tagNon-Erotic PoetryBattered But Never Defeated

Battered But Never Defeated


She stands at the window, looking out, a tear falling down her smooth cheek
Running her finger gently down the dewy pane, her heart weeps,
Wondering what it is about her that keeps anyone from loving her.
Always leaving after they finish chasing, after the challenge is gone.

Her long black lashes wet with tears, she lowers them to her cheek,
As she closes her eyes, biting her soft lip, to keep from crying out.
Leaning her head against the window,
She slumps over in despair, wondering what she's done so wrong.

Not normally a person that gets so down upon herself, she trembles,
With vulnerability, not knowing how to take herself out of her despair.
Lifting her smooth young face up, her hunter green eyes brimming with tears,
She looks out at the sky as far as the eyes could see and remembers...

The first man she loved after leaving her ex husband, swore he loved her too,
Until the day he called her, telling her he married another,
Telling her after it was done, not giving her a chance to fight for his love,
It was done...and her heart broke into millions of pieces; torn assunder.

After a year had passed, her heart was on the mend.
Never being a person to "Look" for someone, He came into her life,
A strong man, funny and hard working.
Having spoken to him on the phone for ages, before meeting in person.

Suddenly, something changed,
He no longer called her, telling her he was busy with work and friends,
Not having time for her in his life right now,
Claiming to "want to take it slow" yet they never went out on a date for some reason.

She was beginning to like him, yet again....it happens...
Once more, it hits her like a tone of bricks.
Just when she begins to like someone, they pull away
As the challenge and chase is gone, leaving her heart to pay.

She wonders sadly, if it's something about her that chases the men away.
Is it wrong to be a lady, be intelligent, smart, funny?
Knowing deep down that she has those great qualities to offer a man,
Confusion sets in as to why men run after the chase is over.

Standing near the window, she blinks the tears away from her vibrant green eyes,
As her fingers grip the wooden ledge painfully.
Raising her chin defiantly, her eyes blaze with anger,
As she recounts over the same damn scenarios:

Woman meets man, woman begins to like the man,
Man shows interest in the woman,
The woman tells him that she is interested in him as well,
The moment she tells him she wants him too, the man is no longer interested.

The woman is left standing alone, choking on the heart he threw back at her.
Knowing all this time, that all he was interested in, was the challenge of the chase.
Not really interested in a relationship, he played his games well.
Throwing her away and forgetting about her, as he moved onto someone new not long after.

Running her finger down the wet window pane one last time,
She looks up to the heavens with teary green eyes and pleads,
"Oh Father, please hear me....help me heal my ravaged heart, I am broken"
Turning her back to the window, she walks into the shadows, as her heart bleeds.

Not defeated....but needing solitude to heal,
Her spirit unbreakable yet shaken, she picks herself up.
Walking out in the moonlight, she raises her beautiful face as the rain pours,
Cleansing her spirit and heart, her inner strength never allowing her to give up.

*Note: I have been so hurt lately, and my heart has bled my spirit crushed...but I will never give up the strength in me, given by the God almighty, to keep me safe and whole....my spirit is mine..and mine alone...and I shall guard it.

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