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When Kay first arrived at her friend's house, the news that she was greeted with wasn't very reassuring. While she didn't really expect there to be a huge turnout, Bea had promised that she'd get several of the girls from her clinical rotation to attend. She had told Kay that they had all agreed that a get together like this would be fun, however when most of them found out just what sort of party Bea had in mind, they begged off. Kay had not been made aware of the particulars of Bea's class when she agreed to hold the party, and didn't realize that her friend was part of a certain clique of girls. Effectively, that cut the class size in half, and of those that were closer to Bea, a couple honestly could not attend her little get together.

So Kay arrived all set to do a big production, and it was natural she felt a little disappointed. If Bea wasn't going to be able to muster any kind of turn out, the night would just be a big waste of time. She was a good friend of Kay's though, and she did succeed in reassuring Kay that she should go ahead and set everything up anyway. A smaller party could be a lot more fun, especially if all the women attending were familiar with each other. Kay listened to this and had to agree, if the attendees were all acquainted, they could be more open with each other and that could still make this a very profitable night for her. With that in mind, Kay arranged her wares on the table Bea provided, separating out the vibrators, dildos and other novelties. She hoped that all the girls who showed up would buy at least a toy or two each. Bea approved of her friend's display, and joked that if the toy party got as lively as she knew her friends could, there wouldn't even be a need for a private demonstration room. Kay hoped she was right.

At least Bea's friends who did arrive were all punctual, although they did bring the added disappointment that a couple more girls couldn't make it. Kay waited patiently to see if any others would arrive while those that did enjoyed some of the refreshments Bea made available. She did make use of a small room Bea prepared for private demonstrations, but with such a small crowd, Kay figured she might not need it. In that eventuality, Kay took advantage of the extra time she had before starting to prepare another form of demonstration. When she was finished, she headed out for the main room.

For a small group, they were getting quite loud, especially Bea's friend Margaret. She was clearly the oldest of the group, even though she told Kay she was only in her mid thirties when they were introduced. She was also married, and a mother of two, which was something neither of the other girls could say. All were in steady relationships, and there was much joking about how their significant others were taking the idea of the girls attending a toy party together. Bea had forewarned them about what they'd see that night, and while Margaret obviously took it all in stride, Gina and Allison were clearly a little more apprehensive about the whole thing, but at least they had showed up. The fact that all three of the girls, plus Bea, were well acquainted did make the introductory portion of the party a lot easier, and they all smiled attentively as Kay made her presentation. While she had been waiting for the party to begin, she decided that with such a small group, and one made up of friends, that it would be all right if she had a drink or two along with everyone else.

Kay opened the party like she always did, introducing both herself and the product line while giving a brief overview. She stressed the fact that they were all here to have fun, and that nothing that was said or done should be held against anyone else here. Seeing that she was loosening them up a little with that reassurance, Kay started the more interactive portion of her presentation. For shock value, she produced one of the biggest two headed dildos in her inventory. The thick tool stretched on from end to end, and Kay casually handed it to a blushing Gina.

While the others all looked on and laughed, Kay explained what she wanted done. Gina dutifully stood up and held out the obscene looking toy. She didn't look too comfortable, but she seemed willing to play along. Following Kay's instructions, Gina slipped one end of the dildo between her thighs and clenched them together. For all the world it looked as if the petite blonde had grown a huge cock! The end of the dildo sagged a little as she turned to face Allison, who had also been directed to stand. With Kay's guidance, Allison crept forward until she had the free end of the dildo pressing up against her. All were giggling now as Kay told the two girls to pass the dildo between them. This was easier said than done, for Allison had arrived straight from a side job, and she was wearing a sheath-like black skirt. It gave enough that she was able to try and snag the dildo between her thighs, but Gina's efforts at holding steady left something to be desired. The end result was that she stabbed the fake cock directly into Allison's crotch several times, before her friend gave up on that approach. They were all laughing when Allison finally hiked up her skirt a bit and straddled the double header and squeezed her thighs tight around it. All hooted and hollered at her success. Eventually, the dildo was passed from girl to girl, and it ended back in Kay's possession. She looked over the now loosened up group, and proceeded with the next step of her presentation.

