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Jakewho's at his best IMO. Real characters, with real moral values, real troubles, and real solutions. Jake is in not such good health, but does read your comments from time to time. Contrary to some persons opinion, I do not rewrite Jake's stories. I correct minor errors, and try to straighten out spacing and punctuation and such to meet with LE guideline. Jake has a 'voice', for example rarely uses contractions in dialog, and his wording should be respected. He's an average guy with an average education for his age, and an excellent story teller.


I attend North Carolina University where I met my wife Cindy. We got married in March after she graduated. When I gradated I took over my father's construction company. One year later Cindy gradated and we got married the following March.

Cindy started her schooling at Texas University where she went to for two years. She dated a baseball player for two years there. Her boy friend there was Dusty Davis and he was one of their star players on the team. Dusty batted 320 for his four years there. He tried his hand for 3 years at profession ball but never made it big. Cindy's mother got sick so she decided to come back East to go to school. They broke up just before she transferred to North Carolina.

When I met Cindy at school we hit it off right from the start and didn't date anyone else. It took me four months before I got in her pants. I knew she had dated Dusty for two years so I figured he got her too, but we never talk about if she had sex with him or not. When I was dating her she was still following Dusty's career on the Internet and in the sports papers.

It didn't bother me and I even got interested in tracking his career because I'm a big sport nut. Dusty could hit anything at or above his shoulders but could not hit the ball in the strike zone. Once this was found out he had to quit and get a job with his wife's father's company. He had spent 3 years in the minors and then had to work for a living.

When Cindy and I got married in March we went to Aruba for the honeymoon. On the way back we stopped in Miami. That was Cindy's idea she wanted to catch a few ball games that Dusty was in. We caught 3 games there. The first game he pinch-hit and got a double. The second game he played the last 4 inning and got a homer run with one on and a fly out to left field. The last game he didn't get a hit at all but ground out to the infield all four time up.

Cindy felt so sorry for him and cried a lot. It was kind of fun for me following his career in the papers and the net. I guess there was times I was afraid he would make it big and come and steal Cindy away from me. I said to myself, he had his shot and let her go and got married so why would he chase after her now?

Cindy got as an administrator job in a hospital. She loved her job and did a dam good job from what I heard. I loved going to see her and checking out the nurses. Her job was regular day hours with not too much overtime. My job as the boss was regular hours. There wasn't too many overtime hours because I didn't get paid for it.

Cindy called me on my cell phone on a Wednesday and told me to meet her for drinks and to dress up. She and I had cell phones, which I charged off to company business. I asked why and she said because I want you to! I said yes sir. I got there at 4:40 and she was in a booth and had a beer waiting for me. I said what is up and she said just wait a few minutes. She seemed to be overjoyed about something. A few minutes later in walked Dusty Davis. Dam I was surprised to see him. It was seven years since we saw him in Miami.

We talked in the booth till 6 and then headed to the dinning room. We ordered our meal and chatted some more. Dusty brought us up to date on his marriage and told us about his kids. Cindy keeps in touch with him on the Internet with email. News to me! He was telling us about his son playing tee-ball for kids. Cindy and I didn't have kids yet. We tried on and off for awhile but she was on the pill now. Dusty said his father in law bought a company 110 miles away from us and he was looking over the business.

He said he finished but thought about us and decided to drive up to see us. Plus there was a few big clients of the company in our town. He wanted to meet with them and introduce himself to them and see if he could help them in anyway.

After dinner the band started to play and we took turns dancing with Cindy. We sat around and drank a lot more than we usually do. You could tell how Cindy was acting that she had too much. Dusty wanted to give us a ride home but I told him we would get a cab. I left our keys with the bartender. As I was coming back Dusty and Cindy were kissing. So I headed for the rest rooms. I figured it was too much drinking for Cindy and she was having such a good time I wouldn't yell at her.

When I came back they were just breaking from a kiss. As I sat down Cindy said we better get going. Dusty said he wanted one more dance with her. As they danced you could see that Dusty was doing his best to get some cheap feels in. He was rubbing her ass big time. When they came back he said he was leaving about five the next day. He looked at me and said how about you guys meeting me for lunch. I said that I would be tied up for lunch.

