tagRomanceBB and Dréa Ch. 2

BB and Dréa Ch. 2


We join our lovers at the beginning of THIS chat...

* * * * *

Xan: Hey

Xan: Guess what I'm wearing

B B: Oooo, WHAT?

Xan: I took like an hour-long bath then put on...

Xan: Your favorite robe, Uncle Chris!

B B: Ahh, wonderful... Anything else?

Xan: Earrings

B B: And a SMILE...?

Xan: Now I am

B B: oooo

B B: How was your bath?

Xan: Wonderful

Xan: Wonderfully orgasmic *grin*

Xan: I shaved and then was running my hand over my skin to make sure I got all the hair... and well, I just couldn't stop touching myself.

B B: Stop, please...

B B: I'm all hard again

B B: bitch

B B: :-)

Xan: Heheh... that's what I do best, though :)

B B: Well, duh! I've been saying that for MONTHS!!!

Xan: But it was the greatest sex I've ever had!

B B: :-)

B B: so tell me more about your bath

B B: dirty old man that I am...

Xan: Let me type this out...I'm sending you a letter. Hold on a little while and I'll give you a few details

Xan: To satisfy your dirty old man urges

B B: alright...

I'll have to tell my hormones to relax, tho'

Xan: I'm sending it to your inbox cuz it'll get there faster


Xan: You get it?

B B: Yup...

Xan: Read it


Xan: Yes

B B: Oh, alright... grumble, mumble fuss, fume... ;-)

Xan: Just do it

B B: are you TRYING to make me jealous...

or just harder than marble?

Xan: I don't know. Which one did you experience? Jealousy? Or arousal?

B B: jealousy first...

then arrousal mixed with the "green stuff"...

then full-on AROUSAL!!!


B B: I should point out

Xan: Well that's good then

B B: bitch

B B: ;-)

Xan: I know :)

B B: So what else is new?

Xan: Nothing. Except that the thoughts that flooded my mind about my english teacher (and you KNOW how I feel/felt about him) have been replaced of sweet thoughts of Tony

Xan: *school girl sigh*

B B: Welll, LOVE is a good thing to be in...


Xan: It's not love... it could possibly turn into that, but I'm not IN love with him right now


Xan: Shut up. I know the difference

B B: you shut up

Xan: No, you shut up

B B: nuh uhh!!!

Xan: Yes!

B B: no way!!!

Xan: Yes way!!!!!!!!!

Xan: Stop arguing with me!

Xan: I'm always right, damn it!

B B: Make me...

Xan: I have the pussy, not you! Got it????


B B: no

Xan: Yes

B B: not over me and that drives you crazy

B B: I don't relinquish MY power to anyone...ANYone. EVER!!!

Xan: Shut up, I'd have you whipped in a matter of hours

B B: nope


B B: no chance

Xan: Whatever.... believe your lies

B B: t'wouldn't happen, luv!

B B: not in THIS lifetime

Xan: Whatever

Xan: Okay

B B: i'm glad we got that straightened out

B B: and you now see things MY way.

B B: -Truth is...

I'd have YOU eating out of MY hands

B B: or my dick, as it were

Xan: Yeah yeah whatever

B B: yer a wimp

B B: you'd give up too easily

Xan: All I gotta do is flash some of my firm, pale 18 year old boobies and let you feel how silky smooth my barely legal, completely shaven bald pussy is and I'd have you in a heartbeat

B B: no...

you wouldn't

Xan: Yes...... I would

Xan: You know it

Xan: You know you'd love to just lick me all over. Recapture your youth through my firm, soft skin.

B B: It might be nice to see which of us would crack first

B B: and I don't WANT my youth back

B B: I've still got it, dear girl

B B: I never LOST it

Xan: You'll be wishing you were ten years younger when I get done with you

B B: I can fuck like an 18 year old, today! Right now!!!

B B: Still...

Xan: 18 year old boys cum in 5 minutes

B B: I cum in an hour, still

B B: I always did!!!

B B: I once screwed a lass for 8 hrs!!!

B B: I could fuck you into the ground

B B: i was 21 at the time, though

Xan: Well TONY can fuck me through a 4 hour session. He's a machine, it amazes me still. I'll usually tell him to stop before he can finish.

