tagIncest/TabooBattling for Control

Battling for Control


This story is inspired by the wild Bonnie Bon.


Joan Holland is a tall slender thirty-nine year old woman. She's been married to Bill for 20 years. The last ten of those years have been a marriage of convenience. Joan and Bill amassed a small fortune during their time together. Neither wanted to lose half of their assets or dismantle their small financial empire. So, each found their comforts elsewhere. Unlike Bill and his mistresses Joan kept her dalliances quiet. She knew, unlike a man a woman's reputation would not be enhanced by sleeping around.

Joan and Bill were cold, calculating, and manipulative business people that used every situation to their advantage. They thrived on power. This unfortunately spilled over to Joan's relationship with her son John.

Like his mother John was a tall slender 18 year old high school senior. Though slender he was wiry, strong and a good athlete. He had numerous scholarship offers for sports and academics. His parents, especially his mother was relentless about him keeping his 4.0 average. There was no denial she wouldn't use to ensure he toed the line. The possibility of John getting a B+ in calculus got his car privileges suspended. This caused a great deal of conflict between him and his mother since the home coming parties this weekend were going to be in full swing. That was not the least of John's problems.

'Listen Claire I can't pick you up, I DO NOT HAVE A CAR! No I'm not yelling at you, but you're being as unreasonable as my mother. Yes, I've told her that a B+ is meaningless since I've been accepted to all the colleges I've applied too, but she is being a real bitch. I'm getting a ride from Jim and I'll see you at the party later tonight.'

John went downstairs for dinner.

'So son it's home coming weekend. Plenty of parties I would image.'

'Yeah, quite a few parties, dad.'

'Well let's not let it get out of hand. You need to ensure that you get that calculus grade up.'

'For the love of god Joan leave the boy alone. He's doing great.'

'Well I want to make sure he understands what's important. When he's off to college there's a lot of partying.'

John looked at his mother. He wanted to do something to shut up her constant nagging, but didn't know what. 'Yes mother I know.'

Just then the front door bell rang. John jumped up. 'That my ride. I have to go. No time to finish dinner.' The sarcasm was not lost on his mother.

As with all Friday nights Bill was off to the men's club for a night of poker and would not return till tomorrow. The only question was which mistress he was poking.

The party was going well till Claire started in about John's mother, him going away to school and everything else that would piss John off. Finally, he had enough. 'Claire you can fuck yourself. We are through. Having to deal with one bitch is more then I can stand. See you around.'

Jim tried to convince John to stay but to no avail, as the party was being thrown by one of Claire's best friends. Besides he was in no mood. Jim lent him his car. He would get a ride home from his brother Carl.

As John was pulling up to the house he noticed a figure in the back yard running from his house to the next door neighbors, the Johnston's. He parked the car in the driveway and made his way to the back of the Johnston's house. There was no one around. As he was about to leave he saw his mother through the kitchen window. John quietly went up the back deck for a better look. Inside the kitchen were his mother and Mr. Johnston. Then without warning his mother opened her coat dropping it to the floor. She stood in front of Mr. Johnston naked except for a pair of white lace panties and black high heels.

Joan's body was spectacular for a woman her age or a woman 10 years younger. She had beauty silky red hair, long shapely legs that came up to a slim taught body which exaggerated her 36D breasts. Money bought a bit of a nip and tuck to ensure there was no sag and that her nipple stood high and proud.

'Take your panties off and bend over the counter.' Joan did as she was told.

He slapped her ass two or three times having her hold it higher in the air. Then kneeling down behind her he unceremoniously wet two of his fingers and inserted them into her waiting, soaked vagina, forcefully pumping them in and out.

Joan moaned as she threw her head back in a fit of pleasure, 'Oh god, oh god!' He continued fingering her hard till she was about to cum. Then suddenly her stopped. 'No, please, don't stop.'

He slapped her ass several times again, harder than before as he took out his cock. Spreading her ass cheeks and vagina lips, he thrust his cock deep into her. Joan's knees buckled but held on. She moaned each time he slammed his cock in and out of her. Her orgasm was long and hard. She started to lose control of her body. Her legs gave out but, he held her up by her hips and continued to fuck her until he shot his cum deep inside. Once done he let her fall to the kitchen floor to lay there.