When Kay saw what effect the dildo game had on those present, she knew things were going well. Just to see how far she could take things, Kay passed out several slips of paper and had the girls fill them in. From the expressions on their faces, she knew that they were all still a little bit nervous about this. She did offer them an out, saying that no one had to participate if they didn't want to, but they couldn't play the game unless they all agreed. That seemed to gather a consensus among the guests, and they started to write. Kay was relieved. Valiantly, she pressed on, collecting the papers and reading what each girl had written. They all looked nervously at her, knowing what information they had just shared. Kay only smiled back at them, then continued with her presentation. She was nearing the end of her list of wares, when she suddenly asked them to give her a number, any number and she'd read off who had filled it in on their paper and where. That earned her a moment of stunned silence. Kay looked around a bit apprehensively, wondering for a split second if she had gone too far, but then her friend Bea bailed her out. "Six," she called out rather confidently.

All heads swiveled around, and Kay beamed at the group. "Well, here's where we all really get to know each other. Anyone going to own up before I read the answer?" They all looked around a little more before a sheepish voice called out.

"That would be me," blushed Allison.

"Where'd you fill that one out?" asked Gina. She had a good idea where Allison had written that down, but she had to know.

"Um, number of guys I've slept with." Her answer drew mock gasps of shock from the rest of the girls, then they all broke into laughter.

"Now, now, that's nothing to be ashamed of," interrupted Kay. She handed Allison a paper stub, part of a contest her company was running. "Anyone who owns up gets a stub, company wide there's a five hundred dollar shopping spree out there waiting for someone." That announcement drew applause, and captured everyone's attention.

"So if we'll admit to each other tidbits of our personal lives, we can win a prize?" asked Margaret. "Cool!"

The others agreed, but were still teasing Allison a little, so Kay came to her rescue. "Just so you all know, that was one of the lower numbers I got." Oohs were heard in response. "So here's another one, twenty-one."

"Oh my God, who's that?" gasped Allison. She was relieved that she wasn't the a slut like her friend Gina teased.

"Oh, that's me," smiled Margaret.

"No way! Twenty-one guys?" called out an incredulous Bea. "I thought I had the highest number here. You're the slut!"

"Not quite," said Kay. "Margaret, why don't you go ahead?"

"That's how old I was when I lost my virginity. So there."

The others howled when they heard this, and Bea could only shake her head with laughter. "So, how about it Bea, how many?" challenged Margaret. Bea shook her head no, but Margaret persisted. "You call me a slut and you won't answer?" The rest were about ready to chime in when Bea threw up her hands.

"OK, OK, you guys win." Bea held her hands out. "Twelve. So how about it Margaret? You got me beat or what?"

"Well," explained Margaret as she polished off another wine cooler. "I am older than you, so you'd almost have to expect I've got more experience."

Bea had to laugh at that excuse. "But you've been married for a few years now, so all those guys between the ages of twenty-one and..."

Before she could finish, Margaret burst out laughing. "All right! All right! Seventeen, which really isn't more than three a year, if you think about it. Besides, there were a few long term relationships in there too."

"Which means there were some years you were fucking around!" Allison chimed in with her two cents. She had been hitting the wine coolers pretty hard herself, and they were starting to have a real effect on her. Normally she was one of the more proper ladies of the group, but not on this night. "It's OK though", she continued as she glanced over at Gina. "I know that even Miss Goodie Goodie did a threesome once!"

"Oh my God! Allison! How could you say that? To everyone?" came her astonished reply.

Margaret stepped back in, trying to cool tempers and get the party back on track. "Don't worry about it, sweetie," she said. "We all have our little secrets, I bet. And I'm still the slut," that line was delivered with a coy smile. "Who fucked three guys in one night."

"I did four," added Bea. "So I think we could all use a little of what Kay's offering." The group's attention turned back to her, and she thanked Bea for gaining control of the group.