B B: good

Xan: Okay, now I'm trying to make you jealous

Xan: Is it working?

B B: i hope he continues fucking you

B B: and, no...

Xan: Damn it

B B: NOT anymore

Xan: I bet I could get ya worked up

B B: I just got "Henry" under control

B B: I DO wish you'd try, tho'...

Xan: If I were to tell you that he loved the blowjob I gave him last night... all of them, in fact. How I took it all the way to the back of my throat where his head fit perfectly between my moist tongue and the soft, fleshy back of my throat

B B: nothing

Xan: How he thrust his hips into my face while he tasted my soaked pussy

B B: nada

B B: keep trying

Xan: And how I would grind on his mouth every time he hit my clit while at the same time I'd take more and more of his hard cock into my mouth. Rolling my tongue around inside of the warmth

Xan: Tasting his precum oozing from the end of his manhood. Having it mix with my saliva.

Xan: What the fuck, BB... I know you've got a hard on now

B B: nope


Xan: Okay.... I'm going to stop trying

B B: blow jobs don't do it for me

Xan: I'm turning MYSELF on. I can do that later.... like I did in the bathtub

Xan: You're a freak

B B: I like hard fucking

Xan: How about how he worked a slippery finger into my ass????

B B: Blow jobs TO me, work

B B Kradwell: but not descriptions

Xan: Fine. Okay

B B: I LOVE anal sex, tho'!!!

Xan: I know you do

Xan: But I'm not going to tell you about that part since you're so obviously not interested in what I have to say

B B: I LOVE slipping Henry into a woman's back-side...

Xan: I'm getting all wet just thinking of it

B B: tell me about your bath

Xan: Nothing special really.... really REALLY hot water

Xan: Closed shower curtain to set the "mood"

B B: yes...

Xan: A fresh razor... some aloe based shaving creme

B B: go on...

Xan: I removed the hair from my body, below the neck

Xan: Taking each stroke slowly and carefully

Xan: When it was all silky smooth, I made sure by running my hands up my legs

Xan: Further up my thighs

Xan: A hand found my stomach while the other found my inner thigh. One hand creeping toward my breasts via my belly and side

Xan: Pinching my nipples... making sure they were good and hard

Xan: It felt so good with the warm water and the cool air.... it was a nice mix

Xan: I ran my hand over my pussy to make sure the hair was all gone. Parted my lips slightly....

Xan: Continued to feel around... making sure no strays got away

Xan: Everything seemed smooth

Xan: I put the razor on the side of the tub

Xan: Spread my legs so that one knee was on the side of the tub and the other was pressed against the inside wall

Xan: I continued to feel my parted labia... stroking the outter lips and then venturing inward toward my hole(s)

Xan: Teased myself by diverting my attention to my nipples and thighs once more

Xan: Back down to my silky pussy

Xan: It was like I had never started growing hair there in the first place

Xan: I couldn't stand it any longer.... I moved a finger to my clit

Xan: I rolled it around on my fingertip... licked my finger and kept up my massage

Xan: I could feel my "tickle button" getting harder as I became more aroused

Xan: My other hand pinching and rubbing my nipple... then the other one

Xan: I started rubbing harder on my pussy, this time with two fingers

Xan: I spread myself wider and slipped a finger into my hot cunt... mm.... it felt so good

Xan: I pulled my fingers out and gave myself a good rub down. I went back to my warmth and slid two fingers into my waiting hole

Xan: I wiggled my fingers around inside of me and let out an audible moan

Xan: The hand tending to my breasts then moved to join my hand between my legs

Xan: As I fingered myself, my other hand found my clit and I rubbed hard

Xan: Harder and then faster and harder

Xan: That hand's fingers found my pussy hole and the fingers occupying that space found my ass crack

Xan: I squeezed each cheek and massaged the smooth flesh. Then a finger made its way to my asshole

Xan: I tried to get my fingers in my pussy even further, but they were in to the last knuckle... while my other hand was busy circling my tight ring

Xan: The more aroused I became the more my finger would slip into my anal opening... more and more and more... until it was in. I started moving it in and out with the opposite strokes of my pussy

Xan: It was like a masturbatory see-saw

Xan: It wasn't enough though. I needed to be filled more... so a second finger eased its way SLOWLY into my ass.

