tagErotic CouplingsBattling Your Hormones

Battling Your Hormones


"Every time I close my eyes I wake up feeling so hoooorrrrnyyy"... "I wanna freak you"... "I wanna sex yooooouuuu up!".... "I wanna love you down"... Hit lines from songs cross my mind as I lay pondering... plotting... fantasizing.

Oooh my body is feeling so warm. It's so cozy in between my legs don't you want to inside? Dive into my warm gushy pleasure. Take your time with it and stroke me steady with slow, long, deep intense strokes. Different thoughts of what my body is yearning for entered my mainframe.

I just have the sudden urge to suck you up. Let me make it all sloppy wet for you. I just want to feel the hardness of your Chico Stick hitting the back of my throat and rubbing up against my face. Ooh I love to lick it up and down while intensely admiring it. Come taste me and I'll taste you. Do me and I'll do you. Let me make all the wrongs I've ever done right. You know I do you right don't deny it just embrace it and caress this soft tender juicy butter delicacy... Ooo can you make it juicy for me baby? I just love the way you look me in my eyes before you take control and put it on me. You're the fucking best Loverboy! Lift my legs over your shoulders, grab ahold of my waist and push me onto your dick. You know I like playing with your dick rather rock hard, semi-cocked or baby soft I want to touch it... rub... it and play with it. Let me just stare at the statue in my presence and take in every fiber of its' beauty. I freaking love it!

Follow me as I embark on my sexual fantasy. It's one of those times where it's been a minute since we last had sex because you made me mad the last time we were together. It's a late Friday night but the world is just waking up. It's damp and nippy outside as the winter rain has just ceased. We lie down on my bed and watch a movie. Half way through the movie I catch you giving me the eye signal that you want to fuck. But I'm not having that! I'm still pissed off. So after I shut you down I take a shower and go to bed, next to you.

Within 10 minutes of it being dark silent in the room you reach over and begin to put your hand in my silk pajama bottoms. I motion for you to stop. And all you do is shush me. "I just want to touch and feel the joy of your skin and not sex you. Is that a crime?" His innocent pleas were always so very amusingly cute. For the next 15 minutes I lay in bliss as I give you the privilege to rub your nice meaty hands across my round bottom and in between my thighs. You turn me over and in a second's notion, climb on top of me as you insert two fingers into my already soaking wet pussy and begin sucking on my neck. You give it a slight bite as your fingers pick up pace and run a marathon throughout my glistening trail. The stimulation from the two is making me want to just scream 'FUCK ME' at the top of my lungs. But I must remain true to my initial feelings. No dick for me.

You lift your lips up to mine. "Don't you want this dick?" Asking as you slightly braise my lips then immensely tongue kiss me. The feel of your tongue sliding down my throat makes me wonder what your tongue on my pearl and deep sea diving in my treasure would feel like right now. You continually finger me and caress my body as I stand by my word. You whisper in my ear, "Baby I want you, can you feel me... at least touch him." You beg.

I decide not to be that cold and begin caressing your dick and rubbing it against my stomach and down to my inner thigh. "Why can't Daddy take care of his pussy?" I just laugh and swipe your dick with my pussy juices to give him a little tease. You try to push it in but I push your waist up

"NO!" I unsurely say. You look me in my eyes and straddle my wrists to the bed with one hand. With the other you take your dick and rub it in circles around the outside of my pussy doors.

"I know you want this dick! Let me fuck you right, no.... FUCK that. Let me love you right!"

The words hit with stabs of pleasurable sensations to all of my scattered sensual nerve endings placed throughout my body. I get weak as you slowly inject quarter inches of dick in me at a time, all the while looking deep into my eyes and moaning. "Awww baby...... you... feel... so... gooood." You bury your head deep into my shoulder as you begin taking close kept deep strokes. Feeling your hot hard dick in me sends a tingling feeling rushing to my head. I hold you and rub on your sweating back as you dig and dig, making love to me. I flip you over and bury your dick in between my love. As I ride you our bodies connect. I kiss you on your neck ever so passionately. "I love you baby." You whisper softly in my ear.

"I love you too baby." Sucking and slightly tugging on your earlobe, the sweat, amongst other things, has the sheets all wet.

"Are you ready?" you ask.

I lift my head up and flip my hair . "For --" You expeditiously turn me around.

"FOR THIS!" You say as you pound away in me like a bulldozer. You pound and pound me from the back until both of our bodies give out and we cum together.

After it's all said and done erroneously, I do some self-analyzing. No matter what, I can never say no and really mean it. This isn't the first time this has happened and it probably won't be the last. If he knew he could get me under my stubborn circumstances then what is he going to do when I really mean no. With his dick I don't even think 'no' should remain in my vocabulary.

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