"Bea's right, and I think that you all have a little adventure inside of each of you. So the last thing I'm going to show you is something none of you noticed all night." With that, Kay untucked her top from her pants, and slowly slid her grey leggings down. All eyes opened in wild wonder as they saw what she meant by that. There, strapped between Kay's legs, right over her pussy was a butterfly style vibrator. She'd been wearing it all night instead of panties, and although her pants were quite form fitting, they were still loose enough that no one had noticed. "If you're really in the mood for some fun, you could wear one of these under your clothes all day long and no one would notice. Unless you got carried away with things." To give everyone a better look, she sat down on an easy chair in front of them and propped her legs up on the arms of the chair. They all gathered around as Kay activated the toy, and it only gave off a low hum as she moaned slightly.

The butterfly was poised right over her clit, and she gasped as she spoke the gathered group. "You all seemed to be enjoying yourselves so much, and there's so few of you that if you want to give anything a try, you're welcome to." By the end of her sentence, her breathing was becoming more and more labored. That in itself attracted the attention of the others, and Kay certainly didn't seem to mind. She reached down to tug the straps holding the butterfly in place even tighter, rubbing it up and down over her pussy as she writhed on the chair. Her hips wiggled around, trying to push her body against the vibe as she pulled it tighter and tighter. "You could...oh...you could really enjoy something like this in your car, or at a desk." Kay paused to compose herself. "Or instead of a cigarette break. Mmm!" She was fully involved with the vibrator now, running its softly buzzing nubs over her glistening pussy. It didn't matter to her that the other women were staring openly at her, the feeling of the toy tingling against her was too good to ignore. With the presentation of this one just about finished, she lay back against the back of the chair and ratcheted up the motor even more.

Even though she knew what to expect, Kay still groaned as the furiously buzzing vibe massaged its way over her clit and her swollen pussy lips. She alternately tugged and relaxed the straps, letting the toy glide all over her cunt, and her moans grew louder and louder. Her audience was trapped, she knew that they'd all want to give at least something a try, and Kay even caught Margaret licking her lips in anticipation.

With the group still gathered around, she knew that they wouldn't begin until she had finished, and her fingers found themselves being drawn tighter and tighter around the butterfly's straps. Before she knew it, one hand was pressing the toy down against her pussy, and the other had a couple of fingers sliding around it and into her pussy. Her body gave way with ease, and her lips parted easily to take in her probing fingers. They soon established a rhythm, pumping in and out of her pussy as the toy worked its magic, and while she wished it was one of the girls finger fucking her, she knew that wasn't going to happen. Maybe in private one day, with her friend Bea, or perhaps the uninhibited Margaret, but her own fingers were doing the job just fine for now. It just felt so good to have her pussy filled like that, and fucked so gently while the toy did its work. Kay's mind recalled a time when she had a girl nibbling at her clit while her man was fucking her. The memory stirred her body into action and she screamed out loud, gyrating wildly on the chair, lost in the throes of her own pleasure. Reflexively, her back arched back as she gasped even louder, feeling her pussy tightening around her fingers, then relaxing as she screamed, cumming out loud to the enjoyment of all who were watching. Her fingers were slick with her own cunt juices, making it a little difficult to slow down the amazing little butterfly, but eventually she managed, and as she cooled down, Kay let her fingers gently rub her well satisfied clit. Even while she did so, and her breath came in labored gasps, Kay saw Bea making her way over to the display table and make her own selection.

Bea was more than a little nervous about all of this, but after watching the display her friend Kay had put on, she steeled herself to go through with this. Besides, it was her party, she was the hostess, and she had to make a good impression. She owed Kay that much, and besides, she was pretty turned on herself. During Kay's earlier presentation, Bea had already picked out a toy she liked, and as soon as it was in her hot little hands, the others made way for her. As Kay was still cooling off on the easy chair, Bea took up a position on the couch. As she got there, she reached around behind her and undid the zipper of her tight black pants, and slipped them off. Her nearly transparent panties followed, and Bea then turned quickly and seated herself. Margaret seemed to be edging closer and closer as Bea drew her legs up, and with all eyes on her, the tall blonde parted her gorgeous legs.