Xan: When it was in and comfortable, I started my rhythm again. My palm pressed against my clit and the friction from my frigging was causing my palm to rub hard and fast against my hard clit

Xan: I moaned again... my breathing heavy.... it felt so fucking good

Xan: And when I felt my orgasm coming on, I started making shorter strokes, but deeper and harder, grinding into myself and against myself

Xan: Faster.... until I was right there. Right at the edge

Xan: I gave myself a few more hard strokes and my vaginal muscles started to tighten... when I gave my last couple rubs....

Xan: My pussy and ass started to convulse against my fingers while my palm still kept up its assault on my clit

Xan: I came for a good twenty seconds.... still in ecstacy and my muscles still twitching

Xan: When my orgasm subsided, I relaxed into the warm water

Xan: My fingers still burried inside of me... I took a few deep breaths, gathered myself again, and withdrew my fingers

Xan: A couple fingers still lingered on my clit for a few minutes.... then I squeezed my legs tightly together one last time to make sure all of my cum had been expelled and got up, dried off, and threw on a robe

Xan: That's where I was when we started chatting

B B: where are you now?

Xan: In my living room in front of my desk

B B: are you wet again?

Xan: Extremely

B B: Well...

Xan: Well what?

Xan: I can't type and satisfy myself at the same time

Xan: It's impossible

Xan: Are ya hard now?

B B: Do you have a vibrator?

Xan: No, it doesn't vibrate

B B: that's kinda ridiculous, don't you think?

Xan: Not really

B B: what's the point?

Xan: Penises don't vibrate

B B: SOME do...

B B: Henry doesn't...anymore. Darn...

Xan: He used to?

B B: yep.

Xan: That's cool

B B: He was/ is a "magic" penis

Xan: Too bad I can't fuck around anymore. Well, I CAN, but I don't want to

Xan: What's so magical?

B B: he does other things

B B: He does card tricks!!!

Xan: Uh... how?

B B: He also PULLS a rabbit out of a hat

Xan: Uhhhhh

B B: I can't say "how". it's a trick, silly!

Xan: I don't believe you

Xan: Damn it... I'm not wet anymore now

B B: you'll never know...

Xan: I'm thinking about penises doing magic tricks now

Xan: Oh, it's gonna be like that then eh?

B B: he starts out really tiny

B B: with a little encouragement

B B: he grows

B B: and grows

Xan: So do all penises


Xan: Yeah, it happens. Sometimes it's a surprise

B B: Yeah, but 7 times their normal size?

Xan: Yeah, I've seen it

B B: He can tell jokes, too

Xan: Um..... ok, if you say so

B B: he DOES belong to a professional comic, remember

Xan: I know

Xan: Hey, I gotta go put my fingers back in my pussy before I go insane

B B: I'll wait here

Xan: No, I mean like really go... after I'm done, I'm gonna go to sleep

B B: Oh, darn

Xan: My legs are so smooth... I can't stop touching myself

B B: If I call you, can I listen?

Xan: Maybe... I might just get all shy and not want to do it

B B: that would be bad, then...

Xan: Yep

B B: Oh, C'mon

Xan: *sigh* Okay.... but gimme a minute or two, ok?

B B: I promise I'll masturbate, too

Xan: There's no doubt in my mind that you WON'T


Xan: Call the "555" number

Xan: In like 5 minutes, okay?

B B: ok

B B: byeee

XanSatan: Bye

B B: bitch

B B: ;-)

Xan: Just call me

I then turned off my computer and went into my bedroom and got ready to talk to my young lover on the other side of the state.

I called her after ten minutes.

I took off my clothes, got out some hand cream and laid down on my bed, with three pillows bunched up under my head.

I dialed the phone and when she picked it up, my heart began beating faster. Just hearing her voice always makes me very amorous! She answered the phone after the first ring. She was expecting my call. That's a good sign!

I feel a twinge in my cock when she says hello. She has such a sexy, dusky voice. A lot like Lauren Bacal's, when she was young!

I ask her where we left off on the computer!