He said how about Cindy. I said you would have to ask Cindy. Cindy said "You can't make it Ken?"

I said "No I got work to do."

She gave Dusty her cell number and said: "Call me in the morning to see how I feel."

We then said good night and Dusty and Cindy gave each other a big goodbye kiss. Then we got a cab.

On the way home Cindy hugged me and talked about how nice it was to see Dusty. We got in bed and both passed out fast. The alarm went off at six and I went to take a shower and get some coffee. I like to get to work by seven and Cindy goes in at nine. I was surprised when Cindy came down the stairs. She didn't look bad for all the drinks she had.

She came over and gave me a big kiss and thanked me for being so wonderful last night. She said that most husbands would kill their wives for wanting to have dinner with an ex-boyfriend. She said I love you and then she said were you jealous at all? I laughed and said I'll talk to you when I get home from work. You car keys should be under your seat, I had some of my men return the cars. She said thanks and I love you. I said love you and bye.

At lunch time I called the cell phone company and asked for print outs of cell phones records and she said she would send them every month. I asked if there was a way to get them daily and she said no. I thanked her and hung up.

I asked the Forman where Jake Walker was and he said in the yard. I said sent him in when you can, I want to talk to him. At one, Jake knocked at my door. I said come in and sit down and get a beer. What I do now Mr. Wilder. Jake got a beer and sat down. He said hell you always fire a guy when you give him a beer. We laughed at that and I closed the door.

Jake takes the rest of the day off and tomorrow if you need to. I need a favor. Anything Mr. Wilder. Jake you know anyone into clone cell phones. Sure! Two hundred for them how many you want. I don't want any, I want someone to clone a phone for me and I will pay for it but it has to be a clone of my phone. Shit I can have that done for you for free. It has to be fast. I will give him phone but need it back right away. Within a few hours any problem with that. Well let me check it out Mr. Wilder. Ok take the rest of the day off and tomorrow just come through for me please. Jake left and I went out for a beer.

I got home as Cindy was pulling in. We put on some coffee and sat down at the kitchen table.

Cindy poured the coffee and said: "So you were jealous?"

"Oh, maybe a little. Were you trying to make me jealous?"

"Not really. Just having a good time...maybe too good. Did you get mad at any thing I did?"

"Yes I did, when I was gone and you guys were kissing, That's over th3e line!

"I'm sorry, Dusty just leaned over and kissed me and I didn't want to be rude."

"It was for a long time."

"I guess I got carried away with it."

"I guess you did get carried away with it."

"You were right there."

"Not when you guys were kissing. Dusty waited till I went to see bartender and coming back you guys were kissing so I went to men's room. After I came out you guys were still kissing."

"Was it that long?"

"Yes it was."

"I was thinking you were there. I'm sorry. You said you didn't care what I did in front of you. But I guess you weren't there."

"That's right I don't care what you do in front of me. As long as you can live with it. I don't want things going on behind my back and you better not let me find out that you did something. I want to be told if something happens that can be construed as cheating right away."

"I know you have told me. I was taken over when he kissed me. I should have gotten up and went to ladies room."

"Yes that would have been the smart thing to do."

"Ok I'm sorry again and I still love you."

"I still love you."

"Now let's go upstairs and have some sex."

I said: "Then you don't have anything else that you want to tell me?"

"Well when we danced he felt me up. He rubbed his pecker into me but that was all in front of you."

"I saw all that and I'm not mad if it didn't bother you. I was the one you slept with that night. You finished then?"

"Yes lets go to bed. So off we went to bed. I got her down in bed and she was usual wetter than normal. She was loud and moving a lot more. I asked her if she was thinking of Dusty. She said I refuse to answer on grounds that it might send me over the edge and pumped my face some more. She them took my dick in her mouth and sucked like hell on it. Her hands were all over my balls and ass. I told her I was cumming and she kept doing me till I shot in her mouth. After we rested I got her from behind and played with her tits as I pumped her. I finally shot another load and we took a nap for awhile.

