will see what so few have known. I will see who I am feeding to my plants." Ivy's tendril grabbed the cowl, and Batman struggled against it, in vain. "Well, I'll be. The Batman is really Bruce Wayne. Do you know much your money would help me toward setting up my little utopia? Too bad. Now, Mister Wayne," Ivy's tendrils were now stripping Bruce of armor, preparing him to be digested by the plants, "I believe I will kill y--" Ivy froze. Her face contorted in surprise and fear as her connection to the plants around her was severed. Slowly the roots holding Batman fell away. Pamela collapsed onto Bruce, who lifted her and started carrying her away. Harlene ran up, a huge smile on her face. "Did I do good, Bruce?"

"You saved my life, Harley. I'm really starting to like you. Let's go home."

Later that night, Bruce and Harlene arrived with their new acquisition. Bruce carefully locked Isley into one of his restraining beds. Then he sealed the special lock that prevented her psychic commands from reaching the plants around the mansion. Finally, he smiled as he shot a little modified Adrenaline into Pamela's neck. She woke up quickly. "Where am I?" Came her immediate query.

Bruce smiled. All the girls were so cheeky when they came in. He walked in front of her to let her know that she was captured. Ivy raged against her restraints, full of fury, but with very little strength at the moment. She called out for the plants around her and found... Nothing. Not a single plant within her call. It was a feeling of extreme loneliness. She hadn't noticed what Wayne was saying during this time, but one phrase caught her attention.

"Did you say Sexual Rehabilitation?"

Bruce smiled. "That usually gets a girls attention. I started with Quinn. I had her eating out of my hand in hours. She even helped me capture you. I know you are mad now, but I have a feeling that before long, You'll be thanking her for it. Right now, however, I think your first Fuck will be a little forcible, since you seem to respond best to force."

Batman stepped behind Pamela, and let a clasp go on the standing bed. It forced her over into a bent position. sliding her ass out into clear view. The Dark Knight slid a gauntleted finger under her bottoms, and snapped them. He reached into his utility belt next, and drew out a small device. Something Peyton had made him. A tracking device for his girls. Painlessly slid under the skin and was almost completely flat. He touched it to her ass cheek and slid his hard cock into her tight pussy so she wouldn't realize what he did.

Ivy's mind was defiantly not on the tiny pinch on her ass when Bruce's cock entered her. In fact, she almost felt like his tip poked her in the brain. She had not had a man in so many years, she had forgotten what a real cock felt like. And Batman's was much larger than even the largest she had ever had. Pamela quickly felt the throes of orgasm building deep in her loins. Surely she wasn't already cumming. Just as she started to lose her mind, Batman pulled his thick rod from her soaking pussy and slid four inches straight into her ass with no resistance at all. It wasn't until just then that she knew just how wet she was. He kept sliding deeper into her ass, burying his cock into her deep hole. Eight inches in, Her ass tightened even further, making him smile as he kept sliding. She was cumming again.

Batman hit a button, and Harlene came in. She stepped behind Bruce, helping aim his massive member into Ivy better. "Red, just let yaself go. There ain't a way outta here, so take the dick. It'll change your life."

Bruce decided that this was the moment in which to give her the full length. He gave Harlene a handsign, and she started kissing Ivy, something she has enjoyed many times before. Her tongue played with Ivy's, then Ivy's breath hitched as Bruce drove another four inches of cock deep into her ass. Poison Ivy knew both pain and pleasure. She had never felt like this. She could not imagine more pain than twelve stone hard inches of cock slammed fully flush in her asshole. She couldn't imagine more pleasure than the stimulation she received from it. She was crying tears of both pleasure and pain. She just barely wriggled, feeling like she was on a spit. Bruce rammed her deep and hard. Pulling out all the way, then stroking balls deep every stroke. Bruce could feel cum churning in his balls, but he knew that he had to embarrass Ivy to make her break. He waltzed to the front end of her, and Harlene sucked Ivy's juices from his cock. She kept sucking him while he removed the rest of Ivy's clothes. Her tits were smaller than the other girls, but her lips were meant to suck a dick. Bruce grabbed the antidote gun and placed it barrel touching Ivy's back right above her third vertebra. "Open your mouth. Bite me and You'll never feel your plants again.."

Ivy feared that more than anything else, so she opened wide. Bruce literally crammed his whole cock down her throat, making her choke and choke, coughing till he pulled out. He held her face up to really get to her. "You couldn't even make me nut with your mouth and your ass. You really are a sorry whore. I may just have to lock you up with the men for them to play with,m Bitch." He grabs Harlene's hand and leads her from the room.

Harlene's face was troubled. "You wouldn't really give her to Mistah J and those othah Psychos, wouldya, puddin'?"

Bruce smiled at Harlene. "No, that's just to make her want to please me more next time. Do you mind putting me over the edge, by the way? I had a hard time not finishing on her face there."

Harlene's face lit up, and she spun around, dropping Catwoman's old suit off of her frame, exposing her entire breathtaking body in one simple movement. She spread her pussy lips and bent over, presenting her wet tightness to Bruce. He immediately slammed his twelve inch rod into her, taking her wet pussy from behind. He slammed Harlene hard, caring little for anything but jizzing hard into her depths. It took ten minutes, and playing with every sensitive area on her sexy body, but Harlene Quinzelle was truly laid, and made Bruce release his load directly into her sopping cunt. she poured juices all over him while he poured his own back into her. They reveled in the freeness of their copulation for a little while, then Harlene sucked all the cum off of Bruce, and they returned to the cave to continue her training, and Bruce had plans for all his other girls as well. He had a brilliant idea for his little sluts over the next few months.

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