John was furiously taking photos of his mother and Mr. Johnston on his camera phone. He couldn't move or look away. Then his mother finally stood up put on her panties and coat on to leave. Nothing was said. No other physical contact was made. John left as quickly and quietly as possible. It was then he noticed the raging hard on in his pants.

John waited in the car giving his mother a chance to get back inside. His mind was racing with the images of his mother getting fucked, her tight body, and the look on her face when she obviously had an orgasm. The hardness of his cock had not gone down. If anything it was harder still. He tried to take his mind off the images by sending the photos to his email address. Finally, he went inside. His mother was in her bedroom and he could hear the shower. He went to his room closed and locked the door.

John downloaded the pictures to an encrypted, password protected file. He viewed them in a looping slideshow. His cock again hardened. John was trying to understand the emotions that were flowing through his brain. He was extremely turned on by his mother's body and the way she was being fucked. He wanted to be the one fucking her hard and treating her roughly, making her orgasm, controlling her for a change. He started to stoke his cock as her watched the pictures flash on the computer screen. Imaging it was him slapping her ass, slamming his fingers in her cunt, fucking her hard till he was satisfied. Uncontrollable he shot his load, hitting the computer screen, keyboard and desk. Once he finally recovered he spent the rest of his time cleaning up his mess before going to bed. As he drifted off to sleep he devised his plan for control.

John woke late the next morning. He showered and went to the kitchen for breakfast. His father was already home having a cup of coffee, reading the paper. 'How was the party, son?'

'Not so good. I dumped Claire and came home early. She was being such a bitch I couldn't stand her anymore.'

'That's too bad. Don't get to upset about it. You're off to school in the fall and there will be plenty of girls for you to meet. Believe me, being with a bitch is no way to go.'

John gave his father a knowing smile. 'Where is mother?' They both laughed.

Twenty minutes later Joan entered the kitchen. 'Well I see everyone is finally home.'

Bill ignored her comment. John seized the opportunity. 'I've been home for awhile. Actually, I came home early last night. You were already in the shower. It was pretty early. What did you do last night?'

Joan was caught off guard. 'Oh, well I um...was feeling tired and went to bed early.'

With a tone of sarcasm 'Gee mother, I guess you had a really rough time yesterday. That's what probably made you tired.'

Joan stared at her son. Normally, he would have looked away from her glare. Not this time. Not now. He locked into her stare until she looked away. This was the first time he was the intimidator. Joan quickly changed the subject, but all the time her mind was processing what just happened. No one just acts the top dog unless they have some new found power. Did her son know about last night?

The week went by as usual. John went to school and fended off Claire. The more he told her to fuck off the more she pressed how she would do anything for them to be back together. The prospect of not having a girl for the summer didn't bother him enough to put up with her bitching. For that matter once word of their break-up got around other girls in the school showed a definite interest in him. It wouldn't matter if things went according to plan.

Friday night rolled by again and the family was again sitting around the dinner table. 'What are your plans for tonight son?'

'No plans dad. I thought I'd stay home and brush up on my calculus.' He was not disappointed by his mother's reaction.

'Oh, you're staying home on a Friday night!?'

'Well mother I'm taking your advice to try harder for what I want and I have a plan. I guess it will be you and I. If I'm done early we can do something together.'

This unusual statement was not lost on his mother. Their relationship was strained as of late due to her drive to have him improve his grades. She again had that uneasy feeling but didn't know why. There was no way she could have her Friday encounter with the neighbor. The thought of going through the week horny didn't sit well, but there was nothing she could do.

Later that evening John called down to his mother. 'Mother, come here. I need you.'

'In a minute I want to finish watching the end of this news report.'

'Come up here now.'

Joan did know what was going on but she was going to straighten things out. Entering John's room, 'What is going on with you? I can't say I like your tone or attitude as of late.'

'Well mother that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. I have something to show you.' John pressed the enter key to fire off the slide show.

