tagIllustratedBattleBabe vs The Smugglers Ch. 02

BattleBabe vs The Smugglers Ch. 02


Slowly, BattleBabe opened her eyes. What started out as a routine drug bust has turned into a dehumanizing series of sexual humiliation and torture. She was without her battle suit, naked and shivering, and helpless to prevent her abusers from violating her luscious body over and over. Her titanic tits swayed back and forth and her body trembled from the cold.

She opened her eyes and found herself in a darkened room. One light shone down on her from above, otherwise the room was completely pitch black. She didn't know where she was or how she had gotten there. She was kneeling on the ground with her arms spread apart and chained to opposite ends of the room. The room had a musty smell and she could hear a slow drip in the background, so perhaps she was in a basement of some sort. The floor was cold and clammy against her knees.

But perhaps all is not lost. She had learned months ago to keep a homing beacon on her neck at the base of her skull. This would alert the authorities to come get her if an emergency ever occured. She had no hope of reaching the beacon earlier when her hands were tied behind her back. But with her arms spread out, perhaps she could get her hands close enough to activate the beacon. She struggled against the chains, inching her hand closer and closer to her neck.

Just then, some smugglers came in and saw her struggling. One of them lifted his boot and smashed it into the side of her face, and blood began pouring out of both her nostrils and one side of her mouth. She could feel her eye beginning to swell shut.

Suddenly she felt someone grab her hair and pull her head up. A cock was rammed into her mouth again and again. Her forehead kept slapping into his stomach and his penis jutted into her throat again and again. As he was laughing and moaning, she could taste his cum and her blood mixing in her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but it was too much, and it splurged out the sides of her mouth, dripping onto her gigantic jugs.

He had already cum, but he kept forcing his dick in and out of her mouth, jamming her head harder and harder into his crotch, faster and faster. He screamed in pleasure, gasping in relief. He let go of her, and she pulled back her face, which was thoroughly covered in cum and blood. She felt his warm jism slowly slide down her face and onto her shoulders and chest. She felt it continue to ooze down between her breasts, which twitched in exhaustion.

Another smuggler stood behind her and pulled her limp body up. He massaged her breasts from behind, squeezing her nipples hard. He dug his fingers into her nipples and held her up by her breasts. The pain was excruciating, but she couldn't stop herself from being aroused. Her pussy began to moisten, and she hoped the men wouldn't notice.

A second smuggler got in front of her and began caressing her breasts. She had four hands moving all over her tits, and her nipples became erect. The man in front began licking her tits while the other man held her up. Her boobs were getting licked and stroked and fondled and kissed and bitten and squeezed, and she couldn't help but start gasping from all the stimulation. Wetness began pouring out of her throbbing cunt, and she once again felt the same desperate need to be fucked. She tried to bite her lip, but her moans grew louder and louder, gasping and crying out "yes! Yes! YES!! YES!!"

The smuggler got up closer to her face and said "you want me to fuck you?" She softly gasped "yes!"

He told her, "you need to beg me, you slut, beg me to fuck you!" She didn't want to say anything, it was too humiliating to beg someone to rape her. But her body yearned for release. "Please," she softly begged, "please please please I want you to fuck me!"

He asked her "where do you want to get fucked?"

She bit her lip, hoping the words wouldn't come out, but the throbbing in her crotch was irresistible. "My pussy..." she whispered.

"I can't hear you, bitch! Scream it out!!"

Her humiliation was complete and tears poured out of her eyes. "FUCK MY PUSSY!! FUCK MY PUSSY!!"

"Louder, you whore! Where do you want me to fuck you?" She abandoned all self-respect and dignity, screaming at the top of her lungs, "MY CUNT!! PLEASE I BEG YOU!! CRAM YOUR COCK INTO MY CUNT!! PLEEEEASE!!"

The man behind her let go of her and she fell to her knees, sobbing. The pain in her arms was overwhelming, blood continued to flow out of her nose, cum was drying and flaking all over her chest, her tits were shaking as her body convulsed in an attempt to find orgasmic release.

She heard footsteps approaching her. She looked up and couldn't believe what she saw. The face that stared at her, grinning from ear to ear, was none other than her mentor who had taught her everything she knew about microtechnology. He had helped her build her suit, he was a father figure to her, wrinkles just starting to develop on his face, his hair half-turned to white. He had asked her out on a date a few years ago, but she didn't think it would be appropriate. He took it well and never asked her again as they continued to work together. And here she was, chained and naked, molested and violated, sexually humiliated and disgraced into begging criminals or anyone else to fuck her cunt. His smile grew with pride.

"I always knew you were a whore," he said. And then he unfastened his belt and lowered his pants, as she started weeping.


Her massive breasts were flopping around uncontrollably. Sweat gushed out of her every pore, making her skin wet and shiny. Her pussy was pummeled by the cock of the man standing behind her, his hands on her hips violently pulling her body over his shaft harder and harder. Her name was BattleBabe, and she was once the greatest heroine in Metroville. The technology of her amazing battle suit, developed by her and her mentor, had defeated evil time and time again.

But tonight, she found out that her mentor had betrayed her. He had made sure she would find out about the drug shipment. He had given the smugglers the electroneutralizer that had rendered her suit unusable. He had encouraged the smugglers to violate her body savagely, without humanity, without compassion. And now that her body had been stimulated and aroused beyond her ability to control herself, humiliatingly begging her tormentors to fuck her, he was standing behind her, forcing her on her knees, bending forward, and he was thrusting his cock inside her with no mercy or pity, with all the cruel torture he could muster.

Her incredible chest was wildly heaving, her nipples were achingly erect, her fractured arms bruised, beaten, and chained to the wall. The blood coming out of her nose and mouth had almost stopped, and she was screaming with both ecstasy and shame. Drops of sweat flung in every direction.

She thought being fucked with utter violence would somehow quell the throbbing in her pussy. But she sobbed as she realized she needed that cock to thrust insider her even deeper, even harder, and her complete humiliation shamed her to her soul. She screamed out to him, "HARDER!! HARDER!!"

The other smugglers were all standing around her, watching the entire show. As she shrieked in euphoria, the smugglers laughed and laughed. "I can't take her screaming no more!" and he walked up to her and shoved his long shaft into her mouth. The violent thrusting against her pussy pushed her face against his body, his cock penetrating deep into her throat.

But now she sucked as hard as she could, wanting to feel his cum erupt in her mouth. She didn't have long to wait, and cum began pouring out of her mouth and flying all over her hair, her arms, and of course her immense jugs that continued to shudder and bounce in a frenzy. She found that she loved the feeling of the warm cum flowing down her throat and all over her face and breasts.

Her mentor continued to pound mercilessly into her pussy, and her moans of pain encouraged him to be even more ferocious. He spanked her so hard her buttocks were turning red. Her moist cunt got wetter and wetter each time he hammered his cock inside her. She knew her pussy was getting red and strained, but she wanted him to keep battering her.

She hated herself, she wept in degradation, but she couldn't help being unbelievably aroused. The orgasm was building inside her, and she screamed in ecstasy. Her cunt trembled with each impact, and the orgasmic pleasure she felt overwhelmed all sense of modesty and control.

Her mentor groaned as he ejaculated his cum, filling her cavity and splooging out onto the floor. He grabbed her hair with both hands, digging his fingers and grabbing all the hair he could, and pulled her body towards him, shoving his shaft deep inside her. Her bruised arms were straining against her chains, digging into her wrists and causing welts to develop.

But she did not resist his dick, she did not try to stop him from doing whatever he wanted. She had no more strength, the release of her orgasm had left her helpless and weak. He had complete control over her and she had submitted her body to his evil revenge.

She looked up at him and he sneered back at her. She knew he felt nothing but contempt for her, she was worthless to him, and she accepted his scorn with no dignity left. She embraced her own shame and insignificance.

She watched him pick up the whip and she knew that she would not live much longer. He picked up the whip, laughed, and began beating her. She knew he was enjoying every crack of the whip against her tender flesh, every time a piece of skin left her huge tits, every lash against her sweaty velvety skin. She knew she was going to die, and she was powerless to prevent it. All she could do was kneel there in helpless exhaustion and pain.

Just then, red and blue lights swirled around the room through some windows. Before the smugglers knew what had happened, policemen had stormed in from three separate directions, and the villains had nowhere to run. The police found the drugs and an incredibly well-endowed woman covered in blood and cum, and that was more than enough evidence to send them all away for life.

When her mentor had grabbed her hair, he had inadvertently trigged the homing device that called the police. No officer recognized her as BattleBabe, which is just as well.

As they led her mentor away in cuffs, he vowed "You haven't seen the last of me, you bitch! Next time I see your whoring cunt, I'll kill you!" She was glad to see him drive away in chains, but she felt like she was losing part of her past. And she cried.

She spent the next few weeks recovering and fixing her battle suit. She was slowly recovering from the trauma, and she was getting stronger each day. By the time her wounds had all healed, her battle suit was fully functional. She vowed to set aside her guilt, she was a human being who could live with a little shame. And she swore she would do whatever she could to protect the innocents and punish the guilty. She was still... BattleBabe!!

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