It doesn't matter...She's still horny! (*Thank you, God*)

Henry, my penis, is becoming erect at the thought of her orgasm. And the thought that my words (combined with her own fingers, of course) might be getting her off, makes my erection just THAT much harder!

We start talking about "magic penises," and,*Oh, no!* She just laughed at my silly comment, then starts laffing at my dumb joke and tells me to shut-up, she's lost the mood!

The only thing keeping us from aborting the whole mission is some quick talking on my part.

Actually, that's not entirely true...

Okay... Yes, I did quickly change the subject! But, obviously, Dréa was very willing to carry on with this little experiment too or it surely would have ended right there! She is NOT the kind of person to be coerced---EVER!

No... She's the one who would, and DOES, lead unsuspecting men astray! And those men always go happily, wherever she tells them. She's got that power over them!

Which, I'm sure, is a big reason that I intrigue her so much... I DON'T let her get away with that "shit!" And it drives her nuts to think that there's a man, with an active penis, that she CAN'T control!

Little does she realize, however, that every time I hear her voice, my heart skips a beat, my cock gets hard, I start to sweat, and my very being just tingles with excitement!!! God, when we don't talk for a week I get very blue. But when we do finally talk, well, everything seems right with the world again. (But don't tell HER this, tho'... She'd never let me live it down!!!)

Anyway, where was I? Oh, THAT'S right... She's lost the mood---

I quickly change the subject to something completely unrelated to sex (all the while, I'm still stroking my erection.)

We start talking about our families. This conversation, of course, leads to talk of incest, which leads her to call me "Uncle BB." And then an odd song called "Uncle Fucker..."

And, yes! We're back to talking about S-E-X!!!

I hear her breathing become a little quicker at this point as we start talking about something a bit more personal: What our genitals look like and how we like to be touched! Hearing her talk about her pussy lips and clitoris really gets me close to coming...!

I tell her that, because I'm "in-tune" with my body, I'm going to prolong my orgasm by backing off for a bit. I take a few deep breaths and my urge to climax...subsides.

We start to talk about some other fantasies: Group sex, for one and anal sex (my personal "fave") comes up.

She talks about how "Tony's" penis and my penis, "Henry," are very similar in size. But, apparently, Tony's penis doesn't have a name! Nor is it, at all, "magic!" I keep trying to downplay the magic aspect, so as not to let her "lose the mood" again. But I needn't have worried about this.

Dréa is beyond the point of caring about stupid jokes, though, so I can proceed with my own release and not worry about spoiling her fun, too!

I'm getting too close, myself, as I start to feel the unstoppable stirrings of my impending orgasm! Dréa, my young friend, is also very quiet; except for her sexy heavy breathing... I can feel her hot breath in my ear through the telephone, as we both stop talking and concentrate on our own releases!

"OhGod,ohGod, ohGodohGodohGodohSHIT, youfuckinbitch.Whythefuckarentyouhere totakemycuminyourhotcunt, youfuckingsexybitch," I hear myself mutter as I spray my White-Lava, all over my chest, belly and hands!!! (Usually, I get some on the wall in back of me but I just let it flow this time.)

Earlier in the conversation, Dréahad mentioned that she'd had a cold for the past week. I kiddingly suggested that she'd caught it from someone over the telephone. She had laughrd at this notion, of course. Now I was going to suggest that she not forget her birth control pills... For "fear" of getting pregnant over the phone!

But I didn't want to spoil our reverie! (I also didn't feel like explaining the joke to her, as my sense of humor tends to go 'zooming' over most people's heads!

I figure I'll save SOME 'zingers' for when we get to really "FUCK," in person!

Thank YOU, dear little "niece."

Thank you for giving this horny, older man something to look forward to. For giving me a renewed sense of purpose in my life, other than work, retirement, death! Now there's loving-"SEX" with beautiful, young girls again!!!

And THAT, my Dear, is SOMETHING for you to feel good about.

* * * * *

Thank you all for reading my story...

This was another Labor-of-Love for me... It was directed towards someone I've never really met in person, YET! But, God, I surely hope to. And SOON, too!!!

Fuck you, soon, Puss-puss!

Good night, Andréa!! I love you!!!

xoxox, -BB, your "Mentor"

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