Joan stood frozen as she watched herself on the screen. Just as she thought John did have something. But she didn't think it was this. She was a hard business woman who quickly recovered.

'I see. What do you think this should mean to me? Your father doesn't care. Actually he preferred if we went our separate ways.'

'Yes I know mother. I do live here and am aware of the family situation. I wouldn't show this to dad. No, it's the list of email addresses that would see it, The women's club, Business women organization, PTO, Mrs. Johnston to name a few.'

Joan couldn't believe her son could be so calculating and manipulative. But the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. 'What do you want, your car privileges?'

'That would be a good start. But, first I want you to take off your cloths.'

'What? You want me to get naked! I'm your mother for god sakes!'

'Listen, it not like I haven't see you already. Now I want a close up. Strip, now or the email is being sent.'

Joan knew she was in no position to argue. Something about the demanding, powerful attitude her son had taken was actually exciting her. She reached for the zipper on the back of her dress pulling it down as she held the front up with the other hand. She let it go. She moved one step closer to her son as she stepped out of dress bunched at her feet. She stood in her black lace bra and panties allowing her son to soak it in, hoping he wouldn't ask her to continue. She was wrong.

'Keep going.'

Reaching back she unhooked her bra while holding it in place with her other hand. She released her breasts dropping her bra to the floor. Her nipples hardened as they were exposed to the cool air. Knowing there was no turning back she turned away from her son as she slid her panties down her long legs. Covering her crotch with both hands she turn back to face him. She moved her hands to her sides exposing her body to her son.

John sat mesmerized by his mother's body. He cock was as hard as when he saw her for the first time through the Johnston's kitchen window. He got up and walked towards her. She tighten up at his approach trying unsuccessfully to fight off the tingling in her moistening pussy. He circled her several time taking in her beautiful breasts, body and matching red bush. He stopped behind her admiring her well shaped ass.

Joan tried to regain some control. 'Well have you seen enough. Are we done.' She was shocked by the sting of two sharp hard slap on her ass. She whelped and tried to turn around as the hand grabbed her hair keeping her in place.

John leaned forward whispering in her ear. 'You'll know we are done when I say we are done.' He slapped the inside of her thighs. 'Spread your legs wide.'

The sting of the slaps sent shivers through her body. Her nipples hardened even more and her pussy began to swell as her juices flowed. Her body and sexual senses were overtaking her thinking. She spread her legs. They shook from the strain of being spread so wide. She was then pushed over from the waist till her head was pointed at the floor and her ass at the ceiling. She held her position as her son's fingers started to probe her vagina. Without warning two fingers entered her hard and deep. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably. The finger pumped as her juices began to run down her leg. As quickly as it started it stopped. Joan's breathing was deep and heavy. Her head was spinning when she felt a tongue teasing her clitoris. My god her son was eating her pussy. After several minutes she let out a loud cry as her orgasm overtook her.

John continued to eat out his mother through her orgasm until he had lapped up her juices. The sense of control was overpowering. It was not the blackmail scheme but making a woman, this woman, his mother, someone always in total control lose herself in lust.

John dropped his sweat pants to the floor. John's cock was of average girth but seven and a half inched long. He held his cock as he pointed it at her swollen inviting pussy. He rubbed the head over it once or twice before finding her entrance. He pushed his cock half way into his mother's pussy as a low guttural moan came from her. His entire cock was buried in her pussy with the next stroke. He pounded her hard. The slapping of their bodies with each thrust filled the room.

It took all of Joan's strength to hold her position. Her legs were burning but not as much as her pussy. She couldn't, wouldn't let this fucking stop. She had not seen her son's cock but felt it when it touched her cervix with each thrust. She had never had anything in her that deep. She had another orgasm when he first entered her and two more as he pounded her pussy. Her legs were weakening when...

'Ahhhhhh. '

The sensation of her son's warm cum filling her pussy caused yet another orgasm. When he had finished she was lowered to the ground as his cock slipped out of her. She sat legs spread, hunched over with her head in her hands trying desperately to catch her breath and regain her senses.

