tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBattle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands



Ryan was sat in the corner of his apartment. He was naked and stroking his traitorous cock. His eyes flittered to a TV screen on the other side of the room, and staring back at him was Jess Taylor. He knew this music video very well; every viewing forced him over the edge. Ryan cursed as the camera quickly cut to another member of the band. This vixen had him, she had corrupted his mind. Ryan was a good Christian, he was not supposed to succumb to such basic human lust, he was meant to be better than this. Yet here he was, once again under her control. Ryan was convinced she was a witch; no other woman had ever had this effect on him.

Once again the camera focused on her face, her sultry voice echoed in his ears. She bit her lip then the camera crawled up her long beautiful legs. Ryan knew this was it, at the base of his cock he could feel that warm familiar intensity growing inside him. As the camera reached her perfect ass, the muscles inside his shaft contracted, and he lost control.

Ryan angrily thrust his hips forward as another load was torn from his loins. He furiously fucked his hand as his seed spewed forth from his virginal cock. Staring again at her beautiful form, Ryan gave in and relaxed, finally allowing his orgasm to do its thing. His body convulsed as streams of semen fired with abandon from his throbbing member.

As his ejaculation stopped, his strokes slowed and he looked up at Jess. She stared back at him, smiling as if she knew. The next music video started and Ryan looked down between his legs. His softening cock continued to twitch as a small amount of cum trickled from the end. More semen was splattered on his thigh and several long ropes had fired onto his new carpet. Ryan swore, then scorned himself for doing so. He wasn't sure who he was anymore; he was cursing and succumbing to common harlots. With semen still dripping from his now flaccid dick, he got on his knees and prayed for forgiveness, longing to be released from this curse.

The Girls

"Those mother fuckers," shouted Emma. The band had been off stage for five minutes when they received the news that they had been dropped by their label.

"They never gave us a fucking chance," Alison joined in.

Jess & The Bachelorettes had enjoyed a huge hit with their debut single "Jess." The song was a self-deprecating pop rock song that suggests that all girls called Jess are "hot." It was written by the band's drummer Alison. Ally was 19, with short strawberry blonde hair, pale skin and lots of freckles. It was no secret that she wanted to fuck Jess. Jess was 24 and the lead singer of the group. She was crushingly gorgeous, with long bleach blonde hair, big sparkling blue eyes and an incredible smile. Jess' only minor flaw was her humble chest, nowhere near as big as the other girl's, but still a small B-cup. This was however more than made up for by her incredible legs and ass, they screamed sex. When crammed into a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, you couldn't help but stare; when bare they were deadly. During a sexy lingerie shoot to promote their last album, Alison had snuck off to relieve some of the sexual tension that had built between her legs. The sight of Jess' long naked legs and the tiny pair of panties that clung to her sex had been too much. Alison had no idea that the magazine had been forced to photoshop her face to remove the sex flush that lingered when she returned.

The girls were in trouble because of their second, more experimental album. The singles were not as obvious as before and the band had worked hard to mature their sound. They were extremely proud of the record, but their label had just been bought out and had no idea what to do with it. The new owners signed boy bands that promoted good Christian morals, they didn't know how to handle the raw sex that oozed from The Bachelorettes, they certainly didn't know how to promote (or even fully understand) their ode to the Hitachi wand.

Backstage a TV played music videos for all the current chart hits. Emma, the bassist and oldest in the group at 27, stared at the screen with her piercing green eyes. Four good looking boys pranced around on the screen, pouting into the camera and singing about their "baby." Emma was pretty intimidating; she had long jet black hair, tied up high in a pony tail, almost like a whip. She had finally lost it.

"How the fuck are these kids not selling sex just as much as we are?" she yelled, "They've spent half this video shirtless."

"They probably gave just as many blow-jobs as us to get to the top," Alison quipped.

"Us?" Emma smiled, "I think you'll find I was the one you turned to when someone's mind needed changing."

They were laughing, but it was either that or cry. Sitting quietly in the corner, also staring at the TV screen was guitarist Rosie. On stage she was wild, bursting out huge dirty riffs as if fired directly from her crotch. Off stage she was incredibly shy. This evening her big brown eyes stared out from under her short, dyed red hair. Rosie had the biggest chest in the group, she was huge, and she hoped nobody could see them heaving and straining against her tight black corset. She was ashamed to admit it, but she was a big fan of this particular boy band, "Faith In Us." As were many girls, admittedly most hadn't just turned 20 like Rosie, but there was no denying the way she felt. She was always horny whilst on stage, but tonight especially so. She had cursed when the video came on screen, before quietly pressing her legs together, and discreetly rubbing her pussy with her thighs. She quickly soaked her red panties and they stuck to her quivering mound, then quietly, she filled the room with her scent.

Alison was getting riled up, "You know they actually claim to commit to this bull shit abstinence thing? They all claim to be virgins."

Jess walked over and stared at the group that had essentially ended her dreams before they had even begun. "They're virgins because only stupid teens want to fuck them. If a real woman threw herself at them they'd be inside her in seconds."

The others laughed.

"That would kill this fucking façade," Emma growled, "Its like fucking vampires, kill the leader and the rest go with it, it would kill this whole bull shit Christian pop fad in a week."

Rosie's attention had been drawn back to the conversation, and her imagination was going wild.

"We should do it," Rosie blurted out, she had already partially formulated her plan, "We're playing the same show as them in a couple of weeks, could be our last. We get the guys alone and throw ourselves at them."

Alison was laughing, "What the fuck? Where did that come from?"

"What if they refuse?" Jess asked ignoring Alison's outburst.

Seeing that Jess was taking this seriously Rosie continued. "We tie them up, we each have a target, we secure our man, then..." her voice trailed off.

"No-one would know they had lost their virginity except us," Alison questioned.

"That doesn't matter," smiled Emma, "Once they've had a taste, they'll never go back."

They laughed again, all bar Jess. "Where is this show?" she asked.

"It's a charity gig, lots of bands, some huge arena. We pay them a visit whilst we're hanging around, waiting to be called. Should be pretty easy, and if we get any resistance," Rosie paused and looked over at Emma.

Emma rolled her eyes, "Looks like my tongues saving the band again."

This caused another burst of laughter from the group before they started to head off. Rosie stayed seated, quietly shivering; her orgasm was rippling through her body. As she regained her composure, the reality of her proposal dawned, and she was horrified.


Dean stood outside the dressing room for "Faith In Us," his current assignment. He wondered how he had gone from one of the best porn stars in the business, to a glorified babysitter for a bunch of arrogant teenage boys. Dean had lost his reputation when he almost ruined an expensive shoot by firing his load down a fluffer's throat. She was so incredibly gorgeous though; short blonde hair, pigtails, big blue eyes, and her ass, that ass was incredible. After that he got a reputation, and it got to his confidence. Since that day he couldn't last more than four minutes with a woman, he just kept firing off.

Now he was a bodyguard to this precocious Christian boyband, he wondered if their management knew about his past. He knew he always had leverage incase there was any trouble. He would just take one of his films to the press, point out the big black guy, and explain he was now working for this precious little band.

He was bored out of his mind, just standing in this corridor staring at the walls. His eyes drooped, but he was quickly woken by giggling from the end of the corridor. He sighed; this was his job now, keeping horny girls away from the "talent." As the four girls approached he gave them the once over, they were older than usual, and attractive. Then he recognized them, they were one of the acts.

Alison stepped forward, "Hi there."

"Hi" he replied, his voice booming through the corridor.

"Don't suppose you'd let us have a minute with the boys do you?"

"I'm afraid I can't allow that Miss, I have very strict orders not to let anyone in, unless its an emergency," he couldn't help but flirt back.

"Is there anything we can do to change your mind? Anything?" Jess added.

Dean gulped; he didn't reply immediately, his large faltering cock stirred in his pants removing any rational thought from his mind. Emma took this as her chance, she got down on her knees and began fumbling with his zipper.

"Hey hold on there, what are you doing Miss?"

His semi erect penis flopped into Emma's hand and she quickly took him in her mouth. Dean had no time to react, her technique was incredible and he was hard in seconds. He stood still as Emma did all the work, fucking him with her mouth. Saliva dripped onto the floor as she took him into her throat. She held him there for a moment, then slipped him from her mouth and smiled up at him. Dean looked down into her green eyes, he knew she had him. He flung his head back and sighed, allowing Emma to continue her onslaught.

Dean had no chance, he could feel his orgasm rising, and just as he was reaching the point of no return Emma stopped and grabbed him by the balls.

"Let us in and I'll let you cum," Emma growled.

"Okay okay I'll let you in," he pleaded, "The keys are on my belt."

Jess removed the keys then Emma plunged him back into her throat. Almost immediately Dean groaned out loud, Emma really was very good at this game. He couldn't help but compare her to the best in his former business.

Emma licked over his swollen head and felt his cock harden, seconds later she felt the first pulse at the base of his cock. Dean desperately tried not to make a sound, his load was rushing through his cock and firing down Emma's throat. A few years ago Dean's ejaculations cost thousands, now he was powerless to stop anyone from extracting his seed with ease.

Emma licked what remained from the end of Dean's sagging erection and smiled up at him. He looked away, and the room went quiet for a moment.

Jess broke the silence, "We still need him. What's stopping these boys from just running away, or even hurting us?"

"They wouldn't do that" Rosie interjected.

Emma looked up at Dean, "I remember you. I've seen some of your work. You help us out today, no questions asked, I'll let you fuck me. Maybe we can work on that problem of yours?"

Dean looked down at her, "You think you could do that?"

Emma laughed, "Well if not, we can have fun trying."

Dean agreed and a new plan was formed. Rosie found it hard to concentrate on the details. The thought of being in the same room as Faith In Us made her short of breath. The knowledge that she could have one of them inside her in a matter of minutes had her positively dripping. She was still scared; her only past experience with sex was the night she lost her virginity. Right as the band were about to make it big, one of the last key figures in signing the band refused Emma's advances, demanding a night with Rosie. She assumed she could get away with a hand-job, or at worst sucking him off. But when the night arrived it was clear these were not his intentions. The man was a complete pervert. First he made her strip, then he held her down and forcefully destroyed her virtue before cumming all over her pretty face. It had taken a long time before Rosie could consider being intimate with another man, but she figured this was the best way to get back on the saddle.

"Rosie, Rosie?" whispered Alison, "You ready?"

Rosie nodded and walked towards the dressing room. Her panties clung to her wet pussy, she pulled them free when she thought no-one was looking, but caught Jess smiling at her with a knowing grin.

The Boys

Max sat slumped in his chair, "I'm so bored, why do we have to wait in here? Can't we at least go get some air?"

"This place is rammed full of crazed teenage girls," Tim replied, "You heard what Dean said, its as much for their safety as it is for ours."

Max grumped again and resumed staring longingly at Ryan. Max found it difficult to stick to the label's rules. It was easier for the others, the label kept the girls away. But for Max he was stuck day after day with the object of his desires. He found it almost impossible to admit, but all he ever wanted was an evening with Ryan's hard cock. He had to stop thinking about it, as he stifled another erection.

Ryan sat on his own in a corner reading the Bible. He could sense that Max was staring at him again, it was really starting to freak him out. After last night's lapse in control, he was trying to make amends by revising chapter and verse, yet still his body demanded further release. He tried to ignore it as he read, but it was no use. Mercifully his attention was directed to the dressing room door, at least it seemed like mercy initially.

Dean burst in, he looked flustered, Ryan had never seen him this way, and he noticed he had beads of sweat on his forehead. Dean arranged four chairs in the middle of the room.

"You need to do as I say," Dean ordered, "This is an emergency, each of you must stay seated."

The boys took their seats and Dean stood in front of them for a moment. No-one said anything and silence filled the room. Just as Ryan was about to speak up, four women entered. They walked up to each member of the band and stood behind them, before they had a chance to work out what was going on, they had been handcuffed to their chairs.

"Listen up boys, my name is Emma, this is Alison, Rosie and Jess. You may have heard of us?"

Ryan certainly had.

"What you may not know is our record label have decided to dump us, in favor of your brand of boy band shite," she paused. "So we're here to end the myth, you four are not special, abstinence is not an option, we're all sexual creatures and we're here on this planet to fuck. You will not be able to stop us, we are going to make you cum, and once this evening is over, you will need to fuck again."

Tim and Carl looked on in horror as they were the most devout of the group. Barring the odd wet dream they had never even so much as touched themselves. Part of the horror was the desecration of their beliefs, the other was the unknown, they had no idea what was about to happen.

Ryan looked around, trying to find an escape. As he went to call for help a warm, a soft hand covered his mouth. He looked up and there she was, the woman of his dreams, the temptress, the witch that had cast a spell on his loins.

"Shhh," Jess whispered, "There's no-one around, just enjoy yourself."

Dean stepped back and watched as the girls knelt between each of their victim's legs. Max couldn't help but find this amusing, all these years they had looked down on him, and now they were about to be dragged to his level.

"This is insane, you're all insane," Carl cried.

Emma forcefully removed his jeans followed by his boxers. His flaccid cock slapped onto his thigh. "Shut up," Emma replied, "You can't stop us, you won't be able to stop us." Within moments she had Carl's virgin cock growing in her mouth.

Rosie was quiet; her hands were shaking as she delicately unzipped Tim's jeans. Tim was almost paralyzed. He had no idea what to do so he let her continue, leaving him with a visible erection beneath his boxers. Rosie's breath caught in her throat, her pussy was noticeably dripping as she stared at the erection she had caused. She looked up at Tim and slipped her fingers into his underwear. She slowly pulled his boxers down and gasped as his cock bounced free. Rosie glanced up to see that the other three girls already had their boys fully erect. Reaching out, she took Tim's warm tool in her hand and stroked him towards manhood.

Jess stared up at Ryan, his cock was throbbing in her hands. She had to be careful, she didn't want him blowing until he was deep inside her. Ryan hadn't said a word, he looked angry, but his dick continued to betray him.

"You know you don't have to be so serious. Most guys would kill to be in your position," Jess whispered.

Finally Ryan spoke, "But why the others? Why be so cruel? They're innocent; it worked for them, now they've been corrupted."

"So it didn't work for you?"

Ryan didn't immediately reply, so she kissed the head of his cock.

"Okay okay," he squealed, "I've found it more of a challenge than the others. Tim and Carl have never even masturbated before."

"Awww, poor babies. And what about you, how often do you masturbate?"

Once again Ryan didn't reply. He looked away, Jess noticed his shame.

"You know its natural right? We all need release, especially at our age. You can't keep it inside you, its basic human nature. Everybody needs an orgasm every once and a while; with another person or just on your own."

Still Ryan looked ashamed, "That's where we disagree. It's the devil that makes me feel this way, this isn't God's design."

"But it is," Jess had momentarily stopped stroking his cock. "God made orgasms so that the human race would survive. Having a child is hard work, and dangerous. There'd be a lot less people in this world if sex didn't feel this good, we'd be extinct. Think of it as a reward for living, each orgasm a gift from God."

Ryan looked at Jess inquisitively; they stared at each other for a moment, but were snapped back to reality by Max. He was moaning loudly from across the room. Alison was naked, Ryan and Jess could see her cute ass grinding into his crotch, he was inside her. Emma took Alison's lead; she removed her remaining clothes and hovered over Carl's throbbing erection. She took him in her hands and guided him to her entrance, then in one quick movement, he was inside.

Carl cried out, "Oh shit I need to pee."

Emma laughed.

"I really feel like I need to pee, the more you move on me, its coming."

Emma laughed again, "Girls, I think this boy's never cum before! He has no idea what's about to happen."

Carl was panicking, but he was so aroused it didn't matter. Despite his complete lack of understanding, instinct made him thrust up into Emma's luxurious pussy.

"Hold on wait," Carl screamed, "What's happening?"

As he shouted his loins gave in. His body bucked and twitched, and he launched his virgin load into Emma's incredible cunt. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed from his crotch as he unknowingly filled Emma with his seed. When he finally calmed down Emma climbed off and reached between her legs.

"Woah, that's a lot of cum you had stored up for me Carl," Emma teased, "You're lucky I'm on the pill. Make sure you wear a rubber next time lover boy." She smiled before licking his spunk from her fingers.

Rosie had been watching everything with one hand on Tim's cock, the other pressed between her legs. As Emma cleaned Carl with her mouth Rosie couldn't take it anymore. She only had her panties left to remove and tore them off in one swift motion, revealing her smoothly shaven cunt to the rest of the room. Still paralyzed with a mixture of fear and lust, Tim was powerless to stop Rosie from impaling herself on his cock, forcing him into manhood. With a smile Rosie passionately kissed Tim on the lips, and was overjoyed with happiness when he kissed her back.

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