Downstairs we had dinner on the table and were eating. I asked her where she went to lunch today and she said she ate in the hospital cafeteria. She didn't say anymore.

I said that you didn't go to lunch with Dusty?

"Oh, he called but I didn't think it was right for me to see him alone."

"I said is that really how you felt?"

"Well that's what you want me to feel isn't it?"

"You have your own feelings; you should do things that you want to do."

"Well what would happen if I went with him for lunch?"

"Depends if you told me in advance or did it behind my back. Are you mad or upset Cindy?"

"A little, I would have liked to talk more with Dusty alone."

"Well next time he comes to town ask him to come over and we can have him over to our house. Or would you rather meet him some place alone and talk?"

She came over and sat on my lap.

"We could have him come over for dinner and yes I would like to see him alone and talk to him."

"Well next time have him come over here. I really don't know if I can trust the two of you alone after catching you guys kissing can I?"

"Well that was the booze doing that."

"What do you suggest? That there would be no drinking when he comes around?"

"Shit that would take all the fun out of it." She was kissing my neck and hugging me.

"Cindy you can't do things like you did when you were single. You're married now unless you don't want to stay married? He is married and has kids. You don't want to break up two families do you?"

"No I wouldn't do anything like that. I know I wonder if he tells his wife he came here."

"I doubt it. Guys like to keep wives in the dark. I want things in the open.

"You don't care what I do in front of you?"

"No! As long as you can live with it I can. I don't care if you pull his joint out and play with it. Just remember Cindy guys are just trying to get in your pants. There is no love in it for them just a plain fuck. It makes no difference what they say it's their cock talking that shit to you."

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "I know you are right."

"Are we going to play by a new set of rules or are the old ones good enough for us?"

"I love you and will play by our rules. Just remember I can do anything in front of you. She grabs my cock and laughed. Let's do the dishes now."

Around nine her cell phone rang and she walked out of the house talking on it. I assumed it was Dusty. I wrote the time and date down to check it with the print out I would get in a few days. She was on for twenty minutes. I stayed in the den and watched TV. Around ten I got a call from Jake. Jake said it was all set and it would take about twenty minutes to do. He said when could I have the phone. I walked to the kitchen and her phone was in the charger so I told him to come over and get it but don't say anything if Cindy was around. Half hour late he pulled up in front and I took the phone out to him. He said he would be back within the hour. I had put my phone in her charger in case she came into the kitchen. Cindy called down and said she was going to sleep and I said I would be up in awhile. Jake pulled up and I got the phone and made the swap. Then I went to bed.

After things were set for the day at work I drove to the store I had gotten my phones from. I talked to Phil about what I wanted done. I told him I want the phone to vibrate when the other party was going to use it just like it would if you got a call. He said he could do it and asked why I wanted it. I told him I think one of the guys was stealing on me and want to catch him. He said dam you're a smart one, hate to be cheating on you. It took him 30 minutes to do it.

At noon I sat in the office trailer reading the paper and eating lunch. A few men came in and I answered their question. As I was reading the sports scores her cell phone vibrated in my pants pocket and I almost jumped out of my pants? When it stopped I picked it up and listened.

It was Dusty and they started to talk.

Dusty said he was disappointed that she didn't have lunch with him.

She said that's the way the baseball bounces. How is your wife Nancy doing? How is the tee-ball champ doing?

She was putting a guilt trip on him. He answered all her questions and mentioned he would be coming up this way quite a bid with the new company and to set up a distributor in our town. She said well then Ken and I could have you over for dinner to pay you back for taking us out. Dusty wanted her to go to dinner alone with him. Sure she told him I just tell Ken a sick patient at the hospital needs me and she laughed. Damn!

She told him 'You were all over me with my husband right there what the hell would you do if I was alone? He said nothing that we haven't already done. She told him he was bad. I hope that is all in the past thank god. Lets change the subject before I get too hot and have to take the afternoon off and go hunt Ken down and give him the ride of his life. He said I could remember them rides as he laughed. She said she had to go to eat lunch. They talked about twenty minutes.

For the rest of the month he called her everyday at lunch. If he missed at one he called at nine at night. When he called her at home she had it on vibrate and made sure she was away from me to receive the call. One time it was so funny because I followed her around and she ended up in the bathroom to get the call. She told him about it and Dusty got a kick out of it. Then he said maybe I'll just call you at home all the time. She gave him hell and said I'll shut the phone off if you do.

Dusty liked to talk about the old times when they went together and he nailed her. He remembers the first blowjob she gave him. He said he loved the way she fucked and Cindy asked if something was wrong the way Nancy screwed. He said no just that you are better. She told him I bet you say that to all the girls. She told him all men are ruled by their cocks and they laughed like hell. He asked if Ken screwed around on her.

She said well...and then said she didn't want to talk about it. She gave him the impression that I did or at least did it once. She was pulling his joint.

He kept asking Cindy how many times I screwed around and she said family things stay in a family and she was going to hang up if he persisted.

He dropped it and talked more about the good sex they had and various places they did at. He said he was just about to fuck her in the ass when they broke up. She said she wais still a virgin there. He said he would have to fix that and laughed. He said Ken never fucked your ass? She said no, still a virgin to ass and to swallowing. He said that things would have to change. He told her he was coming into town for five days starting the 25th. She said we would have him over for dinner and he has to keep his cock in his pants.

That Friday night as we laid on the couch watching a porn movie she told me that Dusty was coming to town Monday. Shit I don't know if you are wet from the movie or me or Dusty coming to town. She kissed me and said I refuse to answer under grounds it tends to make me horny. I grabbed her and pulled her close. Her nipples were very hard and I slide my hand down to her pussy and she was soaked now. She kissed me and said let's watch a few more scenes. I backed off a little and just played with her tits.

A scene came on where there were two men and girl. They made a sandwich of her and she flew into my arms and said fuck me now so I can watch this. We threw off our sweats and were at it in no time at all. I was pumping away on her when on the screen the guy put it in her ass. She said do you think that hurts? I said she seems to enjoy it. She paused the VCR and said get my dildo and I'll pretend it's another guy and get some Vaseline. She held me close and said I want you to take my virgin ass and hurry as she pushed me away.

When I came back I sat between her legs and shoved the dido into her. She restarted the VCR. I was going to town with the dido and she loved it. When the other guy came in the scene she got on her knees and told me to fuck her ass. I left the dido in her pussy and put Vaseline on her ass. I got up behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her ass. She said it hurt and I said I will stop and she said no, just go slow. I finally got it all in and she loved it. After five minutes of pumping her ass she came and I shot a load into her and we collapsed.

After a twenty minutes break she rewinds the tape and said she wanted to do it again in her ass. She said it was a real high thinking two guys were fucking her. She said do my pussy for awhile first, then fuck my ass again like before. Well I follow orders real well and we had one good time. Cindy said I just love porn movies.

Saturday we were eating and I said if Dusty is going to be in town all week do we have to entertain him each night that he is here.

She said I don't know I will figure out something don't worry about it. It won't be that bad. If you want I'll go to his place and entertain him.

Over my dead body you will. I bet you sure would like to.

Only if you were there.

When I came home Monday she said he would be there at seven. I took a shower and put on a pair of slacks and a polo shirt. When I went into the kitchen Cindy had on a new outfit. It was yellow and she looked great in it. It was real tight and you saw ever curve and ripple in her body.

I said nice outfit baby do you wear panties with it.

Not tonight I didn't. Hope I don't leak through it.

Right at seven he showed up and he was amazed at how good she looked. He gave her a hug and a big kiss. He told her she looked good ten times in the first fifteen minutes there. He hung close to her and hugged her a few more times. We all sat down and had some good food and conversation. After dinner we went into the kitchen and I washed and Dusty dried while Cindy picked up and put things away. It was now after nine and we sat in the den on the couch talking.

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