A wisp of her light brown patch was visible as she eased her legs apart, exposing the soft pink folds of her pussy. At Margaret's insistence, Bea tried to pull her top up a little more, to keep it from falling over her crotch and blocking the view, but that didn't work very well. To the delight of all, she finally tugged it up and out of the way, leaving only her semi-sheer bra in place. Even though she hadn't gotten started, her pink nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. Slowly, Bea drew the vibrator she had selected up from her waist, letting the realistic looking head trace its way between her breasts. For a brief moment, she ran the shaft through her cleavage, as if her man was tit fucking her, then she continued up towards her mouth.

Once there, Bea slowly licked her lips as the full length of the vibe slid across her lips. Then she parted them, taking the shaft in and giving it a few long sucks. Her eyes were locked on her audience, no one girl in particular, rather each in turn as she gave them a hint of what she looked like when she was sucking a man's hard cock. Bea's smooth cheeks bowed in a little, then puffed out as the head pressed against her mouth from the inside, until she finally withdrew the toy from her mouth. Her tongue darted out to follow it, just for a moment, tracing a circle around the head of the cock, just as she would if she was licking a sweet wad of cum off it. Then she leaned back, spreading her legs wide apart so that all could see. Her cunt was glistening now, so aroused was Bea that when she placed the cock within the opening of her pussy, it slid right in. All of them moaned softly to themselves as they watched her sinking that cock all the way inside her pussy. It was not really all that much larger than any man they'd had, and it slipped into Bea quite easily. With a practiced hand, she gave the cock a twist inside her as her own gasp escaped her lips before she slid the slick shaft out once again.

Bea slid it inside herself again, this time just a few inches though, not the full length before pulling it out one more time. The latex shaft was slick with her pussy juices and once again she brought the toy to her waiting mouth. While her astonished friends looked on, she wrapped her full lips around it again, tasting her own pussy as she sucked the vibrator clean. It looked so seductive, so real as she shoved the vein covered shaft deep into her mouth, deep throating the cock like she knew her friends wished they could. This time Bea gave the cock a little more of her mouth, even though she knew it was no man that she was pleasuring. From the stares of her friends, she knew they were enjoying the vision of her mouth wrapped around the shaft of a cock that looked real enough, and Bea aimed to please. Still, this wasn't what was really making her cunt drip, and after a few more loud slurps, she knew she had sucked all of her own juices off it, and sent it back for more.

This time it was in to stay, and from the moment Bea slid it inside herself, everyone knew it. One hand kept a firm grip on the base of the toy as it plunged in and out of her hot little box, the other ran its fingers over her clit as Bea tossed her head back and moaned. Every so often, she'd slide her fingers down off her swollen clit and form a "V" around her cunt lips as the toy stretched them open. Into this she continued to thrust the fake cock inside herself, driving it deep and turning it as she pushed it in and out. It was set to the low speed setting, and it hummed softly as she thrust it in and out of herself. Before long, she was fucking herself pretty hard, using the tempo she knew any man would when he was trying to get his rocks off inside her. Bea's wet pussy accepted the toy quite readily, and as he fingers ran over and over her clit, she started to moan.

Softly at first, but as she controlled the pace she was getting fucked, those moans quickly grew louder and louder. It helped that Bea knew her body intimately well, and knew exactly what felt good to her. Deft fingers twisted the base of the vibrator, making it buzz even louder as it disappeared inside of her. Bea's eyes squeezed shut as her face contorted into a mask of pleasure as she kept fucking her pussy, feeling its juices coating the toy and making her fingers slide over her clit faster and faster. Involuntarily, her thighs squeezed shut around her hand and the vibe, but she opened them up for the benefit of her audience. They murmured their approval as she suddenly cried out, and then her hands were a blur. Nimble fingers pinched down against her clit and the toy pumped in and out of her cunt. No longer was Bea using long slow strokes, instead she was rapidly fucking herself, faster and faster. The combination of the two was too much to resist, and while her friends watched Bea opened her eyes and screamed.

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