John put on his sweats and left. Grabbing his car keys he went out to find his friends.

Joan heard him leaving but was not able to even speak. Eventually she gathered herself and her cloths. Looking around the room before leaving she saw the images of her on the computer screen. She turned off the computer and shut the lights. She went to bed after showering. Sleep did not come quickly as she wrestled with the facts that her son had given her the greatest fucking of her life.

The next morning Joan entered the kitchen to find John and his father again sitting at the kitchen table. Her stomach in a knot not knowing what her son would say or do. But nothing out of the normal conversation was mentioned. This was almost worse as it kept her unnerved and on edge.

The week also went on as normal till Wednesday night dinner. 'Mother, Mr. Lance my calculus teacher wants to meet with you tomorrow after school, to discuss bring my grade up. Four o'clock if that is OK with you.'

'Well this is short notice. I don't...'

'Mother you're the one so concerned with this grade! I really want you to make the time.'

'Joan we aren't that busy. You can leave early.'

Her son's forceful tone and her husband's encouragement gave her no excuse. Beside what was the problem with meeting John's teacher?

Joan was pulling into the school parking lot at 3:45. She was always early for meetings. She saw John waiting for her by the front entrance.

'Hello mother early as usual. Let go to Mr. Lance's office.'

As they walked down the hall Joan wanted to be prepared for the meeting. 'What exactly does Mr. Lance want to talk about?'

'Well actually I told Mr. Lance you wanted to speak with him about my grade and what can be done to get it higher.'

Joan gave John a perplexed look as they stopped in front of his teacher's door. 'Don't be too concerned mother. From what I hear plenty of the female students have been able to get their grades raised by meeting with Mr. Lance. I know being the business woman you are there shouldn't be a problem. I have to go to the final baseball team meeting. I'll see you at home. Don't disappoint ME!' John turn and walked away leaving Joan standing alone.

She thought, 'My god, what a manipulative bastard.' A small smile appeared on her face. Her son's sudden take charge attitude gave her a warm feeling. This wouldn't be the first time she used her womanly way to close a business deal and probably not the last. She undid two more buttons of her blouse to show her cleavage and the top of her red bra. Turning she knocked gently and entered the room closing and locking the door behind her.

'Good afternoon Mrs. Holland. Would you take a seat?'

'Thank you Mr. Lance but I prefer to stand.' Joan knew sitting would give up her power position. While walking around the class looking at this and that Joan began the negotiation.

'Mr. Lance let me get right to the point. My son has maintained a 4.0 GPA for each year at this school. This year that is in jeopardy because of the B+ he currently has in your class. While I'm sure it is justified I want to discuss what can be done to help raise that grade.'

'Well Mrs. Holland...'

'Call me Joan.'

'Well Joan, I don't know. We don't have special calculus projects.'

'Perhaps he can take an additional test.'

'Would that really be fair to the other students?'

She walks towards him behind his desk as he swiveled his chair to face her. 'Maybe it could be an oral exam. Then no one would ever know about it. I've actually been very good at oral exams.' As she approaches him she leans forward holding the armrests of his chair, flaunting her cleavage.

'What do you think if I pass an oral exam would that be enough to make a B+ and A?'

Bead of sweat started to appear on his brow. He needed to clear his throat to speak clearly. 'He is so close I don't see how it couldn't get him an A.'

Joan knelt between his legs. She undid his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down around his ankles. His small cock was already hard. 'This shouldn't take long.', she thought.

She took his cock deep into her mouth. It tasted sweaty. She dismissed the taste and started sucking hard while playing with his balls. He immediately stiffened as she worked her mouth up and down his shaft. 'Men are such little boys. Suck their dicks and they will follow you anywhere.' Joan knew that even though she was on her knees she had the power.

She slid his cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster. She could feel his balls start to tighten up. Then she suddenly stopped. Continuing to stroke him with her hand she looked lustfully into his eyes. 'Mmm, does that feel good Mr. Lance?' Does Mrs. Lance do this for you?

'God yes, I mean no, don't stop.'

What would it take for an A+? Is there somewhere you would like to cum for